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NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley's Statement on the Election of Gene Chandler as House Minority Leader

CONCORD  - Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement following the election of Gene Chandler as House minority leader:
"It is clear that House Republicans either didn't listen or simply chose to ignore the will of the voters by electing Gene Chandler as the House Minority leader tonight. Chandler, a devoted and loyal ally of the Tea Party and Bill O'Brien, represents more of the same type of failed leadership and extreme policies that voters roundly rejected just over a week ago.
"Voters want a return to common-sense problem solving in Concord and to move away from the divisive tactics and extreme agenda of the last two years. With the election of Gene Chandler however, the Republican minority has shown that they are still unwilling to waiver from the radical and extreme policies and tactics that lost them their majority, hurt New Hampshire's economy and left our middle class behind."

NH House Republicans Select Rep. Gene Chandler To Serve As Republican Leader for 2013-14 Session

CONCORD – At a caucus of Republicans elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for the 2013-14 session, the members elected Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) to serve as House Republican Leader. In the current session, Rep. Chandler holds the office of Speaker Pro Tempore.

Speaker Pro Tempore Gene Chandler

“I’m honored to have my Republican colleagues give me their support as Leader. Today, we begin our efforts to restore our majority in the House by delivering the Republican message of economic opportunity and job creation through lowering the burden of taxes and regulation. We won’t rest until we know that everyone who wants a job can find a good one right here in New Hampshire. That cannot mean a return to the days of massive tax and fee increases on the backs of the working families and employers of the state. We also need to make sure that we have a budget that is balanced and relies on realistic revenue projections. We will also work to ensure that we continue to deliver on the promise of education choice and protect the integrity of our elections. I look forward to getting work to keep our caucus strong and send a clear message about our Republican values.”


JOINT RELEASE: Rep. Chandler, Sen. Sanborn Lead Charge in Landowner Liability Protections

CONCORD – House Speaker Pro-Tempore Gene Chandler, Sen. Andy Sanborn, and representatives from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the Fish and Game Commission, the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, the New Hampshire Farms Bureau, and the New Hampshire Wildlife Association today gathered in Concord to address questions about the state’s landowner liability laws that came to light as a result of a recent lawsuit between a Manchester man and an Epsom landowner.

House Speaker Pro-Tempore Gene Chandler:

“In an effort to tighten up existing landowner liability laws the House and Senate are working together to file legislation to ensure landowners will be free from liability from lawsuits for allowing access to their property for hunting, fishing and other recreational pursuits. Closing off private lands would affect the state’s tourism and hunting, which would hurt our small businesses and cost our citizens much needed jobs. We need to ensure that New Hampshire’s landowners continue to feel comfortable with the protections they are afforded within our laws and we will do everything we can to strengthen the existing statutes. We appreciate the many private landowners in New Hampshire that allow access to millions of acres of privates land and hope they will bare with us while we strengthen the laws.”

Sen. Andy Sanborn:

“Last year snowmobiling and hunting together brought in nearly $1.6 billion to New Hampshire. From hiking, hunting and fishing, to bird watching, snowmobiling and gathering firewood while we camp it is landowner access that allows for our tourism market and brings needed jobs and economic stability to our state. Unfortunately, it is currently at risk. We respectfully ask our land owners to not be precipitous and close off their land and to bear with us while we craft good legislation, as expeditiously as possible, that will deal with the multi-faceted issues surrounding landowner liability protections.” 


Rep. Chandler & Sen. Sanborn land liability press conference 

Representative Gene Chandler and State Senator Andy Sanborn will be holding a press conference to discuss legislation relative to liability for land owners for those engaging in hunting and fishing.

When: Thursday, September 8

Time: 10:00-11:00am

Subj: Landowner liability

Where: Legislative Office Building Lobby