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NHDP Statement on 80th Anniversary of Social Security 





CONCORD, N.H. – NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley released the following statement on the 80th Anniversary of Social Security:

“Today, we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Social Security, a contract with Americans that allows them to retire with dignity after years of hard work. We celebrate the strength of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid today that has helped Granite Staters for decades.”

“But unfortunately, Republicans continue their attacks on Social Security. Just this week in New Hampshire, John Kasich said he’d cut benefits for Baby Boomers, who are already close to retirement age. Sen. Kelly Ayotte supported raising the Social Security retirement age, as did Chris Christie. Jeb Bush supported a plan to partially privatize Social Security, putting Granite Staters’ retirement security at risk. New Hampshire just can’t afford Republicans’ ideas to undermine Social Security.”

“Democrats have stood behind Social Security, and strengthened it by passing the Affordable Care Act. While Republicans continue their attempts to chip away at Social Security, Democrats will stand by retirees and future retirees.”


Daily Signal - The Path to Repeal Obamacare With Just 51 Votes 


The Daily Signal


July 29, 2015

The Path to Repeal Obamacare With Just 51 Votes

Reconciliation gives Republicans the power to get rid of the health care law with a simple majority. Here's an interactive timeline to see how it's played out.

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Senate Will Attempt to Defund Planned Parenthood Before Recess

Conservatives have pushed Congress to strip federal funding from the group following the release of three undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal body parts.

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Conservative Congressman Seeks to Oust John Boehner as House Speaker

Days before the U.S. House is planning to adjourn for its month-long recess, Speaker John Boehner is facing yet another challenge from the right.

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What John Kerry Gets Wrong About the Senate, Treaties and the Iran Deal

Kerry said that the agreement wasn't treated as a treaty "because you can't pass a treaty anymore."

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March of Dimes Admits 5 Local Chapters Donated to Planned Parenthood

March of Dimes, an organization that seeks to end premature birth, is facing criticism from its supporters for donations local chapters made to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

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Q&A: Turkey's New Push to Fight ISIS And What It Means for US

Here’s what you need to know from Luke Coffey, Margaret Thatcher fellow at The Heritage Foundation and a U.S. Army veteran.

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The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal is the multimedia news organization of The Heritage Foundation.


NHDP - ACA Has Saved Women $1.4 Billion On Birth Control Pills

Concord, N.H. – A new report shows that the Affordable Care Act has saved women roughly $1.4 billion on birth control pills alone, yet Kelly Ayotte is still fighting to undermine the ACA’s provision requiring insurance companies to cover birth control free of cost.  
Not to mention that Ayotte has repeatedly doubled down on her pledge to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has also helped more than 150,000 New Hampshire women gain access to expanded preventative health services without cost-sharing.
“Kelly Ayotte’s sham birth control bill would undermine the very provision of the Affordable Care Act that has saved women more than $1.4 billion on birth control pills alone,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price. “It’s time for Ayotte to give up her blatant political ploy and support efforts to actually expand access to affordable birth control that Democratic Senators are leading.
Jul052015 - Obamacare punishes businesses, again  


CEI Today: King v Burwell, housing discrimination ruling, Ex-Im Bank, and more 

Friday, June 26, 2015
In the News Today




Rule of Law Dealt a Blow by the Supreme Court

Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government in King v. Burwell, the lawsuit coordinated by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that challenged the IRS’ rewriting of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. "The Court has allowed the IRS to rewrite a law enacted by Congress in a ruling that undercuts the Constitution’s separation of powers," said CEI’s General Counsel Sam Kazman. > Read more

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Supreme Court Rewrites Obamacare, Again

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Supreme Court Ruling on Discrimination ‘Disparate Impact’ Could Harm People the Law Intended to Help

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on whether and when ‘disparate impact’ is permitted under the Fair Housing Act; but whether or not disparate impact is good policy is far from settled.

The use of disparate impact -- the principle that a practice can be illegal if it affects minorities in a certain way -- is doing great harm to people the civil rights laws were intended to help. > Read more

> Interview John Berlau



Reasons to Oppose the Ex-Im Bank, Part 8: Back Door Bank Subsidies

If a bank makes a loan to a foreign firm to buy U.S. products, Ex-Im can step in and guarantee that debt. The full faith and credit of the U.S. government attaches to Ex-Im guarantees, eliminating any commercial or other risk the bank has taken on.  
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> Interview Ryan Young



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