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NH Senators Forrester, Morse comment on defeat of Governor Hassan budget bill 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

(CONCORD) Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith) issued the following statement on the Committee voting down the Governor’s request for budget cuts from the Legislative and Judicial Branches:


“For almost a year, I have been asking Governor Hassan to share with the Legislature information on the spending problems within New Hampshire agencies. With revenues running ahead of projections, it was essential that we address spending proactively. Instead, the Governor kept the problem to herself, tried to blame it on revenues even as they exceeded our targets, and finally came forward with this package of cuts to branches that are controlling their spending.”


“The Governor would have raided dedicated funds and taken money from branches that are living within their budgets, yet would barely scratch the surface of the $58 million overspending problem. As such, the Finance Committee voted down this bill.”


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) added the following statement:


“The Legislature continues to manage its budget, and it is now time for the Governor to manage her state agencies spending problems. She needs to stop raiding dedicated funds and trying to take money away from other branches of government that are meeting their Constitutional obligation to live within their means.”


NHDP - NH Senate GOP Votes to Kill Bill to Ensure Balanced FY 2015

Because It Would Require the Legislature to Make Cuts to its Own Budget

Follows Pattern of Fiscal Irresponsibility from Senate GOP Who Have Pushed Reckless Budget Gimmicks and Overspent Their Own Budget for Senate Operations
Concord, N.H. -- New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement after Republicans in the Senate Finance Committee voted to kill SB 233, a fiscally responsible bill to help ensure the state ends FY 2015 with a balanced budget: 
"Senate Republicans have truly outdone themselves, as they proved once again that they have lost all credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee today voted to kill legislation that would help ensure that the state ends the year with a balanced budget because the measure would require the legislature to make reductions to their own budget as well." 
"Unfortunately, this kind of fiscally irresponsible behavior has become the norm for Senate Republicans, who have pushed gimmicks like back-of-the-budget cuts and last year overspent their own budget for Senate operations by a massive amount."
“Senate Republicans need to drop the political grandstanding, take responsibility, and support the Governor’s common-sense measures to maintain a balanced budget.”  
NH1 News Investigation Reveals Senate Republicans “Seemed to Spend Like There Was No Tomorrow” When It Came to Their Own Budget
“Senate Republicans say Governor Maggie Hassan's poor leadership and management has led to the state needing to make significant spending cuts. But an NH 1 News investigation has revealed when it came to returning unspent money to the treasury, it was the State Senate that seemed to spend like there was no tomorrow… The Senate also spent nearly $15,000 on new or replaced furniture after Hassan had asked the Legislature to freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out of state travel.” [NH1, 10/7/14]
When Pushed on Budget Mismanagement, Morse Told NH1 News, “I had a lot on my plate last year” [NH1, 10/7/14]

NH Senate Republicans React to Governor Hassan's Budget Address 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

New taxes and higher spending


(CONCORD) Senate Republicans today issued these statements following Governor Maggie Hassan’s Budget Address.


Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem):  “Senate Republicans have been very clear that we will live within our means, and certainly not support the Governor’s Billion Dollar spending increase. We will not support increasing taxes as the Governor proposes on businesses, driver, and smokers.”


Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro): “Budgets are about priorities, and lowering our high business tax rates is the strongest step we can take to boost New Hampshire’s economy and attract new jobs to our state. Governor Hassan’s priorities are to increase state spending, rely on questionable revenues like Keno gambling, and impose an income tax on New Hampshire business owners.”


Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith): “I have made protecting dedicated funds a priority in the next budget, and I want to thank Governor Hassan for agreeing to this approach. But I can’t agree with her call for higher taxes to pay for a billion dollar budget increase.”


Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair David Boutin (R-Hooksett): “The Governor is counting on state revenues that are more than $100 million a year higher than the bipartisan recommendations of the House Ways and Means Committee, in part because she wants to raises taxes and again rely on gambling revenue that the Legislature hasn’t approved. We need to make sure our revenues are realistic as we put the next budget together.”





SB 5- Automatically transfers budget surpluses to NH Rainy Day Fund.


SB 13- Requires 2/3 vote of House and Senate in order to use dedicated fund for other purposes.


SB 1- Lowers Business Profits Tax from 8.5% to 7.9%.


SB 2- Lowers Business Enterprise Tax from 0.75% to 0.675%.



Legislation Also Forbids Public Employees From Campaigning On Taxpayers' Time


Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn issued the following statement applauding a new bill introduced by Senate Republicans that will strengthen the Right to Know law. New Hampshire Journal reports that the legislation will make it clear that the law applies to the governor's office:        


"New Hampshire's Right to Know law clearly applies to the office of the governor, and it is unfortunate that Governor Hassan believes that she should not be held to the same transparency requirements that apply to local boards of selectmen.  We applaud Senate Republicans for working to strengthen this important law and make New Hampshire state government more open and transparent.


"Governor Hassan is not above the law, and she should not be able to simply ignore Right to Know requests as she prepares to use the corner office as a stepping stone for her political career. New Hampshire deserves a full-time governor who is focused on moving our state forward instead of moving on to a United States Senate campaign." 


NH Business Caucus Plans Red Tape Rour 

CONCORD — The New Hampshire House Business Caucus announced today that it will host a Red Tape Road Tour, a series of Roundtable discussions with business owners in a variety of industries around the state to learn what excessive and over burdensome regulations are impeding their ability to succeed. 


House Business Caucus founder and Chair, Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford) said, “We hear repeatedly from employers that the cost of complying with time consuming and unnecessary regulations – what they call “red tape” - makes our state unfriendly to operate a business.  We want to learn directly from responsible businesses the specific laws and rules that are particularly onerous. Our goal will be to create legislation next year that improves the business climate of our state and helps to bolster economic growth and job creation.”


Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket), Vice-Chair of the House Business Caucus, stated “We like to think of New Hampshire as being a business-friendly state, but increasingly we are not perceived by others to be strong in this area.  In fact, Forbes ranks us 35th overall but 46th in terms of regulatory environment. It’s time to make it easier to do business here, not harder.  I look forward to learning how we can make things better, especially for small businesses.”


Rep Patrick Abrami (R-Stratham) Vice Chair of the House Business Caucus as well as Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee added, "It is up to government to help create a positive environment for businesses to thrive. It is the risk takers among us with ideas that create business and thus jobs for our citizens. The role of government is to regulate in a way that promotes honest competition. Any regulations should be applied in a way that is efficient for both government as well as business."