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NH House leadership response to Gov. Hassan Going to the Press First with Budget Proposal

The following is a response from House leadership to Governor Maggie Hassan’s press conference held this morning at the State House in Concord:


“It is unfortunate that Governor Hassan, rather than sitting down with legislative leaders to have a substantive discussion about her proposal, has chosen instead to hold a press event, inviting only members of her own party.  That clearly demonstrates a lack of bipartisanship and the people of New Hampshire deserve better than someone governing via press conference,” said House Majority Whip Richard Hinch (R-Merrimack).”


“We only received a copy of the proposal after the governor’s press conference had started. At first glance these seem to be nothing more than warmed over proposals that have already been floated and rejected.  Perhaps the governor’s time would be more wisely spent discussing these matters with legislators in person rather than trying to negotiate these important issues through a press conference,” Rep. Hinch added.


House Speaker Shawn Jasper  said that Republicans continue to stand by the responsible budget that was sent to the governor.  “It funds our state’s priorities in education, social services and transportation without raising taxes or fees, while making New Hampshire more competitive in retaining and recruiting companies that would create jobs and boost our economy.  Our budget also addressed the most pressing public safety money that would deal with the heroin epidemic currently gripping our state,” said Speaker Jasper.



NH House Members Petition Governor Hassan to Rescind Policy Prohibiting 

Concord—More the sixty members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives are calling upon Governor Maggie Hassan to allow members of the New Hampshire National Guard to carry firearms openly or concealed, except under specific direction.


In their letter to the governor delivered today, the lawmakers pointed out that current standing orders, regulations, or policies denies members of the Guard the right of self-protection enjoyed by all citizens of New Hampshire.  “Due to the multi-dimensional threat posed to our nation and our state by various terror groups, including radical Islamic Jihadists, it is our firm opinion that it is imprudent to continue to refuse New Hampshire National Guard personnel their right to arm themselves at their own discretion.”


The letter comes on the heels of the recent military reserve and recruiting stations assassinations in Chattanooga, TN.  Several other states have already implemented a similar policy.


“Therefore, we the undersigned, as current members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, are urging you to immediately rescind any and all standing orders, regulations, policies and practices that would prohibit New Hampshire National Guard personnel in good standing from carrying personal firearms at their own discretion, either openly or concealed.  We need to allow New Hampshire’s military guardians the best and most effective way to counter the threat to our state and their safety.”


The letter was also sent to Major General William N. Reddell III, the Adjutant General of the New Hampshire National Guard.


NH House Speaker Jasper Statement On Heroin Epidemic and Gov Hassan Blocking Progress!



Last evening on WMUR’s 6:00pm Newscast, Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said of the heroin epidemic plaguing Manchester and other New Hampshire communities:


"We need more action. We need the leaders of this state to step forward and help us with this heroin epidemic, because it's not going away."


In response, House Speaker Shawn Jasper issued the following statement: 


“In direct response to the growing drug crisis in our communities, the New Hampshire House and Senate put forward a spending plan that increased funding for addiction treatment and recovery services by 75%. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed the budget containing these provisions impeding our state’s ability to deal effectively with this epidemic.


This legislature has also taken other important steps in the fight against addiction including passing a Good Samaritan Law encouraging people to report overdoses, making Narcan available without a prescription, and approving change in Rules to allow police officers to administer Narcan. But the most important step was increasing state funding for substance abuse programs by 75% in the budget that the Governor vetoed.


In addition to addiction treatment and recovery funding, the budget also contained increased funding for the Department of Safety, whose efforts aid local law enforcement in our overall campaign to stop the supply and distribution of illegal and addictive substances.


When lives are at stake, we need to put politics aside. According to data from the state’s Chief Medical Examiner, every 27 hours there is a drug overdose death in New Hampshire. If we can invest in resources that will help our state intervene sooner, and provide the services to those suffering from addiction, we can save lives. We can reduce the number of headlines we read each day of families being torn apart by death and despair due to drug abuse.


The Governor had the opportunity to put over $42 million dollars to use combatting substance abuse. But instead she chose to delay our state’s ability to respond to this crisis by vetoing our responsible budget that would have begun to deploy significant additional resources to help those suffering from addiction. The quickest way for us to deploy these resources is to override the Governor's veto when the legislature reconvenes.”



To learn more about the immediate need to address addiction issues in our state, please watch this compelling video produced by an in-state advocacy organization:


The full WMUR report, “Heroin seizures up 20 times in Manchester over last year,”  can be viewed here:


Rio Tilton wins in a landslide, Rep. Max Abramson's statement 

Rio Tilton won his special election in Hampton Falls and Seabrook with 765 votes to 375 for Elaine Andrews Ahearn, or 68-32%.  Voters came to the Seabrook Community Center to vote complaining about the constant, negative barrage of attacks on the 19 year old college student, who is stepson to former Seabrook Fire Chief Jeff Brown.  Senator Nancy Stiles and several representatives held signs and volunteered in support of Rio.
Statement by Representative Max Abramson, also of Rockingham 20:
For the fourth special election in a row, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has gone negative and outspent Republicans.  For the fourth time, Republicans have defeated their big government agenda by offering the alternative of smaller government and local control.  Voters have been telling us that they prefer the "smaller government, local control message" to the countless negative mailers, calls, and emails from the Democrats.
In each special election, friends, relatives, neighbors, and fellow Republican state representatives have turned out grass roots support for these Republican candidates, beating the Democrats' strategy of campaigning from Concord.
Rep. Max Abramson
Hampton Falls and Seabrook

NH House Majority Leader Reacts to Veto of SB116 Concealed Carry

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following statement relative to Governor Hassan’s veto of SB 116, a bill that would allow a person to carry a loaded, concealed pistol or revolver without a license unless such person is otherwise prohibited by New Hampshire statute.


SB 116 passed the Senate by a 14-9 vote on February 12th, and passed the House with a bipartisan majority vote of 212-150 on April 29th. The Senate concurred with the House version on June 4th.


House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)


“Governor Hassan’s veto sends the wrong message to New Hampshire’s large population of law abiding gun owners. SB 116 is a reasonable and long overdue measure that will extend freedom for our responsible firearms community, and will be an overall deterrent to crime.”

“Contrary to what opponents of the bill would like us to believe, SB 116 will not enable a proliferation of criminal activity. This bill does not extend rights of those who would be otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm. Those with criminal intent will continue to obtain, carry, and use firearms in illegal ways. Impeding the rights of lawful gun owners based on the actions of criminals is unfair. House Republicans support laws that uphold our citizens’ constitutional rights, and will support overriding the Governor's veto on SB116.”