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Heritage - Why Is the Hollywood Elite Trying to Deny Others What They Have?

The Daily Signal

Morning Bell

Why Is the Hollywood Elite Trying to Deny Others What They Have?

Daily Policy Focus: What, exactly, qualifies John Oliver and Sarah Silverman, who are both comedians, to give financial advice to people?

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What Is He Hiding? Inspectors General Say Obama Administration Obstructing Justice

So much for President Obama’s claim that his would be the most transparent administration in history.

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We Asked 9 Iraq War Veterans Their Feelings About What's Happening Now. Here's What They Said.

It's hard for Americans who fought in the war in Iraq to watch the rapid advances being made there by the brutal terrorist force that calls itself the Islamic State.

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CEI Today: New Obama executive orders + regulations, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more 

Monday, August 18, 2014
In the News Today


Red Tapeworm 2014: The Government Accountability Office Reports More Regulations in Obama Era


The Congressional Review Act gives Congress a 60 legislative day window in which to review a major rule and, if desired, pass such a resolution of disapproval. Despite the issuance of thousands of rules since the act’s passage, including many dozens of major rules, only one has been rejected: the Labor Department’s rule on workplace repetitive-motion injuries in early 2001. > Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews


Executive Order Pressures Employers to Capitulate to Baseless Demands and Meritless Claims

A July 31 executive order from President Obama, E.O. 13,673, will make it very costly for employers to challenge dubious allegations of wrongdoing against them, if they are government contractors (which employ a quarter of the American workforce). It will allow trial lawyers to extort larger settlements from companies, and enable bureaucratic agencies to extract costly settlements over conduct that may have been perfectly legal.
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> Interview Hans Bader


Honeybee Population in Decline—Or Not?

If you read the news about honeybee survival, it’s all very confusing. Some sources sound the alarm by pointing out that the number of honeybee hives has dropped significantly in recent decades. Others say just the opposite: There are more hives today than ever before. Which is it? Actually, both. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini



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Citizens For A Strong NH - Weekly E-Newsletter 


Web Video: "What open town halls and roundtables?"


In a recent Union Leader article, a spokesman for Senator Jeanne Shaheen said, the senator "has met over the years with thousands of people in every corner of the state, including at open town halls and roundtables."


These comments from Senator Shaheen's campaign come in response to heavy criticism she has been receiving, both locally by news outlets such as WMUR-TV, and nationally in publications such as the Daily Caller, for refusing to hold Town Hall meetings with her constituents. According to her own website, Senator Shaheen hasn't held a Town Hall meeting since August of 2012. It is important to note that in the WMUR-TV story, Shaheen's campaign was even caught trying to inflate the number of "public" events she has held by misleading a reporter on the subject.


For almost two years, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has been calling on Senator Shaheen to hold a public forum. She has refused. We released a website last week titled,, to highlight her refusal to meet with her constituents.


Considering Senator Shaheen will not hold a Town Hall meeting, on multiple occasions, we have tried to attend what her campaign is now trying to pass off as "open town halls and roundtables." While she might be trying to convince Granite Staters that these events were public, our video footage proves that they were anything but open and transparent.


Click HERE to watch some of our footage of what happens when Granite Staters try to attend Senator Shaheen's "open town halls and roundtables." 

Reminding New Hampshire: The video section of our website
For well over a year, we have been capturing videos of our elected officials discussing (and sometimes refusing to discuss) the important issues facing New Hampshire residents.

After we release them, we catalog the videos and put them up our website. You can find them all HERE

We encourage you to go through the videos and watch some of them. A few you might remember seeing, others you could have missed, but the important thing to note is that after watching them, we need you to share them on your own social media accounts or email them to a friend. Together, we can help educate Granite Staters on what their elected officials are really up to in Concord and Washington D.C.
Volunteers: We always need your help!

From phone banks to writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, we need the help of volunteers like you to fight for a stronger New Hampshire.


If you are interested in donating a couple of hours of your time towards ensuring our values of limited government, less spending, and lower taxes are represented, please email

Editorial Cartoon of the Week    
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Cooler Heads Digest 15 August 2014 

15 August 2014


The National Center for Policy Analysis this week published Environmental Regulation through Litigation by NCPA Senior Research Fellow Ann Norman. 

In the News

Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal, 15 August 2014
Marlo Lewis,, 14 August 2014
A Clear Example of IPCC Ideology Trumping Fact 
Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. Knappenberger, Cato Institute, 14 August 2014
Sean Higgins, Washington Examiner, 13 August 2014
Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, 13 August 2014
Mary Hutzler, Institute for Energy Research, 13 August 2014
Amy Harder, Wall Street Journal, 12 August 2014
Katie Tubb, Daily Signal, 11 August 2014
Frank Clemente, Advanced Energy for Life, August 2014

News You Can Use

The U. S. Department of Agriculture this week forecast record corn and soybean harvests as a result of good rainfall and moderate temperatures in the Midwest this summer. 

Inside the Beltway

Fifty-four House Republicans Send Letter Opposing Renewal fo the Wind PTC
Patrick Hannaford

Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Ks.) on 13th August released an open letter to the House Republican leadership that opposes renewing the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), which expired at the end of 2013.  The letter highlights the stupidity of using taxpayer funds to increase the cost of electricity for all Americans.

According to the letter, since President Obama took office, federal subsidies for wind energy have increased from $476 million per year to $4.98 billion. This increase has provided incentives to expand the wind energy sector to levels far beyond natural market demand.  It has crowded out cheaper sources of electricity, such as coal and natural gas, and has increased the cost of electricity for all Americans. 

The Joint Committee on Taxation has estimated that a one-year extension of the Wind Production Tax Credit will cost American taxpayers over $13.35 billion. There is no reasonable justification for these funds to be used to artificially inflate the cost of electricity, particularly at a time of skyrocketing US debt.  Even if the Wind PTC is not renewed, wind energy projects that began “construction” in 2013 could receive subsidies until 2026. This means that this policy will continue to cause harm long after it has ceased to exist.  If Congress wants to minimize this future harm, it should refuse to extend the credit beyond 2013.

Congressman Pompeo and the other 53 signers ought to be commended for their efforts to end this reckless government policy and restore market incentives to the energy sector. The full text of the joint letter can be found here.

IRS Extends Wind PTC by Retroactive Fiat
Myron Ebell

The Internal Revenue Service on 8th August released revised guidance on which facilities can qualify for the Wind Production Tax Credit.  This is odd because the Wind PTC expired on 31st December 2013.  The retroactive guidance makes it easier for projects that began in 2013 but have not yet been constructed to qualify for the ten years of taxpayer subsidies.  Lisa Linowes provides a full analysis on Master Resource

DC Circuit Court Rejects Multiple Challenges to Order 1000

A three-judge panel of the federal DC Circuit Court of Appeals on 15th August ruled unanimously to uphold the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000, a sweeping set of new requirements for regional electric transmission infrastructure planning.    The 97-page opinion rejected all of the many challenges to Order 1000 brought by over forty plaintiffs—state regulatory agencies, regional transmission organizations, utilities, and industry trade groups.

Among the many controversial requirements in Order 1000, perhaps the most objectionable is that the huge costs of new transmission lines and other infrastructure required to integrate renewable sources, such as wind and solar farms, into the grid must be shared by retail customers who will not receive electricity from those sources.  The court’s decision is available here.  

Even Slurpee Machines Impacted by Obama Global Warming Agenda

As part of the President’s Climate Action Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new restrictions on the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as refrigerants and aerosols.  Ironically, HFCs came into widespread use as the alternative to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were banned in the 1990s over fears about depletion of the ozone layer.   Now, EPA wants to crack down on HFCs because of their assumed contribution to global warming.

The proposal would ban HFCs in nearly all the types of commercial refrigeration systems used by restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores, such as refrigerated cases, freezers, ice-makers, and other specialty equipment like slurpee machines.  It would also apply to vending machines, car air-conditioners, aerosols, and several other products.   For refrigeration systems, the proposed ban would take effect as of January 1, 2016 and apply to all newly manufactured equipment.

Many manufacturers are concerned that substitutes will not be up to the task, especially given the extremely tight timeframe to make the change.  Among other drawbacks, most of the acceptable alternative refrigerants are inflammable, raising both safety and building-code concerns.  EPA did not include a cost-benefit analysis in its proposed rule.

Across the States

Wyoming Approves Huge New Wind Farm, Owned by Major GOP Donor

The Wyoming Industrial Siting Council voted unanimously last week to grant a final permit to build a 1,000 turbine wind farm in Carbon County.  If built, it would be the largest wind facility in the United States. The wind farm would be built by the Power Company of Wyoming (PCW), a subsidiary of the Anschutz Corporation, on a ranch also owned by the Anschutz Corporation. 

The Anschutz ranch includes some land owned by the federal Bureau of Land Management.  The BLM still has to complete two Environment Assessments required by the National Environmental Policy Act before construction can begin.  In addition, PCW has applied for an incidental take permit that will allow its windmills to kill eagles protected by federal legislation.  PCW reported that it is negotiating contracts with utilities in California, Arizona, and Nevada to purchase the electricity produced by the Wyoming wind farm. 

The Anschutz Corporation is based in Denver and owned by multi-billionaire Phil Anschutz.  He is a major donor to Republican candidates and owns a bewildering array of oil and gas, railroad, entertainment, and resort businesses.  Anschutz also owns the Weekly Standard, the Washington Examiner, the Oklahoman, and the Colorado Springs Gazette.      

Around the World

As Threats Multiply, Secretary Kerry Still Focused on Climate Change

What is the greatest foreign policy challenge facing the United States?  Russia invading Ukraine?  Iraq and Syria versus the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant?  Israel and Hamas?  The Ebola outbreak?  Guess again.  In a speech in Honolulu on 13th August, Secretary of State John Kerry continued to insist that it’s climate change.  “…[T]he biggest challenge of all that we face right now, which is climate change in terms of international global effect….”   As Investor’s Business Daily remarked in an editorial, “Can he be serious?” 

The Cooler Heads Digest is the weekly e-mail publication of the Cooler Heads Coalition. For the latest news and commentary, check out the Coalition’s website,


American Principles Project - Speak on Behalf of the Persecuted in Iraq 

Dear friends, 

The fight for religious freedom is one of the most prominent battles in our world today – both here and abroad. When I founded the American Principles Project five years ago, I knew that an important part of our mission would be to defend liberty and protect the most innocent among us. The dignity of human person is at the heart of everything that APP does, including the distinct belief that all people deserve the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
Today religious freedom is under attack both at home and abroad.  The challenges are great, but we have recently been blessed with some important victories on the domestic front.  Abroad, however, particularly in the Middle East, religious persecution—especially of ancient Christian communities—is intensifying rapidly.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
I am sure that, like me, you are watching with horror as the barbaric terror organization styling itself “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) brutalizes Christians and members of other religious minorities in Iraq. In that tortured country, we are witnessing religious genocide.  Many people here in the United States are desperately asking:  “What can I do?”
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
Nothing is more powerful than prayer.  So we as individuals and members of local congregations must pray for the victims—Christians and non-Christians alike—fervently and unceasingly.
We must also put pressure on our government to increase humanitarian aid to persecuted and fleeing victims, and to provide strategic air and intelligence support to the local resistance forces, who alone stand between ISIS and its victims.
That is why I have composed a plea to our government and the international community on behalf of the victims of ISIS barbarity.  I ask you to please read my plea and consider adding your name to mine on the website we have established for this purpose. 
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We need to let our elected representatives know that we care about Christians and others who are victims of persecution abroad and that we expect our own nation to be in the forefront, defending them when we can.
We are not the world’s policemen, but we cannot stand idly by as ISIS’s attacks continue. Without jeopardizing American lives, our nation can help the suffering Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq at a time when they are facing possible annihilation.  The time to act is now.
Please sign your name to the plea on behalf of victims of ISIS/ISIL barbarism in Iraq, and forward this email on to others and encourage them to sign.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We have received thousands of signatures in a matter of hours, but we need as many signatures as possible to truly make a difference. Please sign and encourage others to do so as well.
Yours gratefully,
Robert P. George,
Founder of American Principles Project and
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Director of the James Madison Program in
American Ideals and Institutions
Princeton University
(affiliation for identification only)