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NHDP - Statement on NHGOP’s Endorsement of Devastating House Budget Cuts 

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on the New Hampshire Republican Party’s endorsement of N.H. House Republicans’ devastating budget cuts: 
“Kelly Ayotte, Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans up and down the ticket now own the devastating budget cuts put forth by House Republicans that have been decried by families, seniors, clergy, advocates, community organizations and editorial boards in every corner of the state.”
“It makes perfect sense that New Hampshire Republicans would follow the lead of their Koch Brothers benefactors, whose New Hampshire arm, Americans for Prosperity-NH, endorsed these devastating cuts last week.”
“The New Hampshire Republican Party’s endorsement of these reckless cuts proves once again that the NHGOP will always side with special interest allies against the priorities of New Hampshire’s small businesses and middle class families.”


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Yvonne Dean-Bailey's special election primary victory in Rockingham District 32:

"We are honored to congratulate Yvonne Dean-Bailey on her primary election victory tonight. Yvonne Dean-Bailey represents an exciting new generation of public servants, and her retail campaign to rein in taxes and fees, reform business regulations and increase job opportunities within the district make her the clear choice for Rockingham 32.

"Maureen Mann's failed record of higher taxes, support for ObamaCare and opposition to choice in education stand in conflict with the district's values and interests. On May 19th, voters in Candia, Deerfield, Northwood and Nottingham will send Yvonne Dean-Bailey to Concord because she will provide the fresh perspective the district deserves."





Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Governor Martin O'Malley's trip to New Hampshire:

Granite Staters expect potential presidential candidates to earn their vote and participate in robust and competitive primaries. It is unfortunate that the leadership of the New Hampshire Democrat Party has insulted New Hampshire's time-honored political process by suggesting that credible candidates like Governor O'Malley should not even have the opportunity to stand on the same stage and debate Hillary Clinton. 

"The New Hampshire Republican State Committee understands that it's up to grassroots activists, not party insiders, to select the nominees of each party. We welcome Governor O'Malley to the Granite State and regret that he has been disrespected by Democrats party leaders who are blatantly attempting to stamp out a serious primary challenge to Hillary Clinton."



Nashua - The New Hampshire Republican Party announced today a partnership with IJReview to highlight the First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit, a political gathering expected to draw numerous potential presidential candidates and hundreds of attendees. The New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit will be held on April 17th and 18th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua.


"We are very excited to be partnering with IJReview for this special event," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "The First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit will give New Hampshire an unprecedented opportunity to meet nearly every potential Republican presidential candidate. Our media partnership with IJReview will be critical in sharing the First in the Nation presidential primary experience with an even broader audience across the country."


In support of the New Hampshire Republican Party, IJReview will provide a digital First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit website, which will offer visitors exclusive coverage throughout the event. In addition to news stories and social content, the website will include a live video stream for millions of Americans across the country interested in following the weekend's events in real time. Additional content will include IJReview-exclusive candidate interviews, as well as a media panel discussion.


"The 2016 presidential election is quickly gaining momentum, and New Hampshire will be full of news as candidates gear up to run. IJReview will give Americans across the country a front row seat to one of the most important political events of the election," stated Alex Skatell, founder of IJReview.


The New Hampshire Republican Party will announce a full slate of speakers, as well as additional confirmed attendees, for the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit as the event date approaches.


IJReview is a political news website operated by Media Group of America, a new media company co-founded by Alex Skatell and Phil Musser.


More information about the New Hampshire Republican Party's First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit can be found by clicking here.





All Of This Is Bad"; "What Could She Be Hiding"; "Nixonian"; "Hardly Transparent"; "Actions Fall Far Short Of Her Words"; "Troubling"


Union Leader: Executive secrecy: Hassan's Nixonian move


"Gov. Maggie Hassan will not let the public see public budget documents. The people ought to wonder why."


"If the governor gets away with creating a new legal precedent here, the public's right to know will be permanently damaged. What could she be hiding that would be worth that price?"


Nashua Telegraph: Two sentences in the state Constitution


"If the governor attends a political fundraiser or some other event in another state, the people of New Hampshire should know that. The dissemination of such information is one of the ways people can be sure that the state isn't being run by an absentee governor or one who is being unduly distracted by political considerations...the governor's claim that she isn't bound by the Right-to-Know Law is troubling"


Concord Monitor: Despite claims of transparency, Gov. Hassan refuses to release proposals to make state government more efficient


"Gov. Maggie Hassan says she's all about government efficiency and transparency. But when it comes to efficiency in government spending, she's hardly transparent."


"Ultimately, this fight is about more than the information contained in these government documents, it's about whether Hassan walks the talk and allows New Hampshire's government to be open and responsive to its people."


Union Leader: Hassan's hide & seek: Playing games with public records


"Gov. Maggie Hassan is going to extraordinary legnths to deny the public - and lawmakers - access to public records. Why?"


"All of this is bad, but the governor's next step ices the cake. The Monitor has reported that the governor asked her department heads to forward all requests for the budget documents to her office. She is deliberately trying to shift public documents from the public domain to the corner office, where they will be shielded from the right-to-know law, and thus from public scrutiny."


Nashua Telegraph: A rooster crows at the Statehouse


"Gov. Maggie Hassan has a credibility problem. The governor, who is just starting her second two-year term, likes to talk about "transparency," but a story in the Concord Monitor on Sunday makes it clear that her actions fall far short of her words."


"Then again, given the gap between what the governor says and what she sometimes does, that may also be the reason she wants to keep them secret."