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Lambert For Congress - Ann Kuster's Flip Flop Is Killing Small Business

In a recent interview with NHPR, Ann Kuster discussed the effects Obamacare is having on New Hampshire, but neglected to address the 22,000 Granite Staters who have lost coverage or are about to lose their jobs. However, she made one comment that will shock you.

During her interview, Ann Kuster stated that she "supports delaying the small business mandate for a year." However, in July of last year Ann Kuster was one of 160 Democrats who voted against a bill proposed by House Republicans that would enactthat very delay.

Col. Lambert asks her, "was she simply lying to listeners and constituents? Was the vote she cast to push the already unpopular mandate forward a vote she truly supported? Or was this another instance where she continues to play partisan games, keeping herself in President Obama's inner circle and popular among Democratic leadership?"

It is clear that Ann Kuster does not have the accountability or the credibility to represent New Hampshire. She continues to bump elbows with the Washington establishment while New Hampshire is struggling. We need change, and we need it now. Please visit and sign up today.

Lets show her that we can win the New Hampshire way. Please donate $10, $20, or $50 dollars and help send the Colonel to Congress.



Lambert For Congress - Another Great Week For Team Lambert 

As we close out another great week for Team Lambert we couldn’t be more excited about the weeks to come. We continue to rally support behind Col. Lambert every day, and with each new member we get one step closer to beating Ann Kuster this fall.

Gary had the opportunity to attend various events throughout the district this week, meeting with constituents and discussing issues important to our great state. Col. Lambert spent last Sunday with the Concerned Veterans For America at a screening of the film “Lone Survivor”, he met with voters at the Merrimack County/Concord Lincoln-Reagan dinner, attended the reception for Frank Guinta with Congressman Paul Ryan, and spoke at a meeting of the New Hampshire County Sheriffs regarding how he intends to help them keep New Hampshire safe.

To finish out the week Team Lambert wanted to include all of our friends and supporters in congratulating Col. Lambert and those at Lambert and Associates on their 25th year anniversary. It is a great accomplishment for any small business to reach this monumental milestone, which is only achieved by hard work, determination, and the kind of leadership we want in Washington.

Please take a moment to visit our website, and sign up today. The best way to help out is to donate $10, $25, or $50 dollars to the campaign, and together we can get the kind of leadership New Hampshire deserves.



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Liberal Congresswoman Doubles Down On Support For Unpopular President


Concord - In an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio today, liberal Second District Congresswoman Annie Kuster doubled down on her support for President Obama's failed agenda and bragged that she is his biggest fan in Washington.


"I would say I'm one of the strongest supporters of the president in the entire Congress," said Kuster.


"Clueless Annie Kuster continues to brag about her blind support for President Obama even though recent polls show that he is wildly unpopular in New Hampshire. Despite overwhelming opposition from her constituents, Kuster is still stands by his disastrous policies that have caused thousands of Granite Staters to lose their health insurance and give up their doctors," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "The Second District is tired of being represented by a loyal Obama lackey like Annie Kuster and they are ready to replace her with a fiscally responsible Republican in November."


A gushing and giddy Kuster was also shown on national television rushing to give President Obama a dramatic kiss following his State of the Union Address last month.


According to a recent UNH poll 51% of New Hampshire adults disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president and only 42% approve. 




Lambert For Congress Weekly Update 

Col. Lambert was busy again this week, traveling the second Congressional District meeting with voters and discussing the issues. Following a great debate at the end of last week in New Boston, Col. Lambert spoke at Granite State Baptist Church, the Cheshire County Committee’s monthly meeting in Keene, and will be meeting with Granite Staters at the Pemi-Baker Valley Lincoln Reagan dinner tomorrow night. He also took to the media twice this week, speaking on the air with both Ben Sarro and Chris Ryan.

In meeting with constituents Col. Lambert continues to hear the same message of confusion and concern surrounding Obamacare. Most Granite Staters are unsure about what to expect in 2014. Will they lose their coverage? their doctor? or their hospital? We need answers that Ann Kuster refuses to give.

Col. Lambert continues to travel the district rallying support behind him every day.  He is working hard to ensure we beat Ann Kuster next fall, but it will take a team to achieve that goal.

Please visit our website and join Team Lambert. The best way you can help send the Colonel to Congress is to donate $10, $25 or even $50 dollars, every little bit helps us come out on top next fall.


Lambert For Congress - State Of The Race: New Hampshires 2nd District

Gary Lambert for Congress

From: Ethan Zorfas
To: Gary Lambert’s Friends & Supporters
Date: February 7th 2014
Re: State of the Race: New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District                          __

As we have moved into the Election Year, Col. Gary Lambert is in a strong position to defeat Congresswoman Ann Kuster. In all aspects of a strong campaign, Lambert has built a strong foundation to win both the Primary and General Elections. Combining polling, grassroots, finance, and increasing positive climate for experienced, common sense conservatives like Col. Lambert, the campaign is increasingly excited about the position we are in today.

Polling: This week, the University of New Hampshire released new data for the 2nd Congressional District and Col. Lambert is within the margin of error against the Congresswoman. New Hampshire is known for its plurality of independent voters. Most importantly, Lambert and Kuster are tied amongst these swing voters. He is the only Republican candidate in the race with numbers that strong. Col. Lambert’s positive message on creating middle-class jobs will put him a position to win as the race continues.

Grassroots: Col. Lambert has attended dozens of county, town, and community Republican committee events from Keene, Salem, Windham, Peterborough and Nashua, to Northern Grafton County and the Great North Woods. He has made it a priority to hear from those he seeks to represent. Through these events he has been able to gather nearly 300 public endorsements signatures including political leaders.

Finance: The 4th fundraising reports show Col. Lambert is in a strong position. He has more Cash on Hand than any other Republican in the state right now with nearly $220,000 in the bank having raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars. As the Lambert finance committee continues to grow, we are on pace to exceed our Primary Election budget.

Political Environment: The UNH poll’s data on the political environment in the 2nd District is what will keep Congresswoman Kuster and her team up late at night. Despite maintaining the power of incumbency, only 30% of voters have a favorable opinion of her. Most pundits will tell you, when an incumbent drops below 50% they need to be nervous. Her favorability is dismal. Her support of Obamacare, lashing out at constituents and her inability to pursue policies that create economic growth are catching up with her.