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NH House Majority Leader Comments on Supreme Court Ruling on Retirement System 

CONCORD - House Republican Leader Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) offered the following comment relative to the Supreme Court ruling that upheld legislative changes to the New Hampshire Retirement System.


House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan


“We all want a healthy and solvent retirement system for current and future public employees and first responders. With a $5 billion unfunded liability, one of the highest unfunded rates in the nation, modifications and reforms to the way in which the system works were necessary.”


“This decision gives us confidence that future legislative reforms are possible and permissible. House Republicans will continue to offer reasonable proposals, without increasing taxes, to strengthen our pension system and reduce the unfunded liability.”



Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on the Republican victories in the New Hampshire State Senate and House of Representatives:


"Granite Staters sent a clear message to Governor Maggie Hassan by electing strong majorities to the State Senate and House of Representatives - it's time to stop spending our way to an income tax in New Hampshire. New Hampshire residents are fed up with Maggie Hassan's reckless management of the state budget and her failure to grow the economy, and the Republican majority in our state legislature will bring common sense to Concord."


NHDP - Huffington Post: "Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts of Floor Speech on Same-Sex Marriage"

Huffington Post: "Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts of Floor Speech on Same-Sex Marriage"
"Revelations that Marilinda Garcia plagiarized portions of an anti-marriage equality speech she gave on the State House floor from a conservative publication raises serious questions about her integrity and whether she will truly represent the best interests of New Hampshire," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Marilinda Garcia needs to come clean with Granite Staters and admit if she's ever plagiarized any other public statements she's made."
"Either way, Granite Staters deserve an independent voice who will listen to the needs and concerns of constituents, not a scripted candidate who relies on right-wing talking points to push an extreme Tea Party agenda that is out-of-touch with New Hampshire values," added Lesswing.
See here or below for the full Huffington Post story:

GOP House Candidate Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts Of Floor Speech On Same-Sex Marriage

Marilinda Garcia, a Republican U.S. House candidate from New Hampshire, plagiarized portions of a 2012 speech she gave against same-sex marriage, according to an analysis by the left-leaning group Granite State Progress.

Garcia, who was named a "rising star" by the Republican National Committee, delivered the speech as a state representative in an effort to repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law. The language she used is nearly identical in some passages to a 2010 editorial by the National Review.

"Marriage exists to solve a problem," Garcia said. "That problem is a societal problem that rises from sex between men and women, but not from sex between partners of the same gender. That problem is what to do about its generativity."

The National Review editorial has a very similar paragraph:

Marriage exists, in other words, to solve a problem that arises from sex between men and women, but not from sex between partners of the same gender: what to do about its generativity.

Granite State Progress pointed out many other passages Garcia appears to have plagiarized. She said in her speech, "A man and a woman who unite biologically may or may not have children depending on factors beyond their control, but the point is that a same-sex couple cannot thus unite."

The National Review editorial uses the same words: "A man and a woman who unite biologically may or may not have children depending on factors beyond their control; a same-sex couple cannot thus unite."

Even longer passages from Garcia's speech mimic parts of the editorial. Here is Garcia:

The campaign for same-sex marriage, as evidenced by the immediate abandonment of civil unions, is primarily motivated by one specific benefit, and that is the symbolic statement by the government that committed same-sex relationships are equivalent to marriages. But with respect to the purposes of marriage, they're not equivalent. And so, this psychic benefit can not be granted without telling a lie about what marriage is, and why a society and legal system should recognize and support it.

Here is the National Review:

The campaign for same-sex marriage is primarily motivated by one specific benefit: the symbolic statement by the government that committed same-sex relationships are equivalent to marriages. But with respect to the purposes of marriages, they're not equivalent; and so this psychic benefit cannot be granted without telling a lie about what marriage is and why a society and legal system should recognize and support it.

Garcia changed the wording around a little bit in some passages and included a personal anecdote in her speech, but she did not cite the National Review.

Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress, said the plagiarism is evidence that Garcia simply parrots right-wing talking points, rather than thinking for herself.

"Marilinda Garcia is a Koch-funded and scripted candidate who sticks closely to the talking points provided by her big dollar donors. On the occasions she has had to speak in more detail about her own record and positions, she has struggled. Now we learn that she plagiarized major sections of a speech she gave on the House floor. We cannot be certain this was the only time Garcia has taken someone else's work and passed it off as her own," she said.

Garcia's campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


Hounsell For NH House (CCD2) - “PEOPLE ABOVE POLITICS”

I am a candidate for the NH House of Representatives for Carroll County District 2, which includes Chatham, Conway. Eaton, and Hales Location.  Thanks to the support of scores of registered voters in the district, I have gained a spot on the General Election Ballot in November by means of nomination papers as I will be running as an Independent, not beholden to either the Republican or Democratic Parties.

I realize this is a difficult path to victory, but after much reflection, consultation and prayer I also realize this is my attempt to enter this particular political arena in good conscience.  As an independent, I will not be beholden to any ideology, special interest or political boss.  When elected I will be 100% free of such crippling influences and therefore able to represent the people.  My campaign motto is “People Above Politics.”

In order to be able to best serve in good conscience I will not seek or accept campaign contributions from any political action committee, union organization or corporate and business concern.  In fact, I will not accept any campaign contribution from any individual in excess of $25.  It is past time to rid all special interest money as the driving force that determines our state’s policy.  I cannot be bought, my vote cannot be bought. Our liberties, our freedoms, the dreams of our children, as well as the current and future well being our senior citizens are not for sale.

I oppose the insidious new gasoline tax.  This tax is regressive and greatly hurts those least able to pay it.  Worse than being another new tax, the gasoline tax has created additional increase in prices on other necessities such as groceries, milk and bread.  The impact of this so-called gasoline tax is the adoption of what is really a tax on gasoline and on food.  I look forward to having discussions on this issue during the campaign.

The state needs to do more to meet its financial obligation to public education.  Year after year we hear from politicians that they support education.  Now is the time for the state to put the money behind its words.  The property taxpayer is beyond tapped out.  We are beginning to see people on fixed incomes having to dip into their personal savings and reserves in order to pay their property tax.  This is a critical issue: property tax relief is possible, and it must be forthcoming.  It requires that the Legislature realize that in order to maintain our American way of life.  To ensure that the pursuit of the American Dream is available for future generations we must invest more in our public schools.  The days when the state believes it is fulfilling their charge by heaping one unfunded state mandate in top of another are over.  If the state mandates a program – the state should pay for that program.

I fully support the 2nd Amendment and will oppose infringements on the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  Gun control laws in other parts of the country have not and do not work.  In New Hampshire we have thousands of men and women who enjoy hunting and fishing, gun collectors, and those who take responsibility for their own personal protection.  We should not be expected to surrender our constitutional rights as a reaction to the evil and tragic actions of murderers and thieves.

We need to get serious when it comes to our crumbling programs that deal with mental health issues.  New Hampshire needs to build more mental health facilities and provide more beds to help those in need of mental health treatment.

In conclusion,  It was thirty years ago this year that I announced I was a candidate for the N.H. State Senate.  I was  32 year old medieval studies major at Plymouth State, attending classes during the day and working as a custodian during the night.  To the surprise of the establishment I won the Republican primary against the incumbent and went on to be elected twice to the Senate.  Since leaving the Senate I have remained active in public service as a member of school boards, as a selectman, a library trustee, and as a member of the State’s Traffic Safety Commission and Public Employee Labor Relations Board.  I have the experience, the drive and the passion and skill sets to represent all the people in the NH House of Representatives.  I would be honored to have your support and your votes.  Thank you.

Please check out my new web site.


Levell For NH House - Gas Tax Increase Hurts Taxpayers 

On Tuesday, July 1st, the gas tax will increase 23%, or an additional $0.04 per gallon. It will raise the price of everything -- from milk and groceries, to basic household items. Now the cost of commuting to work will go up. The cost of shuffling the kids off to their various activities will be higher. It will hurt all New Hampshire citizens and businesses, but fall disproportionately on our seniors and low-income families.
Not all of the funds will go towards repairing or developing the state's infrastructure. More than 25% is siphoned off for pet projects in other departments. If citizens must face a tax increase, they deserve no less than a full guarantee that all the proceeds from that tax will go to their intended use. Instead, this gas tax increase is irresponsible fiscal management. It is irresponsible to add more burdens on our businesses and families.
New Hampshire needs legislators that will be more fiscally prudent and transparent about how the money is spent.
Michelle Levell
Candidate for State Representative of Windham (Rockingham 7)

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