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Daily Signal - The Real Story on Who Got Obamacare Coverage 


NRSC - Shaheen admits ObamaCare hurts her 

Good afternoon –

It hasn’t been a very happy Friday for New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. For starters, the Cook Political Report moved the race to “Toss Up”. Jennifer Duffy noted “Polls show the race closing to low- to mid-single digits.”

Then, in an incredibly uncomfortable interview with WGIR, Shaheen revealed that her support for ObamaCare is a big problem for her re-elect. Asked why ObamaCare is missing from her paid advertising, Shaheen struggled before finally admitting that her paid advertising is for things she has done for the state. “We try and look at what’s going to be the most effective…”

In other words, in a matter of 45 seconds, Jeanne Shaheen admitted that her vote for ObamaCare will hurt her chances of re-election. WHOOPS!

Listen to the audio here:



Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Granite Staters Kept in the Dark on ObamaCare Costs  

Obama Administration Delays Revealing Insurance Costs Until After Election

MANCHESTER – Following last year’s rollout of, the ObamaCare website, the second ObamaCare enrollment period has been pushed until after the election on November 4. 

This means that Granite Staters will not know how much their health care will cost until November 15 when the open enrollment period begins. 

Frank Guinta released the following statement: 


"Congresswoman Shea-Porter believes ObamaCare is a “great joy and triumph” and yet has done everything within her power to hide the true social and financial cost of this staggeringly unsuccessful government takeover of health care.  Granite Staters are already forced to deal with ObamaCare’s higher costs and fewer choices, now they will be left in the dark as to what their actual costs will be until after the election. We need to protect New Hampshire families by replacing ObamaCare with patient-centered, market-driven, quality, affordable health care."





Washington Times: Obamacare website won't reveal insurance costs for 2015 until after election


CEI Today: Farewell to Leonard Liggio, Obamacare & affordability, hate speech, and more 

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014
In the News Today




CNBC: Obamacare and affordability—not as connected as you think

Neither the ACA nor the administration's implementation of it supports the notion that "affordability" trumps other aspects of the law, even when the administration could have chosen to promote affordability instead, as the four examples below indicate. 
> Read more

> Interview Tom Haynes, founder and president of TBP Solutions, a health-care insurance broker. Haynes is also a board member at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


CNSNews: Most Democrats Back ‘Hate Speech’ Ban in Poll;
Conservatism Equated with Hate
51 percent of Democrats support banning “hate speech,” while only 21 percent oppose such a ban, in a recent You.Gov poll.  This is disturbing because to many liberals, commonplace conservative views qualify as “hate speech.”  > Read more

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Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Working Families Shunned by ObamaCare  

Study Explains why Granite Staters are Waking Up in a Cold Sweat to More ObamaCare Nightmares

MANCHESTER – According to a new study published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, ObamaCare will reduce the nationwide weekly employment rate “by slightly more than 3 percent, or about 4 million full-time-equivalent workers.”  Women specifically will bear the brunt of this reduction in the workforce.  

The study claims that ObamaCare creates strong disincentives to work, and the law’s tax penalties creates an unintended consequence where working part-time will yield more disposable income than working full-time.

ObamaCare will also “push more women than men into part-time work,” according to Casey Mulligan, study author and professor of economics at the University of Chicago. “Because a greater percentage of women work just above 30 hours per week, it is women who will be more likely to drop to part-time work” – which the law defines as less than 29 hours per week.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s blind support for ObamaCare continues to create nightmares for Granite Staters. The disastrous health care law has already devastated the middle-class and has played a central role in creating a climate where fewer Americans are working than at any time since 1978. Granite Staters want a health care system that works for the middle-class and reduces costs while increasing access to good quality, health care.  The Congresswoman’s partisan, knee-jerk support for ObamaCare is hurting the very people she purports to support.  I will work to replace ObamaCare with market based solutions that puts you in charge, not a bureaucrat in Washington.”