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ALG expresses outrage over revelations that fund intended to help early retirees raided by unions 

Oct. 31, 2011, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement commenting on a new GAO report finding government agencies and union health plans looting an HHS program that was supposed to be targeted at retirees:

"The Halloween horror story of ObamaCare continues to unfold as Senator Mike Enzi  announced that a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showed that a program designed to help early retirees has effectively been looted by 24 organizations.  The Health and Human Services (HHS) program has paid out $2.9 billion with a majority going to government entities and union health plans.

"It is obscene that these Obama-favored institutions look at this and other programs like a trick or treater views an unattended candy bowl.   Not surprisingly, the United Auto Workers Medical Benefits Trust received the largest amount of taxpayer largesse. 

"It is time for Obama to end these payoffs to politically connected constituencies and return the remaining funds for the program to the U.S. Treasury.   Taxpayers are tired of the gluttony of Obama's union friends."


NH Majority Leader Praises House GOP Members for Voting Against ObamaCare Funds 

CONCORD – House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) today praised House Republicans for remaining united and unanimously voting to reject federal money establishing a  health insurance exchange for the federal health care reform law, often called ObamaCare.  Ultimately, the Legislative Fiscal Committee voted to accept the funds, with the Senate members joining the lone House Democrat, Sharon Nordgren (Hanover), to pass the item by a 6-4 vote.  Republican Representatives Ken Weyler (Kingston), Stephen Stepanek (Amherst), Dan McGuire (Epsom)  and John Reagan (Deerfield) unanimously voted against accepting the ObamaCare money.

 House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

 “I am proud of the Republican House members who stood together and  unanimously voted against bringing ObamaCare to New Hampshire.  We simply cannot afford to allow the federal takeover of our healthcare here in the Granite State.  ObamaCare is an unaffordable, destructive effort that will hurt quality, drive up costs and bankrupt the taxpayers. We should be sending a strong message that we oppose this scheme.  While I am certainly disappointed in the passage of this item, I’m proud that all the House Republicans stood before the gates and said no to this big government disaster.  We will continue to fight ObamaCare wherever we get the opportunity.”


CEI Daily - Obamacare and the Constitution 



According to a new study, Obamacare could increase insurance premiums by almost 85%. 


Senior Counsel Hans Bader comments.


"Obamacare also harms medical advances, patients, and employers. And it contains racial discrimination and racial preferences that were criticized by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. It’s not living up to its backers’ promises."







CEI President Fred Smith has a new blog post and video podcast on the Constitution. Read and watch here.



Health Care Compact Would Save $3 Trillion 

Alexandria, VA – Today, the Health Care Compact Alliance released its analysis of the financial impact of the Health Care Compact on the national deficit. The Alliance found that, if implemented in all 50 states, the compact would cut the deficit by nearly $3 trillion by 2021.
“The Health Care Compact is more than just health care reform,” said Leo Linbeck III, Vice Chairman of the Health Care Compact Alliance. “It is governance reform that will make a difference in not only the way Americans choose their health care system but will save our federal government trillions. In the coming weeks, members of the Congressional super-committee will continue meeting to determine ways to reduce our nation’s deficit and reigning in health care spending must be their priority. The Health Care Compact offers real reform while reducing the deficit.”
The Health Care Compact has been introduced in 13 states since February 2011 and has already been adopted in four states. In addition, in more than 30 states, citizen groups and state legislators are actively considering the Health Care Compact.
Under the Health Care Compact, each state receives annual funding from the federal government for health care.  The funding is mandatory spending for the federal government and is not subject to annual appropriations.  Funding for each state is calculated from a baseline of 2010 health care spending, adjusted for changes in population and inflation.
For the Health Care Compact to become law, it must be passed by both houses of a general assembly or legislature, signed by the governor, and approved by Congress.  Health care policy in a member state is not prescribed in the compact.  Policy is determined by each individual state after the compact is ratified.
The Health Care Compact is an initiative of the Health Care Compact Alliance, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing Americans greater influence over decisions that govern their health care.
Interstate compacts have been used throughout U.S. history to allow states to coordinate in important policy areas. Authority for compacts was established in the Constitution (Article I, Section 10), and more than 200 such agreements are currently in effect. They are voluntary agreements between states that, when consented to by congress, have the force of federal law.
For more information, visit

About the Health Care Compact Alliance

The Health Care Compact Alliance is a nonpartisan [501 (c)4] organization providing tools that enable citizens to exert greater control over their government. The Health Care Compact was developed to offer Americans more influence over decisions that govern health care. For more information, please visit

NH GOP - Virginia Governor McDonnell to speak at NHGOP Fundraiser 

CONCORD -  On Friday, the New Hampshire Republican Party announced Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will headline the annual NHGOP fundraiser to be held in Concord, NH on September 26th.  Today it was announced Gov. McDonnell was named chairman of the powerful Republican Governor’s Association.  Here's what the media has been saying:

“McDonnell takes to the National Stage”

-Washington Post
"McDonnell heading to New Hampshire for fundraiser"

-Associated Press 
 “Gov. Bob McDonnell is treading next month on the turf of Republican presidential contenders when he keynotes New Hampshire's major fall fundraiser.
McDonnell says his aim for the visit is to help New Hampshire Republicans elect a governor there next fall.”

-Time Magazine’s The Page
 “McDonnell to headline NH GOP annual dinner Sept. 26 in Concord.
And Says he’s “very interested” in VP post, leaves door open on '16 bid.”
-James Pindell, WMUR Political Scoop
McDonnell has been very outspoken in his belief that the new national health care law is unconstitutional. He has been rumored to be a potential vice presidential pick next year.” 

-WWBT-TV (NBC)- Richmond, VA
“Governor McDonnell was just booked at a very high profile speaking gig.  He will be the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Republican Party annual fundraiser.” 

-Richmond Times Dispatch
Gov. Bob McDonnell is heading back to New Hampshire, the first primary state, for a visit next month that is likely to further fuel speculation he's angling for the Republican vice-presidential nomination in 2012.  As head of the Republican Governors Association, a political-action committee, McDonnell will lead efforts to to increase the party's ranks in statehouses across the country.  New Hampshire is among the states electing governors next year."
-Decision Virginia-NBC12-McDonnell to keynote New Hampshire GOP fundraiser

“McDonnell, who told me that he would consider a spot on the republican national ticket, is widely considered to be a rising star in the party.