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NHDP - #FITN News 11/14/2011

This Week's NH #FITN News & Headlines


Concord Monitor: 'Mittless protection?'
Union Leader (via Reuters): Planned Parenthood hits Romney on opposition to family planning funding
Boston Globe: Christie offers pre-debate advice to Romney: Be yourself
Concord Monitor: Newt's moment
NHPR: Cain gets benefit of the doubt - for now
Concord Monitor: Santorum: I'm the conservantive pick
Union Leader editorial: Perry's third department: We're making progress
Keene Sentinel editorial: What Rick Perry's 'brain freeze' says about his capabilities
Nashua Telegraph: Roemer tackling campaign finance
Concord Monitor: One friendly debate
Nashua Telegraph: Delegation faces endorsing or not

State News & Views


AP: State GOP's job record spotty 
Concord Monitor: Biden pays tribute to N.H. veterans 
Patch: Organizing for America Volunteers in Amherst for Day of Action
Valley News: Obama Supporters Re-Engage, One Year Out Volunteers Begin Work
Boston Globe: While N.H. eyes are on GOP candidates, Obama and Democrats work quietly 
Portsmouth Herald: Gov. Patrick helps open Obama office in Portsmouth


NHDP - Statement on North Country Leaders' Letter to Kelly Ayotte 

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding a letter to Senator Kelly Ayotte from a bipartisan group of nearly two dozen elected and community leaders in the North Country.  The letter express their "alarm" with her vote against the Berlin prison, a "vital public safety and economic development project."

"You don't have to be from the North Country to be distressed by Senator Ayotte's vote against New Hampshire jobs.  Her priorities are mixed up on nearly every issue, putting her reckless Tea Party ideology first and the people of New Hampshire last.

"Ever since her infamous 'running' ad, Senator Ayotte has been sprinting away from job creation and her campaign promises.  Her vote against the Berlin prison would have left the facility empty, over 300 New Hampshire citizens unemployed, and taxpayers with a 4 million dollar a year bill."

The full text of the letter can be found here.


NHDP - Speaker O'Brien: "Education Funding Causes More Problems Than It Solves"

Concord, NH - Speaking to the Union Leader about news that New Hampshire college students have the highest level of debt in the country, Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien touted the reckless Republican state budget passed earlier this year.  Under his supervision the budget made the largest cut to public higher education in the nation. [Union Leader, 11/08/2011]

This issue shows once again the clear choice that voters will face in November between Republicans who prioritize tax cuts on cigarettes over New Hampshire students and Democrats who are working to improve education, make it more affordable and prepare today's students for tomorrow's economy.
"Only in Speaker O'Brien Tea Party fantasy world does funding education 'cause more problems than it solves.' In reality, New Hampshire's highly skilled workforce is a major draw for businesses creating new jobs in the state.  Not only doesn't the Speaker care that his irresponsible budget has already killed more than 1,500 New Hampshire jobs, he clearly is giving no thought to New Hampshire's workforce of tomorrow and Granite Staters' future job opportunities," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Speaker O'Brien and Republicans in Concord shouldn't be touting their reckless budget, which gave New Hampshire the dubious distinction of being first in the nation in student debt and irresponsible cuts to higher education - neither is anything to be proud of."

In contrast, last week President Obama announced a plan to help students manage the costs of college by consolidating their federal student loans and reducing interest rates, giving over 1 million borrowers more manageable monthly payments.These changes could reduce loan payments by hundreds of dollars each month for many who struggle to manage their student loan debt - including nurses, teachers, public defenders and others in lower-paying jobs.
Additionally, the American Jobs Act proposes $8,700,000 in funding in the next fiscal year for New Hampshire's community colleges, to ensure that these local, bedrock education institutions have the facilities and equipment to address current workforce demands in today's highly technical and growing fields. [White House fact sheet]

"The choice voters will face in November could not be clearer," said Kirstein. "Republicans have mixed up priorities on nearly every issue, putting corporations and special interests first and seniors, students and Middle Class Granite State families last."

NHDP - ICYMI: Reckless State Budget Kills 100 NH Jobs

otal number of NH jobs killed by reckless Republican state budget passes 1,500


Concord, NH - When confronted with the news that their reckless state budget had killed 100 New Hampshire jobs yesterday, Republican lawmakers showed no remorse for their job killing votes.  Republican State Representative Charles Sova even told the Valley News that "he would make the same choice" again.


Since it took effect in July, the Republican state budget has killed more than 1,500 New Hampshire jobs. [Chart]  The state unemployment rate which had been on the decline for 16 consecutive months has now increased five months in a row.  [Graph]


"How many hard working New Hampshire residents need to lose their jobs before Republicans in Concord will admit their irresponsible budget has been a complete disaster?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Not only don't House and Senate Republicans care that hundreds of Granite Staters are losing their jobs, they would vote to kill those jobs all over again if given a second chance."   


"Their reckless Tea Party agenda needs to stop immediately," continued Kirstein.  "It is so at odd with the values of New Hampshire citizens that voters have consistently named them one of the top three problems facing the state."


In the three most recent polls from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, respondents self identified the new Republican legislature as one of the top three problems facing the state of New Hampshire.  []


The full text of the article in today's Valley News can be found here.


NHDP - NHGOP Continues Attacks on Women's Health Care 

Concord, NH - House Republicans voted to make further cuts to health care services for New Hampshire women last week.  The House Commerce Committee passed HB309 [Bill Text] which will allow insurance providers to refuse to cover midwife services.  Midwives can often be the most accessible safe way for many women in New Hampshire to give birth.


"HB309 will cut access to affordable health care for women and limit individual control over how women choose to give birth to their children," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "This bill isn't about cutting costs.  It is part of a reckless agenda aimed at cutting access to affordable health care for New Hampshire women and killing New Hampshire jobs."


Earlier this year state Republicans eliminated preventative health care services from thousands of New Hampshire women through their efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  HB309 would force nearly two dozen birthing facilities and midwives in the Granite State out of business.


HB309 was voted out of the Commerce Committee and will now head to the full House for a vote. [] New Hampshire was the 9th state in the nation to legalize and license midwifery and requires significant training, experience, and testing to become a certified midwife. []


"From the job killing budget to relentless attacks on health care for women, the reckless Republican agenda has been an unmitigated disaster this year," added Kirstein.  "That is why for the third straight time, polls have shown that voters view the Republican legislature as one of the top three problems facing the state."