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NHDP - Democratic Lawmakers Decry Attempted GOP Takeover of Medicare in NH

Concord, NH - House and Senate Democrats stood united in opposition to the reckless Republican takeover of Medicare in New Hampshire: HB1560.  The bill would turn Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program(CHIP) and other federally funded health care initiatives into a block grant and attempt to nullify federal health care laws.


"In short, this bill will end Medicare as we know it in New Hampshire," said Senator Sylvia Larsen.  "Surely you don't have to be a doctor to see this is a disastrous plan for health care in our state."


The bill proposes that New Hampshire fundamentally alter not only the state's Medicare and Medicaid programs but potentially all health care services for which there is federal funding.  Collectively they would be replaced with a block grant system with full discretion for distributing those funds and determining who is eligible for them in the hands of the legislature.  In tough economic times when Medicaid participation typically increases, New Hampshire taxpayers would see their tax rates skyrocket. 


"HB1560 is not only fiscally irresponsible, it could also endanger the health of New Hampshire's senior citizens, disabled and low income residents by removing the requirements to cover proven treatments and disease prevention services.  At least 350,000 New Hampshire residents would lose the stability of their Medicare and Medicaid coverage," said Representative Cindy Rosenwald. 


While sponsored by members of Republican leadership in both the House and Senate, HB1560 was written by ALEC an extreme out of state special interest group.  In opposition to the United State Constitution the bill text reads, states "may suspend by legislation the operation of all federal laws, rules, regulations, and orders regarding health care." 


"This bill is part of a national, ideological driven, agenda to shrink government regardless of the consequences," said Representative Gary Richardson.  "Over the past 12 months we have watched first hand as the Tea Party Republicans have imposed taxes on hospitals providing Medicaid services and cut state services resulting in the lost of nearly 2,000 jobs.  This is not the New Hampshire way."


For a complete copy of the legislator's remarks at today's press conference email


NH House Majority Leader Statement on Returning Obamacare $$$

Today the House Rules committee, in a  7-2 vote , voted to allow the late entry of a bill which would direct the State of New Hampshire to return $333,000 in federal  ObamaCare money to  Washington.  Earlier this year the Republican led legislature passed a bill (HB 601) to return $666,000 in Obamacare exchange planning funds to cut the federal deficit.  In December, the Executive Council voted to reject a $333,000 contract, paid for with federal funds, to establish a health insurance exchange to implement the national health care reform law, commonly called ObamaCare. At the time, Rep. Bettencourt indicated that legislation  would be   forthcoming to return the balance of the money back to Washington.  Today's vote by House Rules starts that process. 


House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

"We have sent the message time and again to Washington that the people of New Hampshire should be free to make their own health care decisions.  We have already passed legislation to send $666,000 in  ObamaCare money back to the feds and thanks to the vote of the Rules Committee today, we intend to send back even more.  Governor Lynch and the Democrats in this state have clearly embraced ObamaCare and all of the strings that come attached to it.  As majority leader I can assure the people of New Hampshire that we will continue to block any attempt to force Obamacare money upon us.  I applaud the Republican members of the Rules Committee who recognized the importance of this legislation and voted to allow us to take up the matter once again this session."


NRSC - Cornhusker Kickback

Two years ago, Senator Ben Nelson cut a deal and caved to party pressure by giving the Democrats the 60th vote needed to ram through Barack Obama's $2.5 trillion government-run health care bill.

Senator Nelson cut that backroom deal with Harry Reid -- to get the infamous Cornhusker Kickback -- even though he knew it cut Medicare by $500 billion, raised taxes by $500 billion, and was opposed by a strong majority of Nebraskans.

Of course when the political pressure mounted, he started backtracking.

Yet recently he proclaimed that he "wouldn't change his vote" and that he was proud to be the man that made government-run health care the law of the land.


Please, won't you take a moment to watch our latest video? And then share this with as many people as possible in order to ensure Senate Nelson is defeated and there's a change in leadership next November.

With your help today, we'll make sure that come November 6, 2012, Ben Nelson and other Democrats who voted for this job-killing bill come to regret standing with President Obama and Harry Reid on ObamaCare, the stimulus, and other liberal agenda items that have run our country into the ground.

That's why I'm asking you and thousands of other Republican supporters to make a generous contribution of $60 or more to help the NRSC raise $50,000 by midnight tonight. Your support today will go a long way to help us reach our $250,000 end-of-year fundraising goal -- a critical benchmark we must reach in the next 11 days in order for us to remain competitive as we head into the early months of the election year.

Your secure contribution of $60 will send a powerful and symbolic message that the American people have not forgotten how Senator Nelson sold out the American people when he cast the 60th vote for Obamacare.

Show them we still remember what happened two years ago and that we plan to pay them back by defeating them at the polls on Election Day.


Rob Jesmer

PS. Please spread our message by sharing the latest video to help defeat Ben Nelson and the Democrats for their backroom deals and disastorous health care bill. Thank you.


NH House Leaders Praise Executive Council for Rejecting Obamacare Funds 

Move to Send Federal Money Back to  Cut National Debt 

 CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today praised Executive Councilors Ray Wieczorek, Chris Sununu and David Wheeler for voting to reject a $333,000 contract, paid for with federal funds, to establish a health insurance exchange to implement the national health care reform law, commonly called ObamaCare.  Additionally, the leaders indicated that they will seek and support legislation to return these funds to reduce the national debt.  Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a bill (HB 601) to return $666,000 in ObamaCare exchange planning funds to cut the federal deficit.

 House Speaker William O’Brien

 “ObamaCare is a sea of federal mandates, higher health care costs, huge new expenses to states in new Medicaid outlays and infringements into our liberties.  It is bad policy that may well be thrown out by the Supreme Court next year.  There is no good reason to waste taxpayer funds on implementing such a destructive scheme that will mean lower quality health care that is also more expensive.  That’s why we are very supportive of Councilors Wieczorek, Sununu and Wheeler standing against using these dollars to begin bringing ObamaCare to New Hampshire, and they deserve praise for their efforts.  Now that they have taken this step, we will begin the legislative process of moving forward to send this $333,000 back to Washington to pay down our national debt, which is a far better use of these funds than building healthcare bureaucracies here.”

 House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

"It should be clear to Washington, once and for all,  that the people of New Hampshire are not interested in Obamacare money and the strings that come attached to it.   One of the major reasons why the voters of this state sent Republicans to Concord in overwhelming numbers just over a  year ago was because we strongly  believed that our citizens should be free to make their own health care decisions.  Obamacare is an unaffordable, destructive effort that will negatively impact the quality of healthcare in New Hampshire, drive up costs and bankrupt taxpayers.  We will continue to send a strong message to Washington  that we oppose this big government disaster.   I applaud Councilors Wieczorek, Sununu and  Wheeler for taking a strong stand against Obamacare.  Earlier this the legislature rejected $666 ,000 in  Obamacare  funds and sent the money back to Washington to apply to the federal deficit.  As long as I am House Majority Leader, we will continue to fight Obamacare whenever we get the opportunity."


New on More Evidence Romney Touted His Massachusetts Plan as Model in 2007

Manchester - Today, the Huntsman campaign unearthed press releases from Mitt Romney's 2008 campaign that further demonstrate that he would have lost the $10,000 bet he offered to Rick Perry during Saturday night's ABC News debate in Iowa.

The press releases titled "A History of Conservative Health Care Reform" and "Romney Vision" tout his Massachusetts health care plan's "personal responsibility principle" (read: mandate) and highlighted the plan as a "national model that would dramatically expand access to health care."

See both press releases at HERE and HERE.

"It is clear that Mitt Romney once touted Romneycare as a 'national model' before he changed his mind and his book. Governor Huntsman signed a free market health care reform plan in Utah that was the opposite from the top heavy, mandated approach that President Obama and Governor Romney took," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said.