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NHDP - NH Republicans Prove Once Again They Can’t Be Taken Seriously on Fiscal Responsibility 

Senate Republicans Propose Blowing a $78 Million Hole in the State’s Budget For More Tax Giveaways for Big Businesses
Put Public Safety at Risk Because They Refuse to Make Cuts to Legislature’s Operating Budget
Concord, N.H. – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to pass SB 1 and SB 2, which would blow a $78 million hole in the state’s budget, while also putting public safety and the state’s budget at risk by tabling SB 233 because they refuse to cut the legislature’s operating budget:
“Today’s votes are a perfect example of why Senate Republicans can’t be taken even remotely seriously on fiscal responsibility.”
 “Senate Republicans are so obsessed with implementing the Koch Brothers agenda of more tax giveaways for big businesses that they’re willing to blow a $78 million hole in the budget and make middle class families and small businesses pay the price. Not to mention that Senate Republicans killed a fiscally responsible measure necessary to fund State Police Detectives and the State Crime Lab because it would require making cuts to the legislature’s operating budget.”
“It’s long past time for Chuck Morse, Jeanie Forrester, Jeb Bradley and Senate Republicans to stop playing political games with the state’s budget and finally get serious about working with Governor Hassan to ensure fiscal responsibility and move our economy forward.”
NH1 News Investigation Reveals Senate Republicans “Seemed to Spend Like There Was No Tomorrow” When It Came to Their Own Budget
“Senate Republicans say Governor Maggie Hassan’s poor leadership and management has led to the state needing to make significant spending cuts. But an NH 1 News investigation has revealed when it came to returning unspent money to the treasury, it was the State Senate that seemed to spend like there was no tomorrow… The Senate also spent nearly $15,000 on new or replaced furniture after Hassan had asked the Legislature to freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out of state travel.” [NH1, 10/7/14]
When Pushed on Budget Mismanagement, Morse Told NH1 News, “I had a lot on my plate last year” [NH1, 10/7/14]

NHDP - Fact Check: Karl Rove Dumps More Dark Money Into NH as Desperation Grows 

Terrified About Kelly Ayotte Losing, Rove Launches Another Dishonest Ad to Try to Buy New Hampshire
Concord, N.H. – As Washington Republicans grow increasingly terrified about Kelly Ayotte losing, Karl Rove’s dark money group launched another dishonest ad to try to buy New Hampshire.
"The latest dishonest ad from Karl Rove's dark money group makes one thing clear: Rove and his special interest donors are terrified about Kelly Ayotte losing. And they should be," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley
"Ayotte is polling significantly below 50% because she's proven time and again that she's more focused on raising her national profile than looking out for the people and businesses of New Hampshire," added Buckley.  
"No matter how many false ads Washington Republicans run, they won't be able to distract from the fact that Ayotte puts her own political ambition first no matter the cost. Just ask the first responders who may still face a shutdown at the Department of Homeland Security because Ayotte held funding for the agency hostage for weeks to appease her Tea Party base,” concluded Buckley
See below for a complete fact check of Karl Rove’s false ad:
Crossroads: “When money’s tight, we set priorities. Governor Hassan’s budget made her priorities clear: more spending, higher taxes, and no real innovation. A disappointment.”
Fact: Governor Hassan’s budget makes the difficult, fiscally responsible decisions needed to balance the budget – without an income or sales tax – while investing in the priorities necessary to seize our full economic potential. The Governor’s fiscally responsible budget cut total agency budget requests by more than $1 billion and general funds requests by more than $523 million, and budgets many state agencies at or below FY 2015 levels.
The Governor’s budget keeps total spending increases to 6.4 percent over two years – far below historic averages – and allows New Hampshire to continue to make progress on key priorities. Adjusted for inflation, the 2016 general and education trust fund budget is at least $250 million less than the state spent in 2004.
The budget also draws on recommendations of the Governor’s Innovation Commission including increasing flexibility for state managers, expanding the state’s efforts to centralize key services, consolidating some function areas, and hiring a Chief Operating Officer – like at least five Republican governors have done – who will focus on driving efficiency.
Crossroads: “Hassan’s budget would even add a tax that hits lower income people hardest.”
Fact: Cigarette taxes have proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent youth smoking. The Governor’s budget proposes raising the cigarette tax by 21 cents, which would still keep New Hampshire’s cigarette tax below our surrounding states.
Crossroads: “And sizable increases in business taxes that could hurt jobs.”
Fact: What the Governor’s budget actually does is increases a business tax exemption and makes sure that all families and businesses are playing by the same rules – rules that simply say they have a reasonable basis for claiming the tax deduction. The same rules existed until two years ago and exist for every other tax deduction across the nation.
Crossroads: “Worse, Hassan’s budget bets on a risky Keno gambling scheme to pay for more spending.”
Fact: Six of the ten most lucrative Keno locations in Massachusetts are located within five miles of the New Hampshire border. Allowing Keno and self-service lottery terminals machines would help bring that revenue back to New Hampshire to invest in our priorities.
The revenue changes included in the Governor’s budget will not diminish New Hampshire’s standing as having one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation.
Crossroads: “Tell your legislators Governor Hassan’s budget sets the wrong priorities for New Hampshire.”
Fact: Karl Rove and his out-of-state, dark money donors should stop trying to lecture Granite Staters on the right priorities for New Hampshire.

NHDP - VP Wannabe Kelly Ayotte Testing the Waters with Lindsey Graham 

Ayotte Featured at Washington “Social Club” Fundraiser for Lindsey Graham’s Presidential Campaign-in-Waiting
Concord, N.H. – Vice Presidential wannabe Kelly Ayotte today is testing the waters with Lindsey Graham as she tries to position herself for a spot on the ticket by raising money for Graham’s presidential campaign-in-waiting.
And Ayotte isn't wasting any time, the event at a Capitol Hill “social club” has the distinction of being “Washington’s first official 2016 fundraiser” according to the Washington Post.
“It was already crystal clear from her extensive political travel and frequent Fox News appearances that Kelly Ayotte is after one thing, and one thing only: a shot at the Vice Presidency,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.
“Kelly Ayotte needs to spend less time trying to get on the Lindsey Graham for President ticket and more time looking out for the people and businesses of New Hampshire," added Buckley.
“Granite Staters deserve better than a politician who has already left them behind for a shot at national office,” concluded Buckley.

NH GOP - New #FITN Summit Speaker Announcements 

I'm excited to announce the participation of Governor Rick Perry, Congressman Peter King, Governor Bob Ehrlich and Governor George Pataki at our First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit on April 17th and 18th. 

They join our previously announced speakers Governor Bobby Jindal, Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, Ambassador John Bolton and Senator Rand Paul. 

The New Hampshire Republican Party will be announcing many more of our featured speakers in the coming days and weeks. Please visit to stay updated and to register for this exciting two-day event. 

Thank you - and I hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican State Committee


Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Arnold for Mayor 

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association announced its endorsement of former Alderman Patrick Arnold to be the next Mayor of Manchester. 

“The Manchester Professional Fire Fighters Association is proud to support Patrick Arnold for Mayor of Manchester in this year’s city election,” says MPFFA President Jeff Duval. “Patrick brings passion, resolve and a forward-looking perspective to his campaign for mayor. He understands that public safety must be a top priority if Manchester is to lead the state in being the best place to live and raise a family,” Duval continued. 

“I’m honored to have Manchester fire fighters stand with us as our campaign fights for a stronger future for New Hampshire’s largest city,” says Arnold. An endorsement event will be scheduled in the coming weeks.