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National Empowerment Center - Alternatives 2010: Keynotes Announced, Conference Brochure Available

Alternatives Keynote Sessions
We are delighted to announce a diverse and inspiring line-up of keynote speakers and panel discussions at Alternatives 2010. 

Pamela Hyde, JD,
Administrator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 
How Consumers Can Help Shape Health Care Reform - Panel Discussion
The comprehensive health care reform signed into law by President Obama in March 2010 represents a set of new opportunities and challenges for the consumer/survivor movement. Panelists will discuss how consumers can have an active role in the process.

Black Men Speak: African-American Men Tell their Story
Hear the story of what it is like to be African-American men with substance abuse and mental health issues and their individual roads to wellness and recovery. Interwoven in their stories are challenges of trauma, family issues, community violence, and the importance of faith, set in the context of the legacy of slavery.

A Life in the Community - Peer-run Hospital Diversion Programs - Panel Discussion
Peer-run hospital diversion programs are an effective way to help people avoid costly and unnecessary hospitalization and to recover in the community. Panelists will discuss their experience with running successful peer-run hospital diversion programs.
Conference Brochure Available
Our conference brochure is available for download now - featuring the conference schedule, workshop highlights, conference highlights, and more! Click here to view the conference brochure.
And if you haven't yet registered, do so today! Alternatives 2010, taking place September 29 - October 3, is the annual event to connect and network with other consumer/survivors across the nation. You will experience ground-breaking workshops and cutting-edge institutes, exciting arts events featuring local talent, and numerous opportunities for spiritual and creative expression. It's always an unforgettable conference!
Caucus Applications Due August 14
Each year Alternatives provides a forum for networking and discussing important issues with peers from around the country. Caucus sessions will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. [To apply for a caucus session, click here.]
Please submit your caucus session request no later than August 14, 2010. All caucus sessions must be approved in advance. When accepted, you will be notified of the date of your caucus session.
Ride and Rooms Board on Facebook
Our Alternatives 2010 Facebook page already has over 270 members. Please join the group via Facebook and encourage your friends to do so! There is a discussion already going about room and ride shares. This is a great way to build community and make connections before the conference begins!
You can also click below to "follow" Alternatives 2010 via Twitter.
Follow AltConf2010 on Twitter
Language Interpretation Available Upon Request
Alternatives 2010 is committed to making this conference accessible to people of diverse cultures. Interpretation will be available in Spanish, Vietnamese, ASL, and other languages; requests must be indicated on the registration form by August 15. Thank you!
Alternatives 2010 Flyer Available in Spanish, Vietnamese
The Alternatives 2010 flyer is now available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please click here to download the English versionclick here for the Spanish version, and click here for the Vietnamese version. Please post these flyers wherever you can to help spread to the word. Thank you!
Alternatives 2010 is funded by: 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Center for Mental Health Services •


NRN - Must Reads for July 15, 2010

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson's quote of the day on Obama's $5 billion "green" jobs initiative:

"Barack Obama and Harry Reid are proposing an additional $5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to businesses that apparently cannot profit on their own selling inefficient so-called 'clean' energy alternatives, like electric cars, wind and solar. This comes atop $2.3 billion in 'stimulus' funds that were dedicate to the same purpose.

"At a time of unsustainable government spending and debt accumulation, if energy companies cannot make a profit selling these products and utilities, then it is not up to U.S. taxpayers to double-down on an unsuccessful 'green' marketing strategy with another $5 billion in taxpayers handouts.

"The American people want an end to government picking winners and losers in the energy sector with subsidies to politically-favored industries, and instead would prefer lawmakers to lift restrictions on producing nuclear, oil, coal, and natural gas resources that provide the foundation for meeting the nation's power needs."



ICYMI: Boston Herald says Jim Bender has "shed some light" on hidden Obamacare law that is "bad for small business" 

In Case You Missed It
Boston Herald
July 14, 2010

Today, Holly Robichaud of the Boston Herald says Jim Bender has "shed some light" on a hidden law in Obamacare that
is "bad for small business."  Read the full story below.

NH Bender stands up for small businesses and slams Obamacare

Yesterday Jim Bender, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, tried to shed some light on a little known piece of Obamacare that is bad for small business. 

The new law will require businesses for file 1099 forms for any vendor transactions exceeding $600 per year.  This is a lot of new paperwork.  Bender states, “Can you imagine under this law a small shop owners will have to report their rent payments to the IRS?  We need a government that taxes and regulates less.”

These new reporting requirements will add to the cost of doing business and slow down job growth.  I usually file 3 or 4 1099 for my consulting business per year.  Under this new law I could be filing as many as 40 to 50.  It will cost me several days away from actually consulting.  And what happens on the other end of this transaction?  The IRS will add more and more employees.  Yikes!

Jim Bender helps point out one more reason to repeal Obamacare.


AUL - Missouri opts out of taxpayer-funded abortion



WASHINGTON, D.C. – (7/14/2010) - Today, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will allow SB 793 to become law without his signature, which will significantly enhance the state’s informed consent protections for pregnant women and make Missouri the fifth state to opt-out of the abortion mandate in the federal health care law. 

“We applaud our allies in the Missouri legislature for dramatically enhancing the informed consent protections for women in Missouri and making Missouri the fifth state to opt out of taxpayer-funded abortion," said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO, Americans United for Life. "This new law protects women, their unborn children, and taxpayers making it a win for everyone in the state.”

AUL’s State Director Kerry Messer worked extensively with Senate sponsor Rob Mayer on the legislation.  Sen. Mayer stated:

 “Throughout my career, I have had a strong pro-life record, and today is really a big leap forward in protecting the lives of the unborn.  I truly believe that anyone who can hear the heartbeat of these children, or see the pain the child goes through, and is told about the many options they have, will ultimately choose life.”

The new informed consent law includes many new provisions, including:

  • Women must be advised of the risks of abortion, given information about the physiological characteristics of their unborn child, be presented with what resources are available to women who choose to bring their child to term, and the information can only be given to a woman by a physician or qualified professional. 
  • Women must be given the opportunity to view an ultrasound, learn about the pain an unborn child may feel during a later term abortion, and to have access to a telephone if she is at the abortion facility under duress from a third party.
  • Insurance plans in the soon-to-be-created federal health care exchanges which are subsidized by taxpayer dollars cannot offer abortion coverage in their health plans


# # #

Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law. The first national pro-life organization in America, AUL has been committed to defending human life through vigorous judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels since 1971.

AUL's legal team has been involved in every pro-life case before the U.S. Supreme Court including the successful defense of the Hyde Amendment. AUL also publishes Defending Life, the most comprehensive state-by-state legal guide of its kind, which is distributed annually to legislators across the nation.

Recently, Americans United for Life detailed the facts on taxpayer-funding of abortion during the debate over federal health care legislation, provided legal assistance to states working to opt out of abortion provisions created by federal health care law, and has played a major role in educating policymakers on the record of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.



AFP - First Step to Repeal Obamacare 

Simply put, we cannot allow the health care battle to end. And Congressman Steve King's discharge petition is the right vehicle to continue this fight. Click here to learn more.

You saw President Obama's outrageous "recess" appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick to be the administrator of Medicare and Medicaid.   Berwick was sworn in yesterday, without a single Senate hearing.

Two quotes tell us all we need to know about Dr. Berwick.

First, here's what Berwick thinks about the failing British government health care system; "I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it."  Berwick has looked at the long lines, government control of health care treatments, higher death rates for many cancers, massive bureaucracy and government waste that is the British healthcare reality and decided THEIR government-run system is "romantic."

Let me give you just one number -- 50,000.  That's the number of surgeries canceled each year in Britain because the patients become too sick for the surgery while waiting in line.

Second and more chilling from Dr. Berwick, “The decision is not whether we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

So Obama's choice to run Medicare and Medicaid openly advocates something President Obama claims he opposes -- rationing of our health care.  No wonder not even the Democrat-run Senate would confirm Dr. "eyes open" Berwick.

There's more outrageous news on Obamacare.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (before Berwick took the helm) recently released cost projections for the health care takeover and they found that the legislation will INCREASE health care spending by $311 billion over the next decade while causing 14 million Americans to lose their current employer-based coverage. 

There's so much more but you get the point.  Americans want this horrible legislation repealed or defunded now before it's too late. 

There's a simple legislative fix.  Congressman Steve King from Iowa has a discharge petition (House Discharge Petition Number 11) in the House that will force a vote on repeal if a majority of members  (currently 217) sign it. 

So far, 109 members of Congress have signed the discharge petition.  All of them are Republicans.  CLICK HERE to see if your member of Congress has signed the discharge petition.

I'm asking you to CLICK HERE to tell your member of Congress today to sign the King discharge petition that will force an open vote on repeal of the health care takeover bill. If your member of Congress has already signed on, please thank them by clicking here.  Once it is repealed, Congress can start over with real reforms that put patients first. 

There are still 69 Republicans who have not signed this discharge petition so we need to urge both Republicans and Democrats to join the King discharge petition.

There were 34 House Democrats who voted NO on the health care takeover.  Some because they genuinely opposed it and others because Speaker Pelosi knew she had the votes and gave them a "walk" in order to protect them politically.  Either way, this discharge petition is an opportunity for these Democrats to stand up and say, "I voted NO and I meant NO so that's why I've signed this discharge petition to force a vote on repealing the health care takeover." 

For those 69 House Republicans who voted NO and who have not yet signed this discharge petition, we need to get them on the record now -- before the election -- that they will indeed support repealing or at least defunding the health care takeover. 

We need real reform that starts with the idea of patients and doctors having control of our health care.  Every reputable public opinion poll shows the American people are still with us.  For example, the Rasmussen polls continue to show a solid majority of Americans favoring repeal.  We've just got to keep the pressure on Congress. 
Let's keep up the fight. 


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PS:  We've got to get every member of Congress on record now -- before the election -- on repealing the health care takeover.  CLICK HERE to tell your member of Congress to sign the King discharge petition today.