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Franklin Center - Covering tech policy: From D.C. to your Wi-Fi router  


Covering tech policy: From D.C. to your Wi-Fi router

In today's busy and complex world, technology pervades nearly every bit of modern life, making it critical for Americans to stay informed about tech issues and the government’s response to them. That's where tech reporter Josh Peterson comes in.

If there’s one thing Peterson consistently stresses in his stories, it’s depth. On a beat where terms and details of technology policy can be difficult to decipher, it's hard to overstate the value of reporting that goes beyond a surface level he-said/she-said coverage.

Read more about how is keeping you informed about how the government's treatment of tech issues affects you.


A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

Technology policy probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when we think of state-level reporting, but as a news organization founded online, we understand the need to keep Americans informed about internet freedom and other tech issues that could drastically change the way we communicate. In a world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, government's handling of Internet regulation, cybersecurity measures, and the threat of EMP attacks needs more public scrutiny than ever. 

That's why the Franklin Center has made a point of stressing tech coverage by our reporters at and in our outreach to bloggers and citizen journalists. Their stellar work from across the nation has helped our readers keep up with the latest tech policy debates and guided them through complicated issues like the government's proposed "Net Neutrality" regulations. I hope you'll take a moment to read more and see how decisions made by federal bureaucrats affect the technologies you use every day.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
President, Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity






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CEI Today: Cost of tax compliance, Obamacare architect absent, and the dark heart of the divestment movement 

Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014
In the News Today




Forbes: Red Tape Roundup: Reckoning The Costs Of Federal Tax Compliance

The dollar cost of the federal tax component of all this complexity (direct compliance and efficiency losses) is not accounted for anymore by the federal government. But the estimated seven billion hours it takes to deal with Treasury Department paperwork is depicted in the federal Information Collection Budget. > Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews


Update: Where in the World is Jonathan Gruber?

Wednesday the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell filed the last brief regarding the cert petition now before the Supreme Court. It effectively rebuts each of the government’s arguments against Supreme Court review. 

For starters, there’s some interesting history about the government’s switch in its tactics on timing. And, the government did not mention Jonathan Gruber at all. Gruber, “the ACA architect whose work it cited in every brief below … is nowhere mentioned now.” > Read more


DIVESTING OIL/COAL/GAS? - MARLO LEWIS The Divestment Movement’s Heart of Darkness


In Real Clear Markets today, economist Ben Zycher of the American Enterprise Institute calls out the hypocrisy of the divestment movement - the movement that urges colleges, foundations, local governments, and other large investors to sell their stock in 200 coal, oil, and gas companies with the highest reported “carbon” reserves. Supposedly, this will depress the capitalization and asset value of the fossil-energy sector, hastening its demise.

Fossil energy companies exist only because other industries — manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications, etc. — require energy to create products and services. Governments, too, are large energy consumers. So if investors have a moral imperative to bankrupt carbon-energy production, they should dump all their stocks and bonds.
> Read more

> Interview Marlo Lewis



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CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,  Follow CEI on Twitter!


Saturday, 10am ET




Daily Signal - It's Time for the Government to Prove It Can Handle Ebola

The Daily Signal

October 16, 2014

Morning Bell

A Second Health Care Worker Has Contracted Ebola

Daily Policy Focus: It's time for the government to prove it can handle this.

Read More

Challenger Accuses Minority Leader of Being 'Bought' by the Koch Brothers. But She Runs With Secretive Millionaires.

Senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes doesn't apologize for her own ties to big progressive donors through a network called the Democracy Alliance.

Read More

19 Times the Government Withheld Documents It Didn't Want You to See

The Daily Signal’s Sharyl Attkisson reveals examples of public files that went missing, were withheld or lost and then found. And it's not just isolated to one administration or political party.

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APIA - Is Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status Costing US Jobs? 

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,


The financial media has been overjoyed by the dollar’s strong run over the past several weeks.  APIA senior economics adviser Ralph Benko points out that while cheapening the dollar is bad for the economy, the “King Dollar” status as a reserve currency may have cost the US economy 6 million jobs, according to Dr. Jared Bernstein, the chief economist to Vice President Biden. 


Benko calls for a return from “King Dollar” to a “high integrity, meticulously defined, dollar” pegged to gold as a way to sustain middle class growth.


We hope you find this material of interest.




Nicholas Arnold

American Principles In Action



The reserve currency status of the dollar, particularly as a potential factor in wage stagnation, has profound political implications.  Dispirited voters yearn for leadership that actually understands how to get the economic tide to lift all boats again.  Notwithstanding his promotion of some marked policy differences with this columnist, this columnist says three cheers for Dr. Bernstein for squarely pushing the reserve currency question into play.


[...]A dollar at the mercy of a freelancing Fed, subject to being whipsawed in value, up or down, is a barrier to commerce.  Money, by definition, is a medium of exchange, a store of value and — not be overlooked — a unit of account.  There are many empirical data tending to show that only by meticulously maintaining the definition of the unit — for example, by defining the dollar by grains of gold and making it legally convertible thereunto — can good job creation, and equitable prosperity, consistently be achieved.


Read the full article here:


Daily Signal - Sharyl Attkisson Exclusive: Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff No Stranger to Allegations of Withholding Public Documents 

The Daily Signal


October 15, 2014

Morning Bell

Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff No Stranger to Allegations of Withholding Public Documents

A career public servant speaks exclusively to The Daily Signal's Sharyl Attkisson about her encounters with a former Clinton White House lawyer who would later become Hillary Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department -- and a key figure under scrutiny for overseeing a Benghazi document review.

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Hey, Defense Department: Focus on ISIS, Not Climate Change

Daily Policy Focus: As world leaders remain locked in on the threat of ISIS, the U.S. Department of Defense laid out its plan to fight a different battle.

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Why Is Obama Hitting GOP for Not Caring About Hispanics When His Actions Show He Doesn't Care?

President Obama has once again warned Republicans that they will be committing political "suicide" if they do not legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

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