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Innis For Congress - ICYMI: Dan Innis Discusses Immigration w/Concord Monitor 

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Manchester, NH -- The following quotes by Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, appeared in the Concord Monitor on July 18th.

In an interview with the Monitor, Innis said the country must start sending back some of the people flooding over the borders. He said immigration reform should be handled one piece at a time, not in a comprehensive bill. Securing the border and making legal immigration easier should be the top priorities, he said.

"People come illegally because they think it's impossible to do it legally," he said. "I'd much rather they see some hope to do it legally."

He does not support a path to citizenship for immigrants who are already here. Beyond fixing the crisis at the border, Innis said the U.S. should work with Central American countries facing humanitarian issues so that people do not feel the need to flee here.

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Innis For Congress - ICYMI Dan Innis On Jack Heath Radio

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Manchester, NH - The following link takes you to audio of Dan's appearance on the Jack Heath radio show on July 17, 2014.



Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter’s Refusal to Accept Science Will Cost NH’s Middle-Class  

Shea-Porter’s Ideology Causing her to Ignore Science and Neglect the Middle Class

This morning, EPA Regional Administrator Curt Spalding hosted an event in Manchester to discuss environmental priorities for the region and the impact this will have on New Hampshire residents and businesses alike.

This is an opportunity to discuss a topic of great importance to the Seacoast region. When Frank Guinta represented this District, he was approached by several towns and cities within the Great Bay Estuary who were concerned about unfunded EPA mandates that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade wastewater treatment equipment.

They argued that the science used by EPA to formulate this policy was incomplete and incorrect in its initial findings. In order to help the affected communities, Guinta wrote legislation to delay the issuance of permits and required a peer review study of the science. A study was recently released which validated the concerns of then Congressman Guinta and the communities. The science was proven inaccurate.

However, the EPA is still pushing this agenda against the people of Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter and Newmarket.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Shea-Porter has refused time and again to protect the middle-class Granite Staters who will be crushed by this EPA mandate. An example of how devastating this mandate will be to taxpayers comes from the Congresswoman's home city of Rochester, where average homeowners can expect to see their annual wastewater bills double to more than $1200 by 2016. Should they have to foot the bill for a program based on faulty science? I say no. I will continue to fight every single day for taxpayers of this District, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because Carol Shea-Porter refuses to lead."



Guinta For Congress - 20 Straight Weeks and Counting!

Executive Councilor Joe Kenney Endorses Frank Guinta for Congress

Team Guinta's unprecedented string of endorsement releases continues today with Executive Councilor Joe Kenney, a Marine Corps veteran and a former State Representative and State Senator. Click the video below to hear Councilor Kenney's endorsement!

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"What began with 25 endorsements back in March, has turned into 20 straight weeks of endorsements. In that time, we have released hundreds of veterans, small business owners, town and state elected officials. I am humbled and honored to announce that Councilor Joe Kenney has endorsed our team today. His exemplary service to our Country and State should serve as a model for us all. Joe's assistance will be invaluable to our efforts this year, and I look forward to working with him to return this seat to Granite Staters."

Guinta For Congress - An Open Letter to Congresswoman Schultz  


To: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL-23rd)
From: Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager, Frank Guinta for Congress

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz,

Team Guinta would like to welcome you to New Hampshire. As Mr. Guinta travels the District on his Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour, we are asked a number of questions with great frequency.

Given that Congresswoman Shea-Porter has yet to make herself available for a traditional Town Hall meeting, we were hopeful you could ask her the following questions on our behalf.

In the interest of brevity I only posed 20 questions below. Should you have a desire to discuss this at greater length, I can be reached on my cell phone 603.475.0332 or via e-mail, We would welcome any input from the Congresswoman. Thank you!

1. Frank Guinta held 20 Town Halls and District Discussions when he represented this District. Does the Congresswoman plan to hold any sort of open forum before the term ends?

2. Will Congresswoman Shea-Porter propose or vote in favor of a jobs bill?

3. Frank Guinta held more job fairs (6), than Congresswoman Shea-Porter has years spent in the House of Representatives (5.5). Does she have any plans to represent her constituency in this way?

4. While you are in Portsmouth, please make the quick trip to Rochester and ask Congresswoman Shea-Porter why she refuses to protect her home city from costly EPA mandates that will double their sewer bill by 2016.

5. While you are on the Seacoast, please visit Frisbie Hospital in Rochester and the Portsmouth Regional Hospital and ask Congresswoman Shea-Porter why Obamacare, which excluded these hospitals from the exchange, is good for this district?

6. Why did the Congresswoman vote against the No Budget no Pay Act? Legislation simply designed to put a monetary incentive for member of Congress to pass a budget as they are obligated to by law.

7. With more than 290,000 individuals crossing the border illegally since April, will Congresswoman Shea-Porter demand President Obama seal the border?

8. If Congresswoman Shea-Porter refuses to ask the President to seal the border, will she ask him to rescind the de facto amnesty program he set in place in 2012?

9. As the more than 290,000 individuals who have crossed the border illegally are sent around the country to relatives in the United States, will she demand that the individuals receiving them will have their immigration status checked?

10. Frank Guinta supported the last transportation reauthorization, in fact, he helped author it. Will the Congresswoman put partisan politics aside and work to pass a highway reauthorization? Our seasons are quite different from Florida; we have a shorter window for construction projects!

11. Why did the Congresswoman oppose a bipartisan piece of legislation in 2008 that would have given every single American a holiday from the gas tax?

12. New Hampshire has fallen to the bottom half of the nation with regard to doing business, does Congresswoman Shea-Porter continue to believe that more spending, more regulation, and higher tax rates are the answer?

13. The economy shrank in the first quarter by nearly 3%, the greatest drop since 2009. Will the Congresswoman admit that Obamanomics has not been successful now that more people are unemployed than at any other time since 1978?

14. Does Congresswoman Shea-Porter still believe if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan?

15. Why does the Congresswoman oppose requiring the Obama Administration come before Congress when writing de facto Cap and Trade legislation that will increase energy costs for every single American? Could you also remind her that New Hampshire ranks among the highest for energy costs in the nation already?

16. As a Member of the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee, why did she fail to stop the crisis at the VA?

17. As a follow up, is she concerned that this bodes poorly for another government run health care program, ObamaCare?

18. As a Member of the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs, why did she vote against legislation that would have given our fishermen the flexibility they need to create a management plan that suits our state’s unique needs? Put more simply, why is she sitting by while a centuries old industry is being destroyed by federal policies?

19. Why does she continue to oppose the Keystone Pipeline which would drive down gas prices and create thousands of middle class jobs for union and non-union workers alike? Again, remember New Hampshire's high energy costs.

20. Emails released last week show that Lois Lerner was cautioning IRS employees to censor their emails for fear of Congressional Oversight, even going so far as to reply “perfect” when she was told the IRS does not save personal “chats.” With the additional revelation that her hard drive “crashed” and all of Ms. Lerner’s emails were lost, isn’t it time for a special prosecutor to find out exactly what happened?

Thank you again Congresswoman Shultz for helping us get to the bottom of these important issues. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time in the Granite State!


Jay Ruais
Campaign Manager
Frank Guinta for Congress