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Dear Friends, 
This week, WMUR-TV found that eight peopleare registered to vote at the home of State Senator Martha Fuller Clark. Senator Fuller Clark knew that political workers who parachute into New Hampshire for several weeks to work on campaigns did not have the 'intent to maintain' a presence in our state, as is required under our Domicile law.  

It is outrageous that a senior Democrat lawmaker would let people use her home to potentially break New Hampshire laws and promote voter fraud.  We must continue to stand together and fight to protect the integrity of the ballot box in New Hampshire.

Best Wishes,


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ICYMI: WMUR-TV: Concerns raised about voter eligibility

"On the heels of a repeal of the voter ID law in New Hampshire, there are growing calls to review who is eligible to cast a ballot in the Granite State.

Exceptions are in place for nonresidents who are students, but when it comes to the domicile requirement, some wonder if the system is being abused."


ICYMI: Union Leader (7/24): More voter fraud: Abusing the domicile affidavit

Joe Biden's niece Alana Biden voted in New Hampshire in the 2012 presidential election. She is not a Granite Stater. She was staying in Manchester temporarily to campaign for President Obama. From 2008 through 2012, five people not related to Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, voted here, with Fuller Clark's home listed as their domicile. They no longer live there. How surprising.


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NHDP - When Will NHGOP Chair Demand an Investigation into NHGOP Employee David Chesley?

When Will NHGOP Chair Demand an Investigation into NHGOP Employee David Chesley and Top Staffer for the Romney Campaign in NH?
Concord – New Hampshire Republicans are stooping to a new low in partisan hypocrisy.  This morning the NHGOP alleged individuals who while living and working in New Hampshire exercised their constitutional right to vote were committing voter fraud. But that is exactly what multiple Romney campaign staffers and other GOP operatives did last fall.  One Republican staffer was even housed by the NHGOP’s current employee and political director.
“How long before Jennifer Horn demands an investigation into her own political director for in her words, ‘aiding and abetting individuals who are undermining New Hampshire law?’” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Even for the desperate NHGOP, these false and misleading attacks are a pathetic new low given that their own employee was engaged in the exact same behavior.  They should apologize to all the individuals they falsely accused today and to the voters of New Hampshire for their shameful stunt.”
Last fall, Mitt Romney’s top staffer in New Hampshire, Phil Valenziano  voted from an address in Manchester.  Currently he is the political director for Republican Iowa Governor Terry Barnstead according to his social media page.  Another  Republican staffer Marian Ward voted from an address in Concord where she was living with the  New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s current political Director David Chesley. 
Just like other US citizens over the age of 18 who move to New Hampshire for their job, campaign workers have the right to vote where they are living and domiciled on Election Day.  In New Hampshire, a US citizen over the age of 18 is eligible to vote where they are domiciled: “that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence." [RSA 654:12
“This pathetic ploy is merely the latest dishonest attack on voting rights and voting laws by New Hampshire Republicans – a mirror of the attacks mounted by the irresponsible Bill O’Brien and Jeb Bradley led legislature that voters rejected last fall,” continued Kirstein.   “Republicans think that making it harder for New Hampshire citizens to cast a ballot and attacking those who do will help them during the next election.  But in the United States of America the people choose their elected representatives, politicians don’t choose their voters.”

Romney Liberty Coalition Director and NHGOP State Senate Campaign Manager Marian Ward Voted in New Hampshire in 2012, Now Lives in Arkansas

·         Marian Lynn Ward voted with the mailing address PO BOX 64, Great Falls, VA 22066-0064.  She registered at the home of David Chesley at 65 Clinton Street in Concord, NH 03301. [Concord City Clerk’s Voter Checklist]

·         Ward was employed both as the NHGOP’s Liberty Outreach Director and as the campaign manager for Phil Greazzo’s state senate campaign. [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24/2013]

·         Ward currently lives in Littlerock, Arkansas. [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24/2013]

·         Chesley is listed as the NHGOP’s Political Director and Senior Advisor, and listed the Clinton Street address in 2012 on a federal disclosure to the FEC by the Bass campaign. [, accessed 7/24/2013;]
Romney State Director Voted in New Hampshire in 2012, Now Works for Iowa GOP

·         Phil Valenziano voted in New Hampshire last fall after registering at 16 Sagamore St in Manchester, NH 03104.
·         Valenziano is now Political Director at The Branstad Committee in Iowa, and served as the Romney campaign’s state director in New Hampshire last fall.  [LinkedIn, accessed 7/24//2013]


WMUR Investigation Raises Serious Questions About Senator's Home Address Being Used For Voter Fraud


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn sent the following letter to New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster asking him to formally investigate new allegations of voter fraud involving State Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth).


Dear Attorney General Foster,


On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I formerly request that you investigate potential incidents of voter fraud that have been uncovered by the New Hampshire media. Reports surfaced last night that indicate State Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) is aiding and abetting individuals who are undermining New Hampshire law and allowing her home address to be used as a sanctuary for voter fraud.


WMUR-TV found that eight people are currently registered to vote at Senator Fuller Clark's Portsmouth mansion. Several of these individuals moved to New Hampshire for a short period of time to work on campaigns, and then left the state. When questioned about these voters, Senator Fuller Clark said that she had no idea if they ever had any intention of staying in the State of New Hampshire after the election.  


New Hampshire law states that every inhabitant of the state, "having a single established domicile for voting purposes" has a right to vote. "An inhabitant's domicile for voting purposes is that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence for domestic, social, and civil purposes relevant to participating in democratic self-government." (RSA 654:1)


Senator Fuller Clark knew that political workers who parachute into New Hampshire for several weeks to work on campaigns did not have the 'intent to maintain' a presence in our state. She knew that New Hampshire was not the location that "more than any other place" these out of state campaign workers had "established a continuous presence for domestic, social and civil purposes." Yet she allowed them to registered to vote at her home address so that they could support her political party and improperly influence New Hampshire elections.


It is outrageous that a senior Democrat lawmaker, who also serves as Vice Chairman of the State Democrat Party, would let people use her home address to potentially break New Hampshire laws and promote voter fraud. Her behavior undermines public confidence in the integrity of our elections and raises very serious questions about the campaign tactics used by New Hampshire Democrats.


In order to preserve the integrity of New Hampshire laws, the Department of Justice needs to immediately investigate the reports of potential voter fraud at Senator Fuller Clark's home and prosecute those who have broken the law.


I also respectfully request that you personally recuse yourself from any part of this investigation given the appearance of a conflict of interest. You previously served in the New Hampshire State Senate as a Democrat with Senator Fuller Clark, and could not impartially investigate her.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to your immediate response.



  JH Signature

Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee


NH GOP - Mayors Abandon Bloomberg's Gun Control Group

After months of negative and dishonest attacks, liberal New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's radical gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is hemorrhaging support. Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported that dozens of mayors from across the country have quit this extremist organization because of Bloomberg's shameful tactics and his decision to honor thugs, murderers and terrorists as victims of gun violence.


Republicans, Democrats and Independents have made it clear that Mayor Bloomberg's dishonest smear campaign isn't welcome in New Hampshire. But billionaire Bloomberg has indicated that he is willing to dump millions of dollars into his efforts to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners.  


That's why we still need your help to stop Bloomberg. Please consider donating to our party today to help us keep up the fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights.


Thank you,



Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican State Committee 



Union Leader: Mayors misled: Gun group needs a new name


Nashua Mayor Donalee Lozeau quit New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns after it exposed its true mission: to pursue strict new gun-control laws. She has had plenty of company. A review of the group's membership by news and entertainment website found that it has lost more than 50 members who have quit, lost re-election or had their terms expire. 


Lozeau quit after she saw the group's first ad attacking U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte for voting against a gun-control bill. "I said, 'Wait a minute, I don't want to be part of something like that,'" she told this newspaper last month. "I told them, 'You're mayors against illegal guns, you're not Mayors for Gun Control."


Read the full Union Leader editorial here.



BuzzFeed: Mayors Abandon Bloomberg's Gun Control Group

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is finding it hard to maintain some of its members, thanks to dozens of resignations and lost elections over the last few months.


Worse for Bloomberg, who has become one of the faces of the gun control movement: the people replacing his lost comrades aren't particularly eager to sign up with the organization, a rare group battling in the trenches against the well-organized and deep-pocketed National Rifle Association. Some appear not quite to have signed on for that level of political heat.


Read the full BuzzFeed story here.


NHDP - Rep. Kurk Exposes GOP Double Standard: Opting Out of Medicaid Expansion Not “Humane”

Concord – At a Medicaid Expansion Committee meeting today, State Representative Neal Kurk strongly voiced his opposition to New Hampshire opting out of Medicaid Expansion after, expanding insurance coverage to thousands of New Hampshire workers.  Kurk said that opting out of Medicaid Expansion and forcing thousands of working New Hampshire families off insurance was “not a humane” option.  But New Hampshire Republicans have been blocking that very same insurance coverage provided by Medicaid Expansion for months. 
“If repealing insurance coverage from thousands of New Hampshire families is not humane, what do Republicans consider blocking that insurance coverage from ever expanding in the first place?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “New Hampshire Republicans have been standing in the way of health insurance for thousands of hard working Granite Staters for too long.  Today, the hypocrisy of their ideological opposition and the phony double standard it is based on was exposed.”
When again offered the possibility of opting out of Medicaid Expansion, Representative Kurk responded, “With all due respect, [opting out of Medicaid Expansion] just is not a humane or viable option.” [YouTube, 7/23/2013]  New Hampshire Republicans blocked Medicaid Expansion earlier this year, ignoring clear evidence it would strengthen the economic and health security of thousands of working families.
“Voters deserve an answer from Senate President Bragdon, Majority Leader Bradley and the other Republicans who blocked expansion – why are you opposed to expanding insurance coverage to thousands of working families when according to Republicans taking that same insurance coverage away from those same individuals would be ‘inhuman,’” continued Kirstein.  “Expansion is good health policy, good fiscal policy and good economic policy, and study after study bears that out.”  
Senate Republicans Ignored Evidence Medicaid Expansion Would Strengthen The Economic Security And Health Of Countless New Hampshire Families.

·         Bragdon Admitted “he didn’t understand much about Medicaid.”  At a forum in Milford the Telegraph wrote, “[Bragdon] also admitted he didn’t understand much aboutMedicaid until this budget session. Medicaid expansion is considered the most contentious part of negotiations now underway over the proposed budget plan for Fiscal Years 2014 and ’15. [Nashua Telegraph, 6/4/2013]

·         Lewin Group: Moving forward with Medicaid Expansion would bring $2.5 billion into the economy, create 700 jobs, and save the state $92 million. [Lewin Group, Jan 2013]

·         Think Tank: Postponing Medicaid Expansion Even By One Year Would Cost An NH Irreplaceable $340 Billion. Economic and heath care policy experts at the NHFPI predict that "If New Hampshire delays, it would lose out for a year - maybe more - on the 100 percent federal match.  In detailed reports assessing the impact of theMedicaid expansion on New Hampshire, the Lewin Group estimated that a one-year delay would reduce the federal funds coming into New Hampshire by $340 million." [NHFPI, 5/28/2013]

·         STUDY: "Medicaid Virtually Wiped Out Crippling Medical Expenses Among The Poor." "The big news is that Medicaid virtually wiped out crippling medical expenses among the poor: The percentage of people who faced catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures (that is, greater than 30 percent of annual income) declined from 5.5 percent to about 1 percent. In addition, the people on Medicaid were about half as likely to experience other forms of financial strain-like borrowing money or delaying payments on other bills because of medical expenses." [The New Republic, 5/1/2013]

·         STUDY: "People On Medicaid Ended Up With Significantly Better Mental Health." "The other big finding was that people on Medicaid ended up with significantly better mental health: The rate of depression among Medicaid beneficiaries was 30 percent lower than the rate of depression among people who remained uninsured. That's not just good health policy. That's good fiscal policy, given the enormous costs that mental health problems impose on society-by reducing productivity, increasing the incidence of violence and self-destructive behavior, and so on." [The New Republic,5/1/2013

·         Accepting Federal Funding for Expanded Medicaid Would Bring NH A "Number of Economic Benefits." The non-partisan New Hampshire fiscal policy institute found, "if New Hampshire takes the federal money, it will enjoy a number of economic benefits as well. It will gain an average of 5,100 new jobs; the state will enjoy a $2.8 billion increase in gross state product; personal income will increase by more than $2 billion, and; household spending on health care will drop by almost $100 million statewide." [NHFPI Testimony, 5/9/2013]

·         STUDY: Refusing to Expand Medicaid Will Be “More-Costly,” Require States Higher Spending on Uncompensated Care.  A non-partisan study revealed, “State policymakers should be aware that if they do not expand Medicaid, fewer people will have health insurance, and that will trigger higher state and local spending for uncompensated medical care,” Price said. “Choosing to not expand Medicaid may turn out to be the more-costly path for state and local governments.” [The Hill, 6/3/2013]