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Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Is Boston in NH-CD1?  

Shea-Porter's Neglect of Granite Staters Continues

BOSTON - Congresswoman Shea-Porter will visit here tonight as she continues to duck, dodge, and delay any opportunity to speak with Granite Staters.

The Congresswoman will be attending a swanky fundraiser at a private Boston location with Vice President Joe Biden.

What: Carol Shea-Porter Fundraiser with Vice President Joe Biden

When: Today, October 29, 2014

Where: Boston, Massachusetts


Frank Guinta released the following statement:


"While I will be in Merrimack and Bedford today talking to Granite Staters and touring a small business, the Congresswoman will be out of state  at a secret reception with the Vice President. Evidently, the Congresswoman enjoys fundraising in Napa Valley and Boston with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden more than she enjoys holding town halls in New Hampshire. Granite Staters deserve an independent voice for New Hampshire values, not a rubber stamp for President Obama."



POLITICO (08/14/14) - "Nancy Pelosi brings pols, donors to wine country"

WGIR (10/09/14) - "State Senator Lou D'Allesandro criticizes Carol Shea-Porter for not doing more public events around the state"


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - My new ad  


Here's a special first look at my new ad that goes up on TV tomorrow.

Congresswoman Shea-Porter's failed leadership in Congress has led her to run a smear campaign riddled with false attacks on my record.

The Congresswoman's false attack ads are just another desperate attempt by Shea-Porter to distract Granite Staters from her record of voting to give members of Congress first class travel, health care for life, and exempting herself from ObamaCare.

I'm focused on providing real, bipartisan solutions that balance our budgets, get our economy moving again, and put people first. Granite Staters deserve an independent voice for New Hampshire values.

Please take a look at my new ad HERE.

Thank you,




NHDP Statement on last night’s NH-01 Granite State Debate 

Manchester, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement after tonight’s NH-01 Granite State Debate:

“In tonight’s Granite State Debate, Tea Party former congressman Frank Guinta once again dodged his extreme ultra-conservative record that includes pushing to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and big oil companies at the expense of middle-class families, cut Social Security and privatize Medicare. Frank Guinta showed how out of touch he is with New Hampshire voters by opposing a woman’s right to choose even to save the life of the mother. Guinta also doubled down on his desperate attempts to mislead voters in order to cover-up his do-nothing record in Congress.”

“Frank Guinta can't run from his dismal record and extreme Tea Party views, which is why voters will continue to support Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s proven record of standing up for Granite State middle-class families and supporting economic growth in New Hampshire.”



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Frank Guinta's victory in tonight's WMUR Granite State Debate:

"Tonight's debate reiterated the fact that Congresswoman Shea-Porter is completely out of touch with New Hampshire. She continues to stand in lockstep with President Obama, even saying that she is "very proud" of ObamaCare, which forced 22,000 Granite State residents to lose their health insurance, countless more to lose their doctors, their jobs and their hope for a better future. Congresswoman Shea-Porter is wrong for New Hampshire, and voters will replace her with Frank Guinta on Election Day."


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Shea-Porter's "Tiny Tax"  

Shea-Porter's Tax Would Put the American Dream Out of Reach for Millions

MANCHESTER – Yesterday, at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate, Congresswoman Shea-Porter doubled down on her proposal to tax financial transactions.  

Shea-Porter first floated this massive tax increase last week in Conway, and supported legislation in the House of Representatives to implement this.  

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“The Congresswoman has consistently worked against the interests of middle class New Hampshire families.  A financial transaction tax of the nature she proposes would put the dream many families have of providing a college education for their children out of reach.  It would affect anyone trying to save a little extra for retirement.  It would hurt anyone trying to save to put a down payment on their home.  In short, a financial transaction tax would put the American dream out of reach for millions of middle class families.  Granite Staters deserve a representative who puts your interests first, not their ideology." 

Background: A financial transaction tax would apply to trades made by, among others, individuals managing investment funds such as 401(k), retirement savings plans, college savings plans, and a significant amount of other intermediaries whose customers are typically moderate-income individuals.  

You can view the clip HERE.