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NRSC - WMUR: Republicans remind Lynch in 2011 let GOP budget become law 



KEY TAKEAWAY: Four years ago, then-Gov. John Lynch strongly opposed the GOP-passed budget, but rather than veto it, he let the package become law without his signature. Lynch said at the time that a veto of the budget had the potential to create “chaos in state government,” including a government shutdown.

Republicans Remind: Lynch in 2011 let GOP budget become law
Hassan’s predecessor cited saying veto could mean ‘chaos in state government’ 
John DiStaso
June 23, 2015

The state Republican Party on Tuesday will try to use the words of Gov. Maggie Hassan’s predecessor and fellow Democrat against her as she apparently prepares to veto the two-year spending plan passed by the Republican majority in the Legislature.

Four years ago, then-Gov. John Lynch strongly opposed the GOP-passed budget, but rather than veto it, he let the package become law without his signature.

Lynch said at the time that a veto of the budget had the potential to create “chaos in state government,” including a government shutdown.

The state Republican Party cited a passage from Lynch’s press release, issued on June 24, 2011, in which he said he would let the budget become law without signing it.

“There could be serious repercussions to the people of our great state if there is no budget in place on July 1,” Lynch said in the release. “Vital services could be unavailable to our citizens, including everything from driver's license renewal services, permitting required for businesses and critical road repairs. Also, state parks could be closed for the Fourth of July, employees and private contractors wouldn't get paid and our state credit rating could be impacted.”

Lynch also said at the time, “Given the Legislature's rejection of proposed remedies to the problems in the budget, it is clear that a veto would not lead to a better budget.”

Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn said Monday, “While we had many disagreements with Gov. Lynch, he realized that vetoing the state budget would ‘create chaos in state government’ and generate ‘serious repercussions’ for our state. Gov. Hassan is putting her political ambitions before New Hampshire’s best interests by threatening a reckless veto that could put critical state services at risk. It is time for the governor to end her partisan attacks, follow the example set by Gov. Lynch, and stop playing politics with New Hampshire’s fiscal integrity.”

Horn also cited a Concord Monitor report on June 21, in which Gina Balkus, an advocate for home health agencies, said the current budget is “the best budget we’ve seen in years.”

There are differences between 2011 and 2015, primarily that four years ago, Republicans held a majority large enough to override a veto, while this year they do not. Some Republicans promised in 2011 that if Lynch vetoed the budget, they would make the cuts deeper.

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NHDP - Voters Will Hold Republican Senators Accountable for Votes Against Commuter Rail 

Concord, N.H. – Kevin Avard, David Boutin and the rest of the Senate Republican caucus voted today to block funding necessary to move forward with commuter rail from Boston to Nashua and Manchester. 

“The business community, including the Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce, is calling on the legislature to act now on commuter rail in order to seize on our state’s economic potential and lay the foundation for a new generation of economic growth,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Kevin Avard and David Boutin will find out in November 2016 that the people and businesses of Nashua and Manchester aren't going to forget this vote against the economic interests of their communities.”



NHDP - ICYMI: Guest on NHPR’s “The Exchange” Highlights House Republican Budget Cuts Would Lead to Downshifting

Concord, N.H. – On NHPR’s “The Exchange,” Southern New Hampshire University’s Dean Spiliotes highlighted that House Republicans’ proposed budget cuts would lead to downshifting onto local municipalities, meaning property taxes would likely increase:
“One of the big underlying issues in this whole discussion of proposed budget cuts is the issue of downshifting, you’re going to hear that word a lot in the coming months. You know, if you cut back on mental health services, drug and alcohol programs, nursing homes, emergency shelter funding, all those kinds of things, road maintenance, etc., a lot of that gets pushed down to the municipal level, which means property taxes likely go up. And that, I think at some level, kind of drives the politics at the grassroots.”


NHDP - Republicans on Executive Council Prove Once Again that NH GOP Has No Credibility on Fiscal Responsibility 

Led By Executive Councilor David Wheeler, Republicans Block Contract for Equipment That’s Critical for Highway Maintenance and Would Save the State Money

Concord, N.H. – Proving once again that New Hampshire Republicans have no credibility on fiscal responsibility, David Wheeler and Republicans on the Executive Council for the second time blocked a contract for equipment that’s critical for highway maintenance and would save the state money.
“It makes zero sense that Republicans would block a contract that would save the state more than $3 million and allow DOT to carry out necessary road maintenance work,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “If Republicans on the Executive Council like David Wheeler need a refresher on the vital work that DOT workers do every day to keep our roads clear and safe, they should simply look out the window."
The Department of Transportation currently rents equipment necessary for “mowing, paving and drainage repairs, culvert repairs, tree cutting and removal, and restoring roads after washouts and State of Emergencies.” The legislature authorized DOT to instead lease the equipment, which would save the state an estimated $3 million

While Councilor Wheeler suggested that DOT buy the equipment outright, the legislature hasn't appropriated the money to do so. Leaving DOT with no choice but to continue with the more-expensive rental contracts. 


NHDP - NH Republican Legislators Follow US Sen Ayotte’s Lead, Play Politics with Critical Safety Funds 





After Watching Ayotte Play Politics with Funding for DHS, NH GOP Legislators Are Following Suit as they Block Federal Funds for Public Safety


Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte has for weeks played politics with the safety of New Hampshire communities, holding funding for the Department of Homeland Security hostage to appease her Tea Party base.


Now New Hampshire Republicans in the state legislature appear to be following Ayotte’s lead by blocking federal funds to promote public safety. The Republican members of the Legislative Fiscal Committee last week voted to block millions of dollars in federal funds that would support critical priorities such as combating substance misuse, improving school safety, and supporting local fire fighters.


“After watching for weeks as Kelly Ayotte played politics with funds for critical public safety priorities, it’s hardly a surprise that New Hampshire Republican legislators are now following her lead,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Protecting our communities is something that we should all be able to agree on, and blocking critical safety funds in order to appease the far-right wing of the Republican Party is simply as low as it gets. “


“Instead of working to bring New Hampshire’s tradition of bipartisan problem-solving to Washington, Kelly Ayotte is bringing Washington’s partisanship and dysfunction to the Granite State,” added Buckley.




Republicans on the Fiscal Committee Block Millions in Federal Funds

“Republican committee members voted to delay several decisions on whether to accept and spend roughly $9 million in federal and other funds that would pay for a program to collect data on violent deaths in New Hampshire, hire an investigator for a state drug task force, fund positions to promote child safety and mental health, and pay for a new fire truck, among other things.” [Concord Monitor, 2/22/15]


Among New Hampshire Republicans’ reckless partisan actions were:


Blocking federal funds to better collect and analyze data related to violent deaths occurring in the state (pg. 86).


Blocking the Department of Justice from using federal forfeiture dollars to hire a full-time Criminal Justice Investigator for the purpose of statewide investigations of drug related activities (pg. 116).


Blocking grant funding for a highway safety program allowing State Police to collect better and timelier data on highway crashes (pg. 95).


Blocking more than $1.9 million in federal funds for Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) in order to promote child safety and mental health. Project AWARE will serve approximately 4,000 children, youth and families per year and train approximately 700 youth-serving adults per year in New Hampshire (pg. 101).


Blocking federal funds for the purchase of a mini-pumper fire truck and personal protective equipment (pg. 44).


Blocking school safety funding to assist local schools in the development of Emergency Operations Plans (pg. 74).