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NH House Majority Leader Reacts to Governor's Inauguration Address 

CONCORD - House Republican Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following comments in reaction to Governor Hassan’s inaugural address:


House Republican Majority Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline)


“Governor Hassan offered a lot of broad goals, with little specifics on how to reach them. Republicans share concern about our economy, job creation, and energy prices, but we’ll have very different solutions. Republicans have a common-sense legislative agenda that we believe will keep our pledge to protect taxpayers and make New Hampshire more business friendly.”


“I’m happy that the Governor shares our desire for a balanced state budget. However, we should remember that two years ago Governor Hassan proposed a budget that was immediately rejected by Republicans as a result of higher taxes, higher spending, and unrealistic revenue estimates.”

“In order for the Governor to fulfill her commitment to bipartisan solutions, we will need her to work with us to ensure our government lives within its means without relying on new or increased taxes and fees.”


NH House Majority Caucus Supports Vote on Transparency 

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 -
The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted today to table the amendment to require twenty members to second a request for a roll call vote instead of ten, as proposed and unanimously passed by the House Rules committee chaired by Speaker Jasper. The vote was hailed by the House Republican Majority Caucus as a positive move in maintaining openness in government and to adhering to long-standing House traditions.

Rep. William O’Brien (R – Mont Vernon), who was elected House Republican Majority Caucus Leader by a unanimous vote of House GOP members in December stated, “This is a win for the people of New Hampshire who want continued accountability and transparency in our government.

The people of New Hampshire sent us to Concord to reduce taxes, balance the budget and reduce regulations, and they want to see how we do it,” said O’Brien. “Openness in government is essential to what we do here, and it is the intention of our caucus to support transparency at every opportunity. “


NH House Republican Majority Caucus comments on Rules meeting 

Today during the House Rules committee meeting, the Speaker, elected by a majority of the Democrats, showed his true colors for the first time.  When the motion to allow each caucus to independently select and vote for their own leader, Speaker Jasper voted along with the Democrats to oppose this change.  After years of allowing the minority party to nominate and select their own leader, Jasper potentially sets up a precedence where the Speaker can select who leads each party.

Upon learning of the pitfalls of this decision, Rep Stephen Stepanek - Amherst stated, "Given the fact that the past precedents of the House, such as the Minority Leader casting a single ballot for the Speaker or a fellow member of the majority party challenging the majority party Speaker nominee, have been violated, I feel this rule change is needed.  The precedent has not been followed.  We need to put in to Rules procedures to protect the integrity of the House and of the minority and majority caucuses."


The other major change the new House Leadership made during the Rules committee meeting was to suppress transparency by doubling the number of reps needed to second a roll call vote.  Traditionally, the House rules required 10 other members  to second a motion for a role call.

 Rep. Hoell - Dunbarton, speaking for the House Republican Majority Office voiced his frustration over this proposed change in making the following statement: "It is unfortunate that Reps. Jasper and Shurtleff are more interested in hiding their actions at the State House than supporting the
traditional transparency given to the citizens of New Hampshire."


NH House Republican Leader Comments on Republicans Winning a Majority in the NH House 

CONCORD - House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) issued the following statement relative to confirmation that Republicans had won the majority of seats in the New Hampshire House:


“We’re very happy with the election results at the House level and we couldn’t be prouder of the hard work of our candidates. It’s clear that our positive message focusing on improving our economy and making sure our government lives within its means resonated with voters across the state.”

“We’re mindful that with a majority comes a high degree of responsibility and we intend on governing in a common sense, transparent manner we believe New Hampshire citizens expect and deserve. Our legislative priorities will continue to concentrate on responsible state spending and budgeting and helping to improve our business climate to help create more jobs and increase prosperity for citizens in all parts of the state.”



NH House Republican Leader Reacts to NH Ranking 48th in the Nation in Corporate Tax Study 

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) offered the following statement in reaction to the recently released 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index published by the non-partisan Tax Foundation. In the report, New Hampshire ranks in the top 10 overall, but 48th in the nation for corporate taxes.


House Republican Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)


“Again this year, the Tax Foundation has pointed out that we’re one of the worst states when it comes to corporate taxes. This should serve as another red flag to lawmakers that we need to take a serious look at our approach to business taxes in New Hampshire. House Republicans will make this a legislative priority in the coming term. Our high quality of life and lack of a sales tax or broad based income tax have laid the foundation for us to be a destination for individuals, families and retirees. But that high quality of life can only be sustained through continued economic growth and opportunity. We must be able to unleash the potential of our current business community and continue to find ways to make New Hampshire a destination for new businesses, industries and start-ups. Having one of the most unfavorable corporate tax climates in the United States inhibits us from being able to compete for investment and jobs. We will work to change that.”