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Lambert For Congress - Col. Gary lambert Fulfilling His Marine Reservist Duty This Week In North Carolina

Gary Lambert for Congress

Col. Lambert has spent much of his life serving with the brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps. Many of the finest Americans put on the same uniform he does, and serve our country with honor and distinction.
This week, Col. Lambert is back in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune fulfilling his duties as a Marine Corps reservist and spending some time with his fellow Marines. He will be working with the next generation of brave Marines and Sailors who stand steadfast and on guard for this great nation. They, like he has, are willing to sacrifice so much to ensure enduring freedom and justice.
Col. Lambert, if elected to Congress next fall, will have something that most cannot carry with them to Washington, the values and principles of his service. He will remain loyal to his beliefs and the people of  New Hampshire's Second Congressional District and, like he has throughout his 35 year military career, will fight to ensure enduring freedom and justice for all.

Lambert For Congress - Team Lambert announces another 50 public endorsements 

Gary Lambert for Congress


Col. Lambert is happy to announce today another 50 public endorsements joining Team Lambert. "I am proud of the continued and growing support our team is receiving. Our effort to help grow the economy, fight for less government intrusion into our lives and to keep our state strong continues to gain traction."

These additional 50 supporters join the already lengthy list of Granite Staters including State Representatives, small business owners, and local community leaders who stand behind Col. Lambert in his effort to become the next Congressional Representative for New Hampshire’s 2nd District. They know Col. Lambert to be a lifelong hardworking Marine, successful small business owner, and an outstanding member in his community.

Mrs. Barbara Baylis- Salem
Mrs. Dottie Beal- Salem
Rep. Ron Belanger- Windham
Mr. Nancy Blaisdell- Atkinson
Mr. Bruce Breton- Windham
Mr. Lawson Brouse- Salem
Mr. Phil Busby- Atkinson
Mr. Michael Cambra- Salem
Mr. Paul Carlson- Salem
Mrs. Lorna Carlson- Salem
Mrs. Susan Carroll- Atkinson
Rep. Robert Elliot- Salem
Mrs. Barbara Elliot- Salem
Mrs. Darlene Graczyk- Atkinson
Mr. James Graczyk- Atkinson
Mr. Stephen Gudek- Salem
Ms. Lauren Hardacre- Atkinson
Mr. Damon Kenison- Salem
Rep. Walter Kolodziej- Windham
Mr. Paul LaRochelle- Salem
Mr. Al Letizio- Windham
Mr. Peter Zohdi- Windham
Dr. Kirwan MacMillan- Atkinson
Mr. Dick Magoon- Atkinson
Mr. George McNamara- Salem
Mr. Ray Messina- Windham
Ms. Leann Moccia- Atkinson
Mrs. Gina Nassar- Salem
Mr. Joe Nassar- Salem
Mr. Mark Samsel- Windham
Mr. Gene Schneider- Atkinson
Mr. Dennis Senibaldi- Windham
Mr. William Smith- Atkinson
Ms. Martha Spaulding- Salem
Mrs. Nancy Stickney- Salem
Rep. Joe Sweeny- Salem
Mrs. Barbara Sweeny- Salem
Mr. Paul Therrien- Windham
Mr. Peter Torrosian- Atkinson
Mr. Richard Ward- Salem
Mrs. Estelle Ward- Salem
Mr. Jay Yennaco- Windham
Mrs. Ruth Youngblood- Atkinson



NHDP - NH To Gary Lambert: You Don’t Need To Be A Man To Be In Congress

oncord – After Republican Congressional Candidate Gary Lambert took to twitter to tout the need for a man to be the Second District’s member of Congress, Granite Staters have four words for him: Not in New Hampshire. On twitter, Lambert repeated and thanked a conservative activist for commenting “We need a man with Military Experience Representing 2nd Dist. NH.”

“Why does Mr. Lambert think that a man is better suited to represent New Hampshire’s second district in Congress?  He should repudiate that out of touch comment from his supporter and apologize for spreadingit as his own,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “New Hampshire has a long history of elected women in high profile leadership positions making enormous contributions to our state.”

In 2008, New Hampshire made history electing the world’s first female majority legislative body in the world.  In 2012, the Granite State was once against hammering at the glass ceiling, electing the first all-female Congressional delegation in American history.  Jeanne Shaheen remains the only woman in the United States to serve as both a Governor and U.S. Senator.

“If Gary Lambert thinks half the population is less capable of representing their friends and neighbors in Congress, how could those voters ever trust that he will stand for up them? The fact is that they can’t, Lambert’s reckless agenda has been clear from day one and fighting for all Granite States has never been part of it,” added Buckley.


AFPNH - ObamaCare Doesn't Work!


You know it and I know it - ObamaCare doesn't work.  Sadly the message is not getting through to U.S. Representative Ann Kuster.

ObamaCare enrollment closed on Christmas Eve but the nightmare before Christmas continues for too many New Hampshire families who are seeing their health care cancelled, their premiums go up, or their access to their local doctor or hospital be denied. 

Despite all these warning signs, Representative Kuster continues to steadfastly support ObamaCare. 

That is why this week we released a new ad that holds Representative Ann Kuster accountable for her support for ObamaCare.

Go here to watch the new ad.

You can also click here to take action today to stop ObamaCare.

Accountability is a good thing.  Please make sure we hold Representative Kuster accountable for her support of ObamaCare by sharing our new ad with family and friends

Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom and liberty!

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire


Lambert for Congress Releases New Splash Page

Gary Lambert for Congress

Granite Staters Deserve to Know the Truth about Congresswoman Kuster

(Nashua)- This morning Lambert for Congress released a new splash page when visitors go to; they will be greeted by the viral video that made national news of Congresswoman Kuster dodging questions from constituents regarding Benhgazi.

The splash page can be viewed here:

Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in the 2nd District said: “This video of an out-of-touch politician is exactly why Granite Staters are so frustrated with Washington. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, constituents deserve serious answers to serious questions.  Congressomwan Kuster’s effort to dodge this question, is unfortunately, what some have come to expect from Washington politicans.”

The splash page will be accompanied by a digital ad campaign targeting voters of the Second District encouraging them to watch the video.

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