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Guinta For Congress - Carol Shea-Porter Blows out the Candles on Medicare  


Shea-Porter's Cuts to Medicare Devastate NH Seniors

Forty-nine years ago today, Medicare was signed into law. Along with Social Security and Medicaid, this trio of programs provide an important safety net for millions of Americans.

But now, the future of Medicare is at risk. As the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office noted in 2012, ObamaCare cut more than $700 billion from Medicare, resulting in significant changes to services.

Now, a new study released shows that New Hampshire seniors will realize significant cuts this year to their Medicare Advantage.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"New Hampshire seniors will see their Medicare Advantage cut by $2,190.40 on average as ObamaCare continues to be implemented. Congresswoman Shea-Porter has fought every attempt to to fix the myriad of problems ObamaCare brings to bear on Granite Staters, and no group is impacted more than our seniors. This legislation needs to be replaced so that seniors can rest comfortably knowing that the programs upon which they rely will continue to be there for them."


Guinta For Congress - Call your Congresswoman!  

With Legislation Piling up, where does Congresswoman Shea-Porter Stand?

Congress is set to recess this week for the entire month of August, yet significant issues remain that Congress either does not have the will or wherewithal to address.

As the Congresswoman prepares to go into hibernation for August we were hopeful she could let her constituents know where she stands on some of the hot button issues of the day.

  • Will the Congresswoman hold any town halls during the recess?
  • Will the Congresswoman demand the House, Senate and President reach an agreement to seal the border before recess?
  • Millions remain unemployed, underemployed and/or structurally unemployed. Will the Congresswoman propose, introduce, demand or request any form of legislation to put America back to work?
  • As a follow-up, will she hold a job fair for Granite Staters?
  • Will the Congresswoman press House leadership to pass an appropriations bill to avoid a government shutdown this fall?
  • Given the Congresswoman’s position on the Armed Services Committee, will she propose a plan to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian crisis? Or the Ukrainian-Russian emergency for that matter?

Jay Ruais, Guinta Campaign Manager, released the following statement:

“When I served on Frank’s legislative staff saying, “I don’t know” was not an option when speaking with Granite Staters. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, you came first. Given the lack of representation this District has been suffering through, coupled with the multitude of issues facing the United States, we would like to offer you our contact information. If we can be of any service to you, in lieu of the current representative, please feel free to call my cell phone 603.475.0332 or our office number 603.782.8257. Have a great week!”



Innis For Congress - Nashua Telegraph: "Guinta completely missed the point about patriotism" 

Innis Logo New Banner

ICYMI: Nashua Telegraph Editorial

Guinta completely missed the point about patriotism

July 26, 2014

"[For Frank Guinta] To insinuate that Innis stands with terrorists because he opposes the Patriot Act is unfair and ignorant. Many prominent and patriotic Americans, including many Republicans, have raised legitimate doubts about the act's constitutionality and its erosion of the civil liberties that Americans hold most dear. Indeed, questioning the Patriot Act and its assaults on the Bill of Rights is itself an act of patriotism, though we understand that distinction may be lost on Guinta."

Read the full Nashua Telegraph editorial by clicking here:


Guinta For Congress - On the Trail with Team Guinta  

Another great week in the books! Team Guinta is up in the polls, continuing to roll out endorsements and gaining strength every day. It is because of you that we been fortunate to build this formidable organization.

We grew our organization this week by releasing our 21st list in as many weeks with the announcement that nationally recognized entrepreneur, small businessman and former Governor Craig Benson has endorsed our efforts. In his endorsement, Governor Benson said the following:

“I have worked with Frank both in the public sector and as a private businessman. He is good at identifying problems and fixing them. As Mayor of Manchester he served the people well by keeping a tight rein on spending and by solving problems both big and small. We need Frank back in Congress, and I am proud to support him once again.”

A full phone bank greeted the USA Today reporter who came in to meet Team Guinta on Sunday. After spending some time speaking with volunteers, we moved out to door knock. We ran into several wonderful families who greeted us at the doors as we made our way around the north end of Manchester.

We then traveled out to the Stratham Fair with USA Today in tow take in the sights and sounds of this annual seacoast event. We spoke with voters about many of the important issues on all our minds, ran into friends and enjoyed a lunch with some fair participants.

Monday night we traveled down I-93 to Londonderry to speak with the Town Council and the residents who showed up to take part. It was great to take some time to speak with many of our friends in the greater Manchester area. We spoke about some of the terrific economic developments Londonderry has been experiencing. Congrats to the Town Council and all who make this possible

The Chester Area Republican Committee has done a wonderful job getting their Committee up and running and we had a blast
addressing the group. The future is looking bright for the Republican party.
On Thursday, Frank had the chance to visit Great Bay
Community College in Portsmouth. He was met by the College President, Will Arvelo, who graciously led Frank on a tour of the main building as well as educational programs they run at the lab at Sig Sauer's Newington headquarters and at the College's Advanced Technology & Academic Center in Rochester. At both these locations, Frank had the opportunity to tour these training facilities for the skilled technicians needed to keep our economy running. Great things are happening on the Seacoast thanks in no small part to our community college system.

Thanks again for all of your help, it is because of you that our success continues!

See you out on the trail!

Frank Guinta
Candidate for Congress




Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter's Ties to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are worth more than your money


On September 12, 2013, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted against a simple piece of legislation that required income verification to receive ObmaCare subsidies. We now know the repercussions of her failure to lead.

As the Washington Post reports, investigators have found a stunning amount of waste, fraud and abuse:

“In undercover tests of the new federal health insurance marketplace, government investigators have been able to procure health plans and federal subsidies for fake applicants with fictitious documents, according to findings that will be disclosed to lawmakers Wednesday.” You can read the report HERE.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Apparently Congresswoman Shea-Porter is more concerned with making her Washington friends happy than protecting your hard earned tax dollars. Her refusal to admit ObamaCare has failed has resulted in cuts to Medicare, cost millions their health insurance,Granite Staters their hospitals, and now we learn, a significant amount of, waste, fraud and abuse. New Hampshire deserves better than this knee jerk support for failed policies.”