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Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Monandnock Ledger-Transcript: Representative Garcia Admits There Are Parts of Obamacare “She’d Love to Keep in Place” 

Representative Marilinda Garcia says parts of Obamacare working and she’d love to keepthem in place



(Nashua, NH)— Last week, Representative Marilinda Garcia told the Keene Sentinel that repealing Obamacare would no longer be a viable option. 


Today, she went even farther in support of Obamacare by telling the Monandnock Ledger-Transcript that parts of it are working and she’d love to keep them in place.


Josh Davidson, Campaign Manager for Gary Lambert for Congress, released the following statement: “There are clear differences between Gary Lambert and Marilinda Garcia. Representative Garcia said it herself - she loves some parts of Obamacare and believes repealing the law is no longer a viable option. Gary Lambert believes a complete repeal of Obamacare is an economic imperative. Representative Garcia’s support of Obamacare is wrong for New Hampshire families and businesses and Gary Lambert will not stop until the so-called Affordable Care Act is fully repealed.”


Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Does Shea-Porter Care? An ObamaCare Nightmare  

Will the Congresswoman Help her Constituent and Neighbor?

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Insurance Department turned down a Rochester resident's request to include her doctor and other services associated with Frisbie Memorial Hospital in the established provider network.

She found herself in this position because Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester was excluded from the ObamaCare Exchange along with nine other hospitals in New Hampshire. Because of its exclusion she has now been denied access to Frisbie's services.

Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"They said we could keep our plans, we cannot. They said we could keep our doctors, we cannot. They said costs would decrease, they have not. And now Congresswoman Shea-Porter's neighbor and constituent has been undeniably hurt by the legislation she championed. Why should we believe the Congresswoman when she claims the situation will improve in 2015 when nearly every campaign talking point she has used has proven to be inaccurate or intentionally misleading? Does the Congresswoman plan to reach out and assist her? Will she work to replace ObamaCare with meaningful reforms? Or, will she continue to be inaccessible, ineffective and indifferent to the needs of Granite Staters?


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Gary Lamberts Debate Statements Regarding Common Core, Health Insurance, and More Flip Flops 

On background: to clarify just a few of Gary Lambert's false claims from this evening's debate.

Lambert, in fact, voted against local control of education: On June 1, 2011, Gary Lambert voted to table HB 164, which was a bill that would have required legislative approval of common core standards. This bill would have made it harder to bring common core to NH, and allowed the legislature to prevent it if it so chose.

Additionally, in a 2010 survey, when asked "Do you support national education standards?" Gary Lambert said "yes."
Gary Lambert voted that SB 150 was inexpedient to legislature (a vote against allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines). He claims it didn't happen.
He flipped on that one. Here are some more flip flops.


MANCHESTER - Today, Scott Brown held the second live screening of the documentary “Live Free Or Die - Obamacare in New Hampshire.” The documentary highlights actual stories behind the disastrous effects of Obamacare.
“Obamacare is not working for New Hampshire and it is hurting our families and businesses," said Brown.  "This documentary captures many of the negative impacts Obamacare has posed on the Granite State, including canceled plans and uncertainty for job creators.  I support the full repeal of this law before it does more damage to our families and economy." 
Following the screening, Brown held a question and answer session to learn more about people’s experiences with Obamacare. Voters expressed their frustrations with higher premiums, limited plan options and further driving distances to get to a hospital in the narrow network.
“We were promised by President Obama and Senator Shaheen that we could keep our health care plans if we liked them, evidently that was a lie,” said Mark Lane, a small business owner that was featured in the documentary. “There needs to be more competition that allows for us to choose plans that are affordable and aren't top down, one size fits all.”


Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Offers Real Solutions to Obamacare 

In a story by the Associated Press today, "Republicans differ on keeping parts of health law", Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Rubens stands above his challengers when it comes to meaningful health care reform.


The AP reported, "Brown, however, said none of the federal law should remain in place and that there is nothing Congress should do to provide greater access to affordable health insurance."


The Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign asks in response why voters should nominate Brown as GOP standard bearer if he is going to do nothing to improve access to affordable healthcare. The per person cost of healthcare in the U.S. is highest in the world, significantly burdening our economy and driving jobs offshore and Brown doesn't want to do anything about it?  Jim Rubens believes that Obamacare must be repealed.  But repealing Obamacare and doing "nothing" about healthcare problems, as Scott Brown suggests, is not a responsible option.  Rubens has laid out a plan to help lower healthcare costs and improve quality.


To show contrast in this report, the AP states:

"Rubens said Congress should create catastrophic insurance pools to handle pre-existing conditions, with premium help for low-income individuals. He also has outlined a 15-point plan to reduce health care costs and improve quality that calls for means testing for Medicare and Social Security recipients, creating more community health clinics and allowing an interstate market for health insurance."


This most recent statement by Brown is contrary to earlier statements and positions which were still confusing, including positions supporting the grandfathering of all Obamacare health policy holders and the expansion of Medicaid in New Hampshire.  On August 14th, the Rubens campaign called out "Brown to Take Position on Obamacare".


Brown’s vague, contradictory, and haphazardly changing positions on healthcare policy should lead voters to ask whether he would be unduly influenced in Washington by lobbyists and influence peddlers?