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APP - Check Out the Buzz from Last Week's Jackson Hole Summit!  


Hi friends,

We just wrapped up our first Jackson Hole Monetary Policy Summit, taking place in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming opposite the Federal Reserve's annual symposium, and by all accounts our event was a huge success.

We heard from dozens of speakers from around the world about the flaws in the Federal Reserve's aimless discretionary monetary policy, the importance of interest rates being set by the market and not central planners, the need for a Centennial Monetary Commission to pass Congress, and why a return to the Gold Standard would be our best course of action.

The media and those on social media took notice. #JacksonHoleSummit was a top trending topic on Twitter throughout the day  on Friday and more than 40 news outlets in print and online covered the event. 

Check out some of the best news coverage below:

This was an important first step as we build a grassroots movement to take back our money and promote sound monetary policy for our nation. Thank you for standing with us as we continue to fight for the future of our nation. 

Terry Schilling
Executive Director
American Principles Project

APIA - Keynes the proto-supply-sider 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,
On June 5th, APIA senior advisor, economics, Ralph Benko penned an article in to celebrate the birthday of John Maynard Keynes.  Given the Big Government nature of neo-Keynesism it may seem strange to hear a veteran supply-sider embrace Keynes, but Keynes was not a Keynesian. Benko makes a strong case that Keynes’s approach fits well with that of supply-sider economics:
"So why is the raven of supply-side economics like the writing desk of John Maynard Keynes? Both share a passionate dedication to high employment and the flourishing of workers. Both are grounded in pragmatism rather than stale dogmas. Both have a pragmatically friendly stance toward the state .... Both supply-side and Keynes have in common inquisitive pragmatism."
Benko also pointed out Keynes’ pragmatism fully included his various stands  on monetary policy. Legislation was introduced in the last Congress to enact a Monetary Commission to take a pragmatic look at which monetary regimes were best for job creation and equitable growth.  We hope that it will be reintroduced this year so that we can chart a course to equitable prosperity that can be embraced both by supply-siders and the followers of Keynes.
Happy birthday, Maynard!
Nicholas Arnold
American Principles In Action

APP in the News! 5-23-15  

An Honest Debate About Abortion Needs More Voices

Alfonso Aguilar on CNN Espanol Discusses Jeb vs. Hillary

Greenspan Attacked for Joining APP Jackson Hole Summit

Why I Care: An Anti-Common Core Activist Talks Homework

Alfonso Aguilar Discusses Five-Point Immigration Plan on Newsmax

Conservatives must take the lead on immigration reform, and that is why he has introduceda five-point plan to guide Congress to do just that, Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership at American Principles and former chief at the U.S. Office of Citizenship, told Newsmax TV. (read more)

APP to Host Launch Event for George Gilder's New Monograph in NYC

The American Principles Project will be holding a launch event for Gilder’s new monograph on June 2nd in New York, New York. Speakers at the luncheon will include: George Gilder, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Sean Fieler, Chairman of the Board at American Principles Project, and Jim Grant, Founder of the Grant Interest Rate Observer. (read more)

Sen. Vitter Introduces Bill to Return Control of Education Records to Parents

"Senator Vitter’s bill is a giant step forward in protecting children and families from corporate exploitation. For far too long, Congress has favored policies that treat children like human capital, a means to an end,” Emmett McGroarty, education director for American Principles Project, tells Breitbart News. “And it has repeatedly failed to stand at the Constitutional line to protect the states from federal overreach. Now, parents are rising up to demand that Congress protect their children.” (read more)

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APIA - Paul Krugman's sciencefictionomics 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer, 

Paul Krugman is one the leading, and shrillest, critics of free market economic policies. Thus it is of real interest that Prof. Krugman wrote that he considers Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy the most influential book of his life, and was inspired by it to “develop a social science that gives its acolytes a unique ability to understand and perhaps shape human destiny.”  APIA's senior economics advisor, Ralph Benko, devoted two columns at entitled “The Science Fiction Behind Paul Krugman's Economics, Parts One and Two.” 

Prof. Krugman says, in a foreword to an edition of Asimov's great work: "The trilogy really is a unique masterpiece; there has never been anything quite like it. ... I grew up wanting to be Hari Seldon, using my understanding of the mathematics of human behavior to save civilization.” 

The contrast between Prof. Krugman and some of his fellow Nobel laureates, such as Hayek and Mundell, represents a “War of the Worldviews” that will determine whether America continues to stagnate economically or once again flourishes.  It is our belief that model-based central planning now practiced by the Federal Reserve, as championed by Prof. Krugman, has shown itself a recipe for putting the American economy into the Twilight Zone. It is time for a review of what monetary regimes have proven, in practice, optimal for job creation, economic mobility, and equitable prosperity. 

Monetary policy is within Congress's constitutional powers.  We commend the prospect of Congress convening a monetary commission, to which end legislation was initiated in the 113th Congress, gaining 40 sponsors.  We also hope and expect to see it introduced in the 114th. 



Nicholas Arnold

American Principles In Action


APP - APP Red, White & Blue Gala a Success! 

American Principles Project

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights from American Principles Project’s 3rd annual ‘Red, White and Blue Gala’ and our first-ever State Lunch in Washington, D.C. last week.

This year we held our first-ever State Lunch, which focused on Common Core and featured Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) as the keynote speaker.

At the State Lunch, Governor Jindal spoke substantively about Common Core, federal overreach, and how the government is taking power away from parents and teachers and empowering bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. You can watch his full presentation here:

That evening, we welcomed over 350 people to our 3rd annual ‘Red, White and Blue Gala’, not to mention over 70 reporters and 30 media outlets, making it our most successful Gala to date.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas), and actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry was featured as the Master of Ceremonies. The evening also featured short presentations from our founder Professor Robert George, actor Eduardo Verastegui, Delaware RNC Committeewoman Ellen Barrosse and more.

You can watch Governor Perry’s presentation here:

All other presentations, pictures and media highlights can be found on our website here.

Click here for a full list of the media’s coverage of APP’s State Lunch and Gala.

During the Gala last Thursday, we also debuted a new American Principles Project video featuring the APP team and our work. You can watch the 3-minute video here: 

Thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to keeping you updated on our work over the next year, especially as we head towards the critical 2016 presidential election.

Frank Cannon
President, American Principles Project