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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's flip-flop on President Obama's executive orders on immigration:

"Jeanne Shaheen continues to play politics with Department of Homeland Security funding by voting to block legislation that will fund the agency and unravel President Obama's unconstitutional executive actions on immigration that she once opposed. During her 2014 reelection campaign, Senator Shaheen claimed to oppose the president's executive actions and even voted with Senator Ted Cruz to block them. Granite Staters are smart enough to see through Jeanne Shaheen's dishonest flip-flop and realize that she is a hypocritical Washington politician who blindly takes orders from the Obama Administration."


Senate Democrats Including Jeanne Shaheen Voted To Block Funding For the Department Of Homeland Security To Protect Obama Immigration Orders (CNN, 4/3/2015)

But During Her 2014 Reelection Campaign, Jeanne Shaheen Voted With Ted Cruz To Block Obama's Immigration Orders (Los Angeles Times, 9/18/2014)


Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today filed the following Right to Know request regarding Governor Maggie Hassan's out of state travel records for January 2015. The State Committee will file similar requests each month so that Granite Staters can track how many days their absentee governor is spending out of state as she prepares to run for United States Senate.



The Honorable Maggie Hassan

Governor of New Hampshire

State House

107 North Main Street Concord, New Hampshire 03301


Governor Hassan:


This is a request under the New Hampshire Right To Know Law (RSA 91-A).


I formally request that you provide me with all records regarding your out-of-state travel for the month of January 2015. This request includes, but is not limited to, any information regarding the purpose and duration of travel, in addition to any costs incurred by New Hampshire taxpayers during your trips.


Despite your dishonest denials, it is clear that you are using the corner office as a political stepping stone and actively exploring a campaign for United States Senate in 2016. A campaign for United States Senate will require significant out-of-state travel in order to raise the millions of dollars needed for this race.


According to the New Hampshire Constitution, the powers of the governor are temporarily transferred to the state Senate president "in the event of the death, resignation, removal from office, failure to qualify, physical or mental incapacity, absence from the state." This means that every time you leave the state to plot your political future or rub shoulders with millionaires at high-end fundraisers, you are unable to execute the duties of your office.


Additionally, the governor must inform the Senate president about his or her absence from the state. The Daily Caller reported that on September 11, 2001, then-Governor and United States Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen, traveled to Washington, DC without informing the Senate president about her travel. Governor Shaheen's irresponsible behavior put New Hampshire at risk as officials scrambled to figure out who was in control of state government during their response to the terror attacks that took place on that fateful day.


Given this troubling incident, we would also like to specifically request any correspondence with the state Senate regarding your out-of-state travel to ensure that you are following proper protocol.


Should you decline to provide any requested information, please provide the specific provision under RSA 91-A that exempts such public records from the Right to Know Law. Granite Staters have a right to know how often their governor is shirking the responsibilities of her office in order to advance her career. They also deserve a full-time executive in the corner office, not an absentee governor who has been dishonest about her political intentions.



Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee


NHDP - NHGOP Chair Issues Most Ironic Right to Know Request of All Time

Blatantly Political Request Also Marks Height of Desperation from Kelly Ayotte, Whose Own Travel Has Gotten Her in Hot Water

Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on the Right to Know request filed by Jennifer Horn while traveling overseas on the dime of noted hate groups:   
“Jennifer Horn issued what may be the most ironic Right to Know request of all time while traveling overseas on a trip funded by extremist hate groups that has come under fire from organizations across the political spectrum. The blatantly political request also marks the height of desperation from Kelly Ayotte, whose own travel has gotten her in hot water as she exploits ‘loopholes’ to hold expensive Utah ski weekends paid for by lobbyists and corporate interests.”
Jennifer Horn Traveling Overseas with Hate Groups Known for “Incendiary and Bigoted” Language
New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn is touring Israel with this week with other members of the Republican National Committee courtesy of two evangelical groups that have come under fire for controversial language directed at gays, Mormons and Muslims. Sponsoring the trip, reportedly for about 60 RNC members, is the American Family Association and the American Renewal Project. Politico reported today that about a week ago, officials at the Anti-Defamation League privately reached out to the RNC saying it would be “inappropriate” for RNC members to travel to Israel with members of those groups because they are known for “incendiary and bigoted” language. [NH Journal, 2/3/15]
Criticism of Horn’s Trip “Is Spreading Across the Political Spectrum”
“Now, criticism of the trip, which has been mounting for days among left-leaning groups and journalists, is spreading across the political spectrum. In interviews with POLITICO on Monday, evangelical leaders and right-leaning groups said the national party showed poor judgment at best in associating with “extremists,” as evangelical Alan Noble described the groups. AFA has been labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center — a description it has disputed.” [Politico, 2/3/15]
Ayotte Under Fire for Exploiting “Loophole” that Allows Lobbyists and Corporate Interests to Pay for "Destination Fund-Raisers"

“New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte's campaign finance chairman and spokesman defended her fund-raising practices Monday after she was mentioned prominently in a weekend report on a "loophole" in a gift-ban law that allows lobbyists and corporate interests to indirectly pay for "destination fund-raisers," where they then mingle in exclusive vacation spots with members of Congress. Republican Ayotte, according to The New York Times, "kicked off the new year" at the Park City, Utah, ski resort, where she held an event for her campaign committee at the "multimillion-dollar home of Gordon Smith," a former senator from Oregon who is now a lobbyist and chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters. The association, according to the report, "has a long list of high-stakes matters before the Senate Commerce Committee," on which Ayotte sits as a member.” [Union Leader, 1/20/14]

NHDP - John H. Sununu Already Trying to Handpick Next Doomed NHGOP Gubernatorial Candidate… His Son

Concord, N.H. – After New Hampshire Republicans’ big losses at the top of the ticket in 2014, John H. Sununu hinted in an interview tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews that he’s already trying to line-up the next NHGOP gubernatorial candidate: his son, Chris Sununu.
“You'd think that after repeated failures for the NHGOP at the top of the ticket, John H. Sununu would stop giving his 'kiss of death' to gubernatorial candidates,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "Instead, he's doubling down by pushing none-other than his own son to be the next doomed NHGOP candidate for governor.”
“And it’s hard to imagine that anyone could be inspired by a Chris Sununu candidacy except for his own father," added Buckley. "From trying to block thousands of Granite Staters from receiving quality, affordable health care to opposing a business-backed plan to expand passenger rail to Nashua and Manchester, Chris Sununu’s backward agenda would hurt New Hampshire’s middle class families, businesses, and economy.”
“Not to mention that his record on the campaign trail is no better, where his introduction of Scott Brown as a 'phony from New Hampshire’ earned both Sununu and Brown national embarrassment. If that's John H's next candidate for governor, New Hampshire will undoubtedly see a seventh straight term with a Democrat in the corner office,” concluded Buckley.  



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today blasted Senator Jeanne Shaheen's vote against the Keystone XL pipeline in the Senate today:

"Senator Jeanne Shaheen has blindly followed orders from the radical environmental groups that bankrolled her campaign and opposed this worthy project. Nine democrats joined Senator Kelly Ayotte and her Republican colleagues in voting to build the Keystone XL pipeline because it will create jobs, stimulate the economy and strengthen our national security by helping the United States become energy independent. Senator Shaheen has proven that she is an out of touch Washington politician who is bought and paid for by liberal special interest groups." 




Senator Jeanne Shaheen Voted to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline (S. Con. Res. 1 Vote #49 Motion Approved 62-36, 1/29/15, Shaheen Voted Nay)

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