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NRSC - New Hampshire Hospital Crisis Unit Delayed Due to Hassan Veto 



Good Morning,

Governor Maggie Hassan's irresponsible budget veto continues to have serious consequences for New Hampshire citizens.

As the Concord Monitor explains explains, a new mental health unit at New Hampshire Hospital will not be opening this fall due to a lack of the very resources included in the budget that Hassan vetoed:

  • ...a new ten-bed crisis unit at New Hampshire Hospital won’t open to patients this summer, as previously planned. While construction on the mental health unit is now set to complete in October, the unit can’t be staffed until a state spending plan in place. And even then, officials said, the hiring process to fill the unit’s 32 positions will take anywhere from three to nine months...Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed a Republican-crafted budget in June that included money to get the crisis unit staffed and operational. 

Check out the devastating WMUR-TV clip holding Hassan accountable for her irresponsible veto ...


NRSC - ICYMI: Union Leader Editorial: Gov. Hassan is reading: Where have she, 'drug czar' been? 



New Hampshire Union Leader
August 16, 2015

We are glad to see that Gov. Maggie Hassan can read the papers, but why does it take stories by the Union Leader and Concord Monitor, as well as a push from U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, to get the governor to suddenly realize that red tape is hampering the effort to deal with the heroin crisis in New Hampshire?

Why wasn’t her much ballyhooed “drug czar’’ already all over this problem, in which substance abuse treatment centers are confronting expensive new federal regulations?

The governor is all for expanding Medicaid coverage, some of which will pay for drug treatment. But she apparently didn’t know that the money comes with strings. And that is strange, since state Drug and Alcohol Services Director Joe Harding said last week that the treatment centers have known for two years that the strings were coming.

Or, as Harding put it, “With the increased resources come increased requirements.’’

But it was only after our stories and Sen. Ayotte’s request of the feds to ease those requirements (some as silly as precise amounts of floor space per room) that Gov. Hassan rushed out to announce a review of licensing requirements.

Only the week before, Hassan and her “drug czar’’ had announced a multi-point plan to deal with the heroin crisis. Most of the points were already known to the public. 

One was nearly laughable since it recommended expansion of drug courts even while Hassan was turning down flat a request from Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas to help fund one here.

One recommendation was to “Expand Treatment Options.’’ 

No mention therein of the red tape that may be holding back that expansion. Just nice phrases about this being a “collaborative effort between the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, treatment providers and others. Report by March 2016.’’

Which leads to another question. The state has a Director of Drug and Alcohol Services. Does it also need the “Governor’s Senior Director of Substance Misuse and Behavioral Health (a.k.a. Drug Czar)?’’





BREAKING: An Iranian warship threatened a U.S. military helicopter and coalition warship by pointing on-deck machine guns at Americans. 

The United States Navy called the incident “unsafe and unprofessional.”

Friend, this is just the latest example of Iran THREATENING America’s national security. If we can’t trust Iran now, we certainly can’t trust them in the future.

Take a stand against President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran:


It’s time to put America’s national security first.

NRSC - ICYMI: NH Gov Hassan Led a Beach Club Accused of Anti-Semitism 



In Case You Missed It...

Hassan Led a Beach Club Accused of Anti-Semitism

The Washington Free Beacon
By Bill McMorris
July 27, 2015

Veteran Rhode Island Democrat accused Hassan’s club of discrimination

Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire held a leadership role at an exclusive beach club that has been accused of anti-Jewish discrimination.

Hassan, the presumed Democratic frontrunner in the race for the Senate seat currenly held by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R.), held several leadership roles at the Warren’s Point Beach Club in tony Little Compton, Rhode Island. From 1993 to 2000 she served as the club’s president and vice president. The club garnered headlines in 1995 when Richard Licht, the former lieutenant governor of Rhode Island, accused Warren’s Point of being anti-Semitic after his application to join the $280-per-week club was rejected.

Licht, a Democrat who now serves as a judge, did not return a request for comment from the Washington Free Beacon.

Hassan’s stance on Israel has become a focal point in recent weeks after her church overwhelmingly voted to join the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement aimed at hurting Israel financially.

The Democrat tweeted out her disapproval of the BDS movement, which critics say is rooted in anti-Semitism, after the Washington Free Beacon reported on the issue. She has dodged questions over the recently announced Iranian nuclear deal, as she weighs a campaign challenge against Ayotte.

The New Hampshire GOP called the history of discrimination allegations “extremely troubling.”

“The allegations of anti-Semitism made by Democrat Lieutenant Governor Licht against Governor Hassan’s exclusive millionaire beach club are extremely troubling,” said Jennifer Horn, the party chairman.

The club did not return a request for comment.

Horn said in a statement that Hassan should confront the issue and address the accusations of anti-Jewish bias at the club.

“As a senior member of the organization’s leadership, Governor Hassan would have been in a position to investigate and address these concerns at the time they were raised. Governor Hassan should discuss what actions she took as the Vice President of this elite club to review the lieutenant governor’s complaint,” Horn said.

Hassan’s family has longstanding ties to the Little Compton community, maintaining a $2.7 million beachfront estate that was constructed by Hassan’s great grandfather. The home has seven bedrooms and more than 3,300 square feet with a wrap-around porch that provides an ocean view. Vacationers can rent out the estate for $25,000 per month in the summer, more than enough to cover the nearly $16,000 in property taxes on the home.

“Several hundred yards from one of Rhode Island’s prettiest beaches, the house has five premier double bedrooms and two attic bedrooms. The deck sweeps around the south and west sides of the house and expands into a 400 sq. ft. covered porch at the southwest corner,” a family advertisement on says. “The kitchen and bathrooms are modernized, but the rest of the house retains the turn-of-the-(last)-century feeling, including a great dining room that seats up to 16 at one table. The house can accommodate up to 14 people.”

A spokesman for Hassan did not return a request for comment



Friend -

Republicans of all stripes are calling President Obama out on his dangerous deal with Iran.

You know it’s bad when even top Democratic senators like Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez are hesitating to support President Obama’s Iranian compromise.

In any deal, the president should ALWAYS prioritize America’s interests and national security.                

It’s time to put America first.
Sign this petition to tell President Obama to stand up for America’s national security!


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