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Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the Senate Democrats’ Internet sales tax resolution:

“The resolution that Senate Democrats sought to introduce was a laughable attempt to distract from President Obama’s enthusiastic support for the Internet sales tax and their long history of inaction on this issue. Republicans in the state Senate have already protected New Hampshire small business owners by passing a law last year that prohibits the taxation of Internet access in the Granite State.

“If state Senate Democrats were actually serious about fighting the Internet sales tax they would call on Democrat House Speaker Terie Norelli to break her shameful silence and denounce it. Speaker Norelli serves as the president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, an organization that has launched a well-funded campaign designed to support the Internet sales tax and destroy the New Hampshire Advantage. Her unwillingness to stand up for the Granite State by publicly condemning this job killing legislation is disgraceful." 


NHDP Statement on NHGOP Sales Tax Hypocrisy

Concord - Today, 12 of 13 New Hampshire Republican state senators voted against a resolution opposing an internet sales tax and praising New Hampshire's entire congressional delegation including Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte for their opposition in Washington. On Monday, NHGOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn condemned "shameful silence" on the issue as raising "serious questions about whether you would rather stand with New Hampshire, or quietly serve" other interests.  But the only lawmakers in Concord who remained quiet on the issue today were the New Hampshire Republicans.  

"After dishonest press releases and partisan stunts from the NHGOP, when the Republican state senators were offered an opportunity to voice opposition to the internet sales tax they instead stuck their heads in the sand.  The New Hampshire Republican Party has become the definition of shameful and embarrassing partisan hypocrisy.  They ducked, dodged, and ran away from taking a position." said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein.  "How long will it take Jennifer Horn to issue the same blistering condemnation from Monday, at the 12 Republicans who voted against the bi-partisan resolution today?" 

Majority Leader Jeb Bradley was the only Republican to vote for the resolution. 

"New Hampshire Democrats would like to commend Majority Leader Jeb Bradley on his vote thanking Senator Shaheen and the entire delegation for their work to protect the New Hampshire advantage," continued Kirstein.  "Sadly it is clear that his Republican colleagues don't even have the tiniest amount of faith in his leadership, since he couldn't convince a single one of them to vote along with him."


Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the balanced Republican state budget: 

“Today’s announcement of the state's April revenues confirms that the Republican's 2012-13 budget will balance and may even produce a surplus. Reasonable Republican revenue estimates and responsible spending plans have proven reliable through 22 months of a 24-month budget cycle. Due to the hard work and fiscal prudence of the Republican controlled legislature, this budget has been able to cut taxes, reduce regulations and preserve New Hampshire’s economic prosperity during difficult economic times.

“This news is an enormous embarrassment for New Hampshire Democrats, who for months have spread false and dishonest claims about a potential budget shortfall. It also completely undercuts Governor Hassan’s argument that she needs full authority to raid dedicated funds in order to balance the budget. This power grab is wrong, and the potential surplus gives the Legislature even more reason to reject her ridiculous proposal."



Fox News Reports On Disgusting Protest Signs Used At Events Sanctioned By President Obama’s Organizing For Action In New Hampshire

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Concord – New Hampshire Republican Party Executive Director Matthew Slater today called on Democrats to denounce the outrageous attempt by President Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) to politicize the Boston Marathon attacks. Fox News (5/1/13) reported last night that OFA-NH used disgusting and inappropriate signs at a recent gun protest organized by the group in front of Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office. One of the signs, which was splattered in “fake blood”, read “More shot in one day, than marathoned.”

“It is outrageous that Democrats would use such appalling and disrespectful signs at an event that was officially organized and sanctioned by President Obama’s field operation. The President should be ashamed of the message that was approved and used by his organization at this protest because it is insensitive, unacceptable and has no place in our political discourse.”

“The actions of OFA-NH clearly demonstrate the disgusting tactics that President Obama’s political machine is using to push his extreme agenda. Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Congresswoman Kuster need to stand up to their own party by denouncing OFA and telling President Obama that the organization’s unacceptable actions are not welcome in New Hampshire.”



NCSL Actively Campaigning For Internet Sales Tax Legislation That Would Damage NH Advantage

Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn sent the following letter to Speaker Terie Norelli today asking her to stop paying taxpayer funded dues to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The NCSL is lobbying for the passage of the Internet sales tax bill that will hurt New Hampshire small businesses. Speaker Norelli also serves as president of the NCSL:

April 29, 2013

The Honorable Terie Norelli
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Dear Speaker Norelli,

On behalf of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, I am writing to formally request that you seek to end New Hampshire’s payment of dues to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Under your leadership as President, the NCSL is actively supporting a disastrous Internet sales tax bill that will hurt New Hampshire small business owners. It is outrageous that Granite State taxpayers are being forced to fund an organization that is campaigning for legislation that will damage the New Hampshire Advantage.

According to the Legislative Accounting Office, New Hampshire taxpayers spent $126,879 in fiscal year 2013 on dues owed to the NCSL. The NCSL is using this money to fund a campaign to urge Members of Congress to support the job-killing Internet sales tax bill.

This legislation would burden New Hampshire small business owners with onerous new regulations and allow states with a sales tax to expand government by taking more money out of the pockets of working families. As Speaker of the House and NCSL President you must stand up for New Hampshire by demanding repayment of the dues paid to the NCSL and remove funding for the payments of these dues from the upcoming state budget.

While Senator Kelly Ayotte and other elected officials have spoken out against the Internet sales tax bill, you have said nothing. You have sat on your hands as President Obama, the leader of your party, and the NCSL, an organization that you oversee, have championed this devastating legislation. Your shameful silence raises serious questions about whether you would rather stand with New Hampshire, or quietly serve the interests of the states with a sales tax that you represent as NCSL President.

New Hampshire can no longer afford to fund an organization like the NCSL that is trying to damage our small business community. I look forward to your prompt response to this pressing matter.


Jennifer Horn
Chairman, New Hampshire Republican State Committee