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AUFC - Senator Kelly Ayotte Challenged to 'Live The Wage'


Would Ayotte Still Say No to Raising the Minimum Wage If She Tried Living on $77 for a Week?


Washington DC – On the fifth anniversary since the last federal minimum wage increase, Americans United for Change dared Senator Kelly Ayotte to take the ‘Live The Wage Challenge’.  The challenge: step into the shoes of a minimum wage worker, live on just $77 for a week, and then see if she still opposes giving 28 million workers an overdue raise. Earning just $7.25 an hour, the average full time minimum wage worker struggles to survive on only $77 a week after paying taxes and housing expenses. Earlier this year, Ayotte voted to squash even having a debate on legislation raising the minimum wage to $10.10.

SEE: ABC News: ‘Members of Congress Plan to Live on Minimum Wage for a Week’

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change, the group behind the national ‘Give America a Raise Bus Tour’: “To Senator Ayotte who draws a six-figure government salary and says $7.25 an hour is a livable wage, I say walk the walk. Ayotte should try living the minimum wage if she’s going to keep voting against raising it for others, many of whom are struggling to support a family. Now five years after the last minimum wage increase, Ayotte may not have noticed that the prices of food, utilities, and basic necessities never stopped going up.  But minimum wage workers certainly have. A frozen minimum wage combined with inflation is why more and more Americans are falling into poverty even while working full time, and that’s wrong.”


History has shown time and again that raising the minimum wage is one of the best ways to jumpstart the economy and create jobs, unlike proposals Ayotte supports to minimize taxes for millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas,” added Woodhouse. “Putting more money in the pockets of minimum wage workers makes them stronger consumers, which leads to more hiring to meet a greater demand for goods and services.  Businesses like Costco and GAP have proven that investing in workers and paying a livable wage is a recipe for success.  Senator Ayotte has an opportunity to gain a little perspective on how difficult it is for minimum wage workers to stretch so few dollars and make choices between basic necessities. If she’s not willing to take the challenge, why not? What is she afraid of?”

Top 10 Reasons to Raise the Minimum Wage to $10.10:


  1. Nationally, raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 would boost the wages of 28 million workers by $35 billion, generate $22 billion in economic activity, and support the creation of 85,000 new jobs.
  2. In New Hampshire, raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would increase wages for 113,000 workers by $143,575,000


  1. The 13 states that didn’t wait for Congress to act and raised their minimum wages on January 1 have since seen higher average job growth than neighboring states that kept theirs at the same rate.
  2. More than 600 economists and business leaders agree it’s time to raise the minimum wage.
  3. Nearly a quarter of all of minimum wage workers - including child care providers, janitors, and nursing assistants - are the primary bread winners in their family. 35 is the average age of workers who would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $10.10; 88 percent are older than 20, one third are over 40. 
  4. Full time minimum wage workers earn just $15,080 a year. According to MIT, the living wage in New Hampshire is $20,140 to be able to afford housing, medical care, transportation and food. If full-time Granite State workers made $10.10 an hour, they would earn $21,008 a year.
  5. Raising the minimum wage would reduce government spending on Food Stamps by $46 billion over the next decade. 
  6. Low Wages Cost Taxpayers A Quarter-Trillion Dollars Every Year.
  7. Six In Ten Small Business Owners Want A $10.10 Minimum Wage. Only 20% of Americans think they could live off Minimum Wage.

10.  Workers making the minimum wage have been facing a continual pay cut since July 2009 as inflation has eroded the purchasing power of the minimum wage. Cumulative loss is over $6 billion.


NHDP - Scott Brown Makes Excuses for Opposing Increase in Minimum Wage 

On 5th Anniversary of Last Time Congress Voted To Raise the Minimum Wage, Brown Makes Excuses
110,000 Granite State Workers Hurt by Brown’s Opposition to Minimum Wage Increase


Manchester, NH—On the 5th anniversary of the last increase in the minimum wage, Scott Brown is offering New Hampshire workers more excuses for his opposition to increasing the minimum wage. On Fox News yesterday, Brown said he opposes increasing the minimum wage until we “bring business leaders to the table.” But business leaders in New Hampshire and across the country have already called for increasing in the minimum wage.
“It seems Scott Brown was too busy advising a shady cosmetics company turned weapons maker, and collecting $1.3 million in stock, to notice all the business leaders supporting increasing the minimum wage,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.

In March, a Small Business Majority poll showed that a majority of small business owners supported raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10. Big companies like Costco and Gap have already raised the minimum wage on their own. And business leaders across the country have signed an online petition, because they agree that it’s time to raise the minimum wage. Yet that’s not enough for former Massachusetts Senator and Wall Street favorite Scott Brown.
“Scott Brown is running out of excuses for his outright opposition to raising the federal minimum wage, which would give 110,000 Granite Staters a much-needed raise,” said McClain. “It has now been five years since the last time Congress raised the minimum wage, and New Hampshire families can’t wait any longer. If Brown has his way, they will continue to struggle—and that’s another reason Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire.”

NHDP - MEMO: NH Students And Parents Can't Trust Brown's Costly Record On Student Loans

To: Interested Parties
From: Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party
Date: July 21, 2014
Subject: NH Students & Parents Can't Trust Brown's Costly Record On Student Loans

New Hampshire students and their parents can't rely on Scott Brown’s costly record on student loans. Just like with increasing the minimum wage, or providing New Hampshire women with access to coverage for basic health services, Scott Brown is refusing to give people in New Hampshire straight answers on college affordability.  

Scott Brown voted to cut Pell Grants, ignoring the 21,000 New Hampshire students who depended on them.  He voted twice to allow student loan rates to double.  New Hampshire students and their parents deserve answers from Brown. 

Brown would rather hide in the bathroom than talk about how to reduce student loan debt.  New Hampshire students are struggling under a mountain of debt, with the average student owing $33,000 after graduation.

It is a sharp contrast to Jeanne Shaheen, a former teacher, who as our governor and our Senator has worked to make a difference for students and their parents.  She expanded public kindergarten to tens of thousands of New Hampshire students and put in place a tax free tuition savings plan to help families save for their children's education as Governor.  In the Senate, she is leading the charge on a commonsense proposal to let students's refinance their debt just like a mortgage or car loan.

Brown Voted to Slash Pell Grants for New Hampshire Students
In 2011, Brown sided with the corporate special interests that fund his campaign instead of the more than 21,000 New Hampshire students who depended on Pell grants to afford the cost of college. Rather than ask billionaires to pay their fair share or close loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, Brown tried to slash Pell grants by more than $700 per student. He even doubled-down on his costly approach and told WRKO radio, “I agree with the cuts that we made, I mean, I voted for it.”
Brown Refuses To Give An Answer to Senator Shaheen’s Bank on Students Act

Now Scott Brown is dodging questions about Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Bank on Students Act that would let graduates refinance their student loans just like a mortgage or car loan.   The Concord Monitor reported that, "When asked, Brown’s campaign did not say how Brown would have voted on the legislation."  Scott Brown is in this race for Scott Brown.  He would rather allow this crisis to remain unsolved than support Jeanne Shaheen's commonsense proposal.  

CEI Today: CEI sues NSA, EPA war on coal, and minimum wage 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
In the News Today



Competitive Enterprise Institute Sues NSA to Obtain “Destroyed” EPA Phone Records


Monday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed a lawsuit against the United States National Security Agency (NSA) for refusing to fulfill two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for records pertaining to the conduct of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The NSA already acknowledged the existence of the data-collection program. The information NSA obtained about EPA communications, and specifically about records EPA admits to destroying, belong to the public,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Christopher Horner. “Over the past two years, the EPA’s controversial electronic correspondence and recordkeeping practices have reflected a severe lack of transparency and are of interest to both Congress and taxpayers in general. CEI's discovery that EPA engaged in widespread record destruction adds a new element to EPA's disturbing story.” > Read more


>Interview Chris Horner


EPA WAR ON COAL BY THE NUMBERS - MARLO LEWIS EPA’s Carbon “Pollution” Rules: War on Coal by the Numbers

How will EPA’s existing-source carbon “pollution” rule, published last week in the Federal Register, affect U.S. power markets between now and 2030?  The chart below presents some of the relevant data used to compute each state’s standard. It also confirms — despite EPA’s protestations to the contrary – that the agency is waging a war on coal. >Read More
>Interview Marlo Lewis


MINIMUM WAGE - TREY KOVACS Receipt Shows What Is Wrong with the Minimum Wage

Now businesses in SeaTac have begun to pass on the cost of a $15 minimum wage to consumers by charging a 8.25 percent living wage surcharge.
> Read more

> Interview Trey Kovcs

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Watchdog - Are pre-dawn raids standard in WI? 

Are armed pre-dawn raids now standard in WI?


John Chisholm, The Milwaukee Democrat who launched a secret John Doe investigation into conservatives, suggests that these raids are just a figment of imagination, while some disagree.


Did the pre-dawn raids really happen?

Hidden consequence of Seattle minimum wage hike

It’s easy enough to discuss what could happen under a controversial policy, but it’s a little more difficult to provide evidence after enactment to prove a claim.

A recent receipt shows that citizens who park in Seattle are paying the price. To deal with the higher wage, enacted on Jan. 1, Masterpark is charging customers an additional 99 cents per parking day, a surcharge that comes on top of all other taxes and fees.

Read more and let us know what you think?

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