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Calls on Governor Hassan to stop all implementation she can until law is settled

Manchester, NH – Today a federal appeals court threw out a major portion of Maggie Hassan-supported Obamacare, ruling the federal government cannot grant the billions in promised subsidies to individuals on the federal exchange.  The court ruled the people of 36 states, including New Hampshire, that do not have a state exchange, cannot receive the tax credit subsidy, used to offset the high cost of its insurance.  

“It’s now time to step back and Governor Hassan should lead the charge to protect New Hampshire citizens,” said GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway.  “We have now seen 41 modifications to the law, 1200 waivers, and several court ruling against key parts of Obamacare . The fact that Governor Hassan is still supporting this disaster and doubling down with her Medicaid Expansion, is irresponsible at best, political cronyism at worst. “

The ruling means anyone who signed up on the federal exchange to receive insurance, who were promised a federal subsidy in the form of a tax credit to offset its high cost, will now have to pay 100% without the assistance promised. Medicaid Expansion, championed and signed by Maggie Hassan also depends on promised federal funds to pay for.

“We don’t know where this law is going.  With a dozen cases still pending against it, and this current gutting of it, we don’t even know if court’s will allow it to exist in a year, so why is Governor Hassan putting New Hampshire citizens at risk for both having insurance taken away, and having to foot the bill for a President that clearly is not living up to his fiscal end of the bargain,” Hemingway said.  “Governor Hassan needs to go back to the legislature and put a pause button on Medicaid Expansion and any other part of Obamacare the state can control, until we know what this will look like in another year.”


NRSC - Court Decisions a Reminder That ObamaCare is Fatally Flawed 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - NRSC Communications Director Brad Dayspring issued the following statement on the court decisions over ObamaCare::

“The Halbig decision strikes a blow to the core of ObamaCare and is the latest reminder that the unpopular law that Democrats rammed through the Senate was fatally flawed from the start. The conflicting King v. Burwell ruling is another example of the confusion that ObamaCare has caused, but the bottom line remains that because of this unpopular law some will have to pay more for their health care and others will pay higher taxes. Democrats from North Carolina to Oregon, Alaska to New Hampshire refuse to answer questions about ObamaCare and owe the people of their state a thorough explanation for the massive failures and confusion surrounding the law that they are responsible for.”


Garcia For Congress - Statement on Obamacare Subsidies Ruling 

CONCORD, NH – Marilinda Garcia, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, released the following statement in response to a federal appeals court declaring that the majority of Obamacare’s subsidies are illegal.


“This court ruling further demonstrates the challenges and shortcomings in implementing a law that Democrats in Washington did not bother to read before voting for it,” said Garcia. “ In addition to using illegal subsidies for federal health insurance exchange enrollees, this costly and disastrous program has wreaked havoc on our national health care system.  Obamacare has resulted in dropped coverage for thousands of hardworking New Hampshire residents, higher premiums and lost benefits, and almost half of New Hampshire’s hospitals being designated as ‘out of network.'"


"However, Washington politicians like Rep. Ann Kuster remain adamant in their support of Obamacare, and refuse to recognize its adverse effects on the people of New Hampshire. If I am elected to Congress, I will work to dismantle Obamacare, and push for common-sense and innovative health care reforms which utilize a bottom-up approach and put the power back in the hands of individuals and families."


NHDP - Statement from the NH Democratic Party on Today's Circuit Court of Appeals Rulings 

Manchester, NH – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley issued the following statement reacting to today’s two different and conflicting rulings on the Affordable Care Act:
“Partisan, frivolous lawsuits are trying to stop the people of New Hampshire from getting affordable health care. 
"Republicans like Scott Brown, Bob Smith, Jim Rubens, Walt Havenstein, Andrew Hemingway and others are cheering because they want to stop affordable health care too, because they think it’s good for their campaigns. Well, it’s not good for the people of New Hampshire and it’s shameful that New Hampshire Republicans cheered a court decision that could make insurance coverage less affordable for 30,000 people in New Hampshire."
“Today’s misguided and flawed decision is being challenged and three other courts have ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act - one earlier today."
30,920 Granite Staters, or 77%, Receive Financial Assistance Through the Federal-Run Health Insurance Marketplace [HHS report, April 2014]
Repeal of ACA's Financial Assistance Would Result in Average Monthly Cost Increase of $290 in New Hampshire. “But if subsidies were repealed, people would not lose coverage, instead seeing premiums jump from loss of the tax credit. [...] In New Hampshire, 40,262 people are paying an average monthly premium of $100 — and repeal would result in an average monthly loss of subsidies/cost increase of $290.” [Washington Post, June 19, 2014]
4th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Subsidies in Federal-Run Health Exchange: “Meanwhile, just an hour later, another three-judge panel on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., came to the opposite conclusion – upholding the federal subsidies.” [NPR, July 22, 2014]

Two Previous Court Rulings Sided In Favor Of The ACA On This Issue Specifically: "Today’s ruling goes against the two previous rulings on this issue so far, which both summarily dismissed the plaintiffs’ arguments. Both judges agreed that ‘there is no evidence in the legislative record that the House, the Senate, any relevant committee of either House, or any legislator ever entertained’ the idea of confining premium assistance to state exchanges.' Additionally, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to soon reject an identical challenge." [The New Republic, 4/6/14]

CEI Today: Win for Obamacare Halbig lawsuit 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Court Strikes Down IRS Obamacare Rule in Halbig Case

Tuesday's court decision in Halbig v. Burwell is a landmark victory for the rule of law. It is also a victory for states’ rights and for individuals and companies in the approximately 36 “refusenik” states who chose to opt-out of establishing ObamaCare insurance exchanges.

 “[Tuesday’s] court decision is welcome relief to the individuals, small businesses and employees who live in the approximately 36 states that opted out of ObamaCare. This illegal rule would have cost employers crippling fines, destroyed jobs, andforced Americans to pay for insurance they didn’t want or need,” said Sam Kazman, general counsel for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the organization responsible for coordinating and funding the lawsuit.  > Read more

> Interview Sam Kazman


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