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Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Two Polls Show Guinta in the Lead!  

Granite Staters Sending a Clear Message to Shea-Porter: Enough!

Yesterday, Team Guinta released an internal poll showing a 56 point lead over our nearest competitor in the Republican primary to be held on September 9. A WMUR Granite State Poll released simultaneously had Frank Guinta defeating Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter by four points.

This is the second consecutive poll that shows Shea-Porter down to Guinta. You can find the poll from July showing Team Guinta in the lead HERE.
You can find a release and analysis of the most recent poll HERE.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“In addition to these polls, we recently received the support of the Foster’s Daily Democrat, which said our campaign was one of ideas and substance. Momentum is on our side! Granite Staters have grown tired of Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s antics. Flying to California to raise money with Nancy Pelosi while failing to hold a single open forum is the opposite of what New Hampshire expects from its Representatives. I will continue to travel the District putting forth solutions to strengthen and grow the middle-class, and with your help we will take back New Hampshire this fall!”


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Seacoast Newspaper Backs Guinta as “Best Choice for GOP” 

Foster's Daily Democrat Joins the List!

This weekend, Team Guinta was honored to receive the endorsement of Foster’s Daily Democrat. This marks the 25th straight week of endorsement releases, dating all the way back to the first week in March.

In their endorsement, there were several reasons offered for their support of Frank Guinta's candidacy, two of which are highlighted below:

“Guinta’s campaign is not one of protest. It is one of ideas. It is one of sum and substance.”

“The political left and right in Congress are at loggerheads because they have pledged allegiance to the party; not to the cause of good government. While Guinta is a conservative to our liking, he has a temperament suited to the job that welcomes those with other views into the room for an intelligent conversation.”

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I am honored to receive this endorsement and believe it was given because our team has always sought to distinguish ourselves from the competition by running a campaign focused on finding the better solution; not the right or left solution. As Mayor, I worked with a board comprised primarily of democrats to pass tax cuts, reduce spending and balance budgets. This is the same mind set I brought to Washington, when I worked with a Democrat Senate and President to pass three pieces of legislation I authored. And I always looked for pragmatic solutions without betraying our core principles. As your next Representative, I will continue the fight to put your interests ahead of all others.”


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - No End in Sight!  


This morning, Team Guinta released its 24th consecutive weekly endorsement list.  Since beginning this streak in March, Team Guinta has run up over 500 endorsements District-wide.

This list includes town and state officials, former Congressmen, a Governor, activists and more.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“While the literal distance from our nation’s Capital has not changed, those we have elected to represent us continue to put space between us.  I am committed to reversing this trend.  We will continue to emphasize the grassroots community and focus on District specific issues like manufacturing, fishing, and the Great Bay Estuary.  I am deeply humbled to receive the support of so many Granite Staters and look forward to giving you your District back this November.”

Honorable Terry Pfaff, Hooksett
Pat Morgenstern, Chamber of Commerce, Hampton
Rep. George D'Orazio, Manchester
Linda Gould, State Rep. Candidate, Bedford
Rep. David Hess, Hooksett
Ray Tweedie, State Rep. Candidate, Rye
Joe Alexander, St. Anselm College Republicans
Alex Friehs, UNH College Republicans
Jim Perentis, Conservative Activist, Exeter
Amanda Buindo, College Republicans, Manchester
Honorable Don Gorman, Small Business Owner
Rep. Dave Lundgren, Small Business Owner, Londonderry
Sean Thomas, Selectman, Manchester
Carl DeRossi, USMC, Londonderry
Raymond Clement, Planning Board, Manchester
William Bevelaqua, Chair of the Zoning Board, Manchester
Craig Langton, Planning Board, Manchester
Peter R Geremia, Army, Rye
Richard Cote, Conservative Activist, Manchester
Ray Reilly, Conservative Activist, Gonic
John Naughton, Conservative Activist, Derry
Patricia Heilhecker, Former Budget Committee Member, Merrimack
Howard Keegan, USAF, Manchester
Matt Pitaro, Conservative Activist, Bedford
Racquel Nassor, Young Conservative Activist, Conway



Innis For Congress (CD1) - ICYMI: Innis running for Congress because 'Washington is broken' 

Innis Logo New Banner

ICYMI: Portsmouth Herald Newspaper


Innis running for Congress because 'Washington is broken' 

August 14, 2014

Dan Innis said he can sum up in two sentences why he is running for Congress.

"Washington is broken. And I'm fed up with it," he said. "I said to myself I can either jump in and make things better, or I can keep complaining."

Innis is seeking the Republican nod during primary voting in September to take on Democratic U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in November. He is running in the primary against former U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta.

Innis spoke Wednesday to members of the Portsmouth Herald editorial board.

He said he believes the choice before voters in September is clear.


Guinta, Innis said, "is a career politician."

"Everything he's done is a political step, and that puts you in a box," he said. "I am not in a box. I am not about playing politics.

"I'm proud of my background. I have not been in politics before, but I am someone who has accomplished things in life, and I know how important it is to set an agenda and move forward on it. I'm a different kind of problem solver," he said.

Read the whole article here:


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - California Carol  

Shea-Porter Raising Money with Nancy Pelosi

It was reported yesterday that Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is on her way to California with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The purpose of the event is to meet with top donors and other politicos.

As reported by Politico, this evening Congresswoman Shea-Porter will enjoy a cocktail and dinner reception with the owners of the HALL Winery.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"311,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, as the squeeze on middle-class Granite Staters tightens. The border remains porous while conflicts in the Middle East, Russia and the Ukraine threaten to escalate even further. Instead of holding town halls with her constituents, the Congresswoman is hobnobbing with big money, liberal, special interest groups in wine country. Could the Congresswoman please tell us why she has chosen California over her constituents?"