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Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement after today's August jobs report showed the national unemployment numbers remaining above 8 percent, where it has remained for the last 43 months.

"On the heels of Obama asking America for a second term and just hours before he appears in New Hampshire to do the same, we are given a clear reason to fire him. Are Americans, and Granite Staters, better off than they were four years ago? The answer is a resounding no. Today's dismal jobs report proves that. This President promised to turn this economy around and his massive stimulus bill was supposed to jump start job creation, but it all failed, and we are instead left with massive debt and millions of people still unemployed. 

"Over 23 million Americans out of work is not an improvement, and it is not what Obama promised the people of America. This country deserves a leader who will put people back to work and who has a proven record of creating jobs. It is clear to the citizens of America and New Hampshire that it is time to elect Mitt Romney."



Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire Voter ID Law approved by the Department of Justice.

"Having Voter ID in New Hampshire gives Granite Staters confidence that the integrity of our elections will be protected. I am pleased that the Department of Justice agrees that this law will do just that. Protecting our electoral process and the right to vote is a high priority as we enter this election season that is critically important for New Hampshire, as well as our nation. I want to congratulate our legislature which has worked so hard to prevent voter fraud in our state."


Concord, NH- Last Friday's Union Leader article paints a picture of a Carol Shea-Porter who continues to run and hide from her record in Congress. Not only did she fail to put any of her issues on her website for months until Granite Staters pressured her, but she is now trying to censor what interviews are shown on the air. In an interview last week by Bedford community access, Shea-Porter called foul on the nature of the questions, and didn't want the producer to air it. What is the Congresswoman trying to hide? 

All voters really need to know about Congresswoman Shea-Porter is that she rubber-stamped then Speaker Pelosi's tax-and-spend agenda. While in Congress, Shea-Porter voted with the Democrat leadership "100 percent of the time... because frankly I think they are 100 percent right."

"Carol Shea-Porter knows that she can't be reelected based on her record," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "However, the voters have a right to know where she stands on the issues. Asking a reporter not to air something, because the questions weren't in her control, is completely ridiculous. Shea-Porter owes the voters of New Hampshire an explanation on why she is continuing to hide from them." 


Union Leader: Community access reporter sparring with Shea-Porter

“In an April 2007 interview with the Concord Monitor, Shea-Porter explained her views: ‘And so far I have voted, I think, 100 percent of the time with [Democratic leaders] because frankly I think they’re 100 percent right,’ she said.” (Alex Isenstadt, “Is Third Time The N.H. GOP’s Charm?”, Politico, 4/23/2009)




Hillsborough County Sheriff Candidate Continues Campaign to Protect Citizens

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. – Despite calls for Szabo to step down by a few leaders in the New Hampshire Republican Party, he is forging ahead, stronger than ever. “I did not start this campaign for political gain or to join the status quo. I am running for Sheriff because there is a desperate need. With the escalation of the erosion of our rights, Citizens need a public official, with authority, who can stand up for them and protect their rights – from any unlawful action,” Szabo said.
“I heard that some GOP leaders were calling for me to drop out. Only one had the courtesy to contact me directly,” Szabo said. “This is not about party allegiance. This is about basic American principles.”
“When your child can not sell lemonade in front of your house without a license, or you need a permit to exercise your right to free speech, or a mortgage company is trying to foreclose on your house without clear title, the County Sheriff has the authority to intervene,” Szabo said. The documentation and court cases which Szabo references in his presentations clearly show that the County Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and is duty-bound and fully authorized to ensure that all governmental actions in the county are lawful and Constitutional.
Neither of Szabo’s opponents subscribe to this vital aspect of the Office of County Sheriff.
The events of last week have only re-energized and increased his support base. “When I’m wrong, I admit it. I took full responsibility for how I was portrayed,” Szabo said. Szabo considers himself to be a Statesman rather than a politician. That forthright character has attracted people hungry for a man of action willing to put himself on the line for others.
About Frank Szabo
Frank Szabo, who lives in Goffstown with his wife Madeline and family, is running for Hillsborough County Sheriff to protect citizens’ rights and property as a constitutional peace officer within the county. The longtime businessman has owned and operated a successful limousine service and obtained a high-level of expertise in financial management and health care administration. Besides his practical life experiences and real-world common sense, Frank will bring to the sheriff ’s office his knowledge of court room legal proceedings, how to r ead and interpret laws, and his well-earned executive-level skills, including analysis and problem solving, financial management and business administration, personnel recruitment and training, and public speaking. Paid for by Citizens With Szabo. Frank Szabo, Fiscal Agent. For more information, visit


Concord, NH- In a desperate attempt to hide her support from SuperPACs and partisan special interest groups, Ann Kuster is pretending that she is against the outside money that she is receiving and that is being used to support her second run for Congress. Her desire to have a number of conversations to offset the $3 million in special interest money is appropriate because that is roughly how much money special interest groups have spent supporting Kuster. 

Having helped run a pro-income tax PAC that funneled donations to candidates that supported a state income tax like herself, Ann Kuster is a true friend of the special interest money, and the Super PACs that are propping up her campaign. Kuster's willingness to follow in lock step with her party leaders in Washington is exactly what these ultra-partisan special interest groups and Super PACs want and the reason why they are willing to spend vast sums of money supporting her candidacy. 

"Anne Kuster can pretend all she wants that she doesn't accept special interest money," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "But there is an obvious trend that she will accept money from anyone who wants to give it to her, and she will keep lying to the New Hampshire voters. In this cycle alone, she has accepted over $300,000 dollars. The voters didn't fall for her hypocritical values in 2010, and they won't in November of this year."


In 1999 Ann Kuster was on the Board of the "Courage and Leadership PAC" that advocated for a state income tax. The AP reported that "The Courage and Leadership PAC hopes to spend at least $100,000 in the next election helping candidates of either party who support an income tax" and that "Members of the PAC believe an income tax is the fairest way to pay for education."

Laura A. Kiernan, "Tax pledge opponents raise funds to help candidates," The Boston Globe, July 4, 1999

"Tax PAC," Associated Press, May 22, 1999

In the 2012 election cycle nearly $300,000 in outside special interest money has been spent on behalf of Ann Kuster including over $200,000 by SuperPAC Friends of Democracy that is primarily funded by son of super-liberal billionaire George Soros.


Kuster has raised over $775,000 dollars through out of state donations and liberal special interest groups like Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Howard Dean's Democracy for America and the True Majority PAC.


In 2010, outside special interest groups spent over $2 million on behalf of Ann Kuster which is the most spent on behalf of a candidate in New Hampshire's Second District.


Ann Kuster has collected nearly $570,000 in donations from political action committees including $260,000 from Big Labor organizations.