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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on internal Shaheen Campaign talking points obtained by WMUR-TV:


"It is clear that Senator Shaheen is planning to run a negative, nasty campaign that focuses on personal attacks instead of discussing issues that are important to New Hampshire. Shaheen knows that Granite Staters are fed up with her record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time and she is desperate to distract from her deciding vote for ObamaCare. Fortunately, New Hampshire voters are smart enough to see through the Shaheen Campaign's vapid talking points and realize that it is time to replace her with a fiscally responsible Republican who will provide independent leadership for our state."


NHDP - Democratic Leaders Outline Why Scott Brown Is Wrong for New Hampshire

Concord, NH—On the cusp of Scott Brown’s announcement that he’s done “exploring” and “learning” about New Hampshire and is ready to run for office in the Granite State, the NHDP will be hosting a press conference call with former State Party Chair Kathy Sullivan and State House Speaker Terie Norelli. The Democratic leaders will outline why Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire, and highlight how Senator Jeanne Shaheen continues to work to make a difference for Granite State families.

WHAT: Press Conference Call
WHO: Former Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan and State House Speaker Terie Norelli
WHEN: TOMORROW, Thursday, April 10th at 1 pm EST
To RSVP and receive call-in information, please contact Julie McClain at

NHDP - GRAB YOUR POPCORN, This One’s a Doozy

Rachel Maddow Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Why Scott Brown is Wrong for New Hampshire
Here’s a NHDP Viewing Guide to Maddow’s Review of Scott Brown’s Greatest Gaffes.

2:10--Brown claims to have had "secret meetings" with Kings and Queens. He didn't. Ever.
2:40--Brown falls for Osama Bin Laden internet hoax. Believed that fake pictures were real and defended them on TV.
2:57--Rachel notes that Brown's fake embarrassing, made up, wrong stuff has been unforced.
4:00--Brown says Hillary Clinton calls him constantly asking for votes....later to be revealed as his office.
4:50--Brown accuses Rachel Maddow of trying to run against him for MA Senate, which was "really weird."
5:30--Brown mocks Elizabeth Warren for being part Native American--"Scott Brown X-ray ethnic vision."
6:45--Scott Brown's phantom "Bqhatevwr" tweet from his pants.
6:55--Changes twitter handle, which had been @ScottBrownMA, to @SenScottBrown so it wouldn't be awkward when he ran for Senate in New Hampshire.
8:15--Scott Brown stumbles, can't remember what state he is in.

0:23--Scott Brown butchers his new state's motto: "Live Free AND Die"--maybe you, buddy. But not us.
1:20--Brown says "do I have the best credentials? Probably not. Cause, you know, whatever."
1:50--Can't even get his paperwork right. Brown forgets to check off what party he belongs to and is "a little bit of a mess."
3:05--McConnell calls Scott Brown "an old friend of ours."
4:05--Brown launches campaign based on the premise that Obamacare would be a failure...but millions of people now have access to health insurance.
5:00—“Scott Brown was a terribly embarrassing Senator....”
8:00--As the National GOP start to quietly admit that ACA is working, Scott Brown "Mr. I'm Against Obamacare... cannot answer even basic questions about what the state he is running in should do about Obamacare...because expanding health insurance in New Hampshire probably at some level makes sense for New Hampshire...but being against Obamacare is the one thing people are supposed to know about Scott Brown that does not make them laugh out loud."

NHDP - The Donald Endorses Scott Brown 

"Another billionaire is joining the Scott Brown Appreciation Club. I wonder if Trump will ask him for his birth certificate"

WMUR: Scott Brown gets praise from The Donald

Donald Trump has opinions. He knows who is likes. He knows who he dislikes. He will basically tell you anything if you ask him the right way.

So when a local radio host asked Trump if he likes soon-to-be New Hampshire U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown, Trump said he did.
Appearing on "New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath" on Manchester-based WGIR-AM Tuesday morning, Trump said would probably endorse Brown.

"I think I would. I think he is a good man. I think he’s done a good job. He was in a tough area if you are a Republican certainly and to get elected one time was sort of amazing actually and now he is in a little bit of a different location," Trump said. "I love New Hampshire. I have been to New Hampshire many times. I think he can do it."

Trump later said that Brown has "a very good chance of winning" this fall over Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen.

State Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley was not impressed with the Trump endorsement.

"Another billionaire is joining the Scott Brown Appreciation Club. I wonder if Trump will ask him for his birth certificate," said Buckley.

Of course, Brown will first have to get through a Republican primary before taking on Shaheen.

Trump was on the New Hampshire radio station in advance of his second trip to the state this year. He will speak at the Americans for Prosperity Freedom Summit with potential Republican presidential candidates.

As for running for president himself, he said he would prefer not to, but he would need to see how the rest of the 2014 election year would play out.

NHDP - Walt Havenstein Faces Serious Questions in Attempt to Run for Governor of NH

Concord, NH-- Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party leaders outlined the serious questions facing gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein and exposed the holes in his campaign team's misleading defense of his candidacy. While Havenstein has just entered this race, his introduction to the voters of New Hampshire has revealed troubling questions about his legitimacy as a candidate and his respect for the voters of New Hampshire.

A few weeks ago, the Telegraph uncovered that Havenstein "saved $5,354 from 2008-11 by getting a homestead exemption from local property taxes in Bethesda, Md. He also paid a lower state property transfer tax while buying the property in that state. To get both, Havenstein had to acknowledge that his $1 million condominium was his 'principal residence." The New Hampshire's Constitution requires candidates for Governor to "have been an inhabitant of this state for 7 years next preceding."

"Since 2007, Maryland law has required homeowners to sign a form under penalty of perjury attesting that the homestead property is owner’s principal. That form specifically asked if the property was your principal residence, was it where you filed your income taxes, where you had your drivers license, and where you voted from," said former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan. "By taking that homestead exemption, Havenstein gave up any claim to New Hampshire residency during those years, raising serious doubts about his eligibility to run for governor of New Hampshire."

"There are serious questions surrounding Maryland multimillionaire Walt Havenstein’s candidacy. Either he is ineligible to run in New Hampshire, or he likely committed tax fraud in Maryland," said New Hampshire State Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "While we don’t know much about Walt Havenstein or what he stands for, this much is clear: he is the hand picked D.C. candidate for Governor who has already demonstrated that he doesn’t understand the priorities of Granite Staters. Walt Havenstein clearly thinks the rules that apply to the rest of us don't apply to him, and he can't be trusted to fight for the priorities that matter to hard-working Granite State families," continued Buckley.  

Havenstein has a litany of questions that are plaguing his early candidacy, and thus far, the only defense his team has been able to muster is that he was a “statutory resident” of Maryland for tax purposes, but maintained his domicile in New Hampshire. [Source:] Under Maryland law, anyone who is inthe state for more than 183 days a year is considered a statutory resident for income tax purposes. [Source:]

"What Havenstein isn’t telling you, is that in Maryland, statutory residency is an income tax category for the purposes of paying Maryland income taxes, not the homestead exemption.
Homestead is a property tax category, governed by the Maryland laws on homestead and property taxes," Sullivan said. "Being a statutory resident for income tax purposes doesn’t make you eligible for the homestead property tax credit that Havenstein took. Only those domiciled in Maryland can take that break. Homestead equals domicile and domicile equals homestead."


"Given these facts, Havenstein is left with a very uncomfortable situation - either he was domiciled in Maryland as recently as 2011 and therefore ineligible to run for Governor of New Hampshire or he misled Maryland tax officials to get a tax break he wasn't entitled to," Sullivan concluded.

Nashua Telegraph expose outlined how Walt Havenstein took Maryland property tax breaks that required his principal residence to be in that state, raising a host of questions and placing his candidacy in doubt.

The Telegraph uncovered that Havenstein “saved $5,354 from 2008-11 by getting a homestead exemption from local property taxes in Bethesda, Md. He also paid a lower state property transfer tax while buying the property in that state. To get both, Havenstein had to acknowledge that his $1 million condominium was his ‘principal residence' where he was living at least seven months of the year." [Nashua Telegraph3/23/14]
Under Maryland law, ”Principal residence” has been defined to mean the “one dwelling where the homeowner regularly resides and is the location designated by the owner for the legal purposes of voting, obtaining a driver’s license, and filing income tax returns.” [MAPM, accessed 4/2/14]
Maryland law was enacted in 2007 that requires all homeowners to submit an application stating that they meet the principal residence requirements, under penalty of perjury. According to the Telegraph, “Havenstein said he didn’t recall signing that form.” [State of Maryland, accessed 4/2/2014, Nashua Telegraph3/23/14]

Just last weekend, a Nashua Telegraph emphasized Havenstein's problems stating that he was either "ineligible to run for the office or committed tax fraud in Maryland." [Nashua Telegraph, 3/31/14]

That same report found that in addition to registering a car in Maryland, Havenstein briefly held a driver’s license in that state. New Hampshire doesn’t allow someone to hold a valid driver’s license in this state while having an active license in another state. [Nashua Telegraph3/31/14, State of New Hampshire, accessed 4/2/14]