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PPP - Media Alert: Lynch looks safe for reelection 

When PPP polled New Hampshire in April John Lynch was showing some signs of vulnerability, sporting only a 44% approval rating and polling under 50% against all of his Republican opponents. Our newest numbers indicate that may have been a false alarm. Lynch has rebounded to a very strong 52/36 approval spread and leads his potential foes by anywhere from 17 to 24 points.

The strongest Republican, and the front runner for the nomination as seen in yesterday's primary numbers, is John Stephen. He is still an unknown quantity to 65% of voters in the state though and the ones that do have an opinion of him aren't very charitable with 14% rating him favorably and 21% unfavorably. Lynch leads him 51-34.

The rest of the Republicans are even more obscure and trail Lynch by wider margins. 75% have no opinion of Frank Emiro and he's down 48-28. 77% are ambivalent toward Karen Testerman and her deficit is 52-28. And Jack Kimball trails 52-29 with 78% expressing no feelings about him.

Lynch's numbers are up across the board since the April poll. His approval's risen 10 points with independents from 44% to 54%, 6 points with Republicans from 20% to 26%, and 6 points with Democrats from 66% to 72%.

Lynch received 74% and 70% in his last two reelection bids. He's not likely to come close to that level again this year with Republicans voting in a much more partisan fashion. But he doesn't have anything to worry about either.

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The Bedford Republican Committee is producing a series of interviews with Republican Primary candidates for broadcast on Bedford Community TV Channel 16.

“Our bylaws oblige us to support Republican candidates in Bedford and to inform voters. These programs are a way for us to do both.” said Committee Chairman Ray Chadwick. “It’s critical to know what a candidate stands for when you consider the impact of the next election on spending, taxes and social programs.”

Interviews were done with participating Republican candidates for Governor, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, and the New Hampshire Senate and the House of Representatives.  The 30 minute shows explore each candidate’s values, reasons for running, goals if elected and issues they consider important.

The shows were taped at Bedford Community TV, with Ken Hawkins serving as director and cameraman for the interviews. The interview shows, starting with candidates for Governor and proceeding through Federal and State candidates, will be shown on BCTV Channel 16 over the weeks before the Primary Election on September 14, 2010.

“Bedford Community TV has an organization and facility of superior competence and capability.” said Chadwick. “We’re pleased to have worked with BCTV and Ken Hawkins to help make it easier for voters to know the candidates and issues.”

The BCTV broadcast schedule is published weekly in the Bedford newspapers.

Streaming video of the programs will also be available through the BCTV website at:

The Bedford Republicans website will have a special section for the interviews at:

In addition to the interviews, the Bedford Republican Committee's website is kept up-to-date with state and local Republican events and news about candidates and legislation. The website also has links to politicians, media and other Republican organizations.

For information on joining the Bedford Republican Committee, please visit their website or email:



BEDFORD — The Bedford Republican Committee will hold a reception for  Senator Sheila Roberge who is retiring from the NH Legislature after serving District 9 for the last 26 years. District 9 consists of the towns of Bedford, Greenfield, Lyndeborough, Merrimack, Mont Vernon, and New Boston. The reception will be held at the Manchester Country Club, 180 South River Rd, Bedford on Wednesday July 28th, from 6:00-8:00 PM. 

"We are pleased to take this opportunity to honor Senator Roberge for her dedication and service and invite her friends, family, and colleagues alike to join us" said Chairman Ray Chadwick.

Cost is $20 and there will be Hors D'Oeuvres served and a Cash Bar. RSVP to 

Make checks payable to Bedford Republican Committee and send to 101 Powder Hill Road, Bedford 03110.


NH House Democrats Defy Tradition, Set Dangerous Precedent

Concord--In what can only be considered the parliamentary version of the “Cornhusker Kickback,” House Democrats created a dangerous new precedent on Wednesday by conjuring up new motions and using coin flips to determine the state’s fiscal policy for their budget shortfall. 

House Democrats came to an agreement with the Senate, behind closed doors and signed an agreement which called for a coin toss in order to determine which bill the House and Senate would work on in conference to address their fiscal mismanagement.  The chair of the House Finance Committee then offered what can only be called a “contingent” motion on the House floor, a motion that exists nowhere in rules or parliamentary procedure or has ever been used in the House that anyone can recall.  This motion passed on the House floor by only 12 votes, with a dozen Democrats joining Republicans in protest of this dangerous, precedent-setting vote. 

In comments to WMUR-TV, Speaker Norelli commented that she would welcome the Republicans participation in the process but that all she’d seen so far was obstruction.  In response to this outrageous comment by the House Speaker, House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (Londonderry) stated: “I am shocked by the comments of Terie Norelli.  When Republicans offered $200 Million in cuts to the budget last year, we were turned away.  When Republicans offered over $70 Million in cuts to the recent budget, we were turned away.  All Speaker Norelli has shown us is that her party has gone from ‘yes we can’ to ‘no we won’t.’  They have failed to balance their budget, they have failed to govern, and they have failed to even work with the Senate and their own governor.  The only way Republicans have been obstructionists is in protecting the interests of the institution. So I ask,  who’s really doing the obstructing in Concord?”

In a further slap to the face of proper procedure, Speaker Norelli refused to take up the Ways & Means committee’s revenue estimates BEFORE appointing the conferees on the budget bill, leaving them in the dark about where the state’s revenues are actually tracking.  “In my twenty years in the New Hampshire House, I have never been more disgusted by the lack of civility, the lack of respect for our traditions and precedent and the way the majority runs the House rough-shot,” concluded Packard. 


House Republican Leadership Rejects SB 450

More Taxes, Bonding and Downshifting Cited as Reasons

Concord—Calling it a “further assault on the New Hampshire Advantage,” House Republican leaders today called upon all House members to oppose the Finance amendment to SB 450 when it comes to the floor of the House for a vote on Wednesday.

House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (Londonderry) cited $25M in additional taxes; the continued practice of bonding operating costs, which passes even more debt on to the next budget; and the downshifting of an additional $20M to New Hampshire municipalities and school districts as reasons for opposing the legislation.

“The party of ‘Yes we can’ has quickly turned into the party of ‘No we won’t,’” said Packard.

“Republicans brought forth an alternative budget last year that spent $200M less than Democrats--and they quickly rejected it.  This year we offered $77M in proposed cuts--and they rejected nearly all of them.  Their answer to the overspending that they are responsible for over the past four years is to increase taxes and downshift the problem to our cities and towns.  That is just plain irresponsible,” added Rep. Packard.

The vote of the House Finance Committee on SB 450 was Ought to Pass with amendment (OTP/A), 13-12, with a lone Democrat joining 11 Republicans in opposing the measure.  “I am very concerned about the number and magnitude of the tax and fee increases, especially their decision to allow cities and towns to pass their own rooms and meals tax. Unfortunately, the end result of SB 450 does not solve our budget deficit, leaving a continued mess,” said Senior Assistant Republican Leader Gene Chandler (Bartlett).  

Finance Democrats voted to borrow $65M to pay for the state’s operating expenses and refinanced an additional $40M of the debt service due in FY11.  While it may lower the payment for that one year, it will add nine years of bond payments and $6.7M in interest to our General Fund debt burden.  As a result of the “Lynch Philosophy” of bonding operating expenses, the next legislature is already looking at $45M of interest on bond payments alone.

“The people of this state have had enough.  Over the past four years under Democrat leadership our citizens have  been hit with more than 60 fee and tax increases, watched government spending increase by more than 20% while the rest of the country was cutting budgets on average by 2%, and had millions of dollars downshifted to their local communities,” said Packard.  “Republicans will continue to offer solutions to this economic crisis and it’s time that the party of ‘yes we can’ started listening.”

On Wednesday, Republicans will be offering several amendments to SB 450 to address the many concerns, not only of our caucus, but of the citizens of New Hampshire. “It is time that we got back to work crafting a responsible budget that is in the best interests of the citizens of New Hampshire,” concluded Rep. Packard.