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CEI Today: Obamacare news, Big Wind's waning appeal, self-driving cars, and more 

Monday, Oct. 6, 2014
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News in Halbig v. Burwell


On Friday, the plaintiffs (appellants) in a major Obamacare lawsuit, Halbig v. Burwell, filed their opening brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. The court is rehearing the case en banc after a three-judge panel of the court invalidated the IRS Obamacare rule at issue on July 22. At the government’s request, the entire 13-judge court will reconsider that ruling. Oral arguments are scheduled for Dec. 17.

At issue is an IRS rule that, contrary to the language of the statute, attempts to extend health insurance subsidies and mandates in states that chose not to set up Obamacare exchanges.

"As ouropening brief makes clear, the IRS rule is an agenda-driven attempt to evade the restrictions built into Obamacare by Congress," said Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel. "Even the Fourth Circuit, which ruled against us in the King case, acknowledged we had the stronger argument regarding the text of the law. Now the strength of our argument is underscored by two new developments, both of which are cited in today’s brief. One is the new ruling of the Oklahoma district court, the other the recently unearthed statement by Prof. Jonathan Gruber that flatly contradicts many of our opponents’ contentions."

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Big Wind Encounters Turbulence in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas


Wind farms are becoming politically controversial in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Republicans in the Kansas legislature tried to repeal the state’s renewable energy mandate earlier this year, but the bill was narrowly defeated by strong opposition from Gov. Brownback and the wind industry. The governor now says that while he supports the wind industry in Kansas, he thinks it has matured sufficiently so that the state’s 20% by 2020 renewable mandate can be repealed or modified. > Read more

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Journalist Carrie Sheffield
CEI Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow




ALG's Daily Grind - Obamacare subsidies fall in Pruitt ruling 


Oct. 3, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Obamacare subsidies fall in Pruitt ruling
U.S. District Judge Ronald White: "[T]he court is upholding the Act as written. Congress is free to amend the ACA to provide for tax credits in both state and federal exchanges, if that is the legislative will."

Dear NPR, get a real job
The American people can be free of a billion dollar annual commitment to a non-essential organization that would almost definitely survive the transition. Senate aide who helped save Export-Import Bank lands job at agency
A Senate aide who worked on the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank has left Capitol Hill to manage congressional affairs for the agency.



LONDONDERRY Today, Scott Brown continued his “Better Jobs For All” tour at Verani Realty Corporate Headquarters to discuss the challenges of Obamacare's employer mandate. 

“Obamacare's mandates are straining this business at many levels, from the administrative office to the self-employed agents,” said Brown. “I will vote to repeal Obamacare to eliminate uncertainty for small businesses and unleash New Hampshire's economy.  Granite Staters are disappointed that Jeanne Shaheen blindly voted for this bill despite the job-killing mandates and new taxes hurting New Hampshire families.”
Verani's administrative staff employs just under 50 people, and is concerned about expanding their staff due to Obamacare's upcoming employer mandate.  Under Obamacare, businesses with 100 or more full-time employees must offer health insurance or pay a $2,000 per employee penalty starting January 1, 2015.  This mandate will be extended to businesses with 50-99 employees in 2016. ​  Self-employed agents also disapprove of the government mandates in Obamacare which prohibits them from visiting the local Derry hospital, Parkland Medical Center, that is not included in the exchange.  Verani Realty is an area leader in real estate with 15 offices located in southern New Hampshire.  
“Obamacare is a major challenge to businesses like ours where we are trying to expand, create jobs and provide the people of our state with much needed services,” said Giovanni Verani, President of Verani Realty. “We appreciate Scott Brown coming here to discuss the need to repeal Obamacare and get rid of the regulatory uncertainty that comes with it.

Cornerstone - Shaheen Planned Parenthood Rally 

Cornerstone Action

 Shaheen Rallies with President of Planned Parenthood
Concord N.H. October 3, 2014- Senator Jeanne Shaheen's appearance today with the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund (their political arm) is an embarrassment to her New Hampshire constituents. Instead of rallying with PP, the Senator could have served the women of New Hampshire better by asking PP's representative a few questions.
Why did Planned Parenthood of Northern New England lobby so hard for a "buffer zone" law, knowing that the U.S. Supreme Court was about to rule on a similar Massachusetts law? Why did a PPNNE representative stand by Governor Hassan as she signed New Hampshire's buffer zone law AFTER the Supreme Court threw out the Massachusetts law on which the New Hampshire law is modeled? Why did PP put New Hampshire taxpayers on the hook for defending such a First Amendment violation? The Senator's concern for New Hampshire women apparently does not extend to according them freedom to witness peacefully outside abortion facilities.
Until this year's legislative session, Planned Parenthood resisted legislative attempts to mandate collection of abortion statistics. Gathering abortion statistics would not affect PP funding nor operations, but could provide valuable public-health insight.  
Why does Planned Parenthood go its own way in dispensing abortion-inducing drugs, rather than abiding by FDA protocols regarding how far into pregnancy such drugs should be used without danger to pregnant women? In extending the time of administration of the drug Mifeprex beyond the FDA’s recommended standard, Planned Parenthood is putting the health of women at risk.


CEI Today: Fannie Motors, Moody's public pensions report, Obamacare ruling, and more 

Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014
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Moody’s $2 Trillion Public Pension Shortfall Estimate Highlights Need for Better Pension Accounting Practices


In a new report, Moody’s estimates the nation’s largest pension funds face a $2 trillion taken together. That’s a lot of money. But as significant as the size of the deficit is Moody’s criticism of how many pension funds have been managed, and pension fund’s reporting of their own liabilities. > Read more

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Washington Free Beacon: Subprime Loans Are Back Thanks to GM


The banks may enjoy short-sighted profits as more cars leave the lots, but the system could come crashing down if borrowers begin to default. The trend of risky lending practices began with bailed-out GM.

The increase in securitization has coincided with GM’s acquisition of AmeriCredit, one of the nation’s largest subprime auto lenders, which it renamed GM Financial (GMF).

“It’s becoming Fannie Motors,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute finance scholar John Berlau. “They’re still using our tax dollars to break into exotic and money-losing propositions from Chevy Volts to subprime loans, both of which could literally and figuratively blow up in their faces.” > Read more

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A federal court in Oklahoma ruled on Tuesday that IRS subsidies under Obamacare are illegal in states that didn't set up exchanges. CEI general counsel Sam Kazman commented on the ruling:

"Today's ruling by the federal district court in the Oklahoma Obamacare case is extremely encouraging. We are also pleased the court cited the Jonathan Gruber video, which CEI played a large role in publicizing, featuring Gruber's admission that, under the Affordable Care Act as written, states opting out of coverage would not receive federal subsidies." 

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Journalist Carrie Sheffield Selected as CEI’s Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow

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