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NHDP - Petition: Tell Kelly Ayotte to put local communities first, not big oil companies 

Friend – 
This week, Kelly Ayotte voted to advance legislation that would disregard the federal review process and force construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. A thorough State Department review ensures that the views of local communities are heard, and that the environmental impacts and safety concerns of any project are considered.
Kelly Ayotte’s vote to cut out the voices of local communities isn’t just bad for this project; it also sets a dangerous precedent for projects here in New Hampshire like Northern Pass, the Portland-Montreal pipeline, and the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Click here to add your name to our petition urging Kelly Ayotte to put local communities first, not big oil companies.
While Kelly Ayotte likes to claim that she supports local input on projects here in New Hampshire, her vote to bypass the normal review process for the Keystone XL pipeline speaks louder than her words.  
Will you add your voice to tell Kelly Ayotte that the input of local communities matters?

Raymond Buckley, Chairman
New Hampshire Democratic Party



Daily Signal - House GOP Agrees to Expansive Plan Blocking Obama's Immigration Actions 

The Daily Signal


Jan. 12, 2015

Morning Bell

House GOP Agrees to Expansive Plan Blocking Obama's Immigration Actions

The agreement would prevent Obama from implementing his recent executive actions to defer deportation for up to 5 million immigrants living in the United States illegally and granting them work permits.

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The New Sneaky Tactic Gun Control Advocates Are Embracing

The gun-control movement has decided to take a page out of the same-sex marriage advocates' playbook.

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As Obama Vows to Nix Keystone Pipeline, Here's a History of Presidential Veto Power

So far, the president has used his veto pen only twice, less than any executive in over a century.

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Watchdog - Are you ready to pay for Obama’s Hawaii vacation, again? 


CEI Today: White House polar vortex, Obama housing plan, technology in danger, and more

Friday, Jan. 9, 2014
In the News Today


WHITE HOUSE POLAR VORTEX - SAM KAZMAN One Year Ago: The White House Polar Vortex Video

A year ago this week, in the midst of another brutally cold winter, the White House graced us with an explanation of how man-made global warming might be causing freezing temperatures in a video about the polar vortex.

One bitterly cold winter does not, by itself, necessarily disprove global warming.  But the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) decided to try using the cold winter as evidence for man-made global warming. Since then, CEI filed a lawsuit against OSTP. > Read more

> Interview Sam Kazman


Forbes: CES And A Case For Separation Of Technology And State

As the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) winds down, there’s a lot of stuff you probably hope doesn’t stay in Vegas.

The tech sector excels at pulling America’s economic wagon, but ill-conceived interventions and mandates from Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Communication Commission and other agencies can do real damage.

Two factors in particular render CES innovators vulnerable to predatory regulation.
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> Interview Wayne Crews


Obama Should Help Borrowers by Shedding Dodd-Frank, Not Pumping FHA

President Obama is expected not to join the bipartisan effort to take on the Dodd-Frank regulations keeping mortgages from moving, but to create new subsidies that not only may be ineffective at moving the housing market but would be harmful to the nation’s fiscal health, as they bulk up the government-backed housing agencies that fueled the housing crisis.

The administration’s plan consists of cutting premiums borrowers pay for mortgage insurance for mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) by 50 basis points. This move comes despite the FHA’s insurance reserves being already below required levels. > Read more

> Interview an expert




Keystone XL Pipeline: What Are the Core Issues?


In the protracted conflict over the Keystone XL Pipeline, too much attention is paid to peripheral issues and not enough to the core issues.

Peripheral issues include whether the pipeline will create many or few jobs, lower or raise Midwest gasoline prices, reduce or increase the risks of oil spills, reduce or increase incremental greenhouse gas emissions. > Read more


> Interview Marlo Lewis



Saturday, 10am ET




CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,  Follow CEI on Twitter!



Daily Signal - How Low Gas Prices Affect the Economy 

The Daily Signal


Jan. 9, 2015

Morning Bell

How Low Gas Prices Affect the Economy

Low prices at the pump are good for consumers, but are they causing other harm?

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Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Expressing Christian Beliefs

Daily Policy Focus: Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired by the city's mayor. Why? Cochran wrote a book expressing his biblical understanding of sexual morality.

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House GOP Plots Attack on Obama's Immigration Actions

Fulfilling the party's promise to confront Obama on his unilateral actions, Republicans plan to act on legislation as early as next week.

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