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NHDP - Aprils Fools: For NHGOP April Showers Brought Flood of Scandals

For the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, April showers brought not flowers but instead a never ending flood of scandals and embarrassment.  When the month started with the NHGOP's treasurer accusing embattled Chair Jennifer Horn of being "a felon" and the "greatest present liability" facing New Hampshire Republicans it was hard to imagine things could get any worse for the NHGOP.  But they did AgainAnd again And again.


Just days later, a new lien, in addition to one held by the IRS, was placed on Horn for unpaid credit card debt and the Coos County Republicans cast a unanimous vote of no confidence against her.


The next scandal to rock the NHGOP would end with the extremely conservative Union Leader editorial page taking New Hampshire Republicans to task.  Former NHGOP Chairman Jack Kimball and two Republican State Representatives demanded that their fellow lawmakers be arrested and thrown in prison by the U.S. Marshal Service for voting in opposition to them.  The embarrassment prompted the former Republican Congressman and personal attorney to disgraced former Speaker Bill O'Brien to chastise them as "constitutional illiterates" adding they were "embarrassing to my party and to the state." 


That disaster was soon eclipsed by a more serious long-term problem as New Hampshire Republicans were reluctantly forced to consider their D-team of failed former Congressmen Frank Guinta and Jeb Bradley as candidates in 2014. Public polling revealed that both baggage laden Republicans are viewed negatively by New Hampshire voters and national Republicans were understandably not "terribly excited" about either. 


But the ultimate humiliation came as their own state party Chair openly salivated about the possibility of a carpetbagger run by rejected Massachusetts politician Scott Brown, promising voters would give him "an honest chance."  The Brown trail balloon was lampooned as something between 'a stupid idea,' and 'delusional.'  In public polls, over half the state - 54% of New Hampshire voters - told him not to run for office in their state, and nearly two-thirds said they don't consider him a Granite Stater. Sadly, for New Hampshire and the Republican Party the worse was still yet to come.


Republican State Representative Peter Hansen became the NHGOP's and the entire state's next shameful national embarrassment when he referred to women as "vagina's" in State House emails to other legislators. Though even his weekly hometown paper demanded he resign citing his prolonged refusal to apologize for days - Senator Kelly Ayotte, Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, and House Republican Leader Gene Chandler deemed him worthy to remain in office.


One of Hansen's Republican colleagues in the State House Stella Tremblay wasted no time following in his footsteps.  While the hunt was still on for suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings, she began insisting the tragedy was an "attack by our own government."  Instead of apologizing, she doubled down on her chilling and vile claim. Even for the New Hampshire Republican Party, which has become synonymous with the Tea Party and radical extremism, Tremblay's claims were a new low.  Despite calls for her to step down, and her refusal to make even the smallest apology, Ayotte, Bradley, Chandler and Horn refused to demand her resignation.


But the biggest crisis for New Hampshire Republicans was the massive backlash again Kelly Ayotte's vote opposing the bipartisan compromise legislation to expand background checks.  It resulted in a harsh criticism from Granite Staters that sent her approval rating into free fall.  The Concord Monitor said her explanation was "utter nonsense." Both the Keene Sentinel and Portsmouth Herald called on voters to hold her accountable in 2016. 


From top to bottom the New Hampshire Republican Party was a complete and utter embarrassment in April.  Barely a single 24 hour period existed in which Republicans were not the center of a developing scandal, a national embarrassment, or dodging resignation demands.  There is little hope for next month as NHGOP leaders have steadfastly refused to take responsibility and end the epidemic of shockingly inappropriate behavior by their Tea Party colleagues.




Concord – A new poll released last night by the University of New Hampshire shows a steady decline in Congresswoman Annie Kuster and Congresswoman Shea-Porter popularity. According to the survey, both Shea-Porter and Kuster have a dismal -1% favorability rating. 

“Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster are losing support because Granite Staters are fed up with their votes for higher taxes, reckless spending and more debt,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “Kuster and Shea-Porter have gone to Washington and betrayed their constituents by championing extreme, job killing policies that will grow government and bankrupt our country. They are completely out of step with New Hampshire’s fiscally responsible values and unable to address the serious challenges that are threatening America's solvency.”

The survey found that only 31% of First District residents have a favorable opinion of Congresswoman Shea-Porter, while 32% have an unfavorable opinion. That’s down from the 49% favorable/28% unfavorable ratings that Shea-Porter received in UNH’s August poll.

Second District residents have a 29% favorable and 30% unfavorable opinion of Congresswoman Annie Kuster, down from a 35% favorable/25% unfavorable rating in UNH’s October poll.



Jeanne MIA On Vote Protecting NH From Online Sales Tax


Concord – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Senator Shaheen missing an important vote yesterday on the federal sales tax bill (Roll Call Here).

“It is unacceptable for Senator Shaheen to miss a vote on legislation that will hurt consumers and burden businesses with onerous new regulations. Shaheen’s failure to stand up for New Hampshire by voting “no” on this motion is an insult to her constituents and a dereliction of her duties as an elected federal official. Granite Staters deserve a full and complete explanation from their senior senator about why she was unable to represent their interests on this important issue."

“Senator Shaheen has failed to actively oppose her party’s attempt to ram this devastating legislation through the Senate. For months, Shaheen has sat on her hands and refused to join Senator Ayotte in her fight to protect small businesses. Yesterday’s missed vote serves as another reminder that Jeanne Shaheen has been an unaccomplished and ineffective senator who has failed to provide any leadership for New Hampshire in Washington."



Concord – New Hampshire Republican Party Executive Director Matthew Slater calls on Democrat State Representative and Concord City Councilor Dick Patten to explain the stalking temporary order of protection filed against him by a 20-year old Concord resident (Concord Monitor, 4/23):

“The stalking order of protection filed against Democrat Representative Patten is extremely troubling and raises very serious questions that he must address immediately. As a Concord City Councilor and a member of the Legislature, Rep. Patton has an obligation to discuss this disturbing issue openly and honestly with his constituents.

“In order to preserve the integrity of the New Hampshire House and her caucus, Speaker Norelli must call for an investigation into Rep. Patten’s actions. If the Speaker fails to investigate this matter, it will show New Hampshire voters that the House Democrat Leadership is willing to tolerate his ethically questionable behavior.”



Also Blasts Speaker Norelli For Leading Organization That Supports It

Concord – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn called on New Hampshire Democrats to reject President Obama’s endorsement of a disastrous internet sales tax bill (AP, 4/22). The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has also endorsed the legislation. New Hampshire House Speaker Terie Norelli serves as the president of the NCSL.

“The internet sales tax bill endorsed by President Obama will hit consumers with higher prices and burden New Hampshire small business owners with onerous new regulations. It is a disastrous piece of legislation that would hurt the Granite State and empower states with a sales tax to grow government by taking more money out of the pockets of working families."

“Governor Hassan, Senator Shaheen, Congresswoman Kuster and Congresswoman Shea-Porter have refused to stand up for their constituents and actively oppose this legislation. It is time for them to denounce President Obama’s endorsement of this sales tax bill and join Senator Ayotte in the fight to protect New Hampshire small business owners and middle class families."

“Furthermore, it is a disgrace that the National Conference of State Legislatures has also endorsed this legislation given that this organization is lead by NH House Speaker Terie Norelli. By supporting this bill, Speaker Norelli has turned her back on New Hampshire and sided with out of state politicians who are desperate to collect more sales tax revenue. The speaker's actions are shameful and speak volumes about the priorities of the House Democrat leadership."