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NH Senators Forrester, Morse comment on defeat of Governor Hassan budget bill 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

(CONCORD) Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) issued the following statement on the Committee voting down the Governor’s request for budget cuts from the Legislative and Judicial Branches:


“For almost a year, I have been asking Governor Hassan to share with the Legislature information on the spending problems within New Hampshire agencies. With revenues running ahead of projections, it was essential that we address spending proactively. Instead, the Governor kept the problem to herself, tried to blame it on revenues even as they exceeded our targets, and finally came forward with this package of cuts to branches that are controlling their spending.”


“The Governor would have raided dedicated funds and taken money from branches that are living within their budgets, yet would barely scratch the surface of the $58 million overspending problem. As such, the Finance Committee voted down this bill.”


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) added the following statement:


“The Legislature continues to manage its budget, and it is now time for the Governor to manage her state agencies spending problems. She needs to stop raiding dedicated funds and trying to take money away from other branches of government that are meeting their Constitutional obligation to live within their means.”


NH House Speaker Jasper, NH Senate President Morse - State of Emergency 

This afternoon, Governor Hassan declared that a state of emergency exists in the State of New Hampshire due to the impending winter storm.  Because of the expected blizzard like conditions, which will include heavy snowfall, high winds and whiteout conditions,  she has encouraged citizens to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  The Governor has also made the decision to  close state government and advised that all but essential state employees stay home and off the roads.  As a result the State House  and Legislative Office Building will remain closed on Tuesday, January 27th.  We will monitor the situation throughout the day on Tuesday with regard to any potential postponements or cancellations for Wednesday should the storm continue. 



Please see below the statement from Senate President Chuck Morse in regards to his endorsement of NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn for re-election.

“I gladly support Jennifer Horn for a second term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Jennifer and the dedicated staff she led were instrumental in securing the Republican gains made in our state legislature.
Jennifer lived this commitment daily by persistently and consistently reaching out to lower ballot candidates to ensure they had the training and exposure to the party's staff, it’s resources and it’s latest technology.
Republican efforts in 2016 will be stronger with Jennifer as Chairman and I strongly encourage state committee members to re-elect her at our Annual Meeting."
— Senate President Chuck Morse

NH Senate Republican Caucus - Morse Congratulates O'Brien 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


Looks forward to working toward productive session for the people of New Hampshire


Concord, NH – Senate President Chuck Morse (R- Salem) issued the following statement on the House Republican Caucus nominating former Speaker Bill O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) to return to that post.


“I want to congratulate Speaker O’Brien on his nomination as speaker. I look forward to working with Speaker O’Brien, along with our Republican and Democratic colleagues, to balance New Hampshire's budget, improve our economy, and deliver vital state services to those most in need.


“I would also like to thank Speaker Chandler for his continued service to the Legislature and the people of New Hampshire.”


The New Hampshire House and Senate convene on December 3rd to elect their leaders as well as the Secretary of State and State Treasurer.


NH Senate Republicans - Morse urges Governor to share $70 million in budget cuts 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Calls for swift action to address growing spending problem


Concord, NH – Senator President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) today issued the following statement in response to increasing evidence that New Hampshire is in the midst of a growing budget problem:


"Governor Hassan's actions last week demonstrate that she has failed to keep spending within current budget limits, resulting in a $22 million shortfall in FY14. The Department of Health and Human Services reports a $42 million shortfall in FY15, combined with the $30 million in cuts that the Governor is seeking from other departments. That would require at least a 4% across the board cut to all departments.


"We can't kick those costs into the next budget. Delaying action will only force deeper and more painful cuts. I urge Governor Hassan to share her proposals to save $70 million by the end of this month."