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NH DHHS - Free Military Culture Training Being Offered for NH Providers 

Concord, NH – On Monday, February 15th, the Riverbend Mental Health Center

will be hosting a military training for New Hampshire service providers

from 9 am – 11:30 am at the Riverbend Mental Health Center, Building #3,

105 Loudon Road, in Concord. The goal of this training is to improve access

and quality of care for New Hampshire veterans, service members and their

families. Topics to be covered include: Understanding Military Culture;

Reintegration Challenges; and Caring for Veterans, Service

Members, and Their Families Who are Living with PTSD and /or TBI.

The training is free and CEU’s are available to participants. For more

information or to register, go to  and select

Currently Scheduled Trainings on the homepage. Registration closes on

February 8th.

This training is conducted by Dare Mighty Things and sponsored by the New

Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

Military Culture Training

Monday, February 15, 2016

9:00 am – 11:30 am

Riverbend Mental Health Center

Building #3

105 Loudon Road

Concord, New Hampshire



Daily Signal - After Being Fired for Religious Views on Sexuality, Navy Chaplain Gets His Job Back

The Daily Signal

Oct. 30, 2015

After Being Fired for Religious Views on Sexuality, Navy Chaplain Gets His Job Back

Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Modder is a decorated chaplain who was removed from his unit after several of his fellow service members in the Navy complained about his views on homosexuality and sexual relationships outside marriage.

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Is the US Military Strong Enough?

As we fight terrorism, our military isn't what it was during the Cold War.

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Football Coach 'Devastated' After Being Suspended for Post-Game Prayer

Coach Kennedy has been suspended and is no longer able to participate in football program activities because of his post-game prayers.

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Multiculturalism's Leftist Threat to the American Story

Multiculturalism can be a blueprint for replacing the American narrative with values of the left: income redistribution, reliance on government, and so on.

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Thanks to Abraham Lincoln, These Young Moms and Kids Have a Home

"If it wasn't for St. Ann's, honestly, I wouldn't have my son," says Vianelly. "That's just my hardest thing. I wouldn't have him."

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Did Gov. Andrew Cuomo Unlawfully Use Executive Power to Pass New York's Minimum Wage Hike?

A group is arguing that the New York Department of Labor’s order to raise the minimum wage from $8.75 to $15 an hour marked a "thinly veiled" attempt by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to circumvent an "unwilling legislature" to advance his agenda.

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Jindal For President - Revealed: Trump ’s foreign policy and military briefing material 

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE – As Donald Trump prepares to give his first speech on foreign policy today, his sources of information and advice have been revealed in a new web video from the Jindal Campaign.

The secret as he prepares? Television shows.

In the video, Trump tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he watches "all of the shows" and finds it to be a “really fascinating subject." He says that seeing Generals and "all sorts of people” and "the Colonel stuff” has allowed him to learn a lot.

Trump goes on to reveal that his reading material includes “the various newspapers and magazines."

The web video also shows a sneak-peak of Trump watching some of his favorite military documentaries.

Watch the web video here

Jindal Campaign Manager Timmy Teepell said:

“As The Donald has himself told us, he’s 'the most militaristic person ever,’ and now we know why."

“We can look forward to a spellbinding speech, knowing that Donald Trump has been briefed by the finest foreign policy minds in hollywood and the media."




US Rep Guinta applauds Senate passage of Clay Hunt SAV Act 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – On January 12, Congressman Frank Guinta voted in support of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, a bipartisan bill to improve mental health care and suicide prevention resources for American servicemembers.  Following the Senate’s passage of this legislation on February 3, Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement: 


“Far too often, our veterans return home with wounds in mind and body.  In New Hampshire, we have one of the highest veteran populations per capita in the nation -  we know all too well how difficult a veteran’s transition into civilian life upon returning from overseas can be.  I was honored to support this legislation and with the Senate’s bipartisan passage of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, we as a Congress have taken an essential step towards ensuring our service members have the very best care and resources to assist them.  We must continue to find these common sense, bipartisan solutions.  Our nation’s heroes deserve nothing less.” 


The bill now awaits the President’s signature to become law.


To read the text of the Clay Hunt SAV Act, please click here.



MANCHESTER - In response to Senator Shaheen's comments ​that our military is an "occupying force," Scott Brown outlined his view that our military is a "liberating force."

Scott Brown
WMUR/Union Leader Debate
October 30, 2014

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Senator Shaheen: I don’t think we want tens of thousands American troops as an occupying force for 60 years as we had in Korea. 
George Stephanopoulos: Let me pose that to you Senator Brown because I was speaking to Speaker Boehner a couple of weeks ago and he did say that American troops would have to go in on the ground if other countries did not step up. Do you agree?
Senator Brown: I want to rely on the generals on the ground and that is the problem.  The President and Senator Shaheen already taken the greatest fighting force off the table, while ISIS is not taking anything off the table and with respect to Senator Shaheen,we are a liberating force we are not an occupying force, Senator. And I and every other person.