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NH Republican Senators call on Governor Hassan to halt unauthorized tax increase 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Department of Revenue Administration seeking to expand Real Estate Transfer Tax without legislative approval


Concord, NH – State Senators David Boutin (R-Hooksett) and John Reagan (R-Deerfield) today called on Governor Maggie Hassan to halt her Administration’s plan to expand the Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT). The Hassan Administration recently asked the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) for authority to apply the tax on leases, but then withdrew that request. The Hassan Administration is now claiming that it has the ability to tax leases. This unilateral expansion of the tax has not been authorized by the Legislature, and is not allowed under current rules governing the Department of Revenue Administration.


“Bureaucrats cannot and should not expand an existing tax on their own.  The law cannot mean whatever Governor Hassan wants it to mean,” said Sen. Boutin. “The law clearly states that the Real Estate Transfer Tax doesn’t apply to short term leases, and the Governor knows it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have pushed to change the rules. Governor Hassan should immediately end her quest to impose a new Lease Tax on New Hampshire businesses.”


Both the DRA website and the RETT forms provided to buyers and sellers state that the tax applies to leases of 99 years or longer, but neither applies the tax to leases of  shorter terms. Neither state law nor administrative rules authorize collection of the Real Estate Transfer Tax on those leases. The Hassan Administration has not provided any justification for its new claim to JLCAR.


“If the Governor wants to expand the Real Estate Transfer Tax, she’ll need to get a bill passed. She can’t make such a major policy change on a whim,” added Sen. Reagan, chair of JLCAR. “Not only would the Governor’s Lease Tax hurt our struggling real estate sector, but any such retroactive tax increase would create tremendous uncertainty in our tax code. New Hampshire businesses can’t operate when the Governor can increase their tax bills whenever she feels like it.”



NH RSA 78-B authorizes the Real Estate Transfer Tax of $0.75 per $100 of fair market value “imposed upon the sale, granting and transfer of real estate and any interest therein including transfers by operation of law.” The tax is paid by both the buyer and the seller, resulting in a total tax rate of 1.5%.


Administrative Rule Part Rev 802.01(f) applies RETT on leases of 99 years or longer, but do not authorize RETT on shorter leases. The Hassan Administration has sought a change in Administrative Rules to allow RETT on “ground lease transfers”, but delayed its request twice in the face of criticism from the Committee. The Hassan Administration has now withdrawn its request, claiming that “the taxability of ground leases exists currently under New Hampshire law.”


Administrative Rules Chapter Rev 800- Transfer of Real Property


Attached: DRA Letter to JLCAR


NH Sen Sanborn Statement on signing of Equal Pay update 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


SB 207 had unanimous support in NH Senate


Concord, NH – Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) issued the following statement following today’s ceremonial signing of SB 207, updating New Hampshire’s Equal Pay law:


“As Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, I am proud to have worked closely with Democrat Senator Sylvia Larsen, the New Hampshire Department of Labor, the New Hampshire Commission on Human Rights, and our state’s business community over the past several months to craft a comprehensive review to New Hampshire’s long-standing Equal Pay law. Originally passed by the Republican-led legislature in 1943, and last updated ten years ago, it was time to re-examine and re-codify the protections we provide for women in the workplace.  The amendment to SB 207 that I wrote with Democratic Senator David Pierce brings clarity to our Equal Pay statute, makes it consistent with federal labor laws and regulations, provides employers and employees clear guidance on ensuring equal pay for equal work, and improves both the resources for employees who believe the law has been violated and for our state agencies to track complaints. I’m proud to have played a part in getting this Equal Pay update to the Governor’s desk with unanimous Senate support, and I join the rest of the Senate in thanking her for signing it into law.”




Cormier For NH Senate(16) - Top Conservatives Gather for Jane Cormier 

Cormier Urges Supporters to Get Active

On Sunday, July 20, The McManus Family of Bow hosted a “Meet and Greet” for Republican NH State Senate Candidate, Jane Cormier.  The 50 or so in attendance included Andrew Hemingway, Candidate for Governor, Marilinda Garcia, Congressional Candidate for District 2, and Candidate for US Senate, Senator Bob Smith.  Other people present included NH Senator Sam Cataldo, NH Rep. JR Hoell, House Candidate Michelle Levell, and Karen Testerman.

The attendees not only enjoyed a beautiful day and great food, but got  to speak with Jane up close and personal.  "It was a day for true Conservatives to get together and share their ideas, energy, and optimism in upcoming races this election season," said Cormier.

Cormier fired up those in attendance with a rousing speech which can be seen here in full courtesy of Granite Grok.  "If we don't start to tell the truth within our party as Republicans, we are doomed to get what we keep getting, which is people who are not going to fight for the platform," she said. She cited the gas tax as something her opponent voted for despite signing a Pledge not to vote for broad-based taxes. She also talked about his vote against Right to Work and his lack of action on educational matters.  Cormier is in a primary battle with Senator David Boutin, Senate District 16. This district includes Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, and Wards 1, 2, and 12 of Manchester.

In addition to other notables present at the house party, Cormier had previously garnered endorsements from former US Senator Gordon Humphrey, former Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien, and other prominent conservatives.

Considered the authentic Conservative in the race, Cormier stands for small government, no new taxes, and fiscal responsibility. 


Bradley For NH Senate - Liberal Democrats are Attacking My Record 

Dear Friends:

Today my Democrat opponent attacked me in a letter to the editor for standing by my pro-jobs, pro-taxpayer principles.

He attacked me for supporting business legislation requested by a large employer in Conway, for working for pension reform that reduces the unfunded pension liability and protects property taxpayers across NH, and for supporting more educational choice and opportunities for parents and students. 

I am proud of my record.  I have led efforts to kill tax and fee increases introduced by the liberals the Senate, I have worked to reduce the regulatory burden on our state’s businesses and entrepreneurs, and I have taken on some of the most difficult issues facing our state, like pension reform, and supported a free-market based solution to make healthcare more affordable and accessible in New Hampshire -- without putting the financial burden on taxpayers.

Help me send a message to all those running for office in the New Hampshire State House that we can't afford the Democrat’s job killing and expensive agenda.  

Increasingly NH is viewed nationally as having an unfriendly business climate because of policies supported by my opponent. Policies I have fought against for the last 4 years as Majority Leader in the NH Senate.

Visit my website today and request a lawn sign or consider making a financial contribution.

Together we can fight off these job killing policies and make the 2014 election about growing jobs and protecting taxpayers. 


Jeb Bradley



Cormier For NH Senate - Wins Endorsement of former US Senator Humphrey 

Hookset — Jane Cormier, Candidate for NH Senate District 16 has received the endorsement of former NH US Senator and activist Gordon Humphrey.

Humphrey called Cormier, "a hard-working legislator who brings the same level of enthusiasm to Concord that she brings to her operatic career and the stage".

Humphrey said Cormier, "believes in the principles of the Founders and in keeping government thrifty and accountable to the people."

Cormier, a former NH State Representative, is the sole primary challenger of incumbent NH Senator David Boutin.

"Let’s move Jane up to the State Senate in District 16. She proved her mettle in the House, and now she’ll make a great Senator!" Humphrey added.