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US Rep Guinta applauds Senate passage of Clay Hunt SAV Act 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – On January 12, Congressman Frank Guinta voted in support of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, a bipartisan bill to improve mental health care and suicide prevention resources for American servicemembers.  Following the Senate’s passage of this legislation on February 3, Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement: 


“Far too often, our veterans return home with wounds in mind and body.  In New Hampshire, we have one of the highest veteran populations per capita in the nation -  we know all too well how difficult a veteran’s transition into civilian life upon returning from overseas can be.  I was honored to support this legislation and with the Senate’s bipartisan passage of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, we as a Congress have taken an essential step towards ensuring our service members have the very best care and resources to assist them.  We must continue to find these common sense, bipartisan solutions.  Our nation’s heroes deserve nothing less.” 


The bill now awaits the President’s signature to become law.


To read the text of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, please click here.



MANCHESTER - In response to Senator Shaheen's comments ​that our military is an "occupying force," Scott Brown outlined his view that our military is a "liberating force."

Scott Brown
WMUR/Union Leader Debate
October 30, 2014

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Senator Shaheen: I don’t think we want tens of thousands American troops as an occupying force for 60 years as we had in Korea. 
George Stephanopoulos: Let me pose that to you Senator Brown because I was speaking to Speaker Boehner a couple of weeks ago and he did say that American troops would have to go in on the ground if other countries did not step up. Do you agree?
Senator Brown: I want to rely on the generals on the ground and that is the problem.  The President and Senator Shaheen already taken the greatest fighting force off the table, while ISIS is not taking anything off the table and with respect to Senator Shaheen,we are a liberating force we are not an occupying force, Senator. And I and every other person.


Prescott Park - 2nd Annual ISM Memorial Road Race honors Military personnel 

The 2nd Annual Memorial Bridge 5k honors servicemen this October 11th

Last year the 1st Annual ISM Memorial Bridge 5K kicked off with an impressive 886 registrants, and raised over $32,000 to benefit Prescott Park and the Seacoast Community School, two local non-profit organizations. This Columbus Day Weekend, Saturday October 11th, the 2nd Annual ISM Memorial Bridge 5K Road Race returns celebrating the landmark bridge and honoring our community’s veterans, active duty and military reservist. With that in mind, the Prescott Park Arts Festival and Seacoast Community School have made this growing tradition completely free to all military personnel; retired, active duty and reservist.
“This road race is as symbolic of our gratitude for the sacrifice and commitment that our military men and woman have given as it is an opportunity for runners to come together and honor their community. The fellowship of this tradition brings the park to life one final time until next season.” exclaims Ben Anderson, Executive Director of the Prescott Park Arts Festival.
Free registration to all veterans, active duty and reservists is made possible with the support of Long Term Care Partners. "As a federal contractor serving the uniformed services population, both active and veterans, LTC Partners understands well the sacrifices these men and women and their families make so that we may enjoy the political and economic freedoms we do today," said Paul Forte, CEO of LTC Partners. "We are proud to sponsor race entries for veterans, active duty, and reservists free of charge for this wonderful community event.”
 The 2nd Annual ISM Memorial Bridge 5K Road Race is made possible with the generous support and sponsorship from local businesses including Interventional Spine Medicine, Long Term Care Partners, Wilcox Industries, Atlantic Orthopedics, York Hospital, Rockhouse Media Group, PAX World Investments, HM Payson, Jim Collins of Blue Water Mortgage, The Rubber Group, Federal Savings Bank, Piscataqua Landscaping, Kittery Trading Post, Elements Massage, Georgetown Bank, Runners Alley, Atlantic Parking Services and Madden Realtors.
This Columbus Day weekend, the 5K will start on Badger's Island in Kittery, ME. The runners will cross over the Memorial Bridge into New Hampshire completing a 3.1 mile loop through Portsmouth’s historic South End, concluding in Prescott Park. Post-race, there is a free Kids' Fun Run around Prescott Park that is open to all children. All registered runners will receive discounted entry and a free drink ticket for Prescott Park Arts Festival’s 25th Annual WHEB Chili Cook-Off and Strawbery Banke’s NH Fall Festival immediately following the race from 11:30am until the Chili is gone.  
All proceeds from the race benefit the Prescott Park Arts Festival and Seacoast Community School quality early childhood and school-age programs, creating school-readiness. To learn more, contact the Festival at (603)-436-2848, or visit Seacoast Community School can be reached at (603)-422-8223, or 

Founded in 1967, CCCC is a not-for-profit organization serving all families in the seacoast with quality early learning and before & after school programs across Portsmouth and in Greenland. Its early childhood education programs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Visit, or call 603-422-8223.

Prescott Park Arts Festival, a non-profit organization, is the Seacoast’s premier outdoor performing arts venue, offering a uniquely accessible experience of high quality live theater and music -- no fixed admissions fees -- in an idyllic natural setting.

For more information contact Ben Anderson at (603)-436-2848 or


Testerman For US Senate - Welcome Home Patriots! 

Shame on You, Harry Reid!



CONCORD, NH- Karen Testerman, Candidate for U.S. Senate issued the following statement:  "Please join me tonight at 6:30 PM at the Salmon Falls Church of Christ, 336 Salmon Falls Rd., East Rochester, NH as we welcome home our fellow NH Patriots who went to Nevada to support a fellow American who was protecting his property and livelihood.


"These men and women did not use violence, broke no laws, caused no damage to property, spoke no insults or vulgarity to any local, state or federal authorities, yet they have been branded as "DOMESTIC TERRORISTS," by the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.


"This outrageous labeling cannot be allowed to go unanswered.  Harry Reid must be required to publically apologize to each of these men and women or he should defend his statement.  Mr. Reid, along with his fellow Democrat Senators supported the destruction of property, physical violence and vulgarity. 


"This is unacceptable.  I call upon our sitting Senators to publically denounce Harry Reid, call on him to apologize and extend a welcome to our fellow Granite Stators. 


"I encourage others to welcome these men and women home and demand the apologies from Reid and Shaheen."


Shaheen For US Senate - Retaliation 

Jeanne Shaheen


As we prepare to vote on military sexual assault in the coming days, I can’t stop thinking about this fact: There were 26,000 instances of sexual assault in our military a year ago – and 50% of female victims said they didn’t report the crime because they believed that nothing would be done.

We have to remove this stain from one of our nation’s proudest institutions.

I’ve worked closely with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to develop the Military Justice Improvement Act to address this most fundamental failure: our broken system leaves victims with nowhere to turn because they fear they won’t be taken seriously or could face retaliation.

Our legislation creates transparency by taking the decision to prosecute outside the chain of command. This straightforward, common sense change will end the cycle of sexual assault and fear. Help us pass it.

Click here: Add your voice to demand Congress pass the Military Justice Improvement Act immediately. The heroes of our military deserve nothing less.

Our military’s traditions of honor and respect are too important to continue to be plagued by this issue.

All the men and women who volunteer to protect our country deserve to know it will protect them. They need to know that if they come forward with a report, their cases will be handled fairly and impartially.

We strengthen our military when victims of sexual assault have the confidence to come forward and report crimes, and we remove fear and stigma from the process.

We strengthen our military when we are able to deliver fair and impartial justice on behalf of victims.

Help us. Support the heroes who volunteer on our behalf by clicking here to sign our petition.

Thank you,