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NH House Leaders Praise Executive Council for Rejecting Obamacare Funds 

Move to Send Federal Money Back to  Cut National Debt 

 CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today praised Executive Councilors Ray Wieczorek, Chris Sununu and David Wheeler for voting to reject a $333,000 contract, paid for with federal funds, to establish a health insurance exchange to implement the national health care reform law, commonly called ObamaCare.  Additionally, the leaders indicated that they will seek and support legislation to return these funds to reduce the national debt.  Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a bill (HB 601) to return $666,000 in ObamaCare exchange planning funds to cut the federal deficit.

 House Speaker William O’Brien

 “ObamaCare is a sea of federal mandates, higher health care costs, huge new expenses to states in new Medicaid outlays and infringements into our liberties.  It is bad policy that may well be thrown out by the Supreme Court next year.  There is no good reason to waste taxpayer funds on implementing such a destructive scheme that will mean lower quality health care that is also more expensive.  That’s why we are very supportive of Councilors Wieczorek, Sununu and Wheeler standing against using these dollars to begin bringing ObamaCare to New Hampshire, and they deserve praise for their efforts.  Now that they have taken this step, we will begin the legislative process of moving forward to send this $333,000 back to Washington to pay down our national debt, which is a far better use of these funds than building healthcare bureaucracies here.”

 House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

"It should be clear to Washington, once and for all,  that the people of New Hampshire are not interested in Obamacare money and the strings that come attached to it.   One of the major reasons why the voters of this state sent Republicans to Concord in overwhelming numbers just over a  year ago was because we strongly  believed that our citizens should be free to make their own health care decisions.  Obamacare is an unaffordable, destructive effort that will negatively impact the quality of healthcare in New Hampshire, drive up costs and bankrupt taxpayers.  We will continue to send a strong message to Washington  that we oppose this big government disaster.   I applaud Councilors Wieczorek, Sununu and  Wheeler for taking a strong stand against Obamacare.  Earlier this the legislature rejected $666 ,000 in  Obamacare  funds and sent the money back to Washington to apply to the federal deficit.  As long as I am House Majority Leader, we will continue to fight Obamacare whenever we get the opportunity."


New on More Evidence Romney Touted His Massachusetts Plan as Model in 2007

Manchester - Today, the Huntsman campaign unearthed press releases from Mitt Romney's 2008 campaign that further demonstrate that he would have lost the $10,000 bet he offered to Rick Perry during Saturday night's ABC News debate in Iowa.

The press releases titled "A History of Conservative Health Care Reform" and "Romney Vision" tout his Massachusetts health care plan's "personal responsibility principle" (read: mandate) and highlighted the plan as a "national model that would dramatically expand access to health care."

See both press releases at HERE and HERE.

"It is clear that Mitt Romney once touted Romneycare as a 'national model' before he changed his mind and his book. Governor Huntsman signed a free market health care reform plan in Utah that was the opposite from the top heavy, mandated approach that President Obama and Governor Romney took," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said. 


NH GOP - Latest Campaign Stump Offers More of the Same: Increased Spending, More Debt

Instead The White House Should Send An Explanation To N.H. Seniors Facing Medicare Cuts

Concord, NH -- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement in advance of the latest campaign stump pushed by the White House.  Today, Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, will be in the state to try and sell President Obama's second stimulus plan.

“It doesn't matter who the White House sends to New Hampshire to stump for votes and help muscle through another round of stimulus spending.  While the latest official to offer spin for President Obama is Cory Booker, the message is the same -- more spending and bigger government.  Just like me, Granite Staters are frustrated and angered by the amount of spending we've seen from this Administration, especially in light of our nation's national debt topping $15,000,000,000,000 recently.

“Instead of continuing this push for a second stimulus bill, President Obama and his allies should start to explain why they cut Medicare benefits for 7,600 seniors in New Hampshire.  The trouble is that Obama's White House is solely focused on its re-election campaign and doesn't care to talk about how the President's agenda has made matters worse.”

Additional Information on the President's Medicare Cuts

NH UNION LEADER (12/1/11): “Remember when President Obama said that if his health care ‘reform’ law passed, you’d still get to keep your doctor? Medicare Advantage participants in the Granite State are finding out what a lie that was… New Hampshire has a high percentage of Medicare Advantage enrollees. Last month, 7,600 of them received notices that their coverage was being cancelled… As a result, thousands of Granite State seniors are being forced to switch doctors because they have to switch coverage.  This is just a taste of what is to come if Obamacare takes effect in full force.”

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Perry Campaign Releases New Ad: "Obamacare" 

AUSTIN - The Perry campaign today released a 30-second television advertisement entitled "Obamacare." To view the ad, please visit

"Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and President Obama all support government health care mandates," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan. "Gov. Perry opposes government-mandated health coverage and is firmly committed to repealing the job-killing Obamacare to protect families and job creators from the burden it imposes on them. As someone who has never served in Washington or been an establishment favorite, Rick Perry is the candidate who can bring true change to Washington, D.C., starting with repealing Obama's government takeover of our health care system." 

"Obamacare" Script:

"We don't want Government mandated health care."

"Yet Newt Gingrich supports it."

Onscreen text: "Newt Gingrich ...Supporter of Health Care Mandates Source: Forbes Op-Ed 5/13/11" [1]

"And Mitt Romney? He put it into law in Massachusetts."

Onscreen text: "Mitt Romney On Compulsatory Health Insurance 'I Like Mandates' Source: 4/14/11" [2]

"Worse, Barack Obama forced it on the entire nation."

Onscreen text: "Obamacare Is An Entitlement Disaster Source: The Weekly Standard 5/25/11" [3]

"Rick Perry. He'll repeal it, starting day 1."

Gov. Perry: "I won't let the big government liberals ruin this country."

"I'm Rick Perry, I'm an outsider who will repeal Obamacare and I approved this message." 

Text: Approved by Rick Perry and paid for by, Inc.

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[1] "Newt Gingrich - Long Time Supporter Of Health Insurance Mandates," Forbes, 5/13/11,

Excerpt: Newt has been a major proponent of individual health care mandates for many years... Gingrich has been pushing individual mandates as a matter of individual responsibility ever since he joined up with Hillary Clinton in 2005 in a bi-partisan effort to solve the growing health care problem in the United States.

[2] "Romney on Compulsory Health Insurance: 'I Like Mandates',", 4/14/11,

Excerpt: Romney also defended the Massachusetts law during the 2008 Republican presidential primary, specifically during a New Hampshire debate on Jan. 6, 2008: Debate moderator Charles Gibson of ABC News: "But Gov. Romney's system has mandates in Massachusetts, although you backed away from mandates on a national basis."Romney: "No, no, I like mandates. The mandates work."

[3] "Obamacare Is an Entitlement Disaster," The Weekly Standard, 5/25/11,

Excerpt: In addition to its detrimental impact on Americans' freedom, Obamacare would affect our entitlement equation in two major ways: First, it would explode Medicaid spending. Second, and even more importantly, it would launch a massive new entitlement program and would loot from already barely solvent Medicare to pay for it.


Rick Perry Will Repeal ObamaCare 

From Rick Perry's "Cut, Balance, and Grow" plan:

ObamaCare is a man-made disaster of epic proportions that will make health care more expensive and the budget more bloated, and it must be repealed as soon as possible using any and all means necessary. Health care reform should have focused on increasing access while reducing costs, but ObamaCare made our health care system's problems even worse. ObamaCare added trillions of dollars in new federal programs that we can't afford, will drive up health care costs for American families and businesses, and diverted more than $500 billion from Medicare. True reform of Medicare and the nation's health care system are essential, but that process cannot begin until ObamaCare is repealed.


In addition, Texas and 25 other states have challenged the constitutionality of Congress' authority to force individuals to buy health insurance. The Obama administration continues to spend excessively and impose unfunded mandates upon the states, including this federal health care reform bill that will cost Texas taxpayers more than $27 billion over 10 years for the Medicaid expansion starting in 2014.