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NRSC - Despite Criticism, Hassan Won’t Deny “Stealth Campaign” 

Last week, Maggie Hassan was criticized by Politico, National Journal, the Washington Free Beacon, and a Union Leader Editorial for the overwhelming lack of substance in her campaign:

  • Politico: "[Hassan] refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory..."
  • National Journal: "Hassan repeated some variation of [her talking points] 10 times...It opens Hassan to criticism that she’s running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • Washington Free Beacon: “New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan is taking heat for running a lackadaisical campaign for the U.S. Senate.”
  • Union Leader: “Is getting straight answers out of Hassan about as likely as getting specifics from a Magic 8-Ball? Ask again later.”

But that didn’t stop Hassan from sticking to the script this weekend when asked  why she is running a “stealth campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, Hassan sticks to silence, and doesn’t acknowledge the question.

In addition to continuing her practice of silence, a staffer at the public event attempts to block access to the attendee asking questions.




NRSC - Hassan in Hiding 



Maggie Hassan has been largely silent on whether she sides with President Obama and Hillary Clinton on closing Guantanamo Bay, saying only that she “would consider” closing it.

But following recent reports that a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, Ibrahim al-Qosi, has joined with al Qaeda, Hassan hasn’t changed her tune. In fact, she’s still silent.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte penned a letter to President Obama stating, “The responsibility for al-Qosi’s return to terrorism falls squarely on your administration.”

Following recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, much of our nation’s attention and dialogue has been focused on national security and how to keep our country safe from future attacks.

But not Maggie Hassan.

Instead, Hassan refuses to tell voters whether she supports President Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay and transfer prisoners to American soil or other countries.

WATCH: Maggie Hassan refuses to answer questions about closing Guantanamo Bay 


NRSC - ICYMI: Editorial Blasts Hassan for Parrot Politicking 



Today’s Union Leader editorial blasted Maggie Hassan for her pattern of parroting Senator Ayotte’s position on many issues.

Read more:

Following the leader: Hassan campaigns in Ayotte's shadow
New Hampshire Union Leader

It’s easy to predict where Maggie Hassan will stand on controversial issues.

Just read Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s press releases, and wait a day.

Ayotte was among the first to call for suspension of the Syrian refugee program until adequate screening could be provided.

Hassan, running against Ayotte, fumbled over her position before coming to the same conclusion. Facing immense backlash from her liberal base, Hassan has since tried to temper her support for pausing the refugee program.

On issues that cut across party lines, Hassan is running in Ayotte’s shadow.


NRSC - Hassan’s Obamacare Love Affair 


A Union Leader editorial praised today’s upcoming Senate vote to repeal the worst parts of Obamacare, citing penalties attached to coverage mandates as well as the Medical Device Tax.

Meanwhile, Maggie Hassan was quick to echo partisan talking points from Washington Democrats in support of Obamacare. 

Hassan has defended Obamacare as “essential to the future of our country.” In fact, when asked if there was anything she thought should be altered or changed, Hassan couldn’t find any faults and noted that her concerns “were addressed in the final version of the bill.”

Leaving Obamacare untouched means every household can expect more than $20,000 in new taxes over the next ten years. But it should be no surprise that Maggie Hassan supports higher taxes. While in the State Senate, Hassan voted for at least 82 tax and fee increases that became law.

From her record to her rhetoric, it’s clear that Maggie Hassan isn’t out to fix Obamacare’s flaws that are hurting New Hampshire families. Hassan cares more about protecting Obamacare at all costs.



In November 2009, Hassan Said ObamaCare Was A “Rational System” That Is “Essential To The Future Of Our Country.” “Our capacity to come together to do this work is being tested as I write. For the first time since Medicare was enacted in 1965, the United States House of Representatives has passed major health care reform; reform that establishes a rational system that will provide every American access to affordable, quality health care. Such a system is essential to the future of our country — our economy, our democracy and, literally, our lives depend on our ability to fix what has become an ailing, wasteful, mediocre-quality albatross of a non-system.” (Maggie Hassan, Op-Ed, “The Confidence To Govern Ourselves,” The Portsmouth Herald, 11/24/09)

VIDEO: In 2012, When Asked What She Fault She Found In ObamaCare, Hassan Said Her Concerns “Were Addressed In The Final Version Of The Bill.” REPORTER: “With regard to health care, is there anything you find fault in the Affordable Care Act or something that you think should be changed or altered. Certainly Governor Lynch was for it and even after it passed it was (INAUDIBLE).” HASSAN: “Well a number of us in state government as the Affordable Care Act was being debated expressed concerns about how to fund the Medicaid expansion that is a core component of the Affordable Care Act and it luckily and because of the concerns raised, I shouldn’t say luckily, but because of the concerns raised the Affordable Care Act as passed actually provided full funding for that Medicaid expansion for the first three years after it went in to effect and then 90 percent for the next seven years or so. So a lot of the concerns that state leaders expressed were addressed in the final version of the bill.” (The Telegraph, Editorial Board Interview, Uploaded 2012) (36:52)


NRSC - Hassan is Wishing for a DeLorean Right About Now … 


Good morning, and happy Back to the Future Day!

In the classic 80s film series, Doc Brown and Marty McFly time travel to today’s date before going back in time to undo misdeeds in the past.

It got us wondering... If Maggie Hassan took a ride in Doc’s DeLorean, which moments in history would she undo?

Maybe she'd try to go back and rewrite her fiscally irresponsible record of hiking up taxes and spending that's made life more expensive in New Hampshire. That would take a lot of trips...

On Back to the Future Day, Hassan’s probably wishing she could go back and rewrite history to change her fiscally irresponsible record that has failed to move New Hampshire forward. Too bad it's just a movie.