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CEI Comment on Supreme Court Review of Obamacare 

CEI attorney Hans Bader offers analysis and comment on today's decision by the Supreme Court to hear constitutional chalenges to Obamacare.  CEI also filed an amicus brief challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, arguing that the 2010 healthcare law unconstitutionally exceeds Congress’s powers under the Commerce and Spending Clauses.

In his commentary, Bader explains why the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals was right to strike down the individual mandate as unconstitutional but wrong to leave the rest of the Obamacare law intact.  > Read the full commentary at Supreme Court Grants Review in Case Challenging Obamacare as Unconstitutional.


CEI Communications Director



"I believe ObamaCare contradicts the individual freedoms and state rights that we've always fought to protect," Chairman MacDonald

Concord, NH -- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement today after the Supreme Court announced it plans to hear the challenge to ObamaCare:

"Like so many residents in New Hampshire, I'm pleased with this announcement because I believe ObamaCare contradicts the individual freedoms and state rights that we've always fought to protect.

"President Obama's government-run health plan, which is supported by Democrats Ann Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter, puts in place regulations that restrict our liberties and comes with an enormous price tag that our government simply can't afford. 

"This reckless attempt to put the government in charge of people's healthcare is the wrong direction for our nation, especially when you consider that it raises taxes and our nation already borrows almost 50 cents of every dollar from China."


Gov. Roemer's Statement on Obamacare in the Supreme Court 

Let's demand real reforms from the Presidential candidates.  
Manchester, NH – Governor Buddy Roemer today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s acceptance of three cases involving Obamacare, or the requirement that individuals must purchase government approved health insurance by 2014:
“I applaud the Supreme Court for granting certiorari in these cases, and say ‘It’s about time.’ I am confident the Supreme Court will rule consistent with what the American people already know: the Commerce Clause has been overly expanded by the Obama administration, resulting in a loss of individual freedom. We are headed in the wrong direction with Obamacare, towards a system of less choice, less competition, lower quality healthcare, and higher premiums. As President, I will move us in the right direction – more choice, more competition, better health care for Americans.”
“Once Obamacare is ruled to be unconstitutional, I will do the hard work as President of replacing it with a health care system that works. I don’t hear the other Presidential candidates discussing real reforms. It’s easy enough to criticize Obamacare. It’s harder to propose a working system in its place.”
“Maybe it’s because I’m a 40 year diabetic that I care so much about this issue. Maybe it’s because I am not bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical companies or Super PAC’s. But whatever the reason, I will bring real reform to the health care industry. Specifically, I would:
1)      Make insurance companies subject to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, so that they could not have 50 separate monopolies in each state;
2)      Make pharmaceutical companies compete on price (they are specifically exempted under Obamacare currently);
3)      Implement tort-reform, to lower the cost of insurance premiums; and
4)      Provide incentives for medical providers to save money, by allowing them to keep 25% of savings if they maintain quality and pass on 75% of the savings to the consumer."
"That’s real reform. I challenge the candidates who take special interest money to come up with something better.”


NH House Leaders Commend Executive Councilors for Rebuke of Obamacare 

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today commended Executive Councilors Daniel St. Hillaire (R-Concord), Christopher Sununu (R-Newfields), and David Wheeler (R-Milford) for their vote to table a contract that would bring in a $333,000 federal grant to begin implementing an ObamaCare insurance exchange in New Hampshire.
House Speaker William O’Brien
“Continually Americans and Granite Staters have demonstrated they are opposed to ObamaCare. Further, given the strong possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court could find ObamaCare unconstitutional, it makes no sense to waste $333,000 of the taxpayers’ money. We congratulate the executive councilors who took a principled stance in not approving this contract and hope that it will ultimately be rejected and the money sent back to Washington. We, in New Hampshire, are not interested in these costly mandates that persistently have federal strings attached. When the money gets back to Washington it should be used to cut the federal debt – an idea our taxpayers certainly would support.”
House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt
“Last November, a major reason why the voters repudiated the big-government Democrat agenda was because of their plan to take over Americans’ health care.  Republicans campaigned on a clear message of restoring our freedom to make our own health care decisions and I commend the Executive Councilors who voted against approval for keeping their word. We will work hard to elect a Republican to the corner office in November as it is clear the likes of Maggie Hassan and any other Democrat gubernatorial candidate will remain in lock-step with Obama in forcing this disastrous healthcare takeover down our throats. Republicans will continue to take every opportunity to block this assault on our liberty.”


ALG expresses outrage over revelations that fund intended to help early retirees raided by unions 

Oct. 31, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement commenting on a new GAO report finding government agencies and union health plans looting an HHS program that was supposed to be targeted at retirees:

"The Halloween horror story of ObamaCare continues to unfold as Senator Mike Enzi  announced that a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showed that a program designed to help early retirees has effectively been looted by 24 organizations.  The Health and Human Services (HHS) program has paid out $2.9 billion with a majority going to government entities and union health plans.

"It is obscene that these Obama-favored institutions look at this and other programs like a trick or treater views an unattended candy bowl.   Not surprisingly, the United Auto Workers Medical Benefits Trust received the largest amount of taxpayer largesse. 

"It is time for Obama to end these payoffs to politically connected constituencies and return the remaining funds for the program to the U.S. Treasury.   Taxpayers are tired of the gluttony of Obama's union friends."