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Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta Locks Down More Grassroots Support

From Frank's Desk

As election season begins to pick up steam, so too does Team Guinta's March into April. This morning we are proud to release yet another list of leaders from around the District. This marks the seventh such list.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"The foundation of our campaign continues to be strengthened with the addition of local, county and statewide leaders, like the ones released today. The benefit of a grassroots campaign is the buy-in and collaboration that comes from their years of institutional knowledge, and Team Guinta will benefit greatly from this. It is going to take a District wide effort to win this fall, and this is a clear indication that we will have the infrastructure in place to do just that."

Selectman Fred Kelley, Candia
Representative Bob Fesh, Derry
School Board Member, Kent Nolan, Goffstown
Representative Kevin St. James, Kingston
Former State Senate Candidate Christian Callahan, Portsmouth
Selectman David Canada, Stratham
Small Business Owner, Gail Harrington, South Hampton
Fire Chief, Louis Brunelle, Sandwich
Police Chief, Daniel Poirier, Tamworth
Former Town Councilor, Marty Bove, Londonderry
Honorable Laurie Pettengill, Bartlett
Former Selectman, Brenda Copp, Sandown
Conservative Activist Bernie McKay, Rochester
School Board Member, UNH Wrestling Coach Henry Marsh, North Hampton
Zoning Board Member, Craig Niiler, Freedom
City Councilor Ralph Torr, Rochester
Selectman Matt Scruton, Farmington
Selectman Amanda Soares, Candia
Selectman Stephen Landau, Chester
Former Alderman,Tom Robert, Manchester
NHGOP Committee Member, Elena Ball, Center Barnstead
Selectman Mark Carpenter, Nottingham
Selectman Arthur Capello, Rochester
Selectman Bob Freeman, Ossipee
Road Agent, Fred Clough, Wakefield | Facebook Twitter


Innis For Congress - ICYMI Union Leader Column: "Innis: school to business to Congress?"

Innis Logo New Banner

Manchester, NH - The following column by Fergus Cullen, a former Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, appeared in the April 11, 2014 Union Leader newspaper.


Innis: school to business to Congress?

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" the old joke goes. The last place some might expect to find a business professor is tending to the hands-on details of running an actual business.

Yet there's Dan Innis, going over punch lists with tradesmen and interviewing for night staff at the Hotel Portsmouth, a 32-room inn scheduled to open next Monday. It's a mad rush, temporarily cramping the time Innis can put into his other start-up venture, his campaign for Congress in the district that includes Manchester, the Seacoast, Lakes Region, and Conway.

Raised poor near Columbus, Ohio, Innis worked his way through college and an MBA, then did a stint in the corporate world before completing a PhD in three and a half years. "I was focused and I powered through it. It wasn't easy. I had no life," Innis recounted amid a jumble of new furniture waiting to be arranged. Innis got a job as an assistant professor of marketing at Ohio University and over eleven years rose to department head and assistant dean. He was on his way to a nice, safe, cushy career in academia.

Except, Innis showed the tolerance for risk that is a hallmark of those who succeed in business - and who go places in politics. After attaining tenure a year early - a gutsy move for a young professor because if you fail, you're out of a job - Innis left his secure position to become dean of the University of Maine business school. He stayed in Orono five years before taking on the challenge of leading the larger business school at the University of New Hampshire in 2007.

The school thrived during his tenure, capped by the construction of the new Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, named for the school's $25 million benefactor who is also funding a super PAC supporting Innis's candidacy. Innis points to the successful completion of the project as illustrating his ability to bring different constituencies together to get complicated things done. He takes some credit for helping prepare thousands of young people for contributing to New Hampshire's economy.

As Innis climbed the professional ladder, his personal life was less orthodox. Married at 22, he and his wife had three children together. After 20 years, they divorced. In 2009, Innis entered a civil union with his partner, Doug Palardy, upgrading to marriage as state law changed. Acknowledging the process was painful, Innis says he and his ex-wife have a good relationship. Their two sons both attended UNH while Innis was dean, suggesting that, however difficult the transition was, everyone got through it with relationships intact.

Innis is running as a fiscal conservative who happens to be gay, not as the gay candidate. He admits some frustration at media accounts that focus more on his orientation than his policy views. "They don't say I'm a gray haired Republican. I don't see stories that describe Carol Shea-Porter as a straight Democrat," Innis points out. At the same time, Innis benefits from the extra attention that comes from being something of a demographic novelty among Republican candidates nationwide. "When it comes to fiscal matters, I'm the most conservative candidate in this race," Innis asserts. "I want small government. I want government to stay out of my life."

Small business isn't an abstract academic theory for this professor. In 2008, Innis and Palardy purchased a ten-room hotel on Bow Street in Portsmouth, which they ran as the Ale House Inn. "It was probably the worst time to buy a hotel in the last 50 years," Innis said. They outfitted the rooms with iPads, occupancy rates rose from 29 to 78 percent, and the business generated over $500,000 in annual revenue when they sold it last year.

Proceeds, along with a multi-million dollar bank loan to finance renovations, have been rolled over into the larger Hotel Portsmouth on Court Street, previously known as the Sise Inn. It's a big bet, a decidedly non-theoretical application of the things they teach in business school to the real world.

Innis is creating jobs, meeting a payroll, and dealing with government regulation and business taxes. It's experience Shea-Porter and Innis's primary opponent, Frank Guinta, don't have.



Guinta For Congress - Listening Tour Finds Devastating Cuts to Seniors on Fixed Incomes  

Team Guinta’s Health Care Listening Tour made its ninth stop this morning at Hanover Hill Health Care Center, a rehabilitation facility, and nursing home located in Manchester.

A tour of the facility was conducted, offering the chance to meet with the Lori Mcintire, the Administrator, as well as the President and CEO of the NH Health Care Association, John Poirer, and the President of Hanover Hill, Ted Lee, patients and staff.

Following the visit, Frank Guinta released this statement:

“ObamaCare’s devastating cuts to Medicare providers will detrimentally impact the ability of caregivers across the Granite State from offering the care patients have become accustomed to. Today, I heard that health care premiums have increased 30-40% for employees here and reimbursement rates have been cut, which will force them to reduce services or increase costs on the seniors living here on a fixed income.

Today’s visit was an important opportunity to hear about how we can best care for our parents and grandparents during and after their rehab from accidents or other incidents. I will always fight to protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security. Our word is our bond and we made a promise to our seniors that we must keep. As part of our Health Care Listening Tour we will continue to provide solutions to fix our broken health care system, reduce costs, and increase access to the care many in our society need.”


Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta's Friday Rewind

From Frank's Desk

Beginning today, and continuing throughout the election we will include a video from a supporter who will tell you why they are supporting our efforts in 2014. We are excited to kick this segment off with special guest and longtime supporter Ronnie Schlender of Manchester. Please take a look at the video to see why she is supporting Team Guinta’s Campaign!

While the month of March has ended, it will not stop our endorsement releases from Marching into April. The level of support our team continues to receive from selectmen to police chiefs to business owners to state senators and more is indicative of the strength our grassroots campaign possesses. We will continue to build upon these early successes and look forward to working with them heading into the fall!

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to address the New Hampshire College Republicans at their 13th Annual Convention. My message to them was simple; always believe in yourself and do not let anyone dissuade you from following your dreams and passions. The energy and enthusiasm of these young people is vital to our party’s ability to get our message out. Team Guinta is very much looking forward to working with the CR’s this year and we wish them the best of luck in their upcoming finals!

After speaking with the College Republicans, we made our way down Elm Street to visit the Made in NH Expo. What an amazing display of the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of New Hampshire! I stopped by the booth focusing on our tourism industry, shook hands with supporters and sampled some of the fare they had to offer.

Team Guinta made the quick trip up to Center Barnstead for the Barnstead Alton Republican Committee’s monthly meeting. It was great running into friends and supporters, and we discussed the disastrous implementation of ObamaCare, the economy and some of the solutions I have proposed as part of Team Guinta's Health Care Listening Tour.
Speaking of which, our Health Care Listening Tour continued today at the Hanover Hill Health Care Center, which is a rehabilitation facility and nursing home located in Manchester. This was a great opportunity to hear about how we can best care for our parents and grandparents during and after their rehab from accidents or surgeries. 

ObamaCare’s devastating cuts to Medicare providers will detrimentally impact the ability of caregivers across the Granite State from offering the care patients have become accustomed to. Today, I heard that health care premiums have increased 30-40% for employees here and reimbursement rates have been cut, which will force them to reduce services or increase costs on the seniors living here on a fixed income.

We have a very busy weekend planned! I will be leaving shortly to speak at the Rally with Rand event benefitting the NHGOP in Dover with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Tomorrow morning, Team Guinta will join the NHGOP as they unveil their mobile app, a tool which will greatly enhance our ability to connect with voters and turn them out this fall for victory in November! Saturday afternoon, Team Guinta will head over to Rochester to speak at a gathering of volunteers and supporters with Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

Thanks for reading, please stay tuned for future campaign updates!

Have a great weekend!

Frank Guinta | Facebook Twitter


Innis For Congress - More Endorsements & An Invitation 

Innis Logo New Banner

It's another busy week on the campaign trail and our momentum is growing.

On Monday, State Senator John Reagan (R-Deerfield) endorsed our campaign!

As you know, John Reagan is a tireless advocate for individual liberty and small government and I look forward to working with him to further our shared goals.

You can read more about Senator Reagan's endorsement by clicking here.

On Tuesday I attended a terrific house party in Bedford hosted by Bill Greiner. Here is a picture from the event:

 Dan Innis Bedord House Party

It was great to meet so many new people and get a chance to answer their questions!

Following the house party, Bill wrote a blog post about why he is supporting my campaign for Congress. You can read Bill's post by clicking here.

Later this week I will be joining Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at a rally and fundraiser in Dover to support the New Hampshire GOP. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet Rand Paul and help our Party win in November.

I hope that you will consider joining us. You can purchase tickets for the rally by going to the NHGOP website.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon!

Dan Email Sig_1

P.S. If you haven't already, please follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on campaign activities in your neighborhood.