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Garcia For Congress - Marilinda Garcia Statement on Democratic Negative Attack Ads

Salem, NH (4/3/2014) – The Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign released the following statement in response to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new negative ad campaign.

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is showing early desperation by going negative and making baseless accusations about Marilinda Garcia’s record.  The Democratic Party cannot defend Ann Kuster’s record of supporting Obamacare’s tax hikes, dropped insurance coverage, and increased premiums, so they’re literally making up attacks against Marilinda out of thin air,” said campaign manager Tom Szold.

“For Democrats to say Marilinda supports the recently announced U.S. House Budget Committee proposal simply is not true.  While Marilinda appreciates many of the efforts in the U.S. House Budget Committee proposal to reform government and reduce spending, there are many aspects of this budget that, if in Congress, Marilinda Garcia would want to see changed.  Marilinda Garcia has a record of independence and of putting the needs of New Hampshire before party politics,” continued Szold.

“Marilinda’s vision for economic growth is built on empowering the middle class by alleviating the financial and regulatory burden that has been placed on working Americans.  Marilinda’s agenda of opportunity for all New Hampshire families is obviously not a topic Ann Kuster wants to discuss, so unfortunately she and her allies have resorted to dishonest attacks,” said Szold.



Garcia For Congress - Marilinda Garcia Statement on Obamacare Website Outage

Salem, NH – Marilinda Garcia, Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, today released the following statement in response to the Obamacare Website’s outage on the final day to enroll for private health insurance through Obamacare.

“Today’s outage of the Obamacare website is just another example of Obamacare’s failures and the hardships it has placed upon New Hampshire. This law has been characterized by flaws and errors from the very beginning, and now those who have been given no choice but to enroll for health insurance through Obamacare, may be unable to do so."

“Washington politicians like President Obama and Representative Ann Kuster continue to blindly support Obamacare despite the laws’ countless flaws, including widespread policy cancellations, massive premium increases, and 10 New Hampshire hospitals being dropped from insurance coverage."

“But it is not enough to just oppose Obamacare. We must also provide alternatives that enhance health care for all New Hampshire families. I support dismantling Obamacare and enacting bottom-up health care solutions that promote tax fairness, interstate competition, insurance portability, end lawsuit abuse, and help to put the decision making power back in the hands of individuals.”


Lambert For Congress - Sebelius Admits Obamacare Will Fail to Lower Costs in 2015

Yesterday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that Obamacare will fail to control rising healthcare costs stating, premiums are "likely to rise in 2015." This admission comes in the wake of the Obama administration's acknowledgment that despite promises made to the American people, the implementation of Obamacare will fail to curb market costs. In fact conversely, it will directly place an additional financial burden on the already struggling middle class.

Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's Second District stated:

"Since the roll-out of Obamacare Americans have fallen victim to poor execution, inadequate resources, and broken promises. It has never been clearer to me that Obamacare is bad for New Hampshire, but Congresswoman Ann Kuster continues to hide from constituents, refusing to hold town hall meetings and neglecting concerns brought to the attention of her office. Her voting record shows that she works to appease her party’s agenda rather than New Hampshire's concerns, forcing Obamacare onto Granite Staters, even as 22,000 lost coverage, 10 hospitals have been cut from the network and thousands of jobs have been put on the chopping block. I ask Ann Kuster, when will she stop hiding and answer to her constituents? When will she finally admit that her unwavering support for her Washington Democrats and Obamacare is making matters worse for Granite Staters?"


Lambert For Congress - Col. Lambert Endorsed By Combat Veterans

Col. Gary Lambert and Team Lambert are proud to announce that The Combat Veterans for Congress PAC has endorsed Gary Lambert in his race for New Hampshire's 2nd District Congressional seat. Among countless other great American veterans running for Congress, Col. Lambert has been recognized as a candidate that: "Believes in government that serves the people and upholds the highest standards of integrity and transparency." To read Col. Lambert's endorsement visit their website here!

Combat Veterans for Congress seek out candidates that present the greatest opportunity to make a real difference in Washington and not just fall in line with partisan politics. With his superior leadership abilities and work ethic that is unmatched, he will fight to control spending, reduce the national debt, promote
growth in the private sector by stimulating investment and spark real job growth.

In a release from the CVFC they cite Gary's long list of personal, military, and professional achievements. Gary looks to his family for a strong support system, being a husband and father of two, while also contributing selflessly to his
community. He has built his own law firm from the ground up into a successful business. His military track record of awards and honors stem from multiple deployments to Camp Hansen in Okinawa Japan, Norway as a support unit for NATO, and Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq.

Team Lambert is building momentum off of our continuing success. We have hundreds of Granite Staters now backing Col. Lambert because he is New Hampshire's best choice to take on and beat Ann Kuster next fall. Please take a moment to visit the website and join the fight today.

P.S. The best way you can help is to donate $10, $20, or $50 dollars to the campaign, every little bit goes a long way.


Lambert For Congress - Another 50 Endorsements For Gary Lambert 

Gary Lambert for Congress


Team Lambert is proud to announce another fifty public endorsements. Col. Lambert could not be happier to welcome the newest members to our team.

“These men and women from the Second District's southernmost towns join the nearly 400 Granite Stater’s that have pledged their support to the campaign. With each new member that signs up the demand for change in New Hampshire grows, and with their support we will achieve our goal of defeating Ann Kuster next fall. Only then can we finally get down to business and find real solutions for the problems facing Granite Staters.”

Col. Lambert has worked tirelessly to come within reach of Ann Kuster and continued hard work each and every day will close that gap, making him New Hampshire’s best chance of electing smart conservative leadership in 2014.

Mr. Michael Horgan- Amherst
Mr. Tom Horgan- Amherst
Dr. K. Drew Wilson- Amherst
Mrs. K. Drew Wilson- Amherst
Mr. William Doll- Amherst
Mr. John Quinlan Jr- Amherst
Mrs. Susan Cuddy- Amherst
Ms. Adriane Warguska- Amherst
Mr. Brad Galinson- Amherst
Mrs. Shannon Galinson- Amherst
Mr Tom Lennon- Amherst
Mrs Lynn Lennon- Amherst
Mrs Karen Lemieux- Amherst
Mr. Rex Houdyshel- Amherst
Mr. Mark Ellis- Amherst
Mr. Jon-Reed Hathaway- Amherst
Mr Timothy Cardin- Hollis
Ms Laurie Clark- Hollis
Mr William Norcott- Hollis
Mrs. Hsiu Norcott- Hollis
Rep. Jim Belanger- Hollis
Mr Doug Cleveland- Hollis
Mrs Diane OsterKamp- Hollis
Ms Denise Pressinger- Hollis
Mrs Mar-Mar Rogers- Hollis

Mr Mike Rogers- Hollis
Mr. Frank Whittemore- Hollis
Mr. Hisham Hafez- Hollis
Mr. Joseph Bosowski- Hollis
Mrs. Francene Bosowski- Hollis
Mr Donald Piatte- Hollis
Mrs Gail Piatte- Hollis
Sgt Maj Paul Chevalier- Hudson
Ms L.Cheryl Freed- Hudson
Mrs Jenn Haskell- Hudson
Mr Jim Haskell- Hudson
Mr Rick LeVasseur- Hudson
Mr Mike Mironda- Hudson
Mr John V. O'Brien- Hudson
Mr Jason Shoemaker- Hudson
Ms. Gloria Fields- Hudson
Mr Eric Sarno- Hudson
Mr Kenneth- Hudson
Mr. Daniel Ferranttee- Hudson
Mr Jack Algeu- Litchfield
Ms Joan Fulton- Litchfield
Ms Laura Gandia- Litchfield
Mr Al Campbell- Pelham
Mrs Katherine Ouellette- Pelham
Mr Dave Ouellette- Pelham