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Garcia For Congress - WTAS: Marilinda Garcia Is The Front-Runner In District 2


What They Are Saying:

Marilinda Garcia Is The Front-Runner In District 2

Marilinda Garcia Pulling Ahead of the Pack

“Marilinda Garcia: The Republican Primary in the 2nd Congressional District is on the verge of a tipping point her way.” (James Pindell, “Political Standing for July 18, 2014,” WMUR, 7/18/14)

“Three candidates in particular—State Rep. Marilinda Garcia (R-NH)… actually have excellent chances of winning and changing the face of the GOP.’” (Charlie Kirk,  “Could These Millennial Congressional Candidates Win in 2014?,” Human Events 7/16/2014)

“Marilinda Garcia is not only someone I’d like to know, she’s a political force to be reckoned with.” (Deb Fillman “Marilinda Garcia’s Campaign Going Strong in the #NH02,” Practical Politicking 7/14/14)

“Col. Gary Lambert has a handful of folks with him.  Marilinda Garcia has a very large crowd of supporters.” (Steve Macdonald, “NH Congressional District 2 – Contrast?,” Granite Grok, 7/7/14)

“Republican 2nd District U.S. House candidate Marilinda Garcia was endorsed by the Club for Growth PAC on Friday. And yes, it’s indeed a big one for Garcia.” (John Distaso, “Updated Granite Reports,” NH Journal, 6/23/14)

“(The Club For Growth Endorsement) Is arguably the biggest event to date in the Republican battle for the 2nd Congressional District nomination.” (Kevin Landrigan, “Endorsement is Quite the Event,” Nashua Telegraph, 6/23/14)

“It would appear the “youngster of the campaigns” (Garcia) just schooled its older rivals” (Tom Dougherty, “Garcia Outraises All GOP Congressional Candidates in New Hampshire,” Practical Politicking, 7/17/14)

Marilinda Garcia in the Headlines

"2nd Congressional District Candidate Garcia hopes to bring new approach to solving country’s problems with smaller reform" (Nashua Telegraph, 7/16/14)

"Public trust has been eroded, says Congressional candidate Garcia" (Union Leader 7/14/14)

“With ‘late June surge,’ Garcia raised $135k in Q2; has $124k on hand” (NH Journal, 7/1414)

“Lambert Campaign Push Poll Complaints Continue” (Granite Grok, 7/1014)

“Portrait of a Modern Feminist: Marilinda Garcia” (Independent Women’s Forum 7/14/14) 




DNC - Why is Christie so unpopular in key states? 

As Chris Christie visits the key early caucus state today, a new NBC/Marist poll shows 1 in 3 Republicans in Iowa dislike Christie. Christie is almost twice as unpopular as any other potential 2016 Republican presidential contender there, and the numbers aren’t much better in New Hampshire. In the home of the first in the nation primary, nearly a third of Republicans also dislike Christie. These numbers certainly don’t gel with Christie’s comment to Diane Sawyer in March that “they love me in Iowa.”


But why don’t they love him?


Well, it seems that his Bridgegate scandal hurt him with Iowa voters. A Des Moines Register poll in March showed that nearly six in 10 Iowa adults disapproved of the way Christie handled Bridgegate – including almost half of Iowa Republicans. But it isn’t just his scandal that won’t sit well with Iowans.


Christie’s economic failures in New Jersey are beginning to follow him across the country, as reported today by the Wall Street Journal. New Jersey’s bond rating is among the worst in the nation. Job growth lags behind neighboring states, and New Jersey ranks 49th in the nation in private-sector job growth since 2010. Under Christie, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded a record six times, and the state’s property taxes remain among the highest in the nation.


To make things worse for Christie, conservatives are taking aim at him – even going online in Iowa with ads attacking his record. And Rick Santorum, the winner of the 2012 Republican caucuses in Iowa, had this to say about Christie today: “To see a record as abysmal as Gov. Christie’s record in the state of New Jersey, I guarantee you that will be a red flag for most voters in the state of Iowa, but also most voters in the Republican primary.”


With his unfavorables climbing in key states, his dismal economic record coming to light, and key conservatives slamming Christie, it’s clear Chris Christie’s troubles are anything but behind him.


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Innis For Congress - UNH Pollster Smith: "Innis is gaining strength" 

Innis Logo New Banner

Manchester, NH - The full NH-01 WMUR/UNH Granite State Poll results, including Andy Smith's analysis, may be found here:

There are almost 9 weeks remaining before the September 9th NH-01 Republican Primary between Dan Innis and Frank Guinta.


Innis For Congress - WMUR Poll: "Dan Innis picking up steam"

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WMUR: "Newcomer Dan Innis is picking up steam... in striking distance of the incumbent..."

Manchester, NH - The full WMUR piece on the latest WMUR/UNH Granite State Poll may be found here:

There are almost 9 weeks remaining before the September 9th NH-01 Republican Primary between Dan Innis and Frank Guinta.


Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta in the Lead!  

Polling Released Shows Frank Guinta Beating Congresswoman Shea-Porter

Yesterday, a poll released by the UNH Survey Center showed Frank Guinta beating Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter 46-43.

Josh McElveen, WMUR News Political Director and Anchor said: "The numbers look pretty good for former Congressman Frank Guinta."

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Granite Staters are sending a message. We are tired of Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s knee jerk support for President Obama. With the struggling economy, and significant challenges at home and abroad, Shea-Porter refuses to hold a town hall to meet with constituents. We need a leader who is willing to stand up to Washington when necessary and who is willing to tackle today's challenges in order to secure a brighter future for all Americans. I look forward to continuing our Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour and meeting with every possible voter because listening to what Granite Staters need and want is where real leadership begins.”