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State House Republicans to Submit Legislation Amending SB500 

Democrats to Block Necessary Suspension of the Rules

Concord— House and Senate Republicans today announced plans to bring forth language that would exclude persons convicted of violent or sex crimes from early release on probation or parole.  SB500, signed into law by  Governor Lynch on July 1, 2010, brought with it unintended consequences by mandating that prison doors be opened early for violent offenders as well as those incarcerated for non-violent crimes. 

The language agreed upon this week by Republicans in both chambers  would  not only exclude  a prisoner convicted of a violent crime or a sexually violent offense from early supervised release, but would also provide the parole board with greater discretion to recommit a person who re-offends while on early supervised release. 

State House Republicans face an uphill climb in their attempt to amend the language of SB500 however, because the motion will require a two-thirds vote in order to suspend the rules to allow in the new legislation.  Speaker of the House Terie Norelli (D-Portsmouth) and Senate President Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord) have both indicated an unwillingness to suspend the rules when the two bodies meet to deal with the governor’s vetoes on Wednesday.

In signing SB500 into law last summer Governor Lynch claimed that it would save taxpayers money by working to ensure that released offenders became productive members of our society.  State House Republicans are calling tomorrows vote to suspend the rules a “de facto” vote for the safety of New Hampshire citizens over any money that might be saved by the early release of violent offenders.

“The voters of this state should watch closely on Wednesday and remember those lawmakers who refuse to allow this legislation to be brought forth when they step into the voting booth in November,” said Rep. Packard. “This is not a partisan issue; this is an issue of public safety and an opportunity for the New Hampshire Legislature to correct its mistake.  I call upon Democrats in the House to do the right thing and join us in supporting our motion to suspend the rules.”



NH Senate Republicans - Statement on Lynch's Mythical "Surplus"

Concord, NH- Today, Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon issued the following statement in response to Governor Lynch's claim that the state ended Fiscal Year 2010 with a $70 million surplus:

"As usual, Governor Lynch and the Democrats at the State House have resorted to more Washington-style accounting gimmicks to hide their poor management of state finances. In this case they borrowed $150 million and then used that cash to pretend there was a surplus.

"Tiresome tricks like this, combined with a 24% budget increase, mean New Hampshire is facing an upcoming budget deficit of nearly $800 million.   The Democrats in Concord need to do what families across the state have had to do, cut spending and live within their means."


In FY 2010, the state borrowed $25 million from UNH, borrowed $45 million to pay for school building aid, and borrowed $80 million from the 2011 budget.  The total amount for just these three transactions is $150 million.  Source: Office of Legislative Budget Assistant.


NH Republican Senators Call for Repeal of Early Release for Violent / Sexual Offenders

(Concord, NH) - Today, Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford) announced the Republican state senators will seek to repeal provisions of a new law (SB 500) granting early release to violent and sexual offenders.  The formal repeal request will come on October 13, a day the legislature is scheduled to meet for the last time this year.  Bragdon said he will ask his Democrat colleagues to join the repeal effort.

"Citizens of New Hampshire are very concerned about this early release provision," Bragdon said.  "Although the bill went through the regular public hearing process, the focus was on non-violent offenders.  By repealing this provision now, we allow the next legislature to more carefully consider the issues of recidivism and public safety.  The safety of New Hampshire citizens is our number one concern."

The early release provision was part of a sweeping restructuring of the probation and parole system contained in SB 500, which was passed by the legislature in May and signed by Governor Lynch in July.   


Senate Republican Statement on Vote to Block Lynch's Raid of Doctors' Insurance Funds

Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford) released the following statement regarding today's decision by a legislative panel to block Governor Lynch's attempt to steal millions of dollars from a private insurance fund for health care providers:

"I am very pleased that legislators chose to uphold the ruling of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and protect this private property.  Governor Lynch's attempted unconstitutional raid shows the levels to which he will go to fund his four-year spending spree.  I call on Governor Lynch to withdraw his unlawful request."

Background: Today, the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) voted to reject a request from Governor Lynch to take over the private Joint Underwriting Authority (JUA) funds.  The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled earlier this year the JUA funds were private funds and out of the reach of state government.  Governor Lynch can either amend his request and resubmit it to JLCAR or withdraw it.


NHDP Party Chair Ray Buckley's Statement Regarding the New Hampshire State Senate Primary Election Results 

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire state Senate primary election results.

"Last night, the people of New Hampshire witnessed the end to a NH state Senate primary election that brought out the best in Democrats, and the worst in Republicans. While our Democratic state Senators and candidates were unified and on the ground reaching out to voters, the Republican state Senate candidates were divided and distracted by constant bickering.

The best interests of New Hampshire voters were lost among the primary battles waged between Republicans, who consistently tried to portray themselves as more right-wing and more extreme than their opponent. Amidst all the in-fighting, the Republican state Senate candidates lost sight of the commonsense, cooperative approach to politics that we take here in New Hampshire.

Our Democratic state Senators and candidates have maintained a unified front that will forge ahead toward November and uphold the Democratic Majority in the Senate that helped to keep New Hampshire's unemployment rate 40% below the national average, and worked to make our state a regional leader in the economic recovery effort.

New Hampshire needs strong and steadfast leadership to tackle the challenges ahead, and only the Democrats have shown the unity and dedication necessary to get the job done."