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Taliesin Nexus - Liberty-Oriented Non-Profit Offers Free Workshop and Paid Internships in Hollywood

Accepting Applications Now

Hollywood, CA—Educational non-profit Taliesin Nexus is now offering two spectacular (and free) career opportunities to liberty-loving filmmakers. Score a free weekend—along with free travel, room and board—at UCLA learning the craft with seasoned professionals. Or land a three-month paid internship at a leading Hollywood production company.

“The Filmmakers Workshop is our flagship event, a three-day conference on the UCLA campus that connects talented young liberty-loving filmmakers with Hollywood industry veterans,” said Patrick Reasonover, co-founder of Taliesin Nexus. “Not only is the workshop free, but we also provide travel expenses and free room and board. If you are passionate about liberty and film, you must apply for this workshop.”

If you prefer a longer sojourn in L.A., apply for the Hollywood Internship Program. “A handful of lucky qualified applicants will be placed in paid three-month internships at leading production companies, working for movers and shakers in the industry,” said Andrew Leigh, co-founder of Taliesin Nexus. “It’s a great opportunity for young filmmakers to network with and learn from Hollywood professionals.”

The 2014 workshop will take place August 15-17, while the internships are spread throughout the year, beginning in the summer. The early-bird application deadline is May 1st, so apply soon.

For more information about application deadlines and requirements, interested participants can visit the Taliesin Nexus website.

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Taliesin Nexus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that encourages potent storytelling exploring themes of liberty by serving as a nexus between up-and-coming filmmakers and experienced industry professionals who share a passion for a free society.


ALG - IRS rules already clear on 501(c)(4) political activity

"Targeting organizations for special scrutiny on the belief that they might exercise

their First Amendment protected rights to engage in political activity in is an egregious

violation of the freedom of speech. If it had been done consistently for groups of all

stripes would not have made it better."—ALG President Nathan Mehrens.


IRS rules already clear on 501(c)(4) political activity

May 17, 2013, Fairfax, VA—In testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, outgoing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Steven Miller suggested that the targeting of tea party and other groups was in part caused by Congress' failure to provide "clear rules" on what constitutes political activity.

"With respect to political activity, it would be a wonderful thing to get better rules," Miller said, stating the rules needed to be "more clear."

But those rules are already clear, Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens noted.

"IRS rules already stipulate that political activity is electioneering, that is, express advocacy for or against a candidate standing for public office and direct contributions to candidates or candidate committees. And it is already clear based on IRS rules that 501(c)(4) organizations are allowed to engage in a limited amount of political activity provided it does not constitute a majority of its activity, plus an unlimited amount of lobbying and issues advocacy, that is, advocacy in favor or against legislation or regulations or court rulings, provided that it furthers its tax-exempt function," Mehrens stated.

"Miller may not agree with those rules, but to suggest they are not clear is incorrect," Mehrens explained.

Miller explained the targeting: "What happened here was someone saw some tea party cases come through. They were acknowledging that they were going to be engaged in politics. This was the timeframe in 2010 when Citizens United was out. There was a lot of discussion in the system about the use of [501](c)(4)s."

Except, Citizens United clarified that organizations are allowed to engage in politics, Mehrens explained. "If anything, Citizens United made things more clear, not less. The Supreme Court simplified the rules and stated that organizations have a First Amendment right to engage in political activity, period."

Miller continued in his testimony, explaining the process for centralizing these cases: "People in Cincinnati decided let's start grouping these cases, let's centralize these cases." This meant quarantining the applications and sending them to Exempt Organizations (EO) Technical, based in Washington, D.C. for special scrutiny.

"The way they centralized it, troublesome. The concept of centralization, not," Miller said, suggesting that targeting political activity of groups was permissible. Elsewhere in testimony, he agreed that the agency was targeting political activity: "the litmus test if anything was political activity."

Mehrens blasted the practice, "The IRS processes thousands of tax-exempt applications a year that engage in issues advocacy, lobbying, and yes, political activity without any hassle or special scrutiny. They are allowed by law to engage in these activities. Yet, these tea party cases were selected for special scrutiny. This created inconsistency in the processing of applications, when the revenue procedures state that centralization is supposed to establish uniformity. Liberal groups doing the same thing as tea party groups were not centralized."

But, even if liberal groups had been targeted too would not have helped, Mehrens added, "Targeting organizations for special scrutiny on the belief that they might exercise their First Amendment protected rights to engage in political activity in is an egregious violation of the freedom of speech. If it had been done consistently for groups of all stripes would not have made it better."

Miller suggested the practice was "not illegal," but Mehrens said, "Of course it was illegal. These actions violated the First Amendment to the Constitution which is the 'supreme Law of the Land'." 

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Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at


Non-Profit Launched to Promote NH Separation from US Gov’t

NH organization works towards starting a discussion with citizens about independence

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Citing "irreconcilable differences" with the United States federal government, the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence today officially launched their educational effort to inform citizens of the most effective solution to the increasingly hostile and unaccountable government in Washington, DC.

Incorporated in September of this year, the Foundation’s motto, “First Before, First Again”, recalls New Hampshire being the first colony to form a government separate from the British. The Foundation seeks to educate citizens on the benefits of a peaceful separation from the United States and the re-establishment of an independent republic founded on the principles set forth in the New Hampshire Constitution.

“New Hampshire has a long and proud tradition of self-determination,” said Vince Perfetto, President of the Foundation.

A non-profit, tax-deductible New Hampshire corporation, the Foundation was formed in response to the conflict between the values cherished by New Hampshire’s 1.3 million citizens and the ever-growing demands of the Federal government. “Unshakable special interests, which show no regard for the constraints of the Constitution, lie at the heart of Washington, DC. That’s not what New Hampshire stands for,” said Perfetto.

Independence might initially be a hard sell to a state justly proud of its American heritage. That’s why their mission will be educational above all else: the Foundation will seek to engage patriotic New Hampshire citizens who are frustrated with Washington, DC, but still have a hard time picturing the Granite State as an independent republic.

“We want to open the discussion,” said Neal Conner, the Treasurer for the Foundation. “We want to address concerns. Most everything the federal government does shows very clearly that it’s no longer our government. There’s ultimately only one remedy for that: peaceful separation. It’s a very practical remedy and a very American one. And we think its time has come here in New Hampshire.”

Their website, , provides commentary and news stories, both locally and worldwide, as they relate to the theme of greater self-determination.


NH Council of Churches - Oppose Slot Gambling - Please Call Today! 



When lawmakers are having a hard time balancing the state budget, the temptation to think that gambling casinos are the answer can exert a powerful pull. Please speak up now and let your representatives in Concord know that you will support their "NO" vote on HB 593.


Find you representative by following this link:


Deputy Speaker Pam Tucker and Senator Ray White Join to Call on Attorney General to Move forward on Receivership for LGC

Taxpayer-funded group admits illegal corporate structure

CONCORD – House Deputy Speaker Pam Tucker and Senator Ray White today joined to call on Attorney General Michael Delaney to move to bring the Local Government Center (LGC) into court-appointed receivership after the taxpayer-funded group admitted that it illegally incorporated itself as Delaware non-profit limited liability companies in 2003.  A report released last month by the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Securities Regulation outlined a number of irregularities and violations of law by the LGC, which handles public employee and retiree health benefits, liability insurance and other services for local communities.  Tucker is the prime sponsor of legislation to review the LGC in the wake of the highly critical state report.

House Deputy Speaker Pam Tucker:

“The admission that LGC was illegally incorporated is one more example why this troubled entity may need more state involvement.  The LGC was created by state law and the legislature through the years should have done a better job of overseeing pooled risk management groups like this.  While we work to do our oversight responsibility and get to the bottom of what’s going on with this group which takes in a tremendous amount of local property tax dollars, the Attorney General should begin the process of moving to put LGC into receivership to ensure that taxpayer funds are protected.”

Senator Ray White:

“As someone who works in the insurance business, I have a lot of unanswered questions about how the LGC operates and where our tax dollars are going.  When this group came to the Senate Commerce Committee to ask for special protection from investigation and oversight, it sent a clear message to me that the legislature needed to take a deeper look into this group, and the Secretary of State’s report began to peel back the layers and showed exactly why we need reform.  The Attorney General should move quickly to get into court for a receiver for LGC so we can begin to rebuild the public’s trust and make sure that our communities can have confidence that they are getting good value for the hard-earned taxpayer funds that they are spending. The integrity of these insurance pools must be safeguarded for their intended purpose.”