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NRSC - Happy Birthday Governor Hassan 


WASHINGTON – With Governor Maggie Hassan eyeing a Senate bid, the NRSC is sending the Governor her very own Keno card that won’t balance her proposed budget, but does wish her the best on her special day.




“We know how much Governor Hassan likes Keno and while it’s not the way to fund her budget, we do hope she picks some lucky numbers on her birthday,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox.


Senate Candidate Maggie Hassan Proposed A Budget That Is Bankrolled By Keno

THE CONCORD MONITOR: “It’s not a casino, it’s keno. In the electronic gambling game, players pick from among dozens of numbers and win money if the computer randomly selects their choices. If keno came to New Hampshire, it would draw $26 million in state revenue over the next two years, according to the budget plan Gov. Maggie Hassan presented to lawmakers last week. While Hassan voiced support for keno, she didn’t so much as mention the word casino in her budget address. (Governor’s budget plan avoids casino gambling in favor of keno, The Concord Monitor, 02/14/15)

NH1: “[Hassan] did include expanded gambling by asking lawmakers to legalize betting on Keno in bars and restaurants.” (Gov. Hassan proposes $11.4 billion budget with cigarette tax, Keno, motor vehicle fee hikes, NH1, 02/12/15)


NHDP - FACT CHECK: Washington Republicans Launch False Attacks On Gov Hassan's COO Proposal



FACT CHECK: Washington Republicans Launch False Attacks to Try to Take Heat Off Kelly Ayotte for Playing Politics with DHS Funding 

NRSC Criticizes Bipartisan Proposal from Business Leaders to Hire a COO for NH, Despite Fact that At Least Five GOP Governors, Including RGA Chair Bill Haslam, Have COOs

Concord, N.H. – Washington Republicans today launched a false attack on a bipartisan proposal by New Hampshire business and community leaders to make New Hampshire state government more innovative and efficient.

“As Kelly Ayotte tries to spin her way out of trouble after repeatedly voting to play politics with funding for the Department of Homeland Security, Washington Republicans are pulling out all the stops to try to take the heat off their vulnerable Vice Presidential wannabe,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.

The proposal to hire a Chief Operating Officer for the State of New Hampshire, which Governor Hassan included in her fiscally responsible budget proposal, was the top recommendation of the Governor’s Innovation Commission, which included experts from the business community, nonprofits, and higher education, as well as elected officials such as Republican State Senator Sharon Carson.  

When asked about the proposal, House Finance Chair Neal Kurk (R-Hillsborough) said, “It’s a smart move for the state.”

The attack from Washington Republicans comes despite the fact that at least five Republican Governors, including RGA Chair Bill Haslam, have named Chief Operating Officers for their states.

Republican Governors with COOs include Florida Governor Rick Scott, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, and Tennessee Governor and RGA Chair Bill Haslam.

"If Washington Republicans think that they can distract from the fact that Kelly Ayotte has put New Hampshire communities at risk by holding funding DHS funding hostage, they are going to be sorely disappointed," added Buckley


NRSC - NH Gov Hassan Seeks Bureaucrat To Run New Hampshire 


WASHINGTON – With Governor Maggie Hassan proposing a full-time Chief Operating Officer (COO) to run New Hampshire, the NRSC released the following web video:




“It’s pretty sneaky that Maggie Hassan would ask taxpayers to fund an unelected COO bureaucrat to run New Hampshire so she can focus on her Senate campaign,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “Hassan’s absurd request reiterates that she’s more focused on herself and getting a promotion to Washington, than being an effective Governor.”


Governor Hassan’s Budget Proposes Spending $1.4 Million To Establish An Office For A New Chief Operating Officer. “Hassan’s budget also includes nearly $1.4 million over two years to pay for a chief operating officer and two staff members, and to establish an ‘innovation fund’ intended to make government more efficient.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “N.H. Still Weighing Support For Casino,” The Associated Press, 2/18/15)

The Union Leader Called Hassan’s Proposal “Absurd” And “Ridiculous.” “This even beats her political pandering of including in the same budget $4 million that the state does not have to study a pie-in-the-sky railroad line that is also going nowhere fast. In fact, people who sincerely believe in the train idea should be furious with Hassan for lumping their train in with the absurd COO position… And now Gov. Hassan wants to create an unelected chief operating officer to operate the state while she does what, exactly? The idea is ridiculous.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,”
Union Leader, 2/21/15)

The Union Leader: “…The Governor Is The State’s Chief Operating Officer. If We Were To Fund This New Position, We Should Stop Paying The Governor.” (Editorial, “Maggie’s Folly: A COO For NH? Not A Good Notion,
Union Leader, 2/21/15)


NRSC - Hassan ’s Budget Requests Bureaucrat To Run NH So She Can Run For Senate 


Governor Hassan’s Budget Requests Bureaucrat To Run New Hampshire So She Can Run For Senate

WASHINGTON – In a sly effort to spend more time plotting her campaign for Senate, Governor Maggie Hassan recently submitted a budget which outsourced her duties as New Hampshire’s CEO.

“Governor Hassan’s request for a taxpayer funded CEO to run New Hampshire is an admission that she’s either incapable of being Governor or wants to spend more time planning her Senate campaign,” said NRSC spokesman Jahan Wilcox. “If Hassan can’t do her job now, then why should New Hampshire families send her to Washington?”


NEW HAMPSHIRE UNION LEADER:  “[Charles] Arlinghaus was particularly critical of Hassan's proposal to hire a chief operating officer for the state. ‘The governor is the state's chief operating officer. If we hire someone to do that, we need to stop paying her,’ he said.” (Tim Buckland, State Budget Plan Greeted As Mixed Bag, Union Leader, 02/15/15)

PORTSMOUTH HERALD:  “All of this brings me to the most disturbing part of Gov. Hassan’s budget, the ‘hiring’ of a chief operating officer. This is not a hiring, but the outsourcing of the responsibilities that belong with the governor of New Hampshire. This proposal of a ‘state CEO’ is not only insulting to the people of New Hampshire, but a clear indication why our economic future is in the wrong hands. Gov. Hassan is not only admitting she is ill-equipped to handle the duties of governor, but that she is publicly abdicating those very duties she sought and was elected to fulfill. How can we expect our governor to lead us in the right direction if she is unwilling to take responsibility for the daily tasks she was elected to perform? Maybe New Hampshire should worry less about hiring a ‘state CEO,’ and more about electing a governor who understands that she is the ‘state CEO.’” (Jeff Chidster, Guest Columnist, Outsourcing The New Hampshire Governorship, Seacoast Online, 02/15/15)



NRSC - UL: Hassan's budget: Short on priorities 


KEY TAKEAWAY:  "Gov. Maggie Hassan made her priorities clear on Thursday: more spending, higher taxes, more state employees, and no real innovation. What a disappointment."

Hassan's budget: Short on priorities
New Hampshire Union Leader
February 12, 2015

Budgets are all about priorities, and Gov. Maggie Hassan made her priorities clear on Thursday: more spending, higher taxes, more state employees, and no real innovation. What a disappointment.

The budget contains sizeable increases in business and tobacco taxes. It relies on revenue from expanded gambling (keno, this time, rather than a casino). And it funds a hodgepodge of spending increases, as though the governor had a hard time deciding where to spend the state’s limited resources and just threw portions here and there so that no constituency would feel left out.

University System of New Hampshire (USNH) funding goes from $84 million this year to $87 million next year, then $94 million in 2017. But is that really the best use of that money?

While the governor gives USNH millions more (though far less than what the system requested), her budget cuts millions from the Division of Behavioral Health, the Division of Developmental Services, the Division of Family Assistance, and the juvenile justice and child support services in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The HHS budget grows a lot under Hassan’s proposal, but much of that is in Medicaid.

The governor dedicates $4 million to laying the groundwork for commuter rail (more about that in the editorial below). Would that money not be better spent on reducing wait times in the state court system, which gets only $2.4 million more in her budget, or shoring up the social services programs she cut?

The best that one can say for this budget proposal is that at least she had the guts to admit she needed tax increases to balance it. It surely will go nowhere in the Legislature.