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Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton campaigning with Harry Reid, an outspoken critic of New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation presidential primary:
“With Hillary Clinton’s long history of hypocrisy, it should come as no surprise that she praises our early state status when she is in New Hampshire but campaigns with an outspoken critic of our first-in-the-nation primary when she leaves the state. Disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a long history of making offensive and disparaging remarks about New Hampshire’s political tradition, and Hillary Clinton’s willingness to campaign is deeply alarming. In light of Harry Reid’s recent comments, Hillary Clinton should cancel her campaign stops with him or be prepared to explain her hypocritical actions when she returns New Hampshire.”
In October, Reid insulted New Hampshire’s primary, and doubled down yesterday, according to reports.




NH GOP - Announcement: 14 speakers, 1 day 

I wanted you to be among the first to know about the many exciting speakers joining our First-in-the-Nation Presidential Town Hall!
We are looking forward to having:
  • Stephen Hayes, The Weekly Standard
  • Mary Katharine Ham, Hot Air, Town Hall, Fox News
  • Scott Brown, Former Senator
  • Byron York, Washington Examiner, Fox News
  • Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard, Fox News
  • John H. Sununu, Former Governor, White House Chief of Staff, NHGOP Chairman
  • Steve King, Congressman from Iowa
These exciting conservative leaders in politics, media and government will give event attendees an unparalleled experience that will make a very memorable occasion. 
They join an already announced list of speakers, including: 
  • Governor Jeb Bush
  • Governor John Kasich
  • Governor Chris Christie
  • Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina
  • Senator Rand Paul
  • Vice President Dick Cheney
  • Former State Department official Liz Cheney
  • Senator Rick Santorum
  • Governor Jim Gilmore
With tickets beginning at only $40, this is a can't miss event.
And we will have even more speakers announced soon!
This one-of-a-kind event will take place on January 22-23, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire and will provide attendees the opportunity to hear from the Republican presidential candidates only days before they head to the polls to vote in the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary. 
On Friday the 22nd, we will open the event with a dinner featuring Governor John Sununu, Vice President Dick Cheney and former State Department official Liz Cheney. 
On Saturday the 23rd, we will hear from the many presidential candidates and conservative leaders listed here
Be sure to get your tickets today as this event will sell out. For more details and to purchase tickets, please click here.​ 
​Looking forward to seeing you there, 
Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican Party

P.S. Check out some of the buzz our First-in-the-Nation Presidential Town Hall is getting below, and be sure to stay tuned for future updates by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook or visiting our website at
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Hassan Silent On New Rates, Refuses To Promote Tax Relief In New Year
Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding New Hampshire business tax rates being lowered at the beginning of 2016, despite Governor Hassan’s reckless budget veto and repeated attempts to block lowered tax rates:
“Granite State businesses can look forward to a better tax climate this year despite Governor Hassan’s repeated efforts to block tax relief with her reckless veto of the state budget. The governor’s spiteful refusal to promote New Hampshire’s lowered tax rates does the state’s economy and business reputation a significantdisservice, and it is unfortunate that she would let past political differences undermine our state’s economic future. We congratulate the Legislature for their successful efforts to bring tax relief to hardworking Granite Staters and hope that the governor will work with the appropriate state agencies to begin competently promoting New Hampshire as an attractive location for job creation.”
Union Leader: “New Hampshire Is Lowering Its Business Tax Rates For The First Time In A Generation…But Gov. Maggie Hassan Isn’t Happy About It.” “Tomorrow, New Hampshire is lowering its business tax rates for the first time in a generation…But Gov. Maggie Hassan isn’t happy about it.” (Editorial, “The silent tax cut: Hassan hush on business taxes,” Union Leader, 12/30/15)
  • “Hassan Spent The Entire Legislative Session Railing Against Attempts To Bring Down New Hampshire’s High Business Tax Rates. She Vetoed A Balanced State Budget That Funded Drug Treatment Programs And Meals On Wheels In Order To Block The Rate Cuts.” (Editorial, “The silent tax cut: Hassan hush on business taxes,” Union Leader, 12/30/15)

  • “Maybe That’s Why Hassan Hasn’t Said A Word About Tax Rates Falling” “Maybe that’s why Hassan hasn’t said a word about tax rates falling tomorrow, or lifted a finger to let firms in other states know about New Hampshire’s improving business tax climate.” (Editorial, “The silent tax cut: Hassan hush on business taxes,” Union Leader, 12/30/15)

  • “It’s Not Like Hassan Is Shy About Sending Out News Releases.” (Editorial, “The silent tax cut: Hassan hush on business taxes,” Union Leader, 12/30/15)
  • “We Are Finally Fighting To Restore The New Hampshire Advantage…Not That Gov. Hassan Wants Anyone To Notice.” (Editorial, “The silent tax cut: Hassan hush on business taxes,” Union Leader, 12/30/15)


Hassan’s Politically-Motivated Actions Stand In Sharp Contrast To Predecessor John Lynch
Concord – Since announcing her bid for United States Senate, Governor Hassan is increasingly putting her duties as governor second to her political ambitions and the national spotlight.
As first reported by WMUR, Governor Hassan missed the New Hampshire Air Guard’s most important annualevent, declining to attend despite her role as commander-in-chief of the New Hampshire National Guard. It was later reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader that she was out of state attending New York City fundraisers and political events.
On Saturday, despite the ongoing gas pipeline and carbon monoxide emergency in Keene, WMUR reported that Governor Hassan decided to attend the Democrat presidential debate instead of monitoring and managing the situation, which threatened the air safety of one of New Hampshire’s largest cities.
“Twice in two weeks, Governor Hassan abandoned her duties as governor so she could focus on advancing her political career. Granite Staters elected the governor to lead state government, not to use the office as a steppingstone to higher office,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “It is shameful that Governor Hassan chose to hobnob with out-of-state political donors instead of fulfilling her obligations as commander-in-chief of New Hampshire’s National Guard. This is the type of politically-motivated behavior we would have never seen from Governor John Lynch, but unfortunately this is the new normal under Governor Hassan. New Hampshire deserves a full-time governor instead of an absentee politician who is more concerned with her political future than her current job.”
Union Leader: “Hassan’s Office Confirmed That The Invitation Was Received” “Hassan’s office confirmed that the invitation was received, but mistakenly declined and so the event never landed on her schedule.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15)  
  • “Hassan Was In New York For The Annual Meeting Of The Democratic Governors Association” “On the evening of Dec. 6, and the morning of Dec. 7, Hassan was in New York for the annual meeting of the Democratic Governors Association.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15)
  • “The Governor Participated In Fundraising Events In New York City” “There was no conflict earlier that Sunday in terms of the Guard's event; and later on Dec. 7 and Dec. 8, the governor participated in fundraising events in New York City, according to the Hassan campaign.” (Dan Tuohy, "Lambert asks Governor Hassan to explain absence from Guard party," Union Leader, 12/13/15) 
WMUR: Gov. Maggie Hassan On Saturday Did Not Change Her Plans To Attend The Democratic Presidential Debate Despite A Propane Gas And Carbon Monoxide Emergency In Keene” “Gov. Maggie Hassan on Saturday did not change her plans to attend the Democratic presidential debate despite a propane gas and carbon monoxide emergency in Keene because she had been assured by emergency officials the situation was being resolved, her spokesman said.” (John DiStaso, "Hassan monitored Keene gas emergency, then attended debate,", 12/21/15)



Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire Democrat presidential debate:
“Tonight’s Democrat presidential debate is taking place on the Saturday night before Christmas to minimize viewership in a clear attempt at preemptive damage control by Hillary Clinton’s Washington allies. The Democrat presidential debate schedule is shamelessly designed to hide Clinton’s failed policies from as many voters as possible and to block any challenge to her coronation as the Democrat nominee. The DNC’s efforts to prop up Clinton’s deeply flawed candidacy does a disservice to our nation’s democracy and the Granite State’s political tradition of accessibility. Supporters of Bernie Sanders are rightly outraged by recent events and Granite State Democrats know that despite their strong grassroots support for Sanders, the fix is in for Hillary Clinton. Any pretense of a contested Democrat primary is a poorly hidden sham.”