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NHDP - Bipartisan Medicaid Expansion Plan Will Move NH Forward 

New Hampshire Poised to Expand Healthcare Access Under the Affordable Care Act To Thousands Of Working Granite State Families

Concord, NH - This afternoon, the New Hampshire State Senate voted in favor of expanding access to health coverage through federal Medicaid funding made available by the Affordable Care Act with strong bipartisan support from both parties. With Senate passage of Medicaid expansion, once the bill passes the House, thousands of hardworking Granite Staters will gain access to vital health care.
“Today’s bipartisan vote for a Medicaid Expansion compromise in New Hampshire is a tremendous step forward for our state.  Governor Hassan worked with leaders of both parties to reach a compromise that placed hard working Granite Staters ahead of partisan ideology,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.
This commonsense compromise is not only good health policy; it is good economic and fiscal policy too. Economists estimate that expansion will inject $2.5 billion into the New Hampshire economy, create new jobs, and save hard working Granite State taxpayers millions of dollars.  In fact if New Hampshire had refused to accept these federal funds, they would have gone to states like New Jersey, Arizona, or Ohio where conservative Republican governors have opted to expand Medicaid for their constituents.
“With expansion, 50,000 Granite Staters will no longer have to fight cancer and bankruptcy at the same time. Instead they will have the economic security that only comes with health insurance coverage,” continued Buckley. 
The final roll call vote was 18 to 5, with 7 Republicans, including Senate President Chuck Morse and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, joining all 11 Democrats in the state Senate to vote in favor of the compromise.
“Faced with an opportunity to vote for a bipartisan common sense compromise that strengthens the economy and expands health care coverage, 5 Republican State Senators sided with the Tea Party instead of the people of New Hampshire,” added Buckley.  “Shame on them.  In November, voters will hold Andy Sanborn, Sam Cataldo, Russell Prescott, John Reagan, and Sharon Carson accountable for putting partisan ideology before people."

Fact: Medicaid Expansion Would Strengthen The Economic Security And Health Of Countless New Hampshire Families.
  • Lewin Group: Moving forward with Medicaid Expansion would bring $2.5 billion into the economy, create 700 jobs, and save the state $92 million. [Lewin Group, Jan 2013]
  • Think Tank: Postponing Medicaid Expansion Even By One Year Would Cost An NH Irreplaceable $340 Billion. Economic and heath care policy experts at the NHFPI predict that "If New Hampshire delays, it would lose out for a year - maybe more - on the 100 percent federal match.  In detailed reports assessing the impact of the Medicaid expansion on New Hampshire, the Lewin Group estimated that a one-year delay would reduce the federal funds coming into New Hampshire by $340 million." [NHFPI, 5/28/2013]
  • STUDY: "Medicaid Virtually Wiped Out Crippling Medical Expenses Among The Poor." "The big news is that Medicaid virtually wiped out crippling medical expenses among the poor: The percentage of people who faced catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures (that is, greater than 30 percent of annual income) declined from 5.5 percent to about 1 percent. In addition, the people on Medicaid were about half as likely to experience other forms of financial strain-like borrowing money or delaying payments on other bills because of medical expenses." [The New Republic, 5/1/2013]
  • STUDY: "People On Medicaid Ended Up With Significantly Better Mental Health." "The other big finding was that people on Medicaid ended up with significantly better mental health: The rate of depression among Medicaid beneficiaries was 30 percent lower than the rate of depression among people who remained uninsured. That's not just good health policy. That's good fiscal policy, given the enormous costs that mental health problems impose on society-by reducing productivity, increasing the incidence of violence and self-destructive behavior, and so on." [The New Republic,5/1/2013
  • Accepting Federal Funding for Expanded Medicaid Would Bring NH A "Number of Economic Benefits." The non-partisan New Hampshire fiscal policy institute found, "if New Hampshire takes the federal money, it will enjoy a number of economic benefits as well. It will gain an average of 5,100 new jobs; the state will enjoy a $2.8 billion increase in gross state product; personal income will increase by more than $2 billion, and; household spending on health care will drop by almost $100 million statewide." [NHFPI Testimony, 5/9/2013]
  • STUDY: Refusing to Expand Medicaid Will Be “More-Costly,” Require States Higher Spending on Uncompensated Care.  A non-partisan study revealed, “State policymakers should be aware that if they do not expand Medicaid, fewer people will have health insurance, and that will trigger higher state and local spending for uncompensated medical care,” Price said. “Choosing to not expand Medicaid may turn out to be the more-costly path for state and local governments.” [The Hill, 6/3/2013]
Fact: Conservative Republican Governor’s Support Medicaid Expansion to improve health and economic security.
  • Some of the most conservative Republican Governors in the country are accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion.  Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey, Republican John Kasich in Ohio, Republican Rick Scott in Florida and other Republicans across the country have all announced they will be accepting the federal funding for expansion. [National Medicaid Map]
  • GOP Governor Brewer is Vetoing Any Legislation That Reaches Her Desk Before Expansion. Republican Governor Jan Brewer is “so determined to put the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in place in her state that she’s vetoing any legislation that reaches her desk until the Republican Legislature caves.” [Politico, 6/5/2013]

NHDP - Poll: Hassan Well Positioned for Reelection, Remains Highly Popular Among Voters 

Concord - The latest public opinion poll numbers show Governor Hassan in a strong position for re-election and is remains highly popular with New Hampshire voters.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley release the following statement on the poll.

"Governor Hassan's responsible leadership has made investing in the priorities that grow jobs and strengthen our New Hampshire middle class a top priority. The people of New Hampshire have watched her bring lawmakers from both parties to the table to work on bipartisan commonsense solutions.  She has the highest favorability numbers of anyone tested in the poll on the Governor's race and she leads all potential challengers by a massive 25 points.  This poll shows voters trust Democrats to continue moving New Hampshire forward."

The full poll can be found here:

NHDP - NH Senate Committee Passes Equal Pay Act, Kelly Ayotte Filibustered

Concord – An equal pay law Kelly Ayotte filibustered as a ‘job killer’ has the support of New Hampshire’s State Senate Republicans on the Commerce Committee.  The New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act which passed state Senate Commerce Committee unanimously today, would have a very similar impact to federal the Paycheck Fairness Act .

In 2012, Ayotte defended her vote opposing the anti-wage discrimination legislation saying Paycheck Fairness would, “make it more difficult for job creators to create jobs” but provided no evidence for the claim. 

“Senator Ayotte isn’t just out of touch with New Hampshire women, she is even out of touch with her own Republican Party,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “The wage gap undermines the economic security of countless New Hampshire families where women are either the sole or a joint bread winner.”

Nonpartisan studies show that “women in New Hampshire are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to a yearly gap of $12,012 between men and women who work full time in the state.”  The wage gap exists even when controlling for industry, position, experience, performance, and working the same job as a man, women still earn less.  Over her lifetime, a working woman loses on average hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages.  Denying equal pay for equal work doesn’t just discriminate against women – it also jeopardizes the economic security of families across the country.

The New Hampshire Fair Pay Act was sponsored by Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen and House Speaker Terie Norelli.  Working together, Democrats in the New Hampshire State House are making the fight for fair pay a top legislative priority.

“The Paycheck Fairness legislation Democrats are fighting for, and Kelly Ayotte helped national Republicans filibuster would made a real difference for women in New Hampshire and across the nation,” continued Buckley.  “Shame on her for not standing up for Granite State women.”


NHDP - McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Tickets Early Bird Tickets! 


NHDP - 10 Questions for Frank Guinta 

Somersworth -- Ahead of former Congressman Frank Guinta's "listening tour" event tomorrow, Granite State senior citizen and Medicare beneficiary Hiram Connell of Somersworth has ten questions forthe former Congressman.  Guinta is obsessed with re-fighting the health care battles of the past and wants to take people back to the days where insurance companies can discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and kick people off their plans if they get sick but New Hampshire can't afford his partisan, Tea Party approach.

See Mr. Connell's letter below.

Open Letter: 10 Questions for Guinta

Dear Congressman Guinta,

I am a senior (76 years old) living in Somersworth and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I have already enjoyed the benefit of stronger Medicare and free preventive care and annual checkups. I’m pleased you’re launching a "health care listening tour,” and on behalf Granite Staters who now benefit from stronger health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you need to respond to a few questions.

1.     Thousands of Granite Staters have already signed up for health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. If people like their plans, should they be able to keep them?

2.     You are a vocal advocate for the Ryan Budget, which you helped draft. Do you still support turning Medicare into a voucher program?

3.     You boast to have “led the charge to repeal or defund” the Affordable Care Act. Are you concerned that your efforts would end annual and lifetime limits on critical care for over a million residents in New Hampshire?

4.     Repealing the Affordable Care Act would force New Hampshire seniors with Medicare prescription drug coverage to pay an extra $800 each year. How do you suggest they cover this extra expense they might need to stay alive?

5.     Do you continue to support allowing insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions in order to increase their already huge profits?

6.     Do you support kicking thousands of Granite Stater's under age 26 off of their parents’ insurance plans as they begin their careers?

7.     You voted to defund Planned Parenthood – an organization that’s delivered all kinds of preventive health care to thousands of New Hampshire families. Would you do it again?

8.     Do you still think Roe v. Wade should be overturned and believe that Congress should ban a woman’s right to choose--even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of a mother?

9.  You said members of Congress should not be judged by legislation they pass but by the “legislation they repeal.” Is that why you tried to repeal the health care law so that insurance companies could continue to kick people off their insurance policies whenever they got sick?

10.     As an advocate of selling insurance across state lines, do you support the Affordable Care Act's provisions which will allow states to form compacts and sell insurance across state lines, or do you support the unregulated selling of insurance across state lines that allows insurance companies to offer the lowest standards of care in irresponsible states and that denies your state's insurance established standards as the minimum coverage?

Congressman Guinta, you can go on all the “listening tours” you want, but you can do nothing to change the fact that you repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and give insurance companies free rein to unrestrained profits, deny care, raise costs, and charge women more than men, but you are not going to fool us again.

Hiram Connell
Somersworth, NH