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NH Senate Republican Caucus - Morse Congratulates O'Brien 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


Looks forward to working toward productive session for the people of New Hampshire


Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse (R- Salem) issued the following statement on the House Republican Caucus nominating former Speaker Bill O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) to return to that post.


“I want to congratulate Speaker O’Brien on his nomination as speaker. I look forward to working with Speaker O’Brien, along with our Republican and Democratic colleagues, to balance New Hampshire's budget, improve our economy, and deliver vital state services to those most in need.


“I would also like to thank Speaker Chandler for his continued service to the Legislature and the people of New Hampshire.”


The New Hampshire House and Senate convene on December 3rd to elect their leaders as well as the Secretary of State and State Treasurer.


NH Senate Republicans - Morse urges Governor to share $70 million in budget cuts 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Calls for swift action to address growing spending problem


Concord, NH – Senator President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) today issued the following statement in response to increasing evidence that New Hampshire is in the midst of a growing budget problem:


"Governor Hassan's actions last week demonstrate that she has failed to keep spending within current budget limits, resulting in a $22 million shortfall in FY14. The Department of Health and Human Services reports a $42 million shortfall in FY15, combined with the $30 million in cuts that the Governor is seeking from other departments. That would require at least a 4% across the board cut to all departments.


"We can't kick those costs into the next budget. Delaying action will only force deeper and more painful cuts. I urge Governor Hassan to share her proposals to save $70 million by the end of this month."


Sens. Morse and Odell Statements on Fiscal Year 2014 Revenues 

Estimates prove nearly perfect, state agencies must control spending to match


Concord, NH - Senate President Chuck Morse and Senate Ways and Means Chairman Bob Odell released the following statements today regarding the Fiscal Year 2014 revenues.


Sen. Morse said:  “The strong returns from the Business Enterprise Tax are a sign that New Hampshire businesses are creating jobs, and the Meals and Rooms Tax over performing for the month suggest the state’s summer tourism season is off to a strong start.  Both represent very good indicators for our recovering economy and they have helped to ensure revenues for Fiscal Year 2014 have come in almost exactly as estimated in the budget.


“With revenues on plan, it is imperative that state agencies are meeting their spending and lapse figures to ensure the budget remains balanced and spending does not exceed the revenues we’ve collected.  To that end, I am requesting that Fiscal Committee Chairman Wallner schedule a spending update from the Governor’s office for our next meeting to give us the opportunity to better evaluate the state’s financial picture heading into the second year of the biennium.”



Sen. Odell said:  “Revenues for Fiscal Year 2014 were nearly identical to the conservative and responsible estimates developed by the Senate Ways and Means Committee and later adopted by the budget conferees. 


“The accuracy of our revenue estimates for the last year provides further support for the careful process used by the Senate Ways and Means Committee in crafting honest estimates.  By taking politics out of the equation and focusing on revenues before spending, I am proud that our committee has time and again been successful in laying the groundwork for sound and responsible state budgets.”



MANCHESTER New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) endorsed Scott Brown today, adding another influential Republican to Brown's growing grassroots team. Senator Morse has served eight years in the Senate and four years in the House of Representatives.  Since September 2013, he has served as President of the Senate.

"Scott Brown is a man of character who will work tirelessly to support the citizens of New Hampshire.  After observing his campaign and listening to his message, I am confident that Scott has what it takes to unify the Republican Party and win back this senate seat in November," said Senator Morse. "New Hampshire families are frustrated with Washington gridlock, high taxes and the failed policies of Obamacare, and they want their voice to be heard.  Senator Shaheen is out of touch with our state, as proven through her partisan voting record and loyalty to President Obama.  This is not what New Hampshire deserves.  With our help, Scott will work to support economic growth and send more power back to the states to make the best decisions for New Hampshire."  
"A united Republican Party is Senator Shaheen's worst nightmare," said Brown. "I am grateful to have Senator Morse's support as we continue to grow our grassroots team and spread our message to every corner of the state.  Senator Morse has been a tireless advocate for our families and I applaud his dedication to New Hampshire.  I look forward to working with him on the campaign trail as we keep spreading our message for smaller government, lower taxes and better jobs for all."​

NH Senate President’s Statement on MET Agreement

Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse released the following statement today concerning the committee of conference agreement on Senate Bill 369: 

“Following the court rulings on the MET, the Senate’s focus, as reflected in our position on SB369, has been on addressing the courts’ Constitutional concerns, reforming how MET revenues are spent, reducing the state’s reliance on this tax, and providing long-term stability in terms of taxes and revenue for our state’s hospitals and budget. 

“This agreement succeeds in dealing with two of those items by taking appropriate steps to end the current lawsuits while better directing MET revenues to health care related spending.  However, I am very concerned that this settlement increases the state’s reliance on the MET tax and, as a result, raises questions as to whether the agreement will be sustainable in the long-term.  

“Combined with the normal growth in government as well as oher health care related spending authorized this year, estimates suggest we could see a more than $1 billion increase in the state’s total spending next budget, a nearly 10-percent increase in our state’s total budget.  This is a level of growth that I believe is simply unsound, and will put budget writers in a very difficult position in just over six months when the Fiscal Year 2016/17 budget process begins.


“Over the next few days, as legislators have the opportunity to review this conference report and discuss it with constituents and stakeholders, I would encourage them to fully consider the bill’s implications for our next budget.”