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Hassan Continues To Defend Incompetent Drug Czar After Revelations of Continued Mismanagement
Concord - In an interview WMUR-TV yesterday, Governor Hassan defended her embattled drug czar Jack Wozmak and lashed out at the New Hampshire Medical Society for criticizing her administration's lack of leadership on the state's drug epidemic. Medical Society President Dr. Lukas Kolm told Foster's Daily Democrat earlier this week that he would like to see "greater leadership at the state level" on the heroin crisis and said that Mr. Wozmak had failed to "reach out to physicians."
Governor Hassan fired back by dismissing Dr. Kolm's concerns about her drug czar's lack of contact with the Medical Society and criticized New Hampshire doctors for "pushing back" against her agenda.
"Governor Hassan's drug czar has a well-documented history of mishandling relationships with substance abuse prevention stakeholders, and it is unacceptable that the governor has turned a blind eye to public revelations of his incompetence and mismanagement," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "It is unfortunate that instead of working to establish a productive working relationship with the medical community, Governor Hassan would rather go on television to air out her disagreements with top New Hampshire physicians. The governor's focus should be fixing the numerous problems within her own administration instead of her distracting United States Senate campaign that has hindered her ability to address New Hampshire's growing heroin epidemic."
Senators Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) and Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) have both called on Governor Hassan to take responsibility for the failures of her response to the drug crisis and replace Mr. Wozmak with a competent and focused individual.


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding comments made by former DNC Chairman Howard Dean disparaging New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner:
"Secretary of State Bill Gardner is a respected bipartisan leader that has protected New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary for decades. It is outrageous that Hillary Clinton would respond to her plummeting poll numbers in New Hampshire by dispatching a top surrogate to attack Secretary Gardner's strong and effective advocacy for our state's political tradition. She should immediately denounce Howard Dean's offensive personal attacks on Secretary Gardner and make it clear that her campaign rejects his insulting comments. As another top Hillary Clinton endorser and the governor of our state, Maggie Hassan should also denounce Dean's attacks on Secretary Gardner."
Dean's comments follow recent reports that other top Clinton backers are urging her to ditch the New Hampshire presidential primary.

NH GOP - Planned Parenthood on Defense 



Planned Parenthood is in desperate damage control mode. 

This week, Planned Parenthood announced that it would no longer accept cash reimbursements for baby body parts, and that's a huge win for our efforts. 

Planned Parenthood knows it's been caught and exposed for what it is, and now they are trying to paint opponents of their potentially criminal activity as anti-woman. It's ridiculous and couldn't be further from the truth. 

Here in New Hampshire, Governor Hassan is shamelessly defending Planned Parenthood against these deeply disturbing accusations, and we need your help to make sure Granite Staters know exactly where she stands. 

We've already been successful in defunding Planned Parenthood here in New Hampshire, but Democrats are relentlessly trying to distract voters from the real issue and make this about something it isn't. We can't let them get away with distorting the truth. Please help us out by donating $10, $25, $50 or any other amount today.

Instead of investigating Planned Parenthood, Governor Hassan blocked an investigation and tried to give this scandal-plagued organization more of your tax dollars. 

Planned Parenthood has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Governor Hassan's political campaigns and we have no doubt that they are ready to spend even more on her Senate race. 

We won't give in to the Left's bullying tactics. Help us fight back so we can continue to do the right thing.

Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican State Committee


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement regarding Harry Reid mocking Governor Hassan's phony call for an apology for his comments disparaging New Hampshire's residents and first-in-the-nation presidential primary:
"It's clear that Governor Hassan's biggest Washington political supporter Harry Reid thinks her phony call for an apology for his disrespectful remarks is an insincere, politically-motivated joke. Senator Reid clearly has no respect for New Hampshire or our critical role in the presidential nominating process, and the governor's continued reliance on his financial backing and political support is offensive. It is hypocritical for Governor Hassan to issue a phony call for an apology while continuing to accept the strong support of someone who openly mocks our bipartisan political tradition. The governor should immediately demand Senator Harry Reid keep his Washington political machine out of our Senate race."
Earlier today, Governor Hassan refused to answer questions about her continued reliance on Harry Reid's financial backing and political support in light of his offensive and insulting remarks about New Hampshire.


Concord - In an interview with Foster's Daily Democrat (10/11/15), the President of the New Hampshire Medical Society called for "greater leadership" from the Hassan Administration on New Hampshire's devastating heroin epidemic. Dr. Lukas Kolm also said that embattled Hassan Administration drug czar Jack Wozmak has failed to reach out to New Hampshire's physicians.
"If the governor's office is going to start making mandates, a call should have been made to the medical society," said Kolm.
"After nearly a year on the job, there is no good excuse for the failure of Governor Maggie Hassan's embattled drug czar to reach out to top physicians and establish a working relationship with the New Hampshire Medical Society. These doctors are on the front lines of combating New Hampshire's heroin epidemic, and they deserve the full support of the governor's office," said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn. "This is the latest instance in a troubling pattern of mismanagement and incompetence that we have seen from the Hassan Administration's response to our devastating substance abuse crisis. Granite Staters expect state government to be well-managed, and it's clear that Governor Hassan's focus on her distracting United States Senate campaign is hindering her ability to address this emergency."
This news follows earlier reports that Governor Hassan's drug czar also failed to contact top law enforcement officials in New Hampshire's biggest towns and cities.
Dr. Kolm and the New Hampshire Medical Society will hold its annual Scientific Conference on November 6-8 at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside. Titled "The Many Faces of Addiction," it includes speakers from multiple disciplines including law enforcement, drug courts, intervention and recovery.
Foster's Daily Democrat: "Hassan Appointed Jack Wozmak As The State Drug Czar, But Kolm Said He Hasn't Reached Out To Physicians." (Judi Currie, "N.H. Medical Society conference to focus on opioid abuse epidemic," Foster's Daily Democrat, 10/12/15)
  • Kolm: "'If The Governor's Office Is Going To Start Making Mandates, A Call Should Have Been Made To The Medical Society.'" "'But it is a two-way street. We could reach out to him,' Kolm said. 'If the governor's office is going to start making mandates, a call should have been made to the medical society.'" (Judi Currie, "N.H. Medical Society conference to focus on opioid abuse epidemic," Foster's Daily Democrat, 10/12/15)
  • "Kolm Said The State Ought To Be More Appreciative Of The Challenges Facing Physicians." (Judi Currie, "N.H. Medical Society conference to focus on opioid abuse epidemic," Foster's Daily Democrat, 10/12/15)