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ACU PAC Endorses Marilinda Garcia for U.S. Congress 

Washington, DC - The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee has endorsed Marilinda Garcia as the clear conservative choice in the Republican Primary for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.
ACU PAC Chairman Matt Schlapp said of Garcia, “Since 2012, Garcia has served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, where she advocated conservative values. Garcia’s record in the legislature demonstrates that she is a proven conservative.”
“Garcia is a stalwart against high taxes, as shown by her record opposing the gas tax increase and voting against the budget written by liberals in Concord. She is also a proponent of replacing Obamacare with bottom-up reforms, protecting property rights, limiting the role of government, and ending deficit spending.”
Previously, Garcia was recognized as an emerging leader when the American Conservative Union selected her to speak at ACU’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the premier conservative gathering. 


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Veterans Speak Out Against Gary Lambert’s Dishonest Campaign Ad



Concord, NH (9/3/14) – Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement regarding the release of the below video of veterans calling on Gary Lambert to remove his dishonest negative attack ads:


“The people of New Hampshire have no tolerance for dishonest and deceitful attack ads that push the boundaries of acceptable conduct. The fact that so many honorable and distinguished veterans came forward and voluntarily voiced their concerns with Gary Lambert’s recent attacks should be evidence that this behavior is completely unacceptable and dishonorable,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham went on to say “the contrast in the race is stark; Marilinda Garcia is a new generation conservative who has run a positive race focused on bottom-up solutions to our nation’s problems while Gary Lambert’s negative attacks have earned him a ‘pants on fire’ rating from the fact checkers and have now drawn the ire of fellow veterans.  This campaign should be about who is the best candidate to beat Ann Kuster.  We encourage Gary Lamber to listen to his fellow veterans and Chairman Jennifer Horn who have called for a clean race without dishonest, negative TV ads.” 


Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Lambert Releases New TV Ad: “Differences”

Nashua – Today, United States Marine Corps Colonel (Ret.) and 2nd District Congressional candidate Gary Lambert released a new campaign ad entitled “Differences”. The ad will begin airing Thursday. Lambert also released the following statement:


“My experience as a small business owner makes it clear to me that Obamacare must be repealed. It is increasing costs on working families, preventing businesses from creating jobs, and putting government between doctors and patients. My opponent, Representative Garcia told an editorial board recently that she opposes repeal because it’s not a ‘viable option.’ I disagree – I think repealing Obamacare is imperative to job growth.


If you send me to Congress, I will not stop fighting until Obamacare is repealed. I’ve fought all my life – to put myself through college and law school, to start a business, for our country in Iraq – and I’ve haven’t given up on anything yet. I’ll bring the same fight to repealing Obamacare in Congress.”





Excerpt from Garcia interview with Keene Sentinel published on August 20th, 2014: 

“She said she would advocate dismantling most aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but that repealing the law would no longer be a viable option. She said she sees the country’s health care debate as a struggle between trust in the free market and government intervention.


-         Keene Sentinel, “Republican Marilinda Garcia stops in Keene during campaign for congressional seat”, August 20th 2014 

Please find the article in its entirety here:


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Garcia Campaign Calls for Media to Remove Gary Lambert’s Dishonest Ads



Concord, NH - The Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign sent a letter to New Hampshire media today calling for the most recent Lambert for Congress television ad to be pulled off the air.  The ad intentionally misrepresents Marilinda’s record by misusing information that clearly demonstrates Marilinda opposes ObamaCare and would work to dismantle the law if elected to Congress.

Eric Wang, legal counsel to Garcia for Congress, sent the letter today to request New Hampshire television stations cease and desist from further airing this ad. The full letter from the Garcia campaign can be found by clicking here.

“Gary Lambert has resorted to self-funding a smear campaign against Marilinda Garcia and it needs to stop now,” said campaign manager Tom Szold. 

“Like Obama, Gary has received a 'pants on fire' rating from the fact checkers for his dishonest attack ads because he will say anything to win. Marilinda has always opposed Obamacare, and will work to repeal it in Washington. Unlike Marilinda, Gary Lambert actually has a number of votes that he must explain to New Hampshire voters, including all three votes he made in support of Obama's cap and trade scheme, his vote against allowing consumers to buy affordable health insurance across state lines, and his vote to support federal education regulations like Common Core,” continued Szold.


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Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Gary Lamberts Debate Statements Regarding Common Core, Health Insurance, and More Flip Flops 

On background: to clarify just a few of Gary Lambert's false claims from this evening's debate.

Lambert, in fact, voted against local control of education: On June 1, 2011, Gary Lambert voted to table HB 164, which was a bill that would have required legislative approval of common core standards. This bill would have made it harder to bring common core to NH, and allowed the legislature to prevent it if it so chose.

Additionally, in a 2010 survey, when asked "Do you support national education standards?" Gary Lambert said "yes."
Gary Lambert voted that SB 150 was inexpedient to legislature (a vote against allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines). He claims it didn't happen.
He flipped on that one. Here are some more flip flops.
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