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NHDP - ICYMI: Governor Hassan Continues Traveling State Pushing for Responsible Budget

ICYMI: Governor Hassan Continues Traveling State Pushing for Responsible Budget, Coalition Speaks out Against Business Tax Giveaways  
Concord, N.H. – As Governor Hassan continues to travel the state pushing for a responsible budget, a diverse coalition spoke out yesterday against Senate Republicans’ plan to give more tax giveaways to big, mostly out-of-state businesses while making small businesses and middle class families pay the price.
See coverage roundup below:
Eagle Tribune: “Hassan seeks more socially responsible budget”
… The cuts engineered by the House Finance Committee would devastate the economy, health care, infrastructure and the New Hampshire way of life, Hassan said. Even the plowing and sanding of roads would be affected, she said.
So, the governor hit the road to get her message across that the House budget is insufficient and intolerable. Her stops included Department of Transportation Patrol Shed 213 in Sunapee, which fears losing more employees if the cuts are enacted.
Hassan continued her speaking tour Tuesday, speaking to The Eagle-Tribune editorial board in Derry.
"Right now, I'm very concerned," she said. "The budget they passed was irresponsible on any number of levels."
Hassan said she's eager to work with the Senate to come up with a final budget plan that would best serve New Hampshire residents — without sacrificing crucial needs and social service programs. 
"I encourage both parties of the Senate to build on the bipartisanship of the last budget," Hassan said. [Full article]
Union Leader: “Diverse coalition urges no cuts in business taxes”
Groups opposing business tax cuts, one of the Senate’s top priorities, say the rate reductions will mean the state will be ill-equipped to meets the needs of citizens, transportation infrastructure and workforce development.

At a news conference Tuesday, representatives of small business, nonprofits, educators and religious organizations said the cuts will benefit large, multi-national corporations but hurt the state’s economy because needed investments will not be made.

About 40 members of the group, including 18 small businesses, sent Gov. Maggie Hassan a letter expressing concern about the business tax cuts and asking her to veto the budget or any other bills that would reduce the tax rates.

… “I calculated how much these proposals would save my company when they are fully implemented, and it came to less than $150 per year,” said Tom Strickland, president and co-founder of Sequoya Technologies Group, a small IT company with eight employees. “$150 out of a million dollar budget isn’t going to influence my business decisions. I won’t be hiring new employees or buying new equipment as a result of this tax cut.”

He noted 93 percent of the state’s businesses are the same size as his company or smaller. 

Strickland said he moved his family to New Hampshire 18 years ago attracted by the state’s quality of life. He said the state should invest in high-quality schools, well-maintained roads, and high-speed broadband internet, which will benefit all businesses. [Full article]

NHDP - ICYMI: Governor Hassan Tours State Pushing for Responsible Budget

Pressure Continues to Mount on Senate Republicans to Take Bipartisan Approach

Concord, N.H. – As Governor Hassan tours the state to discuss her fiscally responsible budget proposal with local communities, pressure continues to mount on Senate Republicans to work across party lines to pass a responsible budget, including undoing the renewable energy fund raid and restoring funds for health and human services.

See coverage roundup below:

Eagle Times: “Investing in New Hampshire's future: Gov. Hassan talks state budget and goals at Kiwanis meeting”

Hassan has been touring the state over the course of the last week, discussing the state budget with communities in an effort to spread the word about the current division along party lines in Concord and how it could affect people going forward.

… The focus of Hassan’s budget is to attract young professionals and businesses from out of state to immigrate and improve the state’s economy while also retaining the youths that grow up in the state so that they can continue to live and prosper in New Hampshire, which is facing an increasing average median age.

To do this, Hassan’s budget would focus on improving infrastructure, healthcare, and education while also avoiding sales and income tax, something which she believes attracts young people to the state.

… Hassan had strong words for her Republican counterparts in the House… Their budget includes cuts almost $10 million from the rainy day fund, $50 million from the renewable energy fund and nearly $8 million from Hassan’s proposal for the community college system. It also gives nearly $8 million less per year to the university system, which currently receives $84 million. [Full Article]

Union Leader: Dave Solomon's Power Plays: “House budget, if passed, would kill energy fund"

As the new head of the state’s Renewable Energy Fund, Karen Campton finds herself presiding over a program that could be erased by the state Legislature if House budget writers have their way.

… Kate Epsen, executive director of the New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association, called out the House for backing away from a promise to leave dedicated funds alone.

“Raiding the dedicated renewable energy fund will strip ratepayer funds intended for cost-saving and job-creating energy projects, thereby creating a hidden energy tax,” she said. [Full Article]

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: “Deja Vu All Over Again”

It’s deja vu all over again for parents like Kathy Manfre of Peterborough. Four years ago, Manfre was fighting a for a state budget that would give services to people with developmental disabilities after they left the mandated education system. Now, she explained, pausing as her voice broke, she is once again in the position of having to advocate for a budget that will allow her 24-year-old daughter to continue living on her own, which she can only do with help from a support staff.

“She stands to lose much of her independence and personal growth that we have fought so hard for,” said Manfre, referencing cuts to the Health and Human Services budget that could directly affect home care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Manfre’s concerns were echoed by other parents of individuals — both children and adults — with developmental disabilities who worried about the impact of the cuts, including Linda Quintanilha of Bennington and Lisa Beaudoin of Temple, who both spoke in favor of maintaining independent living with community involvement for those with developmental disabilities. [Full Article]




NH DHHS Celebrates National Adoption Month at Event Honoring New Hampshire’s Adoptive Families

Concord, NH—The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS), Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) will join with

Governor Hassan to honor New Hampshire’s Adoptive Families during a

celebration at the State House, on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 3:30PM.

The event will celebrate New Hampshire’s adoptive families as well as

adoptive grandmother Carol Boudreau of Nashua. 110 adoptions were

finalized in the State between October 2012 and September 2013. Governor

Hassan, DHHS Commissioner Toumpas and DCYF Director Maggie Bishop will

speak at the celebration along with adoptive parents.

EVENT: DHHS Celebrates New Hampshire’s Adoptive Families

WHEN: 3:30PM, Wednesday, November 13th

WHERE: NH State House

Governor & Council Chamber

107 North Main St

Concord, NH


Governor Hassan to Read to Strafford School Students to Mark Read Across America, Meet "Kids Against Bullying" 

Office of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan

STRAFFORD – Governor Maggie Hassan will read to Strafford School students from all grades as part of the culminating event of the school’s Celebrate Reading Day for Read Across America.

In its 16th year, Read Across America is the National Education Association’s signature program, designed to build a nation of readers by motivating children and teens to read by organizing events, creating partnerships, and providing reading resources. Strafford School marks Read Across America with Celebrate Reading Day, when students are given a book, have guest readers in their classrooms, and participate in “Stop, Drop, and Read” times throughout the school day.

After reading to students, the Governor will meet the school’s nationally recognized Kids Against Bullying group. Kids Against Bullying is a group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders who aim to reduce or eliminate bullying through raising awareness and educating people. In December 2012, the group won second place in the bullying prevention nonprofit organization Hey U.G.L.Y.’s video contest.

WHAT:          Governor Hassan to Read to Strafford School Students to Mark Read Across America, Meet “Kids Against Bullying” Group

WHEN:          Tuesday, March 12, 9:30 AM

WHERE:       Gymnasium, Strafford School, 22 Rollercoaster Road, Strafford


Governor Hassan to Attend First Float-In of New Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth 

Office of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan

PORTSMOUTH – TOMORROW, Governor Maggie Hassan will attend the first float-in of the new Memorial Bridge.   With the use of tugboats and a temporary jacking system, the new 300-foot-long span will be positioned and then lowered onto the new piers. This is the first of three sections that will create the new Memorial Bridge.


The new Memorial Bridge, scheduled to be completed this summer, will once again provide critical means of transportation that will enhance trade and commerce, tourism, and community life to strengthen the Portsmouth region.


WHAT:          Governor Hassan to Attend First Float-In of New Memorial Bridge


WHEN:          Tuesday, January 15, 8:45 a.m.


WHERE:       State Pier, Portsmouth