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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today called on defeated Executive Council candidate Mike Cryans to do the right thing for District One and concede:


"For too long, Executive Council District One has been without a voice on this important body. Yesterday, voters spoke loudly and clearly and sent Councilor-Elect Joe Kenney to Concord to fill the big shoes left by the passing of Ray Burton.


"Mike Cryans ran an admirable campaign, but now he needs to respect the will of the voters and concede. Joe is committed to carrying on Ray's tradition of outstanding constituent service, and its time to let him get to work for District One."



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Once Again Places Priorities Of Washington Liberals & San Francisco Environmentalist Over New Hampshire Families


Concord -  Senator Jeanne Shaheen last night joined a group of fellow Washington liberals in an all-night push to advance President Obama's extreme job-killing agenda. Her actions come on the heels of her attendance last month at a San Francisco fundraiser at the home of Tom Steyer, a California billionaire and crony of Al Gore's who has pledged to spend $100 million influencing this year's midterm elections and pushing his radical agenda.


"Once again, Senator Shaheen is putting the priorities of President Obama and his radical agenda ahead of the interests of New Hampshire's middle class families," said New Hampshire State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn. "By standing with her fellow Washington liberals at the behest of a San Francisco billionaire, Senator Shaheen is showing just how out-of-touch she really is with New Hampshire."


During her time in the Senate, Shaheen has supported a carbon tax and cap-and-trade - two key priorities of the extreme environmental agenda. One of the nation's leading small business advocates have predicted these two initiatives combined would kill nearly 20,000 New Hampshire jobs, and leader to drastic spikes in gas, electricity and other energy sources.


"Sadly, Granite Staters have come to expect that Senator Shaheen will blindly follow orders from Washington liberals. She has voted 99 percent of the time with President Obama, and cast the tie-breaking vote that gave us Obamacare. Come November, it's time for new leadership," added Horn.






In March 2013, Shaheen Voted In Favor Of Establishing A Carbon Tax:

In March 2013, Shaheen In Favor Of Establishing A Carbon Tax. "Whitehouse, D-R.I., amendment no. 646 that would establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to allow for legislation that would provide for a fee on carbon pollution and use revenues collected to reduce the deficit." (S. Con. Res. 8, CQ Vote #58: Rejected 41-58: R 0-45; D 39-13; I 2-0, 3/22/13, Shaheen Voted Yea)


A Carbon Tax Would Raise The Price Of Gas And Electricity, And Destroy New Hampshire Jobs: 

A Carbon Tax Could Cost Up To 10,000 Jobs In New Hampshire. "This tax would deal a blow to employment in New Hampshire, with a loss of worker income equivalent to 7,000 to 10,000 jobs in 2013 and 10,000 by 2023." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Price Of Gas In New Hampshire By More Than 20 Cents Per Gallon. "Prices at the pump would jump by more than 20 cents a gallon in 2013." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Cost Of Electricity For New Hampshire Families By 18 Percent. "Households in New Hampshire would see a significant increase in their electricity rates, with an average increase of 18 percent in 2013." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


A Carbon Tax Could Increase The Cost Of Natural Gas By More Than 40 Percent. "The cost of using natural gas would increase by more than 40 percent in 2013, the first year of the carbon tax study, adding to household energy bills and increasing operation costs for many New Hampshire businesses." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,", Accessed 5/28/13)


Shaheen Supports Cap-And-Trade:


In 2008, Shaheen Supported The Lieberman-Warner Cap-And-Trade Legislation To Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 80 Percent By 2050. "'She supports many of the aims of the Warner-Lieberman bill,' Shaheen spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said in a statement. 'She supports the goal of cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050, and in the U.S. Senate will push for a comprehensive plan to achieve that goal that includes economy-wide emissions reductions, aggressive research and development for new energy technologies , work with international partners to achieve global emissions reductions, and incentives for energy efficiency and clean alternative energy sources.'" (John P. Gregg, "N.H. Senators Face Pressure," [White River Junction, VT] Valley News, 6/6/08)

The Bill Shaheen Supported Would Have Increased Energy Costs And Killed New Hampshire Jobs

Lieberman-Warner Would Have Killed As Many As 17,893 New Hampshire Jobs By 2030. "Under L/W, New Hampshire would lose 5,496 to 8,268 jobs in 2020 and 13,442 to 17,893 jobs in 2030 (Figure 2). The primary cause of job losses would be lower industrial output due to higher energy prices, the high cost of complying with required emissions cuts, and greater competition from overseas manufacturers with lower energy costs." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)


Lieberman-Warner Would Cost The Average New Hampshire Household $9,190 In Reduced Income By 2030. "Higher energy process would have rippled impacts on prices throughout the economy and would impose a financial cost on household income reduced by $1,157 to $3,749 per year by 2020 and $5,040 to $9,190 by 2030 (Figure 3)." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)


The Price Of Gasoline In New Hampshire Would Increase By As Much As 144 Percent By 2030 As A Result Of Lieberman-Warner, And Electricity Prices Would Increase By As Much As 81 Percent. "Most energy prices would rise under L/W, particularly coal, oil, and natural gas. The price of gasoline in New Hampshire would increase between 74% and 144% by 2030, while electricity prices would increase by 54% to 81%." (National Association Of Manufacturers, "New Hampshire: Economic Impact On The State From The Lieberman-Warner Proposed Legislation To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions,", Accessed 3/11/14)



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Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Joe Kenney's upset victory in tonight's Executive Council special election:


"I want to congratulate Joe Kenney on running an excellent campaign that focused on the traditional New Hampshire principles of small government and limited taxation. Joe proved to voters that he was the best candidate to fill Ray Burton's enormous shoes and continue his tradition of outstanding constituent service.


"Tonight's victory is an embarrassment for Governor Maggie Hassan, who enthusiastically campaigned for Mike Cyans, lined up special interest support for his campaign and convinced her liberal allies to outspend Republicans by a wide margin in this race. Despite Governor Hassan's vigorous efforts to prop up her chosen candidate, voters rejected Mike Cryans because of his shared support for ObamaCare and her disastrous gas tax hike. This upset victory should serve as an indication that New Hampshire Republicans are extremely energized and on the verge of enormous victories on in November."


NRLC - Fiorina & Sununu to Headline NRLC Closing Dinner 

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I am thrilled to announce that former Hewlett Packard CEO and current Chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation Carly Fiorina and former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff John H. Sununu will serve as the keynote speakers for the Saturday night reception at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference.


With just four days left, make sure to register today at - I look forward to seeing you in Nashua on Friday!




Jennifer Horn

Chairman, New Hampshire GOP


Carly Fiorina worked her way through undergraduate and graduate school and began her business career as a secretary for a small business. She became the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company, serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005. She was named Fortune's Most powerful Woman in Business for six consecutive years.


During her tenure at HP, Carly led the reinvention of this legendary company, tripling its rate of innovation, achieving market leadership, transforming its cost structure and accelerating growth.

Despite controversy and opposition, she successfully acquired and integrated Compaq Computer, in what is now seen as the most successful high-tech merger in history. Under her leadership, HP doubled in revenues to $88 Billion and generated 11 patents a day, with significantly improved profitability and cash flow. HP became a leader in every product category and market segment in which it competed.


Carly currently serves as Chairman of Good360, the world's largest product philanthropy organization. She is one of the most recognized business leaders in the world and an opinion leader who champions innovation, education, entrepreneurship, and job creation. She provides regular commentary on these topics and more for both broadcast and print media. She also is an outspoken advocate for leveraging women as a resource to solve our most pressing problems. She is the founder of the One Woman Initiative and now serves as a Global Ambassador for Opportunity International.


Carly is politically active and encourages others to be the same. She ran for the Senate in 2010 and has served as Victory Chair for John McCain and a co-chair for Mitt Romney. She is also engaged in national policy formulation, serving as a Senior Advisor for the Center of Strategic and International Studies where she is also a Co-Chair for US Leadership in Development. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Initiative for Global Development. She is a founding supporter of the African Leadership Academy.


She has also served on the Defense Business Board, as the Chairman of the CIA's External Advisory Board and on the Advisory Group for Transformational Diplomacy for the Department of State. She has been a member of the Boards of Kellogg Company, Cisco Systems, Merck and Taiwan Semiconductor.


Carly earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University, an MBA from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Science in Business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a cancer survivor who openly tells her story. She and her husband Frank live in Virginia. They have a daughter and two granddaughters.




Governor John Sununu was born in Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his bachelor's degree in 1961, a master's degree in 1962, and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in 1966. He was a mechanical engineering professor at Tufts University from 1966 to 1968 and associate dean of the College of Engineering until 1973. From 1963 until his election as governor, he served as president of JHS Engineering Company and Thermal Research Inc. He represented Salem in the New Hampshire State Legislature from 1973-1974. 


He became New Hampshire's 75th Chief Executive on January 6, 1983, and served three consecutive terms. Sununu served on the Advisory Board of the Technology and Policy Program at MIT from 1984-1989. On January 21, 1989, Governor Sununu was commissioned Chief of Staff to President George H. W. Bush, serving in the White House until March 1, 1992. 


He is a member of the National Academy of Engineers' Committee on Public Engineering Policy and has served as a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality Advisory Committee. Sununu chaired the National Governors Association, the Coalition of Northeastern Governors, and the Republican Governors Association. From 1992 until 1998, he co-hosted CNN's nightly Crossfire program, a news/public affairs discussion program. He is president of JHS Associates, Ltd. and a partner in Trinity International Partners, a private financial firm. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.







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