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Garcia For Congress (CD2) - State of the Garcia race, 25 days out 



WMUR/UNH’s most recent poll shows Marilinda Garcia four points ahead of Ann Kuster in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.

This, and all polls, should be taken with a grain of salt. Polls go up and down. But, these numbers do reinforce what our team has already seen in our internal numbers and felt in our respective guts while with Mari on the campaign trail: this race is Marilinda’s to win.

Marilinda’s race has been a remarkable one—anything but ordinary. In April, the common belief—both in New Hampshire and Washington—was that Marilinda was not ready for primetime, and would lose the primary election. “She’s a smart girl and will be a great candidate next time around” was the common refrain. New Hampshire Democrats openly mocked her age, looks, and even her shoes (I assure you, she has perfectly normal shoes).

We bit our tongues and looked forward to the moment when these same folks would realize that they had severely underestimated this highly intelligent and accomplished young woman. Luckily for us, this happened sooner rather than later, and Marilinda won her primary overwhelmingly against two formidable and talented Republican opponents.

Now, 25 days removed from November 4, Marilinda has a very real shot at upsetting incumbent Ann Kuster and heading to Washington, D.C. to represent New Hampshire’s 2nd District. Even Kuster’s own campaign manager yesterday sent an alarmed email to Kuster’s supporters saying that the incumbent’s lead has been “erased” and that the race is now “a pure toss up and a statistical dead heat."

This too, is remarkable—but for reasons you may not be aware of. We crunched the numbers today, and it appears that Marilinda is being outspent on television by a ratio of 4 to 1. In fact, since the beginning of October, she is being outspent on television by a ratio of no less than 10 to 1! 

A gap of this magnitude typically spells doom for whichever candidate is being so vastly outspent in a competitive seat, but it seems as if the more money that Kuster and her allies spend attempting to demonize Marilinda, the better Marilinda does.  And boy, have they been relentless!

You see, Ann Kuster and Nancy Pelosi’s Far Left wing of the Democratic Party sees Marilinda as an existential threat. They know that a young, female, Hispanic with an independent voice joining the ranks of Congress and advocating for New Hampshire’s values on a national level will undermine their entire playbook. It will become more difficult for them to effectively divide the American people, and paint Republicans as hopeless, old fashioned, sexist…racists.

New Hampshire voters are too smart for these tricks. They seem to be rejecting “Single Issue Annie’s” desperate attempt to fool them into thinking that Marilinda is waging some kind of a “War on Women.”

Today, from where I sit in Concord, it seems that another upset is brewing in New Hampshire’s Second District.  For years we have heard that voters are tired of politics-as-usual and that they’ve seen enough negative, misleading, smear-ads meant to scare voters when they should be educating them. Maybe now in 2014, New Hampshire will be first in the nation to say “No—we will not tolerate this any longer. We are tired of politics as usual! We are ready to try something new.”

Let’s not kid ourselves.  A relentless, well-funded campaign like Ann Kuster’s against Marilinda will take its toll.  While we do not need to outspend Ann Kuster and her allies, we do have to close the gap substantially.  And we will.

As our own TV ads ramp up in coming weeks, we will need your help to make sure as many Granite Staters see them as possible. I hope you will consider contributing to the cause of ensuring “opportunity for all” the people of New Hampshire and America. Each of you has something different to offer. Only you know what it is. Marilinda needs you.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Releases Latest Video “Will A Kuster Face the People?” 



Concord, NH– Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement and this video questioning whether Ann Kuster will face the people of New Hampshire:

“Throughout her entire political career, Rep. Ann Kuster has developed a reputation as someone who chooses to avoid communicating directly with her constituents, and instead hiding behind negative, misleading TV ads. Kuster has never held a single town hall meeting during her time in Congress. During this election, she has refused to publicize campaign events, rejected multiple debates with Marilinda, and most recently refused to participate in a town hall forum in Littleton with Marilinda,” said Cunningham.

“Not only did Ann Kuster refuse this valuable opportunity to meet and talk with voters in Littleton, but she even sent multiple political “trackers” to the event who were tasked with video-taping Marilinda Garcia’s every move in hopes she would do something embarrassing. New Hampshire voters deserve better than dishonest and secretive politicians who are unwilling to appear in public. Marilinda Garcia is running to be the open and accessible leader that New Hampshire deserves, and her campaign is continuing to gain momentum because of her commitments to honesty and integrity.”


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Receives Endorsement of Congressman Bass



Concord, NH– Marilinda Garcia, Republican nominee for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, today received former Congressman Charlie Bass’ endorsement for her campaign for Congress.

“New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District deserves an independent Representative who upholds our Granite State traditions of meeting with citizens and being accessible to the public. Marilinda Garcia will be that Representative, and I am proud to endorse her campaign for Congress.

Marilinda is an honest, responsible, and principled leader, and her commitment to common sense fiscal discipline would best serve the people of New Hampshire. Her strong record of leadership and her impressive accomplishments qualify her to be the voice in Washington that the 2nd District needs. I am proud to support Marilinda and I look forward to having her represent New Hampshire in Congress.”

Marilinda Garcia released the following statement in response to receiving Congressman Bass’ endorsement:

“As an esteemed legislator who served the 2nd district admirably for nearly two decades, former Congressman Bass understands what is needed to deal with the important issues facing our district.  I am honored that he has placed his faith in my candidacy and has endorsed my campaign for Congress.”


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Releases Latest Ad "Our Generation" 



Concord, NH – Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement regarding the release of Marilinda’s web video, “Our Generation.” This is the first release of Marilinda’s new web video series entitled “Try Something New.”

“As a millennial who grew up in New Hampshire, Marilinda Garcia has watched as a generation of Washington politicians, like Barack Obama and Ann Kuster, imposed burdensome regulations that make New Hampshire less free. Marilinda Garcia believes it is time for a new generation of independent leaders to speak up and solve our nation’s most crucial problems.

Cunningham went on to say, “Marilinda is a reform-minded candidate who will work to restore the bond of trust between government and Granite Staters. She will fight to maintain traditional New Hampshire values - low taxes, small government, and personal freedom – for a new generation. Momentum is building to support Marilinda in the fight for a stronger future for the Granite State and our Nation.


NHDP - Marilinda Garcia Already Caving to John Boehner 

Garcia’s Rush to Affirm Support for Speaker Boehner Shows Just How Ready and Willing She Is to be a Standard Bearer for the Tea Party

Manchester, NH - Marilinda Garcia has already caved to Speaker John Boehner and the reckless right-wing special interests in Washington. 

In a radio interview last week – Garcia wouldn’t commit to support John Boehner for Speaker, if elected. Not long after, Speaker Boehner threatened to deny Garcia's campaign support if she kept it up. Garcia's weak attempt to disguise her true readiness to rubber stamp Boehner's reckless policies didn’t last long, as Garcia quickly fell back in line Sunday as her campaign affirmed that “she fully intends to support John Boehner for Speaker.”

“Marilinda Garcia proved once again today that she is a hyper-partisan rubber stamp for the reckless Tea Party agenda. Garcia couldn’t even fake being an independent before she caved to Speaker Boehner’s threats – quickly falling back in line," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Speaker Boehner and the special interests won’t let Garcia step out of line for long because they are bankrolling her campaign. Garcia’s rush to affirm her support for Speaker Boehner shows just how ready and willing she is to be a standard bearer for the Tea Party, and rubber stamp their agenda to end a woman’s right to choose, abolish the Department of Education, eliminate the minimum wage, and protect tax breaks for oil companies.”

"Garcia Refused to Commit to Voting for Boehner for Speaker." "
In a radio interview a few days after the Boehner visit, Garcia refused to commit to voting for the speaker if, as promised, he seeks another term in January." [CNN, 10/5/14]
NRCC Indicated It Won’t Spend in the Second District. CNN reported that “several New Hampshire Republicans say they are hearing that the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP campaign arm run by Boehner deputies, is letting it be known it won’t spend in the 2nd Congressional District in the final month of the campaign. [CNN, 10/5/14]
Garcia Declared Her Support for Boehner. Shortly after CNN aired its report, a spokesman told CNN that Garcia “fully intends to support John Boehner for Speaker if she is elected to Congress in November.” [CNN, 10/5/14]

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