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Watchdog - Transgender students choose their restroom  



Groups ask school districts to reconsider transgender restroom policies


Should transgender students be allowed to use school restrooms of the gender with which they identify? Wisconsin school officials and concerned groups debate.

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Watchdog report prompts Kent State prof’s resignation from journal

A Kent State University professor has resigned from the editorial board of an academic journal following Watchdog’s publication of a letter in which he accused pro-Israel academics of being “directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.”
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ACA’s troublesome tanning tax

Architects of the Affordable Care Act created the "Snooki Tax" to attack the tanning bed industry. The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation crowed that the tax would raise $2.7 billion in nine years but, like almost every other aspect of the ACA, its advocates had to eat crow.


Citizen News

Alabama school district pays ex-FBI agent to monitor students’ social media

School officials in Alabama paid an ex-FBI agent $157,000 to oversee a number of security reforms, which included monitoring and spying on the social media accounts of the district’s students.
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Republicans trounce Democrats in legislative races from coast-to-coast
From Nevada to New Hampshire, Republicans won resounding victories in state-level elections that swept more GOP lawmakers into state capitols and flipped control of at least eight legislative chambers.


Agent: Postal worker who dumped GOP mailers not politically motivated, just lazy
The Wisconsin postal worker who dumped hundreds of GOP mailers in an apartment complex dumpster claimed the act wasn't politically motivated, the postal worker just didn’t feel like delivering the stacks of campaign advertisements.


Republicans make strong gains in Colorado after nearly decade out of power
Republicans gained control of several major elected offices in Colorado and the state Legislature, increasing GOP strength that hasn’t been seen in the state for nearly a decade.

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Franklin Center - Who's covering your statehouse?  

Covering State Government Today: No Bureau Necessary

It's no secret now that traditional news is on the decline. With the number of statehouse reporters shrinking by 39% over the past decade, it raises the question: Can new players compensate for lost legacy reporters?

We believe they can. All across America, non-traditional media outlets, like our own and Citizen Watchdog, are stepping into the gap left behind by traditional newspapers to provide top-notch coverage of state-level politics and policy. These days, all it takes is a laptop and a knack for digging up good stories. 

Find out how you can help keep quality reporting alive and well in your state.


A Note >From Our President

Dear Reader,

The election is over. The frantic, horse-race coverage in battleground states across America has subsided. The swarm of media attention focused on states with hot senate and house races is already winding down. Who will be left to cover the states and districts of our newly elected leaders as they enter office?

We will. 

While many news outlets focus on shallow sound bites and rehash press releases, we focus on the hard work of fact-checking and second-guessing the elected officials in our statehouses, cities and counties. Sadly, statehouse news coverage is at an all time low, and increasingly fewer publications are able to afford quality investigative reporting. However, we are stepping into the gap to keep you informed about your government leaders year-round - not just the few weeks before their names appear on a ballot.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
President, Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity







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Watchdog Wire

Oregon’s voting integrity in question ahead of Election Day

Oregon wants to make it easy for everyone to vote—so easy that they let anyone vote and may even send voters multiple mail-in ballots.

NC: Adversary of Election Laws Breaks the Rules

Flouting the rules has become commonplace for those fighting North Carolina election laws.



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Daily Signal - It's a Wave: Republicans Take US Senate, Add Seats in House, Pick Up Governorships 


The Daily Signal

November 5, 2014

Morning Bell

It's a Wave: Republicans Take US Senate, Add Seats in House, Pick Up Governorships

In a near-sweep of yesterday’s midterm elections, Republicans shifted the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, gaining at least seven seats, and widened their majority in the House. Republicans even picked up governorships in deeply Democratic states. Read our in-depth coverage of the races that mattered this election.

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How a Conservative Congress Could Make a Huge Difference in Next Two Years

Daily Policy Focus: Will a conservative Congress and a liberal president simply produce more of the divided uber-partisan government that has characterized Washington politics the last two years?

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How Do Hispanics Really View Immigration Reform?

Despite yesterday’s election results, President Obama is reportedly still planning to move forward with an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The Daily Signal's Genevieve Wood speaks to Mike Gonzalez about it.

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CEI Today: Voter fraud, illegal volunteering, and EPA's clean power plan 

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014
In the News Today



Daily Caller: Can Big Data Help Eliminate Voter Fraud?

Conservatives take it as a matter of faith that voter fraud is rampant. Liberals take it as a matter of faith that concern over fraud is merely a cover for voter suppression. Where does the truth lie? Can we resolve this argument based on the facts? We may soon find out.

In Frederick County, Maryland, an election watchdog group is suing the Old Line State over alleged voter fraud. Another “gotcha” moment for conservatives or proof of voter suppression?
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> Interview Bill Frezza


Volunteering Violation Vignettes

Did you know it is against the law to volunteer for a for-profit business?  > Read more

EPA'S CLEAN POWER PLAN - WILLIAM YEATMAN EPA’s Clean Power Plan Defies Its Own Regulation

EPA’s greenhouse gas regulation for existing power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan, is off-putting for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s expensive and threatens electric reliability. The regulation, moreover, is an affront to federalism, insofar as it usurps the States long-held, exclusive authority to oversee retail electricity markets. Despite these drawbacks, the rule would in no way impact the climate. > Read more

> Interview William Yeatman

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CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,  Follow CEI on Twitter!


CEI’s Battered Business Bureau: The Week in Regulation

In the final week before the midterm election, agencies published new regulations ranging from dairy profits to Japanese oranges. Fittingly, the total number of new regulations on the year also passed the 3,000 mark on Hallow’s Eve.

Saturday, 10am ET





Daily Signal - We Have Become Bad Voters. How We Can Change

The Daily Signal


November 4, 2014

Morning Bell

We Have Become Bad Voters. How We Can Change.

Daily Policy Focus: By regularly promising the impossible, political candidates give the dangerous impression that salvation is only one bill, one policy solution away. It breeds impatience, impetuosity and ecstatic hopes in citizens.

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Guns, Bears and Pot: A Sampling of Election Day's 147 State Ballot Measures

Voters in two states and the District of Columbia will vote on measures that would allow recreational use of marijuana for adults.

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The People You Vote Out of Office Tuesday Will Still Have Two Months in Power. What Will They Do?

Genevieve Wood warns: Welcome to the "lame duck" session—where all bets are off.

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