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US Rep Guinta introduces bill to protect middle class workers from 40% tax increase on health benefits 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – Today, Congressman Guinta introduced H.R. 879 - Ax the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act - to repeal a harmful provision of the President’s healthcare law, known as a ‘Cadillac tax,’ which will inflict a 40% tax on middle class Americans’ health plans.  The Cadillac tax will officially go into effect in 2018; however, employers, labor unions, and municipalities are anticipating this massive tax by looking at increasing deductibles, reducing benefits and shifting costs to consumers and property tax payers alike. 


“I’ve heard from countless municipalities back home who are absolutely terrified of this unavoidable and impending tax hike.  Even worse, the non-partisan think tank American Health Policy Institute found that over 12 million middle-class American workers would see an average increase of $1,050 in higher payroll and income taxes per year.  My legislation will protect workers from facing this devastating tax increase, employers from reducing workers’ benefits and municipal taxpayers who – if enacted – would experience skyrocketing property taxes.  The repeal of this onerous tax has received widespread support from republicans, democrats, national unions and more.”


The Ax the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act is the first piece of stand-alone legislation to repeal the Cadillac Tax in the House of Representatives.


To read the text of Ax the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act, please click here.



NHDP - Frank Guinta Votes to Repeal Health Coverage from Over 70,000 Granite Staters 

Concord, N.H. – Instead of focusing on the priorities that will help support New Hampshire’s businesses, middle class families and economy, Frank Guinta voted yesterday to repeal health coverage from over 70,000 Granite Staters.   
The vote marked the 56th(!) time that House Republicans have voted to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act.
“It’s shameful but telling that Frank Guinta and House Republicans’ number one priority is not supporting our businesses, middle class families and economy, but rather trying to repeal health coverage from more than 70,000 Granite Staters,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs. “Repealing the Affordable Care Act would not only take away the health and economic security that comes from quality health coverage, but it would also increase the deficit and reverse our progress to slow the growth of health care costs.”
“The people of New Hampshire deserve elected representatives in Washington who will work together to move our economy forward, not play political games with Granite Staters’ health and economic well-being,” added Jacobs


AmericaNext - Jindal to Address American Principles Project


Gov. Jindal to Address American Principles Project on Obamacare and Common Core

 BATON ROUGE - Tomorrow, Governor Jindal will address the American Principles Project where he will talk about his fight to get Common Core out of Louisiana  and his efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare with a conservative plan that does not raise taxes

 DATE: Thursday, February 5, 2015

 LOCATION: Mayflower Hotel, Promenade Ballroom (1227 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036)

 TIME: Governor Jindal is expected to make his address at approximately 1:00 PM




WASHINGTON. D.C. – Congressman Frank Guinta released the following statement following the House passage of H.R. 596:


            “Today, the House took action to replace the Affordable Care Act – a law that has reduced the number of full-time workers by 2.5 million, increased premiums by more than $4000, and reduced small business wages by $22.6 billion annually.  Granite Staters deserve better. 


You deserve a patient-centered approach that puts you and your family first, protects those with preexisting conditions, and allows children to stay under their parents’ coverage until the age of 26.  Likewise, our small businesses deserve the ability to pool together resources to increase their buying power, while allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and restoring the more than $700 billion in Medicare cuts to our seniors.”


AmericaNext - On Obamacare Alternative, Gov. Jindal Challenges Congress Not To Propose Obamacare-lite


BATON ROUGE – In advance of this week’s U.S. House vote to repeal Obamacare and Speaker John Boehner’s announcement last week that Republicans will produce an Obamacare alternative in this Congress, America Next Honorary Chairman Governor Bobby Jindal is issuing a challenge to members of Congress to reject plans that copy Obamacare and raise taxes. The Governor issued his challenge to Congress in a letter sent today to each member.


Obamacare includes 18 tax increases that total over $1 trillion. Governor Jindal says that there are several “so-called” conservative Obamacare alternatives in Washington, D.C. that repeal Obamacare’s tax increases, but also replace them with new tax hikes. Governor Jindal calls these plans “Obamacare-lite” because they raise taxes and spend billions on new entitlements.


In 2014, as Honorary Chairman of America Next, Governor Jindal outlined an Obamacare alternative that focuses on the American people’s top concern about health care – increasing costs. The America Next Plan repeals all of Obamacare—including all of the law’s tax increases—and does not replace those tax increases with other revenue hikes. The plan gives states the ability to pass reforms and bring down costs.


Governor Jindal said, “Politicians in Washington have a little secret they don't want the American people to know about. So-called conservatives in Washington talk about repealing Obamacare, but they plan to leave the Obamacare tax increases right where they are.


“Their plans don’t repeal the over $1 trillion in tax hikes in Obamacare. Instead, they repeal the taxes and replace them with other taxes. So while politicians talk about how Obamacare needs to be repealed, and how the country cannot afford this new entitlement program at a time when we can’t even pay for our existing entitlement programs – they lack the courage to get rid of the taxes in Obamacare.


“To be blunt, these alleged conservative plans are really just cheap liberal plans that copy Obamacare. It’s Obamacare-lite.


“If politicians campaigned on repealing Obamacare, they should actually do it. They shouldn’t do one thing and say another. It should not take courage for conservatives to stand up and call for repealing Obamacare, including all of its tax increases.  But as of now, conservatives in Washington lack that courage.  It’s a terrible mistake for us to be the lite beer version of liberals.”


In the letter to Congress, Governor Jindal writes, “I recognize there are other Obamacare alternatives out there; I welcome their ideas, and relish a debate about market-oriented solutions to this Administration’s government-centered approach. But I would caution that conservatives need to focus on truly conservative health reforms—and not merely a slightly-less-liberal plan. Some proposals being discussed would repeal-and-replace the law’s tax increases—substituting other tax increases for Obamacare’s revenue hikes.” A copy of the letter can be found here.


America Next has also launched a petition – with a video message from Governor Jindal – asking the American people to urge Congress to not pass an “Obamacare-lite health care plan.”