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Guinta For Congress (CD1) - ObamaCare Costs? What’s $73 billion Among Friends?

ObamaCare Startup Costs Soar to Over $73 Billion

MANCHESTER – An independent study released by Bloomberg Government shows that implementation of Obamacare has cost more than $73 billion since 2010. This figure is substantially greater than what the Congressional Budget Office initially estimated health care reform would cost by this point.

“Part of that total is the cost of healthcare. gov, the flawed website and related enrollment system intended to expand U.S. health insurance coverage,” wrote senior healthcare analyst Peter Gosselin. “BGOV’s analysis shows that costs for both healthcare. gov and the broader reform effort are far greater than anything publicly discussed.”

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Obamacare has created a significant economic cost to middle class Granite Staters in the form of lost productivity, fewer jobs and greater health care costs. It has also reduced choice in doctors, eliminated hospitals from the system, and forced thousands in New Hampshire off their plans despite promises to the contrary. With a broken website and millions of Americans still uninsured, Obamacare has been a disaster. This study confirms that Carol Shea-Porter’s continued support for Obamacare is wrong for our healthcare system, wrong for the United States and wrong for New Hampshire.”


NHDP - Frank Guinta’s New Ad A Desperate Attempt to Fool Granite State Women Voters 

Deceptive Ad at Odds with Guinta’s Anti-Woman Agenda

Manchester, NH —Frank Guinta’s new ad distorts his disastrous record on women’s health and economic priorities in an attempt to reverse his poor polling performance among New Hampshire women.

“Frank Guinta’s new ad is a desperate attempt to reverse his miserable polling numbers with women and cover up his record in Congress of voting against women’s health priorities, women’s safety against domestic violence, and a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape or when the mother’s life is in danger,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Guinta’s sudden claim to care about fair pay and childcare is laughable in the face of his anti-woman, Tea Party voting record, and New Hampshire women and families will not be fooled.”

In the ad, Guinta claims—without citation—to support fair pay and childcare. In fact, Guinta skipped the 112th Congress’s single vote on fair pay and never supported a single policy or bill to address the wage gap. In addition, he voted for the destructive sequester cuts that took away childcare options for New Hampshire families and closed Newmarket’s Head Start program.


In 2012, Guinta Skipped Vote on Fair Pay (H.Res. 667)
“ ... to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide more effective remedies to victims of discrimination in the payment of wages on the basis of sex, and for other purposes.” (roll call 5/31/12, amendment to H.Res. 667

Sequestration Cuts Guinta Voted for Caused Closure of Newmarket Head Start Program
“The closing of Newmarket’s nearly 20-year-old Head Start Program in June — caused by the federal sequestration — has forced the parents of more than a dozen children to either drive to a nearby community for the program or to just stay home.” (roll call on S. 365, Foster's 7/13/13)


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Guinta Launches District Wide "Kitchen Table Talks"

Kitchen Table Talks Initiative Launched this Week 

In keeping with his belief in putting people first, Frank Guinta is announcing today he will begin a "Kitchen Table Talks" initiative that will bring him into homes around the district to highlight issues and areas of concern to Granite Staters.

For the entirety of her term in the 113th Congress, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has repeatedly refused to come before her constituents in an open forum or town hall. She went so far as to jet off to California wine country to raise money with Nancy Pelosi. These Kitchen Table Talks will not only afford us the opportunity to hear directly from Granite Staters, it will provide a stark contrast with how Congresswoman Shea-Porter represents the district.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"As a Member of Congress I held 20 town halls, 6 job fairs, 3 manufacturing summits and an Empower, Educate, Engage Women's Conference. I worked across the aisle to protect our fishermen, Great Bay communities, veterans and more. Simply put, Granite Staters have no voice in Congresswoman Shea-Porter. We will continue to identify problems, seek input, and lay out solutions. These "Kitchen Table Talks" will provide an opportunity on top of our regularly scheduled events to dive deeply into these important topics."

At present, the "Talks" consist of the following locations, more will be added as time permits. The first will be held this Wednesday October 1 in Merrimack. Following Merrimack there will be events in Rochester on October 8, Wakefield on October 10, Eaton on October 14 and Londonderry on October 22.

If you are interested in hosting Frank for a "Kitchen Table Talk" please contact Jay at 603.475.0332 or


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Be the FIRST to see our new TV Ad!  


From Frank's Desk

Good afternoon,

Thank you for all you have done to make this campaign successful. Given your support, I wanted you to be the first to see our opening TV ad of the general election.

Please click on the link HERE to view it.

While our campaign has focused on solutions for middle class Granite Staters, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has chosen to run a decidedly negative campaign straight out of the Washington playbook.

We are less than 36 hours away from our September 30th fundraising deadline, and we are counting on you to help in the fight against Carol Shea-Porter and her liberal special interest groups.

With this in mind, please contribute $10, $20, or $50 to help us meet our goal.

Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate all you do!


Frank Guinta
Candidate for Congress


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Guinta Tours New Horizons in Manchester with Senator Ayotte

Tour focused on New Horizons' core mission

MANCHESTER – September is "Hunger Action Month," and Frank Guinta observed it yesterday with a tour of New Horizons in Manchester. He was accompanied by Senator Kelly Ayotte and the tour was led by Charlie Sherman, New Horizons’ Executive Director. 

New Horizons is an adult homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, food pantry and operates Angie's Shelter for Women in Manchester. 

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"It was an honor to take a tour of New Horizons with Senator Ayotte and Charlie Sherman. We discussed the ongoing challenges presented by mental illness and substance abuse issues.  Having a family member with a mental illness brings clarity to the issue and this will remain a top priority of mine.  We have a responsibility to help those most in need who are incapable of caring for themselves.  Thank you to New Horizons for the tremendous role they play in our community, I look forward to working with them in the future."