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Garcia For Congress - Join My Team This Saturday!

Marilinda Garcia for Congress


Please join my campaign this Saturday, June 14th, at 9am for our first Super-Saturday! Volunteers and staff will meet for donuts and coffee at our 4 staging locations, and then knock on doors around the neighborhood in order to spread our message of opportunity throughout the district!

We have a great campaign team that has been working hard to build a strong grassroots effort, but in order to spread my message effectively I need YOU!  Please click here to sign up for the closest staging location.


Concord - Campaign HQ (19 Pleasant St, Concord) 
Salem - Salem GOP Office (356 S. Broadway, Salem)
Nashua - Nashua GOP Office (491 Amherst St, Nashua)
Keene  HG Johnson Real Estate Office (34 West St, Keene)

If you can’t make our first Super Saturday event, you can still contribute to the effort.  A small donation of $25 is the equivalent 100 doors knocked or 200 calls made. Please click here to make a donation that will go directly into Saturday’s effort and help communicate with more voters throughout the district.

My campaign has and always will be about YOU.  I appreciate your help in any way you are able!


Marilinda Garcia


NHDP - Flailing Garcia Campaign Lacking Support in Second Congressional District 

More Than Half of Garcia's Endorsers Are From Outside Her District 

Concord, NH--Marilinda Garcia has repeatedly failed to garner endorsements from supporters who can actually vote for her in November. Each time her campaign has released a list of endorsements, the vast majority of them are from outside the congressional district in which she is running. Her original list of 67 supporters included 38 from CD 1, and her follow up list of 52 supporters included another 32 from CD1. It seems her messy, fledgling campaign cannot scrape up enough support in CD 2 for even one satisfactory press release. 
“Frankly, Marilinda Garcia's lists of endorsers are an embarrassment. For someone who believes she is fit to represent New Hampshire's second congressional district, it's laughable that more than half of her 'endorsers' are from elsewhere,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Not only does Marilinda Garcia not show up for votes, listen to her constituents, or know where her endorsers live, but her radical Tea Party stances would adversely impact the families of the second congressional district. New Hampshire deserves better."
Garcia clandestinely filed for office yesterday. Perhaps that is because, despite boasting that she is a voice for millennials, a recent Concord Monitor article found only one young supporter, who can't vote for Garcia because he lives in CD 1.

Garcia For Congress - State of the Campaign 


Marilinda Garcia for Congress


Yesterday, Marilinda Garcia officially registered as a candidate for U.S. Congress representing the second Congressional District of New Hampshire.

With just under three months until the Republican Primary and less than five months until the General Election, the campaign is well positioned to help Marilinda become the newest member of the New Hampshire Congressional delegation.

As we transition from our initial campaign building process to a new phase of execution that will take us right through November, I wanted to update you on the state of our campaign and the state of the primary and general election race:

  1. Last week the Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign officially opened its  headquarters in Concord. We have seven full-time staff members, 10 interns, and our list of volunteers grows by the day.
  2. Fundraising will continue to be a primary focus.  Our finance committee of proven fundraisers is strong and growing fast. We are very optimistic about the fundraising events we have planned throughout the rest of the quarter and beyond.
  3. We officially launched our grassroots rollout last week with the opening of our new HQ in Concord, followed two days later with a phone bank (Phone-a-Friend Friday) that yielded 1,500 outreach calls. This coming Saturday we will host our first “Super Saturday” door knock.
  4. Last week we made more than 5,000 voter ID calls (preceded by 2,500 calls the week before and 1,000 calls the week before that). This number will continue to grow exponentially each week.  
  5. We are launching a brand-new, redesigned website in the next two weeks.
  6. Our social media accounts continue to grow exponentially, far outpacing our competitors and allowing us to speak directly with New Hampshire voters. 

We are building a very serious campaign infrastructure that will help provide Marilinda with the tools she needs to be successful.

While I know it is early and numbers will shift, we are optimistic about the early poll results showing us statistically tied with Rep. Ann Kuster and, more importantly, Marilinda’s favorability ratings that prove what we all know – that the more people see and hear Marilinda, the more they like and support her.

Rep. Kuster is very vulnerable this cycle. Traditionally, the party in the White House loses seats in Congress during mid-term elections. And with the current problems plaguing his Administration -- implementation of Obamacare, Benghazi, the VA scandal, EPA overreach, Syria, the Keystone XL pipeline, and now the Bergdahl fiasco -- weighing down Democrats like Ann Kuster, we believe the time is ripe for Marilinda and her message.

Rep. Kuster is a proud supporter of the president, and was rated by the National Journal as the most liberal member of the New Hampshire delegation – even to the left of Senator Jean Shaheen.  Rep. Kuster does not share the same views as most commonsense Granite Staters, a reality that becomes more clear by the day.

I know that before Marilinda faces Rep. Kuster, we must first defeat Gary Lambert in the Republican Primary.  We deeply respect Mr. Lambert for his military service. But he is outside the mainstream of New Hampshire Republicans in his support for a cap and trade energy scheme, among other issues.  This cap and trade scheme increases electricity prices here in New Hampshire and creates an environment in which corporate cronyism can thrive.  In light of the challenges that many New Hampshirites faced during the polar vortex this winter, including higher electricity bills and furloughed manufacturing plants in the North Country, we need to ensure that our state’s energy supply is reliable and affordable.

That Mr. Lambert’s campaign decided to go negative so early is evidence of his flailing effort. And that he and his supporters attacked Marilinda’s character (her integrity and maturity, to be specific) for making a principled vote as a member of the State House on an issue that has no bearing on the federal office that they both seek was an odd act of desperation. It is unsurprising though, as the aforementioned poll showed Mr. Lambert 7 points behind Kuster and struggling mightily among women (16 points behind Kuster) —a gap that Marilinda neutralized. Not only that, but Lambert’s favorability rating was upside down and dropping, despite his surprisingly low name ID for a candidate who had the considerable head start on Marilinda that he did.

And as a 
Foster’s Daily Democrat article explained, Lambert’s campaign has “yet to catch fire,” while Marilinda’s “easily dispels the myth of the GOP’s war on women, promoted by the Democratic Party oligarchy.” 

From now through Election Day, Marilinda will be keeping a very busy campaign schedule as she seeks to meet as many voters as possible and work to earn each and every vote.

We know we have the best candidate in the race and we are confident that we will have the resources and the infrastructure to help her win in September and November.


Lambert For Congress - Where was Ann Kuster?

Nashua – Last night, Congresswoman Ann Kuster missed a significant part of a critical Veterans Affairs Committee hearing (see Kuster’s empty chair below). Today, former State Senator and 2nd District congressional candidate Gary Lambert released the following statement:


“Evidently, Ann Kuster doesn’t place much more importance on taking care of our nation’s veterans. She couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time for a critical Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on the recent VA scandal. As a veteran, I find it appalling that my representative doesn’t think that 57,000 veterans being made to wait for the healthcare they earned is an important enough issue to show up for. Granite State veterans deserve better care than they are getting from the VA and they deserve better representation than they are getting from Ann Kuster.


Furthermore, as a voter and a veteran, I would like to know what was more important than our veterans. Representative Kuster, where were you when you should have been doing your job?”


Garcia For Congress - Breaking News: Leading Gun Control Group Pledges to Support Rep. Kuster!

Marilinda Garcia for Congress


Breaking News: Leading Gun Control Group Pledges to Support Rep. Kuster!

A leading gun control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, just announced that they will spend millions of dollars in New Hampshire to support Rep. Ann Kuster in the coming election.  These out-of-state interests will likely spend their millions on negative attack ads against Marilinda.  They are looking to raise at least $20 million for this election cycle, and promise to “provide some cover for members of Congress who voted for gun control measures.”

Just recently the Union Leader commented on Ann Kuster’s record on guns rights, saying “Gun owners, make no mistake, if Annie Kuster remains in Congress, she is going after your guns.”

In contrast to Kuster’s deplorable record on gun owners’ rights, Marilinda has been working tirelessly to defend the 2nd amendment and protect the rights of gun owners in New Hampshire and throughout America. She has received an “A” rating from the NRA during her four terms in the New Hampshire State Legislature, and promises to bring that same commitment to the 2nd Amendment to Washington.  

But Marilinda’s messages of personal freedoms and liberties will be silenced if Rep. Kuster’s Washington D.C. friends and their negative ad campaign have anything to say about it.

We can’t allow that to happen.  We must prepare for this oncoming barrage of attack ads. Please consider helping us with a donation of just $5 or more.


Tom Szold

Campaign Manager

Marilinda Garcia for Congress
P.S. Your contribution of $10, $20, or $50 will ensure we can win and beat Ann Kuster.  I hope you will join us today!


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