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Citizens For A Strong NH - Accessibility in NH shouldn't be a partisan issue 

While Senator Ayotte and Rep. Guinta hold Town Hall meetings, Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, and 
Rep. Kuster still refuse to hold a single one.
Derek Dufresne


(January 22, 2015) - New Hampshire once had a long, bipartisan tradition of its elected officials holding public Town Hall meetings with their constituents. That custom went by the wayside over the past couple of years as Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster (NH-02), and former Congresswoman Shea-Porter (NH-01) refused to join Senator Ayotte in holding open forums.

If the first month of the new Congress in Washington and the new gubernatorial term in Concord is any inclination though, it appears that once again, only the conservative members of the Granite State's delegation believe it is important to be accessible to their constituents. 

While none of the state's top Democrats have announced a single public forum, Senator Ayotte will close out the month of January adding a few more Town Hall meetings to the list of dozens she has hosted since 2011. Her tradition of accessibility even resulted in a Concord Monitor editorial this week proclaiming that "Ayotte should not stand alone" in holding Town Hall meetings.

According to the NHJournal, with Congressman Guinta (NH-01)'s Town Hall meeting in Hampton this weekend, he will now have held thirty open forums throughout the state after the twenty nine he hosted during his last term in 2011 and 2012. He too has received many accolades for his strong focus on accessibility and constituent service. 
Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"While Granite Staters have grown to expect a divide between liberals and conservatives on many of the important issues being discussed in Washington and Concord, accessibility, transparency, and public accountability are three that should bridge the partisan gap. Regardless of party affiliation or one's positions on the issues, all of New Hampshire's elected officials should make a point to hold Town Hall meetings with their constituents. The fact that this isn't happening already is shameful.

"We commend Senator Ayotte and Congressman Guinta for continuing to uphold our state's tradition of public forums and for giving their constituents the open venue to advocate for their beliefs. Conversely, we continue to be extremely disappointed in Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, and Congresswoman Kuster for hiding from those whom they swore an oath to represent."



AFPNH - Join us tomorrow at 10AM to repeal RGGI 

Join us tomorrow at the Statehouse at 10AM to help repeal RGGI!

Tomorrow at 10AM in Representatives Hall there will be a hearing on HB 208, which would repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the failed cap-and-trade scheme commonly known as RGGI.

Our focus right now should be on creating new jobs and growing the economy. Unfortunately the RGGI program does just the opposite. It undermines our competitiveness while increasing electricity costs for our ratepayers.

The time has come to remove New Hampshire from this failed program and give relief to our hard-working citizens and business owners.

If you agree, plan to join us tomorrow at 10AM at Representatives Hall to make your voice heard.

I hope to see you there!

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire

Jan202015 - Cancer Patients and Survivors Travel to Concord to Urge Legislators to Make Cancer a Priority

Volunteers Meet with Lawmakers to Ask for Support for Oral Chemotherapy Fairness, Indoor Tanning Regulations, and Protecting Access to Healthcare for Low Income, Hardworking Granite Staters

CONCORD – January 19, 2015 – Dozens of cancer patients, survivors and caregivers from across the state will travel to the State House on Wednesday to meet with New Hampshire lawmakers about the need to support oral chemotherapy fairness, protecting minors from indoor tanning, and preserving access to healthcare for low-income, hardworking Granite Staters.

In New Hampshire, an estimated 8,090 people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2015, and 2,730 will lose their battle with the disease. Those gathering at the State House this week are calling on New Hampshire lawmakers to change this by taking steps to make the fight against cancer a priority. The visit is part of the annual American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) Legislative Breakfast, which will bring together cancer survivors and volunteers from across New Hampshire.

“As a cancer survivor, I will let my lawmakers know that if we’re going to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in New Hampshire, the fight against this disease must be top of mind for our legislature,” said Dr. Carolyn Claussen of Bedford.  “By making oral chemotherapy fairness, healthcare, and the dangers of indoor tanning a priority, we could ensure that progress continues to reduce suffering and death from this disease.”

Specifically, the New Hampshire volunteers will ask the legislature to:

  • Support Senate Bill 137, which would help more Granite Staters get affordable access to oral chemotherapy medication.
  • Support House Bill 136, which would protect minors under 18 from UV indoor tanning, thus decreasing the risk of deadly skin cancers such as melanoma.
  • Support reauthorization of the New Hampshire health protection program to protect access to health care for hard working, low income residents.

“We are meeting with our elected leaders this week as representatives of the many Granite Staters who are diagnosed with cancer each day” said ACS CAN Government Relations Director Mike Rollo. “New Hampshire’s legislature should commit to supporting legislation that provides individuals with serious illnesses like cancer fair and affordable access to treatment and preventative healthcare so we can continue to look forward to new successes in fighting the disease.”

Many of the 8,090 cancer diagnoses and 2,730 deaths in New Hampshire can be prevented. Providing all Granite Staters with access to adequate and affordable healthcare and limiting youth access to high risk activities such as indoor tanning are among is the most effective ways to diminish the death and suffering caused from this disease.

ACS CAN is the nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate organization of the American Cancer Society, dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. ACS CAN works to encourage lawmakers, candidates and government officials to support laws and policies that will make cancer a top national priority. ACS CAN gives ordinary people extraordinary power to fight cancer. For more information, visit


Cornerstone Action announces legislative priorities for 2015 

Cornerstone Action

Cornerstone Action is a non-profit, non-partisan New Hampshire organization dedicated to legislative action towards public policy that respects life and strengthens families. For the 2015 legislative session, we've identified four broad priorities. 

1) Protect religious liberty for all people of faith in New Hampshire. This includes working for repeal of the ill-advised "buffer zone" law, which if enforced would make silent prayer on certain public sidewalks illegal. Enforced or not, the law is a fiscal disaster waiting to happen, as it is currently being challenged in court. A similar law in Massachusetts was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, and a subsequent settlement made Massachusetts taxpayers responsible for paying the plaintiffs' legal expenses. 

2) Protect and respect innocent human life from conception to natural death. Cornerstone supports legislation this term that would for the first time authorize collection of abortion statistics from providers statewide. We are also dedicated to supporting the passage of a fetal homicide law. Such laws are already in effect in more than three dozen states.
3) Protect the rights of parents to determine the best educational setting for their children, and prevent state imposition of Common Core standards on local districts and homeschooled students. We also support legislative efforts to protect privacy of student data, and to require greater accountability regarding student assessments.

4) Support fiscal policies that strengthen New Hampshire families and respect the needs of small business owners. We support right-to-work legislation. We will also continue to work with a broad coalition of New Hampshire groups to keep the Granite State casino-free.







Activists Across the Country Will Advocate Liberty Priorities in State Capitals


January 13, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT -- With legislatures in dozens of states gearing up for their 2015 sessions, the Our America Initiative has announced that members of the organization across the country will conduct “lobby days” in their respective states to make legislators aware of the concerns and priorities of liberty advocates.


The Our America Initiative, led by Honorary Chairman Gov. Gary Johnson, is a national advocacy group that focuses on protecting civil liberties, reducing the size and cost of government and promoting economic freedom.


Announcing the state-level efforts, Our America senior advisor Ron Nielson said, “The fight for greater individual freedom and less government is not just a federal one. Across the nation, state and local governments are taking actions and making decisions every day that impact liberty. As these decisions are made, it is essential that policy-makers hear from those who believe in reducing the role of government in our everyday lives.


“As state legislatures begin their work for 2015, supporters of the Our America Initiative are organizing to provide that voice for liberty.”


Our America’s legislative priorities in each state will be targeted toward efforts to reduce taxes, eliminate unnecessary regulation, and reverse trends toward over-criminalization and militarization of law enforcement. Protection and restoration of civil liberties, greater choices in education and health care, and increased transparency in government are likewise on the agenda in state capitals across the country.


Advocacy efforts are already under way in numerous states, ranging from tax reform in Georgia to opposing Common Core in numerous states to judicial reform in Louisiana. Other issues include opposing the use of federal drug task force grants to militarize local law enforcement and resisting the over-regulation of Uber and other entrepreneurial transportation networks.


More information regarding specific states and issues can be found at Our America in the States, and at Lobby Days.




The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Contributions and gifts to Our America Initiative are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.