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Feb192012 - The Future of American Freedom 

Dear Patriot,

Repeal ObamacareHave you resigned to handing control over every decision you make to the federal government?  Are you resigned to worse medical care at higher prices?  Have you accepted the inevitability of Obamacare? 

If the federal government is allowed to takeover healthcare in our country, the Constitution is, for all intents and purposes, nullified. Every decision we make impacts our health and the potential cost of our healthcare. The car you drive, the food you eat, even how much time you spend outdoors all impact the potential burden of your healthcare under Obamacare and the government will have a financial interest and the perceived authority to regulate every aspect of your life. 

Obamacare is a scourge upon this nation and must be the primary focus of the Tea Party movement in 2012.  In March the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare, and if the court decides to uphold the constitution, the law will be struck down.  Unfortunately the court has four committed liberals who will rubber-stamp their messiah's power grab, four justices who are consistent strict-constructionists who are likely to strike down the law, and one who revels in being the deciding vote. 

We are currently in the preliminary stages of planning a massive rally outside of the Supreme Court when they will weigh Obamacare.  If we can put together a huge showing, it could swing Justice Kennedy towards the constitution and solidify support among Justices Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, and Alito. 

Putting together an event large enough to make an impact is going to be a challenge. It is going to take logistics to make sure everyone who can be there, is, and it is going to take financial resources to make sure that the scale of this event reflects the dire nature of this threat to American freedom. 

Help us get started by making a generous contribution today

Thank You,

Todd Cefaratti

Freedom Organizer


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A State Insurance Exchange Would Voluntarily Accept Obamacare and Send State Taxpayers the Bill

CONCORD, N.H.—The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire applauds the 10-6 vote of the N.H. House Commerce Committee to pass HB 1297, which would prohibit the state from establishing a state health insurance exchange under the terms of Obamacare, and the RLCNH also urges the full House and Senate to pass this health care freedom bill for the good of all U.S. citizens.

“By passing this bill, the State of New Hampshire will be standing with the majority of states opposing Obamacare, which is an unconstitutional power grab that will ironically raise the cost of health care, decrease the quality and accessibility of care and destroy the liberties of people to control their own lives,” said Carolyn McKinney, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “Due to a flaw in the federal law, the more states that opt not to create a state health insurance exchange, the more necessary it will be for Congress to reopen the law for amendment, and that gives liberty-minded Republicans the opportunity they’ll need to remove unconstitutional elements of the law and draft free market solutions for reducing the cost of health insurance.”

So far, 28 states are suing the federal government to prevent Obamacare’s implementation, and the courts have said these states would strengthen their case if they refused to implement a state exchange. The Supreme Court is due to rule on Obamacare’s constitutionality this Spring. So far, New Hampshire has not joined the lawsuit opposing Obamacare because Attorney General Michael Delaney brazenly said he would refuse such an order from the Legislature. However, by passing HB 1297, the New Hampshire Legislature would be doing more to repeal Obamacare than the lawsuit could ever do.

In fact, the fate of the Obamacare lawsuit may actually be irrelevant to the act’s repeal. If enough states refuse to create a state health insurance exchange, the Congress will be forced to reopen the law. Obamacare currently says states that do not create a state insurance exchange will default to a federal exchange. And here’s the rub: the law provides subsidies for insurance companies involved in a state exchange, but not in a federal exchange. Thus, to make the law work without putting the gigantic price tag for insurers on the law like everyone feared, it would have to be reopened and amended. That process would invite many more changes than a simple fix, and the law would likely be repealed and replaced, a resolution that Republicans and 63 percent of the population supports.

“Doing everything we can in New Hampshire to repeal Obamacare remains a top priority of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and passing HB 1297 will absolutely help us achieve this end,” McKinney said. “Obamacare is at the heart of an incredible assault on liberty by the current Administration. Our health care touches every part of who we are and the decisions we make. If we allow the government to control to this extent such an intimate, integral part of our lives, we have totally succumbed to tyranny.”

Ultimately, implementing a state health insurance exchange in New Hampshire would voluntarily bind the state under the control of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department while sending New Hampshire taxpayers the bill.

Contrary to arguments from some insurance regulators, insurance companies and industry groups, creating a state exchange will remove New Hampshire’s local control and ensure Obamacare is fully enacted in New Hampshire, whether the federal law is repealed or not. In addition, establishing a state insurance exchange under Obamacare requires the state to pay for the full cost of implementation starting in 2015, which could cost New Hampshire taxpayers anywhere from $10 million to $47 million a year, according to HTMS, a North Dakota health care consulting company.

“If Republicans act now to definitively reject a state exchange, the Republican Legislature stands a great chance of fulfilling the mandate of New Hampshire voters and leading the way toward true health insurance reform,” McKinney said.

For more information on why state exchanges are a bad idea, please read the following reports from the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy Studies, the Cato Institute, the Goldwater Institute and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.


About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
RLCNH, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote and advance traditional Republican Party values, such as low taxes and spending, limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and loyalty to the U.S. and N.H. constitutions.


AUL - Tell Your Senators to Protect Americans' Freedom of Conscience

This is a call for action: last Friday, the Obama Administration continued its unprecedented attack on Americans’ freedom of conscience by refusing to reverse its mandate that nearly all insurance plans must provide full coverage of all Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved “contraception,” including the abortion-inducing drug ella.  We must urge the Senate to protect Americans’ freedom of conscience by supporting the Blunt Amendment to protect the right to provide, purchase, or enroll in healthcare coverage that is consistent with one’s religious beliefs and moral convictions.

Follow this link to contact your Senators and urge them to vote for the Blunt Amendment.  Tell them that passage of this Amendment is essential to preserve the freedom of conscience that forms the bedrock of American liberty.

The 111th Congress’ passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in March 2010 marks the first time that the federal government determined to impose specific coverage and care requirements on those who provide, purchase, or enroll in healthcare insurance. 

The recent regulation issued by the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) mandating that nearly all insurance plans provide full coverage of all FDA-approved “contraception”—which includes life-ending drugs and devices, such as the abortion-inducing drug ella—further underscores the Administration’s unwavering resolve to undermine our freedom of conscience.  The HHS mandate compels Americans to choose a plan that covers services—as well as life-ending drugs and devices—that are contrary to our consciences, and forces healthcare insurance providers to furnish such plans regardless of the providers’ religious beliefs or moral convictions. 

Contact your Senators now and urge them to vote for the Blunt Amendment to safeguard Americans' freedom of conscience.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of civil authority.”  Thank you for standing with us for life and freedom at this critical time in history.

AUL Donation

AUL Action is the legislative action arm of Americans United for Life.
As 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, AULA is able to take immediate and direct action in response to proposed legislation. However, contributions to AULA are not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes.


CEI Today: Barriers to jobs, economic growth, foreign bribes, Obama contraception mandate and more

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
In the News Today


Today's Testimony Before House Subcommittee


With unemployment still stubbornly high and the economy still in tenuous shape, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade is seeking answers to those problems, launching the first in its series of hearings entitled, “Where the Jobs Are.”  Wednesday's hearing features John Berlau, Director of CEI's Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs.

"Of all the regulations out there facing entrepreneurs, among the most important are those affecting access to capital," Berlau explains in written testimony submitted to the subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Berlau notes recent research showing that firms less than five years old are responsible for nearly all net job growth. Yet these are the very firms hit by crushing regulations that make it very difficult to raise capital by going public.
> Read the full testimony by John Berlau


Making Sure Corruption Remains "Made In America"


If the U.S. government really wants to use its influence to get the world of global business to operate on a level playing field, instead of terrorizing American corporations for doing in Rome as do the Romans, perhaps it should run training sessions for foreign governments on how to construct a legalized system of influence peddling as subtle and backhanded as the one we have here.

I sat in on such a training session in the winter of 2008 run by the venerable K&L Gates LLP, the nation’s ninth largest law firm, which boasts on its website of its ability to “seamlessly integrate lobbying and regulatory implementation.”  > Read the commentary on

> Interview Bill Frezza


OBAMA CONTRACEPTION MANDATE - HANS BADER about the Obama Administration’s Contraception Mandate for Religious Employers


There are a number of misconceptions about the Obama administration’s recent rule requiring employers’ health insurance policies (including those of religious schools and hospitals) to cover contraceptives and certain abortifacients. First, as a commentator notes, it’s not true that states in general already require such coverage.

Second, it’s just not true that the Obama administration’s rule must be legal because it is supposedly modeled on state insurance rules in states like California. Under basic principles of federalism, there are things that states can require, but the federal government, which has only enumerated powers, cannot.
> Read the full commentary on


> Interview Hans Bader




Ten Thousand Commandments

By Wayne Crews

Welcome to The Other National Debt -- The Cost of Regulation

-> Read Today's Decrees


CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.  For more information about CEI, please visit our website,, and blogs, and  Follow CEI on Twitter!


NHDP - NH Senior Citizens Call on Lamontagne to Renounce Right Wing Plan to End Medicare

Concord, NH -New Hampshire Medicare beneficiaries are condemning Republican plans to block grant and end Medicare. Ovide Lamontagne, wrote in a recent op-ed that he will as Governor he would "seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare" which would end those successful programs.  


The State House is set to vote on a similar proposal today. HB1560 sponsored by by Rep. DJ Bettencourt, a Lamontagne endorser, and Senator Chuck Morse would enter New Hampshire into an interstate compact, block granting Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Insurance Program, and all other federal funded health care programs.


"As a senior who is enrolled in Medicare, I am deeply opposed to both the bill before the legislature today, and Lamontagne's plan to block grant our Medicare program here in New Hampshire.  This would remove any federal rules, including eligibility, coverage levels, and essential services," said Barbara French of Henniker. "Turning Medicare into a block grant system would put at risk what many people like me enjoy about Medicare, that we can continue our relationship with our own doctors. That's not fair"


"For years, I went to work every day Monday through Friday just like countless others in New Hampshire.  And just like them, I paid my share into Medicare.  I do not want the vital Medicare program that I paid into for years either block granted or ended," added John White of Wolfeboro. "That would put my health care at risk, and health care for thousands of people just like me at risk as well.  I sincerely hope that Mr. Lamontagne reconsiders his position, and urges his Republican colleagues in the House today to vote down this bill."


John White and Barbara French are joined in their opposition by hundreds of New Hampshire residents and voters who have signed a petition calling on the legislature not to block grant Medicare. [Petition]


"Today New Hampshire seniors are calling on Lamontange to renounce his support for ending Medicare in New Hampshire, and asking him to join them in opposing HB1560," said Harrell Kirstein press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Either block granting proposal would end Medicare as we know it and put thousands of New Hampshire senior citizens at risk."