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NHDP - GRAB YOUR POPCORN, This One’s a Doozy

Rachel Maddow Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Why Scott Brown is Wrong for New Hampshire
Here’s a NHDP Viewing Guide to Maddow’s Review of Scott Brown’s Greatest Gaffes.

2:10--Brown claims to have had "secret meetings" with Kings and Queens. He didn't. Ever.
2:40--Brown falls for Osama Bin Laden internet hoax. Believed that fake pictures were real and defended them on TV.
2:57--Rachel notes that Brown's fake embarrassing, made up, wrong stuff has been unforced.
4:00--Brown says Hillary Clinton calls him constantly asking for votes....later to be revealed as his office.
4:50--Brown accuses Rachel Maddow of trying to run against him for MA Senate, which was "really weird."
5:30--Brown mocks Elizabeth Warren for being part Native American--"Scott Brown X-ray ethnic vision."
6:45--Scott Brown's phantom "Bqhatevwr" tweet from his pants.
6:55--Changes twitter handle, which had been @ScottBrownMA, to @SenScottBrown so it wouldn't be awkward when he ran for Senate in New Hampshire.
8:15--Scott Brown stumbles, can't remember what state he is in.

0:23--Scott Brown butchers his new state's motto: "Live Free AND Die"--maybe you, buddy. But not us.
1:20--Brown says "do I have the best credentials? Probably not. Cause, you know, whatever."
1:50--Can't even get his paperwork right. Brown forgets to check off what party he belongs to and is "a little bit of a mess."
3:05--McConnell calls Scott Brown "an old friend of ours."
4:05--Brown launches campaign based on the premise that Obamacare would be a failure...but millions of people now have access to health insurance.
5:00—“Scott Brown was a terribly embarrassing Senator....”
8:00--As the National GOP start to quietly admit that ACA is working, Scott Brown "Mr. I'm Against Obamacare... cannot answer even basic questions about what the state he is running in should do about Obamacare...because expanding health insurance in New Hampshire probably at some level makes sense for New Hampshire...but being against Obamacare is the one thing people are supposed to know about Scott Brown that does not make them laugh out loud."

NHDP - The Donald Endorses Scott Brown 

"Another billionaire is joining the Scott Brown Appreciation Club. I wonder if Trump will ask him for his birth certificate"

WMUR: Scott Brown gets praise from The Donald

Donald Trump has opinions. He knows who is likes. He knows who he dislikes. He will basically tell you anything if you ask him the right way.

So when a local radio host asked Trump if he likes soon-to-be New Hampshire U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown, Trump said he did.
Appearing on "New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath" on Manchester-based WGIR-AM Tuesday morning, Trump said would probably endorse Brown.

"I think I would. I think he is a good man. I think he’s done a good job. He was in a tough area if you are a Republican certainly and to get elected one time was sort of amazing actually and now he is in a little bit of a different location," Trump said. "I love New Hampshire. I have been to New Hampshire many times. I think he can do it."

Trump later said that Brown has "a very good chance of winning" this fall over Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen.

State Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley was not impressed with the Trump endorsement.

"Another billionaire is joining the Scott Brown Appreciation Club. I wonder if Trump will ask him for his birth certificate," said Buckley.

Of course, Brown will first have to get through a Republican primary before taking on Shaheen.

Trump was on the New Hampshire radio station in advance of his second trip to the state this year. He will speak at the Americans for Prosperity Freedom Summit with potential Republican presidential candidates.

As for running for president himself, he said he would prefer not to, but he would need to see how the rest of the 2014 election year would play out.

NHDP - Koch Brothers, Big Oil, & Wall Street Special Interests Succeed in Getting Their Buddy Scott Brown to Run For Senate in NH

Koch Brothers, Big Oil, & Wall Street Special Interests Succeed in Getting Their Buddy Scott Brown to Run For Senate in NH
Brown Still Refusing to Keep Third Party Special Interest Money Out of Race by Signing People’s Pledge
Three Weeks After He Launched a Short-Lived and Gaffe-Plagued “Exploratory Committee” and Tour of NH—Brown Decides He Knows Enough About NH Families to Run for Senate
Concord, NH—This morning, a mere three weeks after launching a short-lived and gaffe-plagued “exploratory committee” and tour of New Hampshire to “learn” about New Hampshire families, three and a half months after moving to the Granite State, and three months since the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove started pouring money into negative ads benefiting him, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has announced that he will run for Senate in New Hampshire.
“Scott Brown is for Scott Brown. He moved to New Hampshire and aligned himself with the third party special interest groups trying to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat. Then he embarked on a relentlessly negative statewide tour, in which he avoided answering questions about the People’s Pledge, bashed the Affordable Care Act, only to be told by a fellow Republican that it was a ‘financial lifesaver,’ and then told a reporter that he probably did not have the best credentials 'cause, you know, whatever,’” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “What we know is that Scott Brown has a record of protecting Big Oil tax breaks and Wall Street special interests—the same special interests that have already poured over $1.5 million into this race to defeat a candidate who is actually fighting for New Hampshire families—Jeanne Shaheen. He offers no plans or solutions, only the same negative and nasty Republican attacks.”
Buckley added, “Today’s announcement is no surprise—Scott Brown is working with the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove to get elected in New Hampshire so that he can do their bidding again in the United States Senate. Well, Granite Staters know and deserve better. We know who puts our interests first, and that is the woman who raised her family in New Hampshire, taught in our schools, served three terms as Governor, and is now working for us in Washington, and that is Jeanne Shaheen.”


Telegraph Compares Bridgegate Gov. and Tactless Redskins Owner to a Certain ex-MA Senator

Telegraph: Christie, Brown, Snyder offer good lessons in bad public relations

Telegraph Editorial

It has been a great few days for adding to the annals of ludicrous public relations blunders. It’s always good for a chuckle when supposedly astute people do really dumb things.

First up is New Jersey’s Chris Christie. The incredibly shrinking Republican governor wants to be president, but things aren’t going so well of late. There was this whole bridge thing, where members of his administration closed down a lane of traffic leading to the George Washington Bridge into New York City for a couple of days in political retaliation against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, N.J.

Although federal authorities and New Jersey legislators are conducting investigations to determine what the governor knew and when he knew it, Christie thought it would be a good idea to conduct his own investigation, which – surprise, surprise – exonerated him completely. Critics quickly and accurately labeled the governor’s “investigation” a sham, because Christie’s handpicked lawyers didn’t speak to several vital players in the scandal, possibly because those witnesses may yet be indicted.

What was Christie thinking? That his own probe would be taken more seriously than a federal investigation? That, if he got his message out first, he could begin to sway public opinion back in his direction? If either is the case, then he shouldn’t be asking taxpayers to pick up the $1 million price tag for his self-indulgence.

New Hampshire’s newest politician in residence, former Massachusetts U.S.Sen. Scott Brown, didn’t appear ready for prime time last week when he came off sounding more like a valley girl than a serious contender for U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s seat.

When asked by the Associated Press if he had the best credentials to run for the Senate, Brown now infamously replied, “Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ’Cause, you know, whatever.”

Perhaps the best way to respond is in a way Brown would likely best understand: What’s up with that, dude? Are you even for realzies? That’s, like, so bogus.


We also count among the clueless Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who is still pitching the idea that the team’s nickname honors native Americans.

“It’s not enough to celebrate the values and heritage of Native Americans,” Snyder said in a letter to the team’s fans last week. “We must do more.”

That “more” is the creation of the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation” that will supposedly “provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities” for Native Americans.

In other words, he apparently thinks that if he buys the naming rights to an ethnic slur, everything will be OK. Wrong. Does he think that if he set up a scholarship fund for African Americans he could use the n-word?

The fact that he used the offensive nickname in the title of his foundation proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Snyder doesn’t get it.

Amazingly, he believes “even more firmly” the name “captures the best of who we are and who we can be, by staying true to our history and honoring the deep and enduring values our name represents.”

More than a couple native Americans don’t share his vision.

“We’re glad that after a decade of owning the Washington team, Mr. Snyder is finally interested in Native American Heritage, and we are hopeful that when his team finally stands on the right side of history and changes its name, he will honor the commitments to Native Americans that he is making,” said Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter.

And that’s the point. If Synder truly cared about native Americans, he would establish the foundation and change the team’s nickname.

Instead, he just looks shallow and thick-headed.


NHDP - ALL of the Out-of-Touch, Koch-Backed Republican Federal Candidates Oppose Extending Health Insurance

NHGOP Recruits for Senate, Congress Running on “Repeal” Agenda, Aligned with Third Party Special Interests

Concord, NH—Last week, as Governor Maggie Hassan signed a law that will give 50,000 New Hampshire families access to health insurance, ALL of New Hampshire’s Republican candidates for federal office continued to stand in fierce opposition to Medicaid Expansion, even while a majority of the Republican caucus in the State House supported the measure. By opposing Medicaid Expansion, Republican candidates Scott Brown, Frank Guinta, Dan Innis, Marilinda Garcia, and Gary Lambert continue to prove they are members of the Republican establishment who havedrank the Kool-Aid, running on a Koch-Rove agenda at the expense of New Hampshire’s families.
 “Frankly, it’s no surprise that all of the New Hampshire Republican Party’s candidates—Brown, Guinta, Innis, Garcia, and Lambert—are opposing a bipartisan, commonsense initiative that will expand health coverage to 50,000 more families in our state,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “This was an important compromise made between both parties in the New Hampshire Legislature and Governor Hassan to ensure that tens of thousands of families will no longer have to choose between getting the care they need and going bankrupt. New Hampshire families deserve representatives that put their concerns before the third party special interests spending millions of dollars to get their candidates elected so they can represent Big Oil and Wall Street.”
Republican Senate President Chuck Morse praised the bipartisan Medicaid Expansion compromise as “a New Hampshire solution.”  The New Hampshire Business and Industry Association announced support for expansion, citing that “health care providers aren’t reimbursed for treating uninsured patients, which ultimately impacts the amount cost-shifted onto other payers, such as businesses and their employees.”  The state senate passed expansion with broad bipartisan support including the more than half of the Republican caucus. And Republicans Fergus Cullen and Rep. Herb Richardson have publicly stated that they have benefitted from the Affordable Care Act, the latter even interrupting Brown’s speech in his home to tell him that the ACA has been a “financial lifesaver.”
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