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Concord - Today, the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform will question Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen on the latest revelations in the IRS Scandal, including the loss of Lois Lerner's emails due to a "hard drive crash."  Congresswomen Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter have so far refused to comment on this matter.


"Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter represent the Obama administration, Democrats in Washington, and the special interest groups that bankroll their campaigns, not the residents of the Granite State," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.  "Their failure to address the IRS Scandal proves once again that a vote for Kuster and Shea-Porter is a vote for Barack Obama."  


The IRS' "dog ate my homework" excuse has already come into question because the IRS had a contract with email archive company Sonasoft during at least a portion of the time for which Congress has requested Lerner's emails.  According to the company website, Sonasoft "archives all email content and so reduces the risk of non-compliance with legal, regulatory and other obligations to preserve critical business content."


Unfortunately, Congresswomen Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter have yet to stand up for taxpayers targeted by the IRS.  By staying silent, they are telling Granite Staters that they'd rather protect the Obama administration than confront the IRS on behalf of taxpayers.




The IRS had a contract with an email archive service during the time Lois Lerner's emails were lost.  "House congressional investigators have requested emails from 2009 to 2011, when the IRS division led by Lerner began targeting for extra scrutiny Tea Party and other conservative nonprofits applying for tax-exempt status. The IRS had a contract with email-achiever Sonasoft in effect at least through 2009, according to the website  That same year, the company tweeted: 'The IRS uses Sonasoft to back up their servers, why wouldn't you choose them to protect your servers?'" ("IRS says Lerner emails lost forever, but agency had contract with file-storage company Sonasoft," Fox News, 6/22/2014)




Maggie Hassan - Rich and Liberal.jpg
Pictured: Istanbul's Solar Beach

Concord - Meet Maggie Hassan, the Governor of New Hampshire who wines and dines on the taxpayers dime!  We'll chronicle her lavish and exotic trip to the nation of Turkey, where she'll hobnob with lobbyists and relax on the Sea of Marmara.   


How can Hassan afford such a fabulous lifestyle?  New Hampshire taxpayers are footing the bill, of course.  Undeterred by the travel freeze she put into place after failing to manage the state budget properly, Hassan departs for Turkey this Friday, and we'll be here to bring you all the details.


What fabulous sights will she see on her trip?  The Blue Mosque?  Topkapi Palace?  Hagia Sophia? Stay tuned for more Lifestyles of the Rich and Liberal!

"While the premise of this campaign is lighthearted, the issue at hand is anything but - Governor Hassan is ignoring the emergency policies she put in place because of her failure to manage the state budget by vacationing with lobbyists and fundraisers," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn.  "She is a do as I say and not as I do Governor, and our state deserves better than her hypocrisy. We look forward to replacing her with a responsible Republican who actually can manage our state's finances this fall."


As a candidate, Maggie Hassan promised to be a fiscally responsible governor committed to balanced budgets

"The former three-term senator from Exeter also pledged to be a fiscally responsible governor who would veto any sales or income tax and commit herself to a balanced budget." (Kathryn Marchocki, "Hassan promises state won't 'turn our back' on its people," New Hampshire Union Leader, 10/26/11)

As Governor, Hassan has failed miserably to manage the New Hampshire budget and has ignored the spending precedent set by Governor John Lynch

"A hiring freeze put in place five years ago by Governor John Lynch is doing little to prevent state agencies from filling their vacant positions, as the Governor's Office has issued 436 waivers so far this Fiscal Year. Governor Maggie Hassan has not denied a single request to waive the hiring freeze in her first six months in office." (New Hampshire Watchdog, 6/13/2013)

Because of her reckless management of state finances, Hassan was forced to issue an Executive Order directing a freeze in generally funded hiring, equipment, purchasing and out-of-state travel

"The state will freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out-of-state travel paid for with general funds after the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee approved Gov. Maggie Hassan's executive order" (Gary Rayno, "State spending freeze locked in," New Hampshire Union Leader, 05/22/2014)

Unfortunately for New Hampshire residents, Governor Hassan believes that the spending freeze applies to everyone but herself, and demonstrates tremendous hypocrisy in preparing to take a taxpayer-funded vacation to turkey lobbyists

"Gov. Maggie Hassan is going forward with her long-planned trade mission to Turkey despite the state revenue dip that prompted her to freeze out-of-state travel. She makes an exception for her trip, saying it is worth the money even now. That position is undermined by the very figures her administration uses to promote the trip....There simply is no urgent need for the state to spend scarce tax dollars on a trade mission with the state's budget in such bad shape." (Editorial, "Hassan's trip: Quit it cold turkey," New Hampshire Union Leader, 06/02/2014)


"The delegation of business representatives headed for Turkey includes...former state representative and lobbyist Jim Demers, president and CEO at Demers and Blaisdell" (Dave Solomon, "GOP, conservative group take aim at Hassan over trip," New Hampshire Union Leader,06/03/2014)


NHDP - ICYMI: Hassan Remains Highly Popular in NH, Well-Ahead of GOP Opponents

New Suffolk-Herald poll shows Governor Hassan at 54% favorable vs. 25% unfavorable -- and has her up 50.6% to 19% against Walt Havenstein. 



Concord - In honor of tonight's K Street fundraiser for Senator Shaheen, "DC for Shaheen," the NHGOP today launches the DC for Shaheen Coalition, a strong coalition supporting Senator Shaheen in her re-election effort.


Coalition members include:

  • President Barack Obama
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
  • Tom Steyer and National Energy Tax Enthusiasts

And more!


Are you a liberal beltway insider?  A radical extremist that supports a national energy tax that would kill thousands of New Hampshire jobs and hurt the working class?  Do you believe that New Hampshire residents with cancelled health insurance or premiums they simply can't afford are just "misinformed" about ObamaCare?  Do you believe President Obama is right 99 percent of the time?  Join the DC for Shaheen Coalition today!


"Senator Shaheen promised to be a 'strong, independent voice' for the Granite State when she was elected to the U.S. Senate.  Instead, she is Barack Obama's most loyal supporter," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn.  "She should be doing her job and representing the people of the New Hampshire, not the liberal Washington special interests that are bankrolling her campaign.  She's now more comfortable in Georgetown than in the Granite State.  It's time to replace her with a Republican who will stand up for the best interests of our state this fall."




Tonight, Shaheen campaign hosts a "DC for Shaheen" fundraiser at a K Street lobbying firm Arent Fox


Tuesday, June 17: "DC for Shaheen" fundraiser, Arent Fox LLP, 1717 K Street NW, Washington, DC, Invite accessed 6/17/2014,



Concord - The New Hampshire Republican Party Executive Committee tonight elected Franklin Mayor and long-time grassroots activist Ken Merrifield as NHGOP Vice Chairman. Former Vice Chairman J.P. Marzullo stepped down last week to run in a contested state senate primary. Party bylaws prohibit officers of the committee from participating in contested primaries.


"I am honored to have earned the trust and confidence of the executive committee and look forward to serving as vice chairman," said Mayor Merrifield. "Our party is energized and on the verge of sweeping victories in November. I am committed to doing everything I can to help build a strong grassroots network that will help our candidates return fiscal responsibility to Washington and Concord."


"Ken is a respected Republican activist who has the commitment to conservative principles needed to help unite our party. He is an excellent choice to serve as our next vice chairman," said former Vice Chairman J.P. Marzullo. "I am confident that he will devote the time and effort needed to help grow our party and win in November."


Merrifield will serve until the New Hampshire Republican Party's next annual meeting in January, 2015.