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NHDP - Tea Party Candidate Marilinda Garcia Loses Hometown of Salem in Last Night's NH-02 GOP Primary 

Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire Democratic Party released the following statement regarding Tea Party candidate Marilinda Garcia losing her hometown of Salem in last night's NH-02 GOP primary:

“Marilinda Garcia is an extreme Tea Party candidate whose views are so out of touchwith New Hampshire that in last night’s Republican primary, she lost her own hometown of Salem, a town she currently represents in the state legislature, by a huge margin. Garcia has a longstanding track record of ignoring her constituents’ wishes, and Salem residents know the truth about her – this Koch Brothers candidate puts the Tea Party agenda before the needs of Granite State families, and she won’t represent their best interests in Washington.”

See last night's primary results in Salem here


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Don’t You Mess With Marilinda Garcia



In case you missed it, the Washington Free Beacon today wrote this article about Marilinda Garcia’s run for Congress. According to the article:

“Unfortunately, people have said this is one of the most negative and vicious campaigns of character assassinations that they’ve seen in this state coming from his campaign,” Garcia said.”

The article went on to say “One person who had made up his mind, albeit only three days before Sunday’s event, was former New Hampshire state senator Jim Luther. Until the Wednesday before, Luther was in Lambert’s camp. The nastiness of Lambert’s campaign, combined with how Garcia stayed composed under fire and was able to present her argument, swayed Luther’s endorsement to the 31 year-old.”

To read the full article, please click here.


Club for Growth PAC Congratulates Marilinda Garcia

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “On to November – Marilinda Garcia fights for New Hampshire taxpayers while Congresswoman Kuster walks in lock-step with President Obama and the far left.”


Washington, DC – The Club for Growth PAC issued the following statement in response to news that Marilinda Garcia has won the Republican Primary for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District. Club members donated nearly $115,000 which was bundled directly to Marilinda’s campaign by the Club for Growth PAC. The separate entity Club for Growth spent nearly $500,000 on TV ads advocating for Garcia’s election, while the Club’s Super-PAC, Club for Growth Action, spent about $50,000 on mail pieces boosting her campaign.


“On to November – Marilinda Garcia fights for New Hampshire taxpayers while Congresswoman Kuster walks in lock-step with President Obama and the far left,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Congresswoman Kuster is an extreme liberal who blindly allies herself with President Obama on nearly every issue, which is exactly why New Hampshire voters will replace her with taxpayer hero Marilinda Garcia this November.”


The Club for Growth is the nation’s leading group promoting economic freedom through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, and education. 

The Club’s website can be found at


NHDP Statement on New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District GOP Primary Results 

Manchester, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire 2nd Congressional GOP primary results:

“Throughout the primary, Bill O'Brien protege and Tea Party extremist Marilinda Garcia has shown her true colors by embracing a far-right, extremist agenda in Congress that would devastate New Hampshire middle-class families, including opposing equal pay for women, supporting steep cuts to Social Security, rejecting a raise in the minimum wage, and denying women a right to choose. Garcia said she'd even consider shutting down the federal government in order to push her Tea Party views, putting Granite State middle-class families at risk and causing reckless harm on our economy."

“On November 4th, Granite State voters will reject Marilinda Garcia's out-of-touch views and Tea Party agenda, and continue to support Congresswoman Annie Kuster's record of standing up for New Hampshire's middle-class, creating more jobs and opportunity for our workers, protecting Medicare and Social Security for our seniors, and fighting for equal pay for New Hampshire women and their families.”


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Open letter to Ann Kuster from Marilinda Garcia 


Dear Representative Kuster,

New Hampshire is facing several difficult challenges including a lack of access to affordable health care, an increasingly unfavorable business climate, and some of the highest energy prices in the country.

The people of New Hampshire deserve to know where we both stand on these important issues before they cast their votes in November. They deserve to hear us both propose our solutions to these challenges, and discuss how our records and philosophies impact our ability to deliver for the people of the Second District in Congress.

Therefore, I respectfully request that you join me in participating in a Town Hall forum in which we can engage in an honest and open discussion of the issues that are important to New Hampshire.

I know you have commitments in Washington, but Congress is not in session between September 20 and 28, and after October 3.

If you have any availability at all during this time, I would be happy to clear my schedule and make time for a Town Hall Forum. You may also choose the location of this Town Hall meeting, so that it is not an inconvenience for you.

I can even take care of the travel arrangements and arrange for someone to drive you to whatever location you choose.

Please feel free to contact me at 603-562-0222 so we may discuss this further and finalize the necessary details.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Marilinda Garcia