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Hassan's Harmful Cuts Set to Strip Millions from Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement ahead of today's scheduled vote on Senate Bill 8, which would block Governor Hassan's harmful cuts to New Hampshire nursing homes:


"Governor Hassan's plan to slash millions of dollars in funding for New Hampshire's nursing homes is outrageous, and her shocking attempt to balance her mismanaged budget on the backs of nursing home residents is utterly shameful. New Hampshire seniors should not suffer because of her reckless mismanagement of the state budget. It is time for Governor Hassan to listen to the responsible Republicans in the state legislature, and fully commit to keeping New Hampshire's promise to nursing home residents."


According to the Associated Press, Governor Hassan's irresponsible plan to rob millions from New Hampshire nursing homes to cover her spending problem "could result in higher taxes, layoffs or diminished services."




Nursing home residents: Restore $7 million (Associated Press, 02/13/15)


Overspending budget erodes trust in state (Nashua Telegraph, 02/12/15)


Senate Bill 8 passes Senate Finance Committee 6-0 (General Court, Page 7)


NHDP - NH House GOP Tries to Keep Budget Decisions Out of the Light of Day 

NH1 News Political Report Details Major “Transparency No-No” from Republicans on House Finance Committee

Concord, N.H. – Kevin Landrigan’s NH1 News Political Report details a major “transparency no-no” from New Hampshire House Republicans as they attempted to hold “public” budget meetings in a room closed off from the public and the press.
NH1 News reports, “A House Finance Committee working group narrowly averted a Right-to-Know crisis this week. Division 2 of the budget subcommittee made plans to meet during Wednesday's House session in the legislative break room. Oops! That's a transparency no-no since only legislators - not the public or the press - are allowed in that anteroom. They called off the discussion noting they had failed to publicly notice the session far enough in advance.”
“It’s disturbing that House Republicans tried to keep their budget decisions out of the light of day and only moved their meeting to a public room after coming under fire for their complete lack of transparency,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “This latest episode further shows that New Hampshire Republicans’ political posturing on transparency is nothing but cheap talk.”

NH GOP - Four more speakers to attend April #FITN Summit 

I'm excited to announce the participation of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Jim Gilmore at our First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit on April 17th-18th at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua. 

They join our previously announced speakers Governor Bobby Jindal, Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, Ambassador John Bolton, Senator Rand Paul, Governor Rick Perry, Congressman Peter King, Governor Bob Ehrlich and Governor George Pataki. 

The New Hampshire Republican Party will be announcing even more featured speakers in the coming days. Please visit to stay updated and to register for this exciting two-day event. 

Thank you - and I hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican State Committee


NH GOP - LOCATION CHANGE: Grassroots Training with Gov. Scott Walker 


Due to overwhelming interest... 

2016 Kickoff Grassroots Training with 
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Concord High School
Christa McAuliffe Auditorium
170 Warren Street, Concord, NH 03301
March 14th, 2015
9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.


Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today asked the New Hampshire Department of Justice to review Governor Maggie Hassan's attempt to pressure state agencies into ignoring the Right to Know Law. The party also submitted its own request with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services for information regarding its government efficiency proposal:


Attorney General Joseph Foster

New Hampshire Department of Justice

33 Capitol Street

Concord, NH 03301


Attorney General Joseph Foster:


On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I am writing today to respectfully request that you provide a legal opinion on Governor Maggie Hassan's effort to pressure state agencies to ignore New Hampshire's Right to Know Law.


The Concord Monitor and Union Leader report that Governor Hassan has distributed a memo to state agency department heads instructing them to forward all Right to Know requests regarding government efficiency proposals to her office. The New Hampshire Republican State Committee and members of the New Hampshire media have filed several requests for the efficiency proposals. Governor Hassan has already denied similar requests made directly to her office.


The New Hampshire Department of Justice has clearly stated that all state executive branch departments and agencies are subject to the New Hampshire Right to Know Law. Governor Hassan believes she does not need to follow the law, and her attempt to funnel all Right to Know requests through her office is a brazen and blatant attempt to undermine New Hampshire's transparency requirements.


Clearly, state officials should be required to respond to requests made directly to their agencies instead of forwarding them to the governor's office to be quashed. Governor Hassan's memo is obviously an attempt to pressure agencies heads to keep information about their efficiency proposals secret as she quietly gears up to run for United States Senate.


I ask that you please provide an opinion on the legality of Governor Hassan's shameful plan to undermine New Hampshire's transparency laws. I also request under the New Hampshire Right To Know Law (RSA 91-A) that you provide me with any communications between the Department of Justice and Governor Hassan's office regarding the development of her memo to agency heads to determine if she sought an opinion from your office in advance. 




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee




Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

129 Pleasant Street

Concord, New Hampshire 03301


Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas:


This is a request under the New Hampshire Right To Know Law (RSA 91-A).

I formally request that you provide me with all records regarding government efficiency proposals developed by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. These proposals may have been submitted to Governor Maggie Hassan's office.


As Governor Hassan gears up to abandon her job to run for United States Senate, her Administration has gone to great lengths to undermine New Hampshire's Right to Know Law. The Concord Monitor and the Union Leader have reported that the governor is attempting to pressure and coerce state agencies into ignoring transparency laws by funneling records requests to her office. This strategy is designed to deliberately quash any records request related to agency efficiency proposals because the governor does not believe her office needs to adhere to the Right to Know law.


Additionally, the Concord Monitor and the Union Leader report that the governor's office has distributed a secret memo to agency heads that instructs them to ignore the Right to Know law. As part of my records request, I also ask that you please provide me with a copy of the governor's memo.


Should you decline to provide any requested information, please provide the specific provision under RSA 91-A that exempts such public records from the Right to Know Law. To be clear, I am asking for these records from your agency and expect a response from the Department of Health and Human Services - not the governor's office.




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee