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NHDP - ICYMI: "New Hampshire GOP House candidate [Marilinda Garcia]: 'Most women are emotional roller coasters'"

The Hill: New Hampshire GOP House candidate [Marilinda Garcia]: 'Most women are emotional roller coasters'

New Hampshire Republican House candidate Marilinda Garcia on Tuesday decried Democrats for what she called an “insulting” focus on women’s issues like abortion and paycheck fairness, arguing their emphasis on the subject distracts from the real issues she said women are concerned about, like jobs, energy and national security.

But Garcia may face distractions from her own preferred message. She once called women “emotional rollercoasters” during a floor speech on an abortion bill in the New Hampshire legislature — a remark that Democrats are likely to use against her as Election Day nears.

During a Tuesday interview with local radio station WGIR, Garcia was asked why Democrats were using “the women’s rights issue” to attack her in her race with Rep. Annie Kuster (D-N.H.). 

“Frankly, I think it’s insulting, because they’re preying upon what they see as a vulnerable group, one that can be swayed with scare tactics,” Garcia said during the interview.

She accused Democrats of “continually harp[ing] upon these social-issue scare tactics” to try to get at voters like herself — young single women. Garcia is 31, and her profile as a young female Hispanic candidate has made her a rising star within the GOP even before she won a hard-fought primary fight last month.

Garcia said women are more focused on other topics.

“In reality, the women I talk to, I would say maybe 2 percent of all of the voters I’ve talked to in the 2nd district and my peers — What do we talk about? We worry about the job market, we worry about our energy independence, we worry about our debt, we worry about entitlement reform, we worry about national security,” she said.

“These are the issues we want to talk about and women are concerned about, but the Democrats don’t have a record to run on.”

Those comments are similar to ones made by Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown during a Tuesday interview with Fox News, when he was asked about attacks from Democrats on his record on women's issues and he said "I'm talking about issues people care about."

In both of New Hampshire's House races and the state's Senate race, Democrats have focused heavily on women's issues in hopes of taking advantage of the advantage Democrats typically enjoy among female voters.

Kuster and groups backing her have hammered Garcia on paycheck fairness, the Violence Against Women Act and abortion, all of which Garcia has opposed in public statements and during her time in the state legislature.

And those attacks are likely to draw further fuel from her comments, during a 2007 floor speech in the New Hampshire House in support of a law requiring parental notification for abortion, calling women “emotional rollercoasters.

In a clip obtained by The Hill, Garcia declares, “a pregnant teen — I mean, most women are emotional roller coasters — but a pregnant teen is an emotional roller coaster going at warp-speed.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party spokeswoman Julie McClain said the comments were evidence Garcia “is hopelessly out of touch with women and families in New Hampshire.”

“She has insulted women by calling us 'emotional roller coasters’ — belittling our decision-making abilities and suggesting that we cannot be trusted with our own health care decisions. Then, she unilaterally decided that 98 percent of voters don't care about issues like paycheck fairness and reproductive freedom,” McClain said in an email. 

“As the families of the second congressional district seek to elect a congresswoman who will move us forward, Marilinda Garcia is promising to send us backwards.”


NHDP - ICYMI: “LISTEN: Cruz-Backed GOPer [Marilinda Garcia] Dismisses 'Meaningless' Minimum Wage Hike” 

Tea Party Extremist Marilinda Garcia Doubles Down on Denying 110,000 Hard-Working Granite Staters a Much-Needed Raise

Key point: "New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia dismissed raising the minimum wage as a 'wedge issue' by President Barack Obama's administration that actually wouldn't help people and instead is just a 'petty, short-sighted type of little issue.'


"She also calls a hike 'trite.'


"A November Gallup poll found that about three quarters of Americans support an increase in the minimum wage."

See here or below for the full Talking Points Memo story:

LISTEN: Cruz-Backed GOPer Dismisses 'Meaningless' Minimum Wage Hike

New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia dismissed raising the minimum wage as a "wedge issue" by President Barack Obama's administration that actually wouldn't help people and instead is just a "petty, short-sighted type of little issue."

Garcia, considered a rising star among conservative Republicans, made the comments Monday evening during an interview with Chris Ryan on his Pints and Politics show on WKXL in Concord, New Hampshire. The comments were flagged by the opposition-research shop American Bridge.

"I voted against increasing the state minimum wage when I was in the legislature," Garcia said. "It seems to be sort of a petty — not punitive is the wrong word — but kind of just a petty, short-sighted type of little issue that the President's administration decided to champion for a time to then use as a wedge issue."

Garcia goes on to say that a minimum wage increase would be slight for the recipients but would be "catastrophic" for the job market. She also calls a hike "trite."

"Every employer I've talked to says —about deals with the minimum wage says 'look I will literally be laying people off.' Now I ask you, is giving someone a dollar, $1.15 increase helpful or better for them than actually not losing that job to begin with?" Garcia continued. "So what you're doing is you're forcing people to choose between laying people off completely and losing their job or having a somewhat trite and meaningless wage —excuse me raise, and your wage that doesn't do in fact do anything to make your life more affordable, allow for the cost of living, help you heat your home, fill your car, and all these other —afford your healthcare— and all these things we're dealing with. So yeah, I'm opposed to raising it."

A November Gallup poll found that about three quarters of Americans support an increase in the minimum wage. New Hampshire's minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour, according to the Department of Labor. Obama and Democrats have strongly expressed support for raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Garcia, who has been endorsed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and prominent tea party groups, is the Republican nominee for Congress seeking to replace Rep. Ann Kuster (D-NH).

She previously made headlines for refusing to say whether she got her health care through the Obamacare exchange.

Listen to Garcia's comments below:


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Ann Kuster Timeline 




Concord, NH – Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement regarding this timeline of Rep. Ann Kuster's loving relationship with President Obama:

“Although Ann Kuster has recently tried to abandon her self-described record as 'one of the strongest supporters of the president in the entire Congress,' the people of New Hampshire know she is loyal to Washington, DC and not New Hampshire.  This helps explain why as a Congresswoman Ann Kuster has held exactly zero public town halls in our district,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham went on to explain “with this timeline, you can clearly see Ann Kuster’s real record of supporting the Obama economic agenda that has failed to grow our economy but has been wildly successful at growing Washington, DC. Our campaign is growing every day because New Hampshire is fed up with Ann Kuster’s record of burdening New Hampshire with higher taxes, increased government spending, and more regulation and red-tape.”

To view the full timeline please click here.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Tune in to the debate tomorrow!




The radio debate with Marilinda Garcia and Ann Kuster is tomorrow at 8 am on WGIR AM 610!

Ann Kuster seems to have plenty of free time, as she has been invisible on the campaign trail thus far. Despite this, she has REFUSED to attend tomorrow’s “candidates’ debate” on WGIR. She won’t even call into the radio debate and give her take on the issues facing New Hampshire over the telephone!

Ann Kuster would rather spend all of her time fundraising and using misleading ads to distort Marilinda Garcia’s record. But in New Hampshire, voters expect their candidates to listen to them—not hide.

That is why Marilinda Garcia will be participating in the debate even without Ann Kuster! Be sure to tune in to WGIR AM 610 at 8 am on Tuesday, and don’t forget to contact Ann Kuster yourself and ask her to join Marilinda. 


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: Analysis: Campaign strategies for Garcia, Kuster 


In case you missed it, WMUR today published this video, which contrasts the campaign strategies of Marilinda Garcia and Ann Kuster. According to the video:

“…Marilinda Garcia announces five town hall meetings between now and election-day, calling out Annie Kuster, saying where is she?”

The video went on to say “what we’ve seen with Annie Kuster all year is really a lack of visibility, a lack of a robust campaign schedule. If you want to go see Annie Kuster, if you want to ask her a question, I have no idea what to tell you to do.”

To view the full video, please click here.


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