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NHDP Statement on Tonight’s FITN Democratic Primary 

Manchester, N.H. - After the results of New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation primary, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley made the following statement.

“The passion and enthusiasm of Granite State Democrats was on full display in today’s First-in-the-Nation Primary that set records for turnout. Voters across our state demonstrated why New Hampshire continues to hold a special place as the first in the nation primary.”

“I want to congratulate Senator Bernie Sanders on his win here tonight and to commend him and Secretary Hillary Clinton on running tremendous organizations here in the Granite State. Their work here on the ground organizing voters around their commitment to move our country forward has not only moved forward Democratic values in our state, but has helped give New Hampshire Democrats in November a strong foundation from which to build.”

“As the selection process continues in Nevada, South Carolina and beyond, we know that whoever our eventual nominee is, they will be a strong, unifying leader who will continue to build upon the successes of the past seven years.”

“I want to thank the thousands of volunteers and supporters across the Granite State who devoted their time and energy to this election. Your energy and dedication is a credit to New Hampshire and to the Democratic Party—thank you for being a part of this special process and let’s work together through November to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”




CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today following tonight's First in the Nation Primary results.
"I want to offer my congratulations and gratitude to all of our Republican candidates tonight.  The 2016 Republican primary has offered the American people the most qualified and diverse field ofcandidates our party has ever seen and I am fully confident that amongst those who are moving on to South Carolina is the next President of the United States.
I also extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who volunteered their efforts to any of the campaigns.  Activists are the heart and soul of every political effort and it is their dedication and passion that grows and preserves our great party.
Tonight, New Hampshire Democrats embarrassed Hillary Clinton by overwhelmingly supported a radical socialist who supports policies that would kill jobs and destroy our economy. Bernie Sanders decisive victory shows how extreme the Democrat Party has become and how dramatically out of touch it is with the values and priorities of middle class families."






CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today following Governor Maggie Hassan’s final State of the State address.
“It comes as no surprise that Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan’s State of the State speech was short on substance and long on rhetoric, given that Hassan’s time in Concord has been marked by her lack of leadership and failure to address the challenges facing New Hampshire today. As she was paying lip service to bipartisanship, Governor Hassan must have forgotten how her failed veto and summer of gridlock put funding for critical services at risk. While touting business innovation and our state’s competitiveness, Hassan must have forgotten how New Hampshire’s economic recovery and job growth have been stalled and sluggish because of her tax and spend policies.”
“Governor Hassan is so eager to abandon New Hampshire for Harry Reid and Washington Democrats that she has completely failed to do her job in Concord. Granite Staters deserve better from their Governor, and they will remember her dismal record this November.”





NHDP Releases Results of Delegate Caucuses 







CONCORD, N.H. - Following six candidate-specific delegate caucuses, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced the delegate slates. A total of 8 district-level delegates will be apportioned based on the primary vote in each district. New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley made the following statement:


“We are proud that New Hampshire Democrats elected such a diverse slate of delegates to represent New Hampshire at the Democratic National Convention in July. All ten counties are represented and only 22% of this group have previously been elected delegate. We’re proud to have a delegate selection process that is so inclusive and we are excited to use this energy and enthusiasm to win races up and down the ballot in November.”


Bernie Sanders – CD1

  1. Mo Baxley – Laconia

  2. Jazmin West – Portsmouth

  3. Ruth Hall – Union

  4. Monica Johnson – Manchester

  1. Chris Liquori – Portsmouth

  2. Burt Cohen – New Castle

  3. Ethan Moorhouse – Manchester

  4. Keith Yergeau – Bedford

Bernie Sanders – CD2

  1. Felicia Teter – Hanover

  2. Emily Jacobs – Whitefield

  3. Sylvia Gale – Nashua

  4. Rachel Booth – Landaff

  1. Kenneth Roos – Concord

  2. Ronald Abramson – Bow

  3. Mark King – Nashua

  4. Daniel Stockwell – Dublin

Hillary Clinton – CD1

  1. Donna Soucy – Manchester

  2. Jackie Weatherspoon – Exeter

  3. Tanna Clews – Portsmouth

  4. Laurie McCray – Portsmouth

  1. Chris Pappas – Manchester

  2. Michael Rollo – Rollinsford

  3. Richard Komi – Manchester

  4. Ryan Richman – Manchester

Hillary Clinton – CD2

  1. Deb Pignatelli – Nashua

  2. JoAnn Fenton – Keene

  3. Maitri Chittidi – Nashua

  4. Melanie Levesque – Brookline

  1. Alejandro Urrutia – Hudson

  2. William Pearson – Keene

  3. Ned Helms – Concord

  4. John Greene – Concord

Martin O’Malley – CD1

  1. Catherine Cavanaugh – Manchester

  2. Denise Day – Durham

  3. Sandra Teti – Rochester

  4. Elizabeth Burtis – Derry

  1. Norman Patenaude – Portsmouth

  2. Paul Drager – Somersworth

  3. Matthew Wilhelm – Manchester

  4. Ronald Cooper – Derry

Martin O’Malley – CD2

  1. Colleen Willis – Keene

  2. Kat McGhee – Hollis

  3. Maureen Mann – Deerfield

  4. Elizabeth Rimanoczy – Deerfield

  1. Tony Scholl – Jaffrey

  2. A. Lawrence Barr – Francestown

  3. James Muirhead – Hanover

  4. Peter Spanos – Sunapee





Governor’s Backing A Political Bust For Clinton Campaign
Concord – Hillary Clinton’s support in the Granite State has continued to collapse since Governor Maggie Hassan formally announced her support for the former Secretary of State’s candidacy.
Clinton trailed Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) 46% - 30% in a poll conducted the University of New Hampshire Survey Center in July – their last survey released before Hassan’s September 17, 2015 endorsement. A UNH survey released yesterday shows Sanders now surging to a commanding 27 point lead over Clinton, beating her 60% - 33%.
“Hillary Clinton is on the verge of a humiliating New Hampshire primary loss and Governor Hassan’s worthless endorsement has been a political bust for her struggling campaign. The governor has invested a significant amount of political capital in Clinton’s candidacy, and the results have been nothing short of a complete and utter embarrassment,” said NHGOP Jennifer Horn. “A Clinton defeat in New Hampshire will be a direct rebuke of Governor Hassan and her political operation.”
Governor Hassan will hold an event for the Clinton campaign today in Concord with former President Bill Clinton and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta.