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NHDP - Huffington Post: "Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts of Floor Speech on Same-Sex Marriage"

Huffington Post: "Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts of Floor Speech on Same-Sex Marriage"
"Revelations that Marilinda Garcia plagiarized portions of an anti-marriage equality speech she gave on the State House floor from a conservative publication raises serious questions about her integrity and whether she will truly represent the best interests of New Hampshire," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Marilinda Garcia needs to come clean with Granite Staters and admit if she's ever plagiarized any other public statements she's made."
"Either way, Granite Staters deserve an independent voice who will listen to the needs and concerns of constituents, not a scripted candidate who relies on right-wing talking points to push an extreme Tea Party agenda that is out-of-touch with New Hampshire values," added Lesswing.
See here or below for the full Huffington Post story:

GOP House Candidate Marilinda Garcia Plagiarized Parts Of Floor Speech On Same-Sex Marriage

Marilinda Garcia, a Republican U.S. House candidate from New Hampshire, plagiarized portions of a 2012 speech she gave against same-sex marriage, according to an analysis by the left-leaning group Granite State Progress.

Garcia, who was named a "rising star" by the Republican National Committee, delivered the speech as a state representative in an effort to repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law. The language she used is nearly identical in some passages to a 2010 editorial by the National Review.

"Marriage exists to solve a problem," Garcia said. "That problem is a societal problem that rises from sex between men and women, but not from sex between partners of the same gender. That problem is what to do about its generativity."

The National Review editorial has a very similar paragraph:

Marriage exists, in other words, to solve a problem that arises from sex between men and women, but not from sex between partners of the same gender: what to do about its generativity.

Granite State Progress pointed out many other passages Garcia appears to have plagiarized. She said in her speech, "A man and a woman who unite biologically may or may not have children depending on factors beyond their control, but the point is that a same-sex couple cannot thus unite."

The National Review editorial uses the same words: "A man and a woman who unite biologically may or may not have children depending on factors beyond their control; a same-sex couple cannot thus unite."

Even longer passages from Garcia's speech mimic parts of the editorial. Here is Garcia:

The campaign for same-sex marriage, as evidenced by the immediate abandonment of civil unions, is primarily motivated by one specific benefit, and that is the symbolic statement by the government that committed same-sex relationships are equivalent to marriages. But with respect to the purposes of marriage, they're not equivalent. And so, this psychic benefit can not be granted without telling a lie about what marriage is, and why a society and legal system should recognize and support it.

Here is the National Review:

The campaign for same-sex marriage is primarily motivated by one specific benefit: the symbolic statement by the government that committed same-sex relationships are equivalent to marriages. But with respect to the purposes of marriages, they're not equivalent; and so this psychic benefit cannot be granted without telling a lie about what marriage is and why a society and legal system should recognize and support it.

Garcia changed the wording around a little bit in some passages and included a personal anecdote in her speech, but she did not cite the National Review.

Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress, said the plagiarism is evidence that Garcia simply parrots right-wing talking points, rather than thinking for herself.

"Marilinda Garcia is a Koch-funded and scripted candidate who sticks closely to the talking points provided by her big dollar donors. On the occasions she has had to speak in more detail about her own record and positions, she has struggled. Now we learn that she plagiarized major sections of a speech she gave on the House floor. We cannot be certain this was the only time Garcia has taken someone else's work and passed it off as her own," she said.

Garcia's campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


NHDP - Washington Post Fact-Checker: Guinta's First Class Travel Claim is “What’s Wrong with Washington” 

Guinta Doubles Down on False Claims, Refuses to Take Down his Hypocritical and Dishonest Ad

MANCHESTER— The Washington Post has re-issued its fact check of false claims about first-class travel being made by Republicans, including Frank Guinta in his latest attack ad. The fact-checker called the claim “off the deep end” and “what’s wrong with Washington.”

“From being named one of the ten most corrupt Members of Congress, to desperately misleading New Hampshire voters in this recent attack ad, Frank Guinta keeps reminding Granite Staters why voters fired him in 2012. Guinta should take down this false and dishonest ad,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing.

Earlier this month, the NHDP noted that Guinta voted for the same poison-pill language he is now using in his baseless attack ad.


"A 4-Pinocchio falsehood pops up again"
"Nothing depresses The Fact Checker more than seeing the same Four-Pinocchio falsehoods repeated over and over. We’ve already dealt with this one before, but given that the Congressional Leadership Fund is sinking $500,000 to promote this false message, it is worth revisiting again." [Washington Post, 10/21/14]


Concord - Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a longtime opponent of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, lied during last night's NECN debate about her history of opposing nuclear power. Shaheen has blasted nuclear power and managed anti-nuclear activist Paul McEachern's 1986 and 1988 gubernatorial campaigns.


"Jeanne Shaheen has a long history of opposing nuclear power and her brazen attempt to mislead voters about her failed energy agenda is shameful. Shaheen led multiple campaigns to scuttle New Hampshire's Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and restrict nuclear power," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Energy prices are skyrocketing, and during her decades in public office Jeanne Shaheen has failed to support policies that would increase the supply of energy and reduce costs for ratepayers."


In the 1980s Shaheen blasted nuclear power, calling it a "dangerous" source of energy (click here for video.)


The Chicago Tribune reported that with Shaheen serving as his campaign manager in 1986, gubernatorial candidate Paul McEachern "made the Seabrook issue the centerpiece of his campaign, promising to try to scuttle the $4.8 billion reactor if elected."  


NHDP - Guinta Makes False Claims At Debate To Cover Up Do-Nothing Record 

Manchester, NH - At this morning’s Manchester Chamber of Commerce debate, Frank Guinta repeatedly made false claims about three bills he supposedly had signed into law during the 112th Congress. The Congressional record disagrees.

"Frank Guinta is resorting to inventing accomplishments to cover-up his do-nothing record while in Congress," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Granite State voters won't be fooled by Guinta's latest desperate attempts to distract voters from his extreme Tea Party agenda that would devastate New Hampshire's middle-class families."

Under pressure, Guinta insisted that three bills with his name on them have been signed into law. A closer look at his record shows that none of the nine bills he introduced came up for a vote, much less became law. Two of Guinta’s nine 112th Congress bills, H.R.1863 and H.R.4968, were re-introductions of legislation Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter introduced in the 111th Congress.

See footage of Guinta making the false claims at this morning's debate here.


Guinta has made this false claim repeatedly:

“I was able to get three pieces of legislation voted on and passed and signed into law, which I think demonstrates the ability I have to work across party aisles,” Guinta said on WLMW’s Girard at Large on August 15, 2014.

On New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath during an interview on June 18, 2014: “Most people don't realize when I was down in D.C. in the minority I was able to get three pieces of legislation signed into law, so I can work with Democrats in the Senate and actually was able to get the President to sign three pieces of legislation that you know were important to New Hampshire and important to constituents.”

Guinta: “I got three bills signed into law while I was in the minority” [16:54 into WMUR interview, May 7, 2014]



Concord - Today, Senator Jeanne Shaheen will proudly accept the endorsement of the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, two environmental extremist groups that proudly support the national energy tax championed by Senator Shaheen. New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response:


"The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters support a new national energy tax that could kill as many as 10,000 New Hampshire jobs, increase the price of gas by 20 centers per gallon and raise the already skyrocketing utility costs for middle class families. In Washington, Senator Shaheen has marched in lock step with the radical environmental groups funding her campaign by voting to pave the way for a new national every tax on working families," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Senator Shaheen continues to prove that she is wrong on the issues and incapable of providing the type of independent leadership that Granite Staters expect from their elected officials."




The Sierra Club supports a national energy tax. "Regardless Of Where You Live, Push For A Carbon Tax... Fossil-fuel burning imposes severe health and environmental costs that aren't factored into the cost of producing electricity. A tax on all energy sources that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would correct this failure by reflecting the real cost of CO2 emissions--and make cleaner energy more financially viable." (Marilyn Berlin Snell, "Can Coal Be Clean?" Sierra Magazine, January/February 2007)


The League of Conservation Voters supports a national energy tax and has funneled more than $225,000 into Jeanne Shaheen's campaign in 2014.


The League Of Conservation Voters Scored Voting No On The Blunt Amendment As A "Pro-Environment Vote" - The Amendment Would Prevent Congress From Enacting Legislation That Would Place A Tax Or Fee On Carbon.  "Pricing Carbon Pollution Senate Roll Call Vote 59 Issue: Climate Change Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) sponsored an amendment to S. Con. Res. 8, the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Resolution, which would prevent Congress from enacting legislation that would place a federal tax or fee on carbon emissions. This amendment would limit Congress's ability to address climate change, which poses a severe threat to our economy, health, and environment, and would rule out a promising source of revenue for the government. On March 22, the Senate rejected-by a vote of 53-46-a procedural motion that would allow a vote on the Blunt amendment (60 votes were needed for passage; Senate roll call vote 59). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE."  (League Of Conservation Voters National Environmental Scorecard, Accessed 7/7/14) 


In 2007, LCV Applauded Chris Dodd's Energy Plan, Which Called For A Carbon Tax. "Senator Dodd was also the first presidential candidate to call for a carbon tax. A cap on carbon pollution provides certainty that we will achieve the necessary reductions in emissions. In that context, a carbon tax is a welcome addition to the debate. The challenge before us is significant and America needs our next president to carefully explore all options that reduce global warming pollution." (League Of Conservation Voters, "League Of Conservation Voters Applauds Senator Chris Dodd's Energy Plan," Press Release, 4/20/07)

LCV Victory Fund Has Raised $225,935.22 for Senator Shaheen through it's "Give Green" Program. Senator Shaheen is featured on LCV Action Fund's GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions and candidates. Total Raised: $225,935.22 (League of Conservation Voters Give Green Initiative, Accessed 10/22/14)