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Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI— Granite Grok: "According to Gary Lambert Cutting Taxes Will Raise Taxes"



In case you missed it, today posted an article disputing the accusations made by Gary Lambert in a flyer he recently mailed to voters. The article points out that the evidence cited by Gary Lambert does not back up his claims at all, and questions why Lambert is criticizing Marilinda Garcia for desiring to close corporate loopholes. According to the article:

“This is an incredible claim, and not simply because it is hyperbolic. It is incredible because the odds of you finding any credible corroboration of the accusation, given the references provided on the mailer are near to nil.”

The article goes on to explain that “The Lambert campaign has placed a rhetorical bet based purely on the suspension of disbelief. Do you so [sic] little about my opponent that you will simply take my word that a Republican supports a massive tax hike and policies that would kill half a million jobs?"

To read the full article, please click here.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: NH Journal: Lambert still a member of infrastructure investment advocacy group led by Bloomberg, Rendell 


In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Journal’s John Distaso recently reported that Gary Lambert is listed as a member of Building America’s Future (BAF), a national advocacy group that has supported federal and state gas tax hikes. According to the New Hampshire Journal article:

“… Lambert is listed as a member of a national group that has supported a federal gas tax hike and gas tax hikes in other states. His campaign says there is no inconsistency there.”

The article then explains that:

“BAF also describes itself as politically and regionally diverse. But conservatives say its leadership is liberal. The co-chairs are former Obama administration Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the group’s founder. BAF last year backed a 10 cents-a-gallon gasoline tax hike in Wyoming and another gas tax hike in Michigan. It supports more government funding for high speed rail and mass transit.”

The article also notes that "Lambert, by the way, has not yet returned two contributions his campaign received in June from a nonprofit charity and an auto dealership. Federal campaign finance law bars taking such donations and the campaign promised to check into it."

To read John Distaso’s full article, please click here.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: A better candidate for Republicans 


In case you missed it, the Nashua Telegraph recently published a letter to the editor which outlines why Marilinda Garcia is the best Republican candidate in NH-2. The letter points out that Marilinda’s primary opponent has remained a steadfast supporter of cap and trade in New Hampshire. As the article states:

"Marilinda Garcia has been opposed to RGGI because she recognizes it as a bigger-government, top-down, permanent albatross for the Northeast. For that reason, she is the best conservative candidate in the race."

To read the full article, please click here.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: Marilinda Garcia Tours Latva Machine 



In case you missed it, an article on Marilinda Garcia’s recent tour of Latva Machine in Newport was featured on the front page of the Eagle Times today. The article focused on Marilinda’s desire to help small businesses and create jobs throughout New Hampshire by cutting government red-tape and restrictions. According to the Eagle Times article:
“The common refrain I’m hearing from people is, ‘It’s getting harder for us to do what we do,’” Garcia said.

Garcia says she has spoken with many business owners who are concerned about regulation and taxes.
Garcia wants to see government get out of the way of small businesses, like Latva Machine, to allow them to grow and hire new employees.
Garcia, a state representative from Salem, New Hampshire, is leading the pack of Republicans running to defeat Democrat Annie Kuster. Polls show Garcia beating her primary opponents Gary Lambert, Jim Lawrence, and Mike Little. The primary election is next month.”

To read the full article, please click here

Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Marilinda Garcia Statement on New Hampshire Union Leader Endorsement 

Concord, NH – Marilinda Garcia, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement thanking the New Hampshire Union Leader for its recent endorsement in the NH-02 Republican Primary:


“I am tremendously honored to have the New Hampshire Union Leader’s endorsement for my campaign for Congress and message of ‘opportunity for all.’ The Union Leader's support demonstrates our shared commitment to limited taxation, fiscal responsibility, and less government interference in our daily lives. It will help ensure that the people of New Hampshire have such a voice in Washington. This endorsement is a reflection of the growing local support that my campaign's message is attracting."


The New Hampshire Union Leader said the following of Marilinda Garcia in its endorsement:


“Garcia is the kind of candidate Republicans should be nominating because she is a sharp, thoughtful conservative who can articulate her positions with a depth of understanding and a breadth of appeal that few candidates possess.”


“We have found Garcia to be a rare candidate who does not talk in soundbites, but rather prefers to explain her positions.”


“Republicans in the 2nd District would do well to make her their nominee for Congress.”


To read the full endorsement of Marilinda Garcia click here.


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