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DNC - MEMO: Brown and Havenstein Want to Bring Christie's Failed Leadership to NH 

From: DNC Regional Press Secretary Ian Sams and NHDP Communications Director Julie McClain

To: Interested Parties

Date: September 17, 2014

Re: Brown and Havenstein Want to Bring Christie’s Failed Leadership to New Hampshire


Today, Republican candidates in New Hampshire are welcoming failed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the Granite State. As Maryland’s Walt Havenstein and Massachusetts’s Scott Brown campaign with New Jersey’s Christie, one thing is abundantly clear – all three of these Republicans stand at odds with New Hampshire’s values and priorities.


Granite Staters want leaders who support equal pay for women, would push for raising the minimum wage and stand up for middle class families over special interests including Wall Street and the Koch brothers. On all three counts, Republicans strike out. And what’s worse perhaps is that Brown and Havenstein are seeking to emulate Chris Christie’s disastrous economic record if they’re elected.


The Disastrous Christie Economic Agenda


Chris Christie has become the GOP’s poster child for failed economic leadership and complete budget mismanagement. Just take a look at the numbers:


  • ·         8
  • ·         48th 
  • ·         20 percent


Christie’s failures to lead a “New Jersey Comeback” in the Garden State hasn’t kept desperate Republicans in New Hampshire from welcoming him to the Granite State. And that’s no surprise – Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown would emulate Christie’s failed leadership if they’re elected.


Walt Havenstein and Chris Christie Have a Lot in Common


Walt Havenstein’s past gives us good insight into how he’d run New Hampshire as governor – and it looks a lot like Chris Christie’s New Jersey. Under Christie’s watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded eight times, while during Havenstein’s tenure as CEO of defense contractor SAIC, the company lost millions of dollars in revenue and its stock value plummeted. On jobs – New Jersey has regained less than half the jobs it lost in the recession, while SAIC shed thousands of jobs during Havenstein’s disastrous time as CEO.


This is the record Chris Christie brought to New Jersey and that Walt Havenstein would bring to Concord – and it’s one that would drive the Granite State’s economy into the ground.


Chris Christie & Scott Brown – Big Money’s Favorite Footsoldiers


Not only is Christie here to campaign with Havenstein and Brown, but he’s here to lay the groundwork for his potential presidential bid – trying to boost his optics for the same kind of big-money, out-of-state donor network that is bankrolling Scott Brown’s campaign. As Christie endorses Brown, it’s worth noting that Big Oil, Wall Street and other special interests are spending millions to try to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their reliable footsoldier Scott Brown. Christie knows a thing or two about putting the interests of big money and big corporations ahead of creating jobs or helping working families. As we pointed out above, New Jersey has significantly increased corporate tax breaks under Christie, but his $4 billion giveaway has been unsuccessful in creating jobs. And on issues from equal pay to raising the minimum wage, Christie and Brown stand at odds with working women and families.


Like Christie, if Scott Brown is elected, he would be a reliable voice for special interests and Big Money – not for New Hampshire’s middle class families.


The Bottom Line


On issue after issue, the leadership offered by Chris Christie, Walt Havenstein and Scott Brown would further hurt the economy, wreck budgets, and leave working families out to dry. New Hampshire deserves leaders like Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan who put the interests of the middle class first – from pushing to raise the minimum wage to ensuring equal pay to easing the financial burden on students. Whether it’s Governor Hassan expanding Medicaid or Senator Shaheen supporting our veterans and voting for paycheck fairness, they bring commonsense leadership to work for Granite Staters every day and will continue to do so long after November.


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NHDP - THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Brown Voted To Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies…Again

NHDP Launches Facebook Ads on Scott Brown's Big Oil Vote Anniversary

Manchester, NH— This week marks four years since Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies rather than help small businesses—and he’s still choosing Big Oil and Wall Street special interests over what’s best for New Hampshire families. Brown sided with the big oil companies making record profits instead of small businesses, and then continued to collect hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from big oil companies. The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new Facebook ad to spread the word that Scott Brown's Big Oil votes are wrong for New Hampshire.
“Bay Staters voted Scott Brown out of office because of votes just like the one he took four years ago to protect tax breaks for Big Oil instead of doing what was best for families in Massachusetts—and he would do the same thing if he got his way in New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Brown has been collecting big money from oil companies and cashing in from companies that engage in outsourcing— so he obviously does not ‘care about New Hampshire.' Scott Brown cares about Scott Brown, his personal bank account, and the out-of-state special interests—like Big Oil—who fund his campaigns while he votes to protect their special breaks.”
Scott Brown repeatedly voted to protect special tax breaks for oil and gas companies, even when it meant the middle class would have to pay more. He even voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies when he owned up to $50,000 in Exxon Mobil stock. In return, the oil and gas industry donated nearly half a million dollars to Brown’s campaign for Senate in Massachusetts.
“His record clearly shows who Brown was working for in Massachusetts—and it wasn’t Bay State families,” added McClain. “They didn’t trust him in Massachusetts, and we can’t trust him in New Hampshire.”
Copy of the ad can be found here.

Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Statement on Ann Kuster Negative Ad 



Concord, NH– Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement regarding Ann Kuster’s latest negative ad:

“It is extremely disappointing that Ann Kuster is already relying on negative attack ads in her race for re-election. Ann Kuster clearly has no record to run on from her time in Congress, and she is trying to distract from her unwavering support for President Obama and Obamacare.

Obamacare has drastically burdened our hardworking retirees with its severe cuts to the Medicare advantage system and has reduced choices for patients, as the majority of New Hampshire health care providers are now out of network. No state has been harder hit by the Obama-Kuster agenda, so it is no surprise that Kuster is using negative, dishonest ads to distract from her record and paint Marilinda Garcia as someone she is not.”



Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Shea-Porter Ad Offers no Solutions, only Negative Soundbites  

In a Revealing Ad, Shea-Porter Offers No Plan for Future

In response to Congresswoman Shea-Porter's release of her first campaign ad, Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager, issued the following statement;

"Congresswoman Shea-Porter's first ad is revealing, it is abundantly clear she has decided to focus entirely on putting her political career over the needs of Granite Staters. She offers no solutions, only soundbites, no plans, only partisan politics, no compromise only conflict. Her six years in Washington have brought us an erosion of the middle class, a stunningly weak economy, and a "fix" to health care that continues to leave millions uninsured, health care costs increasing and more unemployment. New Hampshire deserves a representative who will solve problems and listen to them, Frank Guinta is that leader."


NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Taken to Task by National Media for “Phony” Introduction

Opposing Equal Pay While Giving Out Meaningless Awards to Women

Manchester, NH—What a way to kick off a general election. Scott Brown’s hollow, meaningless attempts to connect with New Hampshire women, and the fact that even Republicans think he’s a phony, has left national mocking his campaign in the early days of his general election. Following two stories—one in Time and one in the Washington Post—revealing a series of Brown missteps that ranged from bizarre to insulting, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, and Chris Matthews rightfully called him out. 
On Monday night, Rachel Maddow concentrated on Brown’s attempt to “win over the lady voters of New Hampshire one trophy at a time.”

On Tuesday night, Colbert dedicated a lengthy segment of his show to the fact that Brown opposes equal pay protections for women, opting to give them meaningless and condescending plaques instead.

Then, both Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow latched on to what the Washington Post called “the worst introduction ever” by Chris Sununu—confirming that even Brown’s political allies think he is a complete phony.