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Joe Plaia to Announce entry into Rockingham County Attorney's Race

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The 2012 Democratic nominee will again run for County Attorney

(PORTSMOUTH, NH) Joe Plaia will make official Tuesday morning what many have expected for months – he will again run for the office of Rockingham County Attorney. Plaia, the 2012 Democratic nominee earned over 60,000 votes in the 2012 race, his first race for elected office.

Joe, who currently serves as the New Hampshire Liquor Commission Chief Hearings Officer, will be joined by supporters outside the County Court complex in Brentwood.


Who:              Joe Plaia and supporters


What:             Campaign kickoff for Plaia’s campaign for Rockingham County Attorney


When:            Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Time:              10:00 am


Where:          10 New Hampshire 125, Brentwood, NH 03833  


NHDP - First on CNN: Battle over pledge in Brown-Shaheen Senate fight 

Key Point: "Scott Brown needs to explain to New Hampshire voters why he chose to honor the People's Pledge in Massachusetts but doesn't think New Hampshire voters deserve the same respect," DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said in a statement.

First on CNN: Battle over pledge in Brown-Shaheen Senate fight
CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser

(CNN) - A war of words is erupting in New Hampshire over a pledge from Massachusetts.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Monday criticized former Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who's now taking steps to launch a Republican challenge against Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of neighboring New Hampshire, for not signing a pledge to keep outside money out of the race.

"Scott Brown needs to explain to New Hampshire voters why he chose to honor the People's Pledge in Massachusetts but doesn't think New Hampshire voters deserve the same respect," DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said in a statement.

"Brown should follow Shaheen's lead because the decision of who will be the next Senator doesn't belong in the hands of the Koch Brothers who are pushing an agenda that's good for billionaires and bad for New Hampshire.  The DSCC will abide by the rules of the People's Pledge if the third party groups supporting Scott Brown do the same," Cecil added.

On Saturday, one day after Brown announced he formed an exploratory committee, an important move which allows Brown to begin raising money and putting together a campaign team in advance of a formal Senate run in New Hampshire, Shaheen sent him a letter concerning the pledge, similar to the one that then-Sen. Brown of Massachusetts signed with Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Brown ended up losing his 2012 bid for re-election.

"I very much admired the People's Pledge that you and Elizabeth Warren signed in your 2012 Massachusetts Senate race.  I believe it limited the influence of outside groups and allowed the people's voices to be heard," Shaheen wrote.

"I have signed and attached two copies of an agreement with the exact same terms for the New Hampshire 2014 Senate race.  I hope you will join me in once again committing to the same People's Pledge you signed in Massachusetts and limiting the influence of outside groups in New Hampshire this year."

While not commenting on whether he would sign the pledge, Brown responded later Saturday, calling Shaheen's move "self-serving and hypocritical."

"Before I even thought of becoming a candidate, Jeanne Shaheen's allies in Washington were running negative ads against me for months. And right now, while I'm meeting with the people of New Hampshire, she is on the West Coast raising money so third-party groups in DC will have money to run even more outside negative ads against me. It's hard to view Jeanne Shaheen's actions as anything other than hypocritical and self-serving," Brown wrote.

And New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn wrote that Shaheen's "stunt today represents D.C. politics at its very worst. New Hampshire voters are smart enough to see through Jeanne Shaheen's hypocrisy and double standards."

Shaheen meets with voters across New Hampshire starting Tuesday for three straight days. She spent the weekend fundraising in Washington State and California.

New polls give Shaheen double-digit lead

Brown joins three other Republicans who are running for their party's Senate nomination in New Hampshire: former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith, former state Sen. Jim Rubens, and conservative activist Karen Testerman.

If Brown ends up winning the party's September primary, it could expand the map for Republicans. Democrats hold a 55-45 majority in the Senate (53 Democrats and two independents who caucus with the party), but are defending 21 of the 36 seats up in November, with half of those Democratic-held seats in red or purple states, like New Hampshire.

But a second straight public opinion poll indicates Shaheen has a double digit lead over Brown. According to an American Research Group survey released Monday, 50% of Granite State registered voters say they would support Shaheen, with 38% backing Brown and 12% undecided. The survey indicates Shaheen has a 49%-34% advantage among independent voters.

The poll is similar to a recent Suffolk University/Boston Herald survey that indicated Shaheen has a 52%-39% lead among New Hampshire voters.

From state house to Senate

In January 2010, the then little-known Republican state senator in Massachusetts pulled an upset in a special election to serve the final three years of the late Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy's term. But Brown's time in the Senate was cut short when Warren defeated him in 2012.

Last year, Scott passed on running in a special election in Massachusetts to fill the term of John Kerry, who left the Senate to become secretary of state. And at the time, Brown also announced that he wouldn't make a 2014 bid for an open governor's seat in the Bay State.

Brown last year made a number of speaking appearances at GOP events in the Granite State, where he spent much of his childhood and where he owned a vacation home. Last fall, in another hint about a possible run, he dropped the 'MA' from his Twitter handle.

A few months later, he sold his home in Massachusetts and moved his residency north to New Hampshire.


NHDP - NH Dems Chair: GOP Conference Highlights Republican Weakness

GOP Agenda Favors Big Corporate Interests, Wall Street, Big Oil

Concord, NH -- Bringing their Big Oil, Wall Street agenda to a Nashua, New Hampshire conference, a long list of failed Republican candidates this weekend offer reminders of why their failed.

“Failed candidates talking about failed policies – that is what this weekend is,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  “Scott Brown, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Linda McMahon were all rejected by voters in their states who didn't want to go back to the policies of the past that wrecked the economy and punished the middle class.”

“Now Scott Brown appears to be ready to be rejected by voters in two states, because the people of New Hampshire don't want a Senator who represents Big Oil and Wall Street," said Buckley.

Republicans from throughout New England are gathering in Nashua this weekend for a two-day regional conference.

“This weekend isn’t about the kitchen table issues important to the people of New Hampshire like increasing the minimum wage or paycheck fairness. This weekend is about protecting the interests of big corporations, Big Oil, and Wall Street. Big Oil isn’t spending big bucks here in New Hampshire because they care about the people of New Hampshire. Big Oil and Wall Street and the big corporate interests think they can buy our senate seat for someone like Scott Brown who votes to protect their interests, not ours," Buckley said.

Buckley, today released a "GOP Reminder Checklist" so the people of New Hampshire can be sure to remember exactly where the Republicans stand as they gather this weekend in Nashua.

Remember Republicans are opposed to increasing the minimum wage.

Remember Republicans supporting millions in giveaways to Big Oil.

Remember Republicans let Wall Street off the hook for $19 billion to help pay for financial reforms.

Remember Republicans shutdown the government.

Remember Republicans opposed asking millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes.

Remember Republicans would allow employers to deny women health care coverage for birth control.


“The contrast couldn’t be clearer. While Republicans are set on moving our country backwards, Democrats are working on issues that matter most to New Hampshire families,” added Buckley. “Raising the minimum wage and protecting equal pay for equal work are commonsense way to strengthen the middle class; that’s why it’s a proposal supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans and Granite Staters - just not the out of touch GOP.”



NHDP - Statement from North Country Leaders On Scott Brown ‘Exploring’ NH’s North Country

Berlin -- Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier, and North Country State Senator Jeff Woodburn released the following statement on special interest candidate Scott Brown’s plan to “Explore” New Hampshire’s North Country. 

“Like other New Hampshire tourists we hope he feels welcome up here and spends some money, but he should know that New Hampshire’s North Country is Jeanne Shaheen country.  Over the last 11, months while Scott Brown has been flirting with running for the U.S. Senate, traveling to Taiwan and Iowa, and floating his name as a presidential candidate Jeanne Shaheen has been working for us.  North Country residents know Jeanne Shaheen as their Senator and as their Governor, and they know she makes a difference for people.  Scott Brown is for Scott Brown and the Wall Street and Big Oil millionaires that back him, not New Hampshire - North Country families and small businesses can’t afford a Senator like Scott Brown who isn’t on their side.”


Innis For Congress - The Attacks Have Begun! 

Dear Friend,

The attacks have begun!

So desperate to re-elect Carol Shea-Porter to Congress, her allies in Washington and New Hampshire are coming after me.

They know I am the Republican who will defeat her in November.

Carol Shea-Porter is a very liberal Democrat who puts her trust in government. She voted for Obamacare, not surprising given she votes the way the President and Nancy Pelosi tell her 89% of the time.

Like you, I put my trust in people, not big government. On the campaign trail, I am talking about smaller government, low taxes, and more freedom.

In Congress, I will provide leadership on the issues that matter most, stand for New Hampshire values, and bring a common sense approach to my work.

Carol Shea-Porter gives us the same old tired rhetoric of career politicians.

In contrast, at, you will find my agenda for jobs, health care, and balancing the budget (more to come!) offering real solutions to the challenges we face.

I'm excited about this campaign, but only with your help can we fend off the attacks and win!


Can I count on you to please make as generous a financial contribution as you can to our campaign today? No amount - $10, $25, $50 - is too small, and every dollar is critical.

Together, we will defeat Carol Shea-Porter.

Many thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



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