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NHDP - Bill O’Brien is Back in Charge: House Budget Writers Plot Return to Devastating O’Brien Budget Cuts 

House GOP “Leadership Decided to Turn Toward O'Brien's Supporters,” Working to End Medicaid Expansion and Making Drastic Cuts to Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services
Budget Writers Also Cut Funding for Higher Education, Making Massive Cuts at DOT that Would Hurt Efforts to Keep Roads Safe and Clear


Concord, N.H. – New details have emerged about House Republicans’ plot to return to the devastating cuts of the Bill O’Brien era by ending Medicaid expansion, making drastic cuts to mental health and substance misuse services, cutting funds for higher education, and hurting DOT’s ability to keep New Hampshire’s roads clear and safe.
“Bill O’Brien is back at the reins of the New Hampshire state budget and he’s determined to undo the bipartisan progress of the last two years that has moved our economy forward,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “The people of New Hampshire already rejected Bill O’Brien’s devastating cuts in 2012, and we will not let O’Brien hurt our small businesses, middle class family and economy again.”
In the Union Leader, Garry Rayno reported that House Republican “leadership decided to turn toward O'Brien's supporters,” developing a budget that would end Medicaid expansion for 36,000 Granite Staters and counting, and would also make devastating cuts to mental health and substance misuse services.
DHHS Commissioner Nick Toumpas explained, "There is no way to make some of these changes without cost-shifting down to other levels of government.”
Rayno added that the House Republican budget also eliminates “$20 million in winter maintenance for highways (maybe not the best choice after this winter) and [reduces] the university system funding below the current fiscal year appropriation.”
In the Concord Monitor, Allie Morris reported that Republicans on the House Finance Committee abandoned a plan to increase vehicle registration fees in order to maintain the solvency of the Highway Fund because it faced “pushback from members of the party, especially those in [O’Brien’s] House Republican Alliance.”
Instead, House Republicans opted for a $20.5 million cut that would translate to 300 layoffs at the Department of Transportation, hurting its ability to keep our roads clear, open and safe.

NH House Republican Statement on House Action on Anti-Business Legislation 

CONCORD – House Republican Whip Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement on the defeat of several anti-business bills before the House.  

HB365 - prohibiting an employer from using credit history in employment decisions. (Failed by a vote of 200-142)

HB496 - prohibiting public employers from using criminal history in employment decisions. (Laid on the Table)


House Republican Whip Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack)


“Employers in New Hampshire should be able to use these criteria when reviewing qualifications of employees, if they see fit. A prohibition on using these important measures in reviewing the qualifications of job applicants would take a valuable tool away from employers and open the door for costly litigation.”


HB392 - relative to the minimum hourly wage. (Failed by a voice vote)

HB600 - relative to paid sick leave for employees. (Failed by a vote of 219-122)

HB684 – establishing a state minimum hourly rate. (Failed by a vote of 198-145)


House Republican Whip Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack)


“These proposals have the potential to negatively affect our job climate in New Hampshire and could threaten the viability of many small and medium sized businesses especially in the hospitality industry, which many workers in our state depend on. The New Hampshire business community is compassionate and more than capable of making reasonable decisions that best suits the needs of their employees and the viability of their businesses. They know what it takes to attract and retain employees.”


NH House Republicans Comment on Defeat of Background Check Legislation 

CONCORD – Deputy House Speaker Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) offered the following statement on the defeat of HB650, a bill that would have placed unnecessary mandates on certain firearm sales in New Hampshire. The bill was defeated by a vote of 236-124.


Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)


“New Hampshire ranks among the safest states in America and the vast majority of gun owners in New Hampshire are honest, law abiding citizens. This bill was an unnecessary attempt to solve a non-existent problem in our state.”


“Those with criminal intent already circumvent existing laws to obtain firearms. Placing new restrictions and mandates on certain firearms sales will only impede the rights of law abiding gun owners and dealers.”



NH House Republican Statement on Passage of HB276, Supporting Local Control of Education Standards 

House Education Chairman Statement on Passage of HB276, Supporting Local Control of Standards


CONCORD – House Education Committee Chairman Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill) offered the following statement on the passage of HB276, a bill that provides that school districts shall not be required to adopt the common core standards. The bill passed by a vote of 236 – 124. 

Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill) 

“House Republicans will always support greater local control of education curriculum and standards. If a local district decides to adopt a different or better set of guidelines for their students, this bill protects their ability to do that. This is truly an effort to preserve local control from the ever-encroaching federal department of education’s controlling footprint. Parents and local school boards should be empowered to make decisions to best suit the needs of their students and children.”


NH House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) comments on tanning bill 

The House Republican Majority Caucus issued the following statement on the passage of HB 136, a bill that would take away from parents the right to give permission to their teenagers to get an indoor tan.

"Today, 199 members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to tell parents that their elected representatives are more intelligent than they are and more caring of their children," stated Rep Pam Tucker, Greenland. "They told parents of young ladies and gentlemen, going to their senior prom, "No, you cannot make that trip to the tanning booth before one of the biggest nights of your life."

"This new law would be an invitation to more nanny government.  What's next, mandated use of sunscreen?  Subsides for sunscreen?  We can only hope that the senate knows more about the New Hampshire traditions of individualism and supporting the family than the 199 representatives who seem to know about Washington overreach," noted Rep. Jeanine Notter- Merrimack.