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Daily Signal - Government to Ordained Ministers: Celebrate Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail 


Citizens For A Strong NH - E-Newsletter: "Gone Washington," protests, and more... 


Jeanne Shaheen: Gone Washington


This week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire launched a new web advertisement on Senator Jeanne Shaheen titled, "Gone Washington." 


"Gone Washington" focuses on Jeanne Shaheen's record of ducking debates and refusing to hold town hall meetings, despite the fact that she is financially profiting from her votes. It utilizes footage of Senator Shaheen saying that queries about her refusal to hold public forums are "crazy questions" and also includes video that highlights how rudely her campaign team (the chairman of the Merrimack County Democrats) treats those Granite Staters who are not allowed into private events.


The advertisement is backed with a significant, statewide, online buy. 


Click HERE to watch the web video. You can help by sharing the video on your own social media accounts or emailing it to your friends and family.


Missing Posters: Our new signs in action
It's no secret that Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Governor Maggie Hassan, and Congresswomen Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster are four of the most inaccessible "representatives" New Hampshire has ever had.  Put simply, these four aforementioned elected officials have been hiding from their constituents because they are afraid to answer for their extremely liberal records. Thus, we decided to create a bunch of "Missing" posters to remind Granite Staters of their absent senator, governor, and congresswomen.

We had our first opportunity to use our new signs at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's "Jefferson Jackson Dinner" with former President Bill Clinton on Thursday evening.  At the event, dozens of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire volunteers came to protest these four elected officials and remind their fellow Granite Staters of their absence.


Above are some great photos from Thursday evening. If you are interested in joining us for future protest visibilities or other volunteer opportunities, please email


False: Why is Congresswoman Shea-Porter still untruthfully claiming to have held Town Halls?
This week, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter continued to untruthfully tell her constituents that she has been holding Town Hall meetings, despite the fact that she hasn't. When we followed up to ask her to clarify why she is telling Granite Staters false truths, but she gave us her usual answer; no comment.

Click HERE to watch the video 
Editorial Cartoon of the Week    

Cooler Heads Digest 17 October 2014 

17 October 2014

In the News

Spanish Company under Federal Investigation Wins $230 Million in DOE Subsidies
Lachlan Markay, Washington Free Beacon, 17 October 2014

Love to Hate? Anti-Fracking Group Scrubs Website
Steve Everley, Master Resource, 16 October 2014

The Final Word on Yucca
Jack Spencer & Katie Tubb, The Daily Signal, 16 October 2014

GOP Congress Seen Pushing Back on EPA Rules
Adam O’Neal, Real Clear Politics, 16 October 2014

The Breathless Hypocrisy Driving Energy “Divestment”
Benjamin Zycher, Real Clear Markets, 15 October 2014

Increasing Efficiency of “Fracking” Has Made U.S. the World’s Largest Producer
Mark Perry, AEIdeas, 15 October 2014

Global Warming Hysteria Is Tearing Us Apart
Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, 11 October 2014

News You Can Use
Marlo Lewis

Report: EPA’s Clean Power Plan Will Make Electricity Rates Necessarily Skyrocket

According to a report released this week by NERA, EPA’s Clean Power Plan would:

  • Be the most expensive environmental regulation ever imposed on the electric power sector. The rule will cost state power sectors between $41 billion and $73 billion per year (EPA estimates “only” $8.8 billion annually), and $336 billion to $479 billion over 15 years.
  • Cause double digit electricity price rate hikes in 43 states. Electricity prices will increase by an average of 12% to 17%. Fourteen states will face price increases up to 20%.
  • Have no measurable effects on climate change. By 2050, the Plan would, in theory, reduce sea-level rise by 1/100th of an inch (the thickness of three sheets of paper), and reduce average global temperatures by less than 2/100ths of a degree.

Inside the Beltway
William Yeatman

EPA Administrator McCarthy Visits D.C. School to Peddle Nonsense about Asthma and Global Warming

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Thursday visited The Inspired Teaching School in Washington, D.C., in order to draw attention to Children’s Health Month. According to the EPA’s press release, McCarthy will discuss how “warmer temperatures from climate change, fueled by carbon pollution, are making allergy seasons longer and worsening smog, exacerbating asthma in our kids.”

The facts suggest otherwise. According to the EPA, total emissions of the six principal air pollutants decreased by 62 percent between 1980 and 2013, while the economy grew by 145 percent. And yet, from 2001 to 2011, the Center for Disease Control says the number of Americans with asthma grew by 28 percent. Therefore, real pollution is decreasing, while asthma has become more prevalent. It is also notable that 2001-2011, when asthma rates increased and pollution decreased, there was (and continues to be) a “pause” in global warming. In light of these inconvenient truths, Administrator McCarthy’s attempt to link climate change and asthma simply makes no sense.

Senator Vitter Releases Collusive Emails between NRDC and EPA on Clean Power Plan

On July 6, The New York Times reported that three lobbyists for the Natural Resources Defense Council wrote the “blueprint” for EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations for existing power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan. The report was disconcerting due to the fact that the NRDC had spent considerable resources getting President Obama elected, so it appeared that the green group was being rewarded with policymaking privileges.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy forcefully denied the New York Times report, but her protestations was belied this week when Senate Environment & Public Works Ranking Member David Vitter (R-La.) released a trove of email correspondence demonstrating “very close working relationship between the two organizations to develop the carbon rule—dating back to 2011—two years before EPA has said the public had an opportunity to provide input.”

For example, in a congratulatory email sent in the wake of a “sue and settle” agreement between NRDC and EPA that led to the Clean Power Plan, McCarthy wrote to one NRDC lobbyist that “This success is as much yours as it is mine.” For more on how green groups have “captured” Obama’s EPA, see here, here, and here.

Pentagon Declares War on Global Warming

The Pentagon on Monday released a Climate Change Adaption Roadmap whose preamble states that climate change “poses an immediate threat to national security” and whose purpose is to integrate global warming threats into all “plans, operations, and training” across the entire Defense Department.

In light of both the current state of global affairs (i.e., the Middle East is aflame with conflict, Russia is menacing eastern Ukraine, and Ebola is raging in western Africa) and the fact that global warming has “paused,” one might be excused for thinking the Pentagon’s priorities are dangerously out of whack.

Across the States
Marlo Lewis

“Topsy-Turvy” Clean Power Plan Could “Substantially” Raise Electric Bills — Virginia State Corporate Commission

In a regulatory comment letter filed this week, Virginia’s State Corporation Commission cautions that EPA’s Clean Power Plan “would substantially increase” consumer electric bills, “raises alarming regional reliability concerns,” and is likely unlawful. 

Established in 1903, the Commission regulates many businesses and economic activities in Virginia, sets rates charged by large investor-owned utilities, and serves as the central filing agency for corporations in the state.

“Complying with the EPA’s proposed carbon emission rules would likely cost Dominion Virginia Power customers alone an extra $5.5 billion to $6 billion, the State Corporation Commission’s staff said in an unusually bluntly worded statement,” the Richmond-Times Dispatch reported yesterday.

EPA’s own model assumes Virginia will have to shut down reliable coal and gas power plants producing 2,851 megawatts of electricity, and replace that with 351 megawatts of unreliable wind and solar power, with the gap supposedly filled by increased efficiency and reduced demand. Even if the intermittency of renewable power were not an issue, there is “zero probability that wind and solar resources can be developed in the time and on the scale necessary” to meet the state’s 2020 carbon dioxide reduction target, Commission staff argued.

Legally, the Clean Power Plan is “topsy-turvy,” Commission staff said, because it imposes much more stringent emission standards on existing Virginia power plants than EPA proposes to require for new units. Clarifying the point with an analogy, staff asked: “Would it be rational to require the current owners of automobiles or lawnmowers throughout Virginia, for example, to meet an emission standard that is 26 percent more stringent than required for the production of new cars or lawnmowers that must use the best available technology?”

Around the World
William Yeatman

Ex-U.K. Environment Secretary Owen Patterson Throws Down Gauntlet on Energy Policy

In a brilliant speech before the Global Warming Policy Foundation, former U.K. Environment Secretary Owen Patterson challenged Tories to suspend the 2008 Climate Change Act, or else struggle “to keep the lights on.” Since the speech was delivered, the Cooler Heads Digest has learned from many British friends that it has ignited much debate among conservatives. We hope they heed Patterson’s prescient advice. Read James Delingpole’s take here.

The Cooler Heads Digest is the weekly e-mail publication of the Cooler Heads Coalition. For the latest news and commentary, check out the Coalition’s website,


TheTeaParty.Net - Is the establishment clueless?  


Dear Patriot,

Allow me to make a very personal appeal. In five short days we are launching a bold initiative into the heart and soul of communities that have been dominated by progressive socialist agents for a century. Restore the Dream 2014 will go into every urban center in the country and preach the gospel of liberty and the prosperity it brings. Your Tea Party organization is doing this with Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Star Parker, Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli and other conservative, civil rights leaders and national Tea Party organizations. The first phase of this campaign will start with a press conference at Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial in DC, then travel to North Carolina and end in Ferguson, Missouri.

This campaign is not the fight for the soul of urban centers; it is for the fight for the soul and destiny of this republic, your republic. 100 years from now Americans will say that during this period, liberty was won or liberty was lost.

The socialists never stop. Win elections or lose, the George Soroses, the Harry Reids, the Obamas never stop. They never stop supporting their agenda or fighting for their cause.

I remember growing up in the 80's and seeing the joke that was Al Sharpton dumped on his butt by my dad. I remember seeing the likes of Jerimiah Wright and Bill Ayers dismissed as sideshows. Today, Sharpton is the host of his own show and Sharptonism Racialism is the default tool of the Lions of the Democratic Party.

Today we have a President of the United States who was weaned on the philosophies of Ayers, Wright and other committed socialist statists. This reality exists because at the height of the Regan Revolution in the 1980's, the socialists didn't go to sleep. THEY NEVER STOPPED!

You cannot stop. Please support us. Help us to help save our Republic. Your support is not going to fancy crap. It's going to changing hearts and minds in communities across this country. Without your support there is no light, without your support we can't win.

Thank you for your time,

Niger Innis



Daily Signal - Here's Why Budget Cuts Have Nothing to Do With Developing an Ebola Vaccine 

The Daily Signal


October 17, 2014

Morning Bell

Here's Why Budget Cuts Have Nothing to Do With Developing an Ebola Vaccine

Some government health officials have blamed the lack of an Ebola vaccine on budget cuts orchestrated by Republicans.

Read More

New Benghazi Indictments Reveal Terrorist Plot

Daily Policy Focus: We're about to learn a lot more about the extent of the terrorist plot behind the attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi.

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Republican Lawmakers Demand Answers From Justice Department on Operation Choke Point

Thirty members of Congress are demanding the Department of Justice launch an "immediate investigation" into the agency's own Operation Choke Point.

Read More

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