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DNC - Christie on the “future of New Jersey's economy”

Chris Christie is making a very, very rare appearance in New Jersey today to give a speech about the “future of the state's economy.”


Yes. Really.


The governor who is responsible for overseeing an economy that’s failing by nearly every metric wants to credibly discuss the “future of the state’s economy.”


When it comes to Chris Christie’s economic record, here are the facts:


  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey is near last in the nation on job creation.
  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average and was among the highest in the region.
  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey’s credit has been downgraded a record-breaking nine times.

"Christie's brand of economic failure in New Jersey is a reminder that Republican candidates would drag America backward to policies in place at the end of the last Republican administration when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, foreclosure signs dotted streets across America, and people had to choose between bankruptcy and the health care they needed. After 69 straight months of private sector job growth and more than 13 million new jobs under President Obama, Christie's Republican trickle down economics are wrong for New Jersey and wrong for America. No wonder most people in New Jersey want him to resign, and even more want him to end his presidential campaign.” -Kaylie Hanson DNC spokesperson 

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NHDP - ICYMI: Guinta saga continues, GOP struggles with mess they created 






"The party cannot stand by a politician who has revealed himself to be wholly unworthy of the public trust."


Will more Presidential hopefuls weigh in? Or will they ignore the issue altogether?


CONCORD, N.H. - As Frank Guinta triples down on his years of lies to New Hampshire, the recently released FEC documents confirming definitively that he's a "damned liar" are leaving Republicans struggling with the mess they created.


While the New Hampshire Republican Party's inaction continues, the Union Leader, in an editorial, said they can “either lead with integrity or it can stand by Frank Guinta,” but it can’t do both.


While more Republican presidential hopefuls are in state this week, they will inevitably be asked questions about Guinta. Will they continue to stand by Guinta or like Jeb Bush, just ignore the question altogether? Only time will tell.


See below for a roundup of coverage.


Union Leader Editorial: Integrity or Guinta? The state GOP’s call

...The FEC’s February, 2014, Second General Counsel Report on Guinta’s questioned $355,000 in campaign loans demolishes Guinta’s preposterous claims about the money’s origin. It reveals, among other truths:

• Despite his repeated claims to the contrary, Guinta provided no documentation backing up his contention that his parents’ bank account, from which the $355,000 came, had been seeded with $100,000 in his own money.

• Guinta’s own sister and mother contradicted his assertion that the parents’ bank account was a “family pot” to which all children had an ownership stake. His mother characterized the money as loans from Guinta’s parents to him. She even wrote “loan” on the subject line of nine checks she wrote to him.

• The $355,000 belonged unquestionably — provably — to Guinta’s parents, not to him. As the report put it, “Contributions to the Committee Were Not Rep. Guinta’s Personal Funds.”

To cover up the source of his illegal campaign money, Guinta lied to everyone. First, he lied to the people of New Hampshire. He told this newspaper in a 2010 interview that the money came from multiple personal bank accounts held by him. He let this lie stand while he told the FEC an entirely different lie, that the money came from deposits he made into a family bank account to which he had a legal right of access. While the FEC investigation was ongoing, he told voters that it had ended and he had been cleared…

The party cannot stand by a politician who has revealed himself to be wholly unworthy of the public trust. Political parties are supposed to stand for ideals, not merely for tribal connections. The state GOP platform states that Republicans pledge “to lead with integrity, character and compassion.” Guinta has not. The party can either lead with integrity or it can stand by Frank Guinta. It cannot do both.

Union Leader’s Dan Tuohy: Report says Guinta had no right to campaign money; Congressman still insists $355,000 is his


U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta’s mother and sister contradict his claim that $355,000 given to his 2010 campaign was his own money, newly released Federal Election Commission documents show.


There is no evidence to support the “family pot defense,” a theory he put forward claiming legal title to money in an account held solely in his parents’ names, according to FEC documents. The documents detail a $1 million fund belonging to his parents he could tap to help pay for expenses — including his mayoral campaign in Manchester, credit card bills and mortgages. But federal investigators said he had no legal right to the money.

For years, Guinta has maintained the money did not belong to his parents.


His mother, Virginia Guinta, told the FEC that she understood the funds were loans that would be repaid.


The FEC concluded that Mrs. Guinta’s description was at odds with the “family pot” concept described by Guinta and his attorney...


WMUR’s John DiStaso: After latest FEC Report, how long will Guinta last?


DISAPPOINTMENT, SUPPORT. The harsh Federal Election Commission staff report on Rep. Frank Guinta’s 2010 campaign finances has done nothing to unify the state GOP on the question of whether the congressman should resign. Opinion remains split...

WMUR’s report  Wednesday night that the U.S. Attorney’s Office will review the latest FEC findings is sure to make it more difficult for Guinta to politically survive. But there is no word from his inner circle that he is entertaining resignation...

Now further information has surfaced. According to FEC enforcement division attorneys, Guinta’s mother told them she was under the impression that checks totaling more than $355,000 she issued to her son were loans from the family account and not her son’s money, as he has maintained. The statement attributed to her issued by the Guinta staffer contradicts that, of course.

And, according to the FEC attorneys, Guinta’s sister had no knowledge of the family account...

But in the GOP hierarchy, the silence continues, despite the “further information” that has come to light. Party chairwoman Jennifer Horn put out a statement on Monday calling it “an extremely serious issue,” but she said the GOP state committee “will review the entire file before it considers further action.”



NHDP - And the award goes to... Carly Fiorina! One of the "worst CEOs of all time" 

Today’s Washington Post Fact Checker: Carly Fiorina’s misleading claims about her business record

Carly Fiorina is back in New Hampshire again today to keynote the Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in Manchester, which is strange considering Carly Fiorina’s terrible track record in business. She was even once called one of the “worst CEOs of all time”.
And today, Carly Fiorina’s claims about her business record earned her “three Pinocchios” from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker. According to Fact Checker, her claims to double HP’s size to $90 billion, quadruple HP’s growth rate, triple HP’s rate of innovation, and grow jobs “either lack significant context or resulted from a creative cherry-picking of the facts.”
Here are a few lowlights on her time in business:

  • Fired 30,000 employees and oversaw sharp declines in Hewlett-Packard stock, all while taking home millions of dollars.
  • Signed off on a disastrous merger with Compaq in 2002, dubbed a failure.
  • According to an expert at the Yale School of Management, “she sliced shareholder wealth in half and had a reign of terror that was infamous for its scapegoating, finger-pointing culture.”
  • Her spin-off of key components of HP is considered one of “Tech’s all-time top 25 flops.” 
  • Carly Fiorina accepted a $21 million “golden parachute” to leave the company, after she had laid off tens of thousands of workers and run HP into the ground.
  • When it was announced that Carly Fiorina was fired, HP stock actually rebounded.

Recently, David Packard’s grandson and Mayor of Carmel, CA said “she did damage to a great company and I don’t want to see her do damage to a great country.” We couldn’t agree with him more. 


NHDP - Rand Paul Doesn’t Want New Hampshire To “Live Free”… Thank Goodness He’s Gone 

MANCHESTER – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Rand Paul’s visit to New Hampshire yesterday:

"When Washington Republicans swing through New Hampshire, they really like to hone in on our beloved state motto: Live Free or Die. Rand Paul did that yesterday and tried to fool Granite Staters into thinking he’s 'different' from other Republicans because he’ll 'fight for your right to be left alone' and live free. That’s about as ridiculous and hypocritical as it gets. If Rand Paul really believed in our right to 'live free,' he wouldn’t oppose a woman’s right to preventive health care coverage or to make her own health care decisions. He wouldn’t oppose an LGBT couple’s right to get married or, frankly, have rights at all. And he sure wouldn’t make it harder for people to carry out their right to vote. We hear from a lot of typical Republicans in New Hampshire and Rand Paul is one of them. Just like the rest of them, he’s not going to fight for our right to 'live free or die' – it’s time for him to drop the act."

NHDP - Marilinda Garcia, Mike Pence and the Tea Party Fight Against Early Childhood Education 

Governor Pence Passes on Funding for Early Education in Indiana to Campaign in New Hampshire With Marilinda Garcia Who Voted to Repeal Public Kindergarden
Manchester, NH – As Marilinda Garcia welcomes fellow Tea Party conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence to New Hampshire, she underscores both of their records on early education that side against the priorities of middle-class families, especially when it comes to access to affordable early education.

“It's only appropriate that Marilinda Garcia is rolling out the carpet for fellow Tea Party conservative Governor Mike Pence to join her on the campaign trail, as both candidates have long records of siding against middle-class priorities, especially when it comes to expanding access to affordable early education for hard-working families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “Pence is passing on funding for early childhood education in Indiana to instead make a trip to New Hampshire and campaign with Garcia, who voted as a state representative in favor of repealing public kindergarden and even voted against the measure that would have prevented further consideration of the bill.”

As a State Representative in 2011, Garcia voted in favor of repealing public kindergarten (HB631). She even doubled down to vote against the measure that would have prevented further consideration of the bill.

In a recent report, Governor Pence tossed plans to submit a grant for $80 million in pre-school funding that would have helped thousands of Hoosier middle-class families to instead “help other GOP leaders with issues in their states,” according to Pence's spokesperson. 

“By embracing anti-early education figures like Mike Pence, Marilinda Garcia makes it further clear that she's only interested in pushing her out-of-touch Tea Party views that would devastate Granite State middle-class families,” added Lesswing.


"Last week, Pence opted not to apply for as much as $80 million in federal funding for pre-kindergarten over the next three years ..." [, 10/20/14]