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NHDP - VIDEO: Phony Backdrop, Phony Candidate, Brown Called Out for Saying He Was in NH When He Was Actually in TV Studio 

If Brown Didn’t Film in Stratham, Then Where Did He Film His Ad?
Manchester, NH — Where has Scott Brown really been filming his phony ads?  That is what people are asking after the Massachusetts transplant was caught pretending to be at a New Hampshire farm in his television ad when he was really in a TV studio.  

Even worse, when first questioned about the location, Brown told the Nashua Telegraph he filmed “on the grounds of former New Hampshire House Speaker Doug Scamman’s farm in Stratham.” But as Buzzfeed reported earlier this week, and MSNBC highlighted last night, Brown was actually standing in front a green screen and using stock footage to try and fool people into thinking he was in a New Hampshire lob cabin.

"So where exactly did Scott Brown film then? Where is the studio that he was so desperate to keep it secret from the people of New Hampshire?" asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain

"Scott Brown wants New Hampshire to think he's just one of the local folks. According to a report he chose a local venue for a different commercial using one of the log cabin-looking outbuildings in Stratham," said Ed Shultz, host of MSNBC's The Ed Show.  "Buzzfeed pointed out Scott Brown likely wasn't in a local venue for his latest commercial.  His local venue looks remarkably like a stock photo.  Scott Brown wants to represent the people of New Hampshire but he can't even bother to show up."

“Phony candidate, phony backdrop. Scott Brown isn’t for New Hampshire any more than he was in a New Hampshire log cabin when he filmed that ad,” said McClain. “Scott Brown is for Scott Brown and Big Oil companies who fund his campaign and want him back in Washington voting for them, not New Hampshire." 
Watch the clip from The Ed Show here:


NHDP - NH Leaders Say Brown Partnership With Perry Insults New Hampshire Families 

Brown Welcomes Gov. Perry and His Repeated Insults to LGBT Families to NH
Brown Has History of Failing New Hampshire LGBT Community


Manchester, NH— LGBT Leaders in New Hampshire are calling attention to Scott Brown's welcoming of Texas Governor Rick Perry to New Hampshire, given Perry's offensive remarks about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, his record of actively fighting against LGBT civil rights, and Brown's record of failing LGBT families.
Brown and the NHGOP are hosting a conference call with Governor Perry today.
Scott Brown’s record of failing LGBT families, includes opposing the repeal of the antiquated Defense of Marriage Act and refusing to support—or even take a stand on—the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would have protected individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Brown also opposed same-sex marriage and repeatedly voted for a constitutional ban, and voting to suspend same-sex marriages in Washington, DC.
Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard said, "The fact that Scott Brown has agreed to associate so closely with someone who has actively fought against civil rights for LGBT individuals is extremely troubling, and frankly, hurtful. Families across the state deserve to know that Brown agrees with Governor Perry’s offensive, insensitive, and idiotic comparison between homosexuality and alcoholism. Scott Brown is showing us he isn't in this race for New Hampshire's LGBT community or any of our family or friends.” 
Brown is hosting the Perry conference call only weeks after Perry compared LGBT people to alcoholics, saying  "I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way."
“Rick Perry's brand of discrimination isn't welcome in New Hampshire.  This is the latest in a string of embarrassing and disastrous decisions made by a badly flailing Brown campaign,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “Accepting RickPerry’s endorsement and then touting it in front of members of the New Hampshire media is truly disturbing given Perry’s consistent anti-LGBT record. The fact that Brown has linked himself so closely with Governor Perry—especially following the incident in which one of his strong supporters sent the NHDP foul hate mail—should really spur families across the state to ask themselves whether this Beacon Hill politician has any sense of New Hampshire at all.”

NHDP - Scott Brown’s Campaign Ads Feature Green Screened Stock Footage 


Buzzfeed: Scott Brown’s Campaign Ads Feature Green Screened Stock Footage

Spoiler: He’s not at the airport.posted on July 29, 2014, at 10:27 a.m.

Scott Brown’s new campaign ad titled “Security” features the New Hampshire candidate standing in an airport talking about security procedures at U.S. airports compared to security conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border:

But it appears Brown isn’t really in an airport — and instead in front of a green screen with stock video footage of an airport from Shutterstock superimposed during editing:

Brown’s campaign did not return a request for comment.


NHDP - How Could Walt Havenstein Support the Priorities of a Region He Can't Even Find on a Map?

First Havenstein Opposed a Critical Economic Driver for the North Country, Then Proved He Doesn’t Even Know Where the North Country is Located
 Manchester, NH—This week, failed CEO and recent Maryland resident Walt Havenstein proved that he’s clueless about the priorities of the North Country, as he not only opposed a critical economic driver for the region but also demonstrated that he doesn’t even know where the North Country is located.
“The reason the New Hampshire constitution has a seven-year residency requirement to run for Governor is so that candidates are familiarwith the constituents they wish to serve,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley. “Walt Havenstein’s complete ignorance about the priorities of the North Country, which he can’t even find on a map, reinforces what we already knew: Havenstein is painfully out-of-touch with the priorities of hard-working Granite Staters.”
In footage released by the NHDP, Walt Havenstein opposed biomass plants like the new Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin, which is already producing economic benefits for the North Country. Havenstein said biomass plants are “not economically viable,” before admitting that as the failed CEO of SAIC, he used $80 million in taxpayer dollars to build two biomass plants.
Days later, Havenstein visited Meredith, Bristol, Wentworth, Benton and Plymouth, touting the trip as a swing through the North Country. The only problem, as North Country State Senator Jeff Woodburn pointed out, is that Havenstein wasn’t in the North Country.

"The North Country is north of the notches," said State Senator Woodburn. "It is has a distinctly different culture, history, economy, landscape and climate.  It is vitally important for our elected officials to understand our region and our people." 
Woodburn added that in the North Country, “Governor Hassan's more popular than maple syrup. In part, because she knows where we are and comes here often." 


NHDP - Scott Brown Spends Week Hiding and Misrepresenting His Record to NH Voters 

Manchester, NH—Scott Brown spent his week misrepresenting, exaggerating, and hiding his positions on issues as important as an increase in the minimum wage, veterans’ legislation, and access to quality, affordable health care for New Hampshire families.
“Scott Brown took credit for Senator Shaheen’s veterans legislation after previously refusing to take a position on it. He tried to make excuses for his opposition to an increase in the minimum wage. And he dishonestly bemoaned a court decision that was contradicted in a different court decision just an hour later,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “It’s incredible what Scott Brown will do and say to promote Scott Brown and hide from tough questions. If this is what New Hampshire can expect from a candidate for the United States Senate, then families across the state are in trouble.”
Scott Brown Takes Credit for Provision Shaheen Championed—Only a Less Helpful Version of It
Senators Shaheen and Ayotte have been championing legislation that would allow veterans living more than 20 miles from a full-serve VA facility to obtain health services at certain local non-VA facilities. But this week, in a Fosters op-ed, Scott Brown dishonestly tried to deceive readers by passing off that provision as his own idea, after previously refusing to take a position. The only catch is that his version is not as helpful for veterans. Brown’s version only applies to veterans living 30 miles away from a VA facility. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.
Scott Brown Makes Excuses For His Opposition to An Increase in The Minimum Wage
On the 5th anniversary of the last increase in the minimum wage, Scott Brown could only offer New Hampshire workers more excuses for his opposition to increasing the minimum wage. While on Fox News, Brown said he opposed increasing the minimum wage until we “bring business leaders to the table.” But business leaders in New Hampshire and across the country have already called for increasing in the minimum wage. If Brown has his way, families that depend on the minimum wage will continue to struggle—and that’s another reason Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire.
Scott Brown Issues Dishonest Statement on D.C. Court Health Care Decision 
Scott Brown responded quickly and dishonestly to the Halbig decision made in the D.C. Circuit Court with a formal statement and through social media. He claimed the decision was a "devastating blow to Obamacare" in an attempt to scare New Hampshire voters into believing that their premiums would immediately go up. What he failed to acknowledge, however, was that a Fourth Circuit court decision, came down just an hour later, taking the opposing stance. And two other courts also upheld the state subsidies that the Fourth Circuit did. Brown's fear-mongering was dishonest and misrepresented the effect of this court decision. Plus, if Brown had hisway, he'd repeal Obamacare entirely.
Brown Campaign Takes Heat For Authoring Ridiculous Memo That Presumes Its Readers are “Idiots”
Noted political commentator Stuart Rothenberg penned a piece in Roll Call slamming Scott Brown’s campaign for writing a “Pathway to Success” memo that presumes “the readers of this memo are idiots,” by drawing false equivalencies and underestimating Senator Shaheen’s popularity. It’s a blistering critique and is worth a thorough read.
NHDP Releases List of 7 Places Scott Brown Could Have Hidden (Other Than A Bathroom) To Avoid Hobby Lobby Questions
We have a few thoughts on where Scott Brown can hide next time he takes a position that endangers the ability for women to make their own health care choices without consulting their employers.