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Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: RCP Shifts NH02 to "Toss Up" 

In case you missed it, Real Clear Politics has shifted New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District from “Leans Democrat” to “Toss Up.” This change comes after numerous recent polls show Marilinda Garcia within the margin of error or ahead of incumbent Ann Kuster.  This further proves that momentum is clearly with Marilinda as Election Day rapidly approaches. 

To read further analysis on the race, click here.
Kenny Cunningham
Communications Director
Marilinda Garcia for Congress

NHDP - ICYMI: Jeanne Shaheen Leads Scott Brown 50-44 

ICYMI: Jeanne Shaheen Leads Scott Brown 50-44 

Manchester, NH - In case you missed it, new polling shows Jeanne Shaheen leading Scott Brown by six points, 50-44. 

Key Takeaways:  "The survey, obtained by CQ Roll Call, found the Democrat ahead 50 percent to 44 percent against former Sen. Scott P. Brown, R-Mass."

"According to a polling memo, it found Shaheen with a 7-point net favorable rating, while Brown’s was 7 points underwater. The senator led by 15 points among women and by 7 points among independents, while Brown led by 4 points among men. The incumbent also led by 33 points on the question of which candidate 'is committed to New Hampshire.'”


"The poll of 600 likely voters was taken Oct. 7-9 and had a 4-point margin of error. Voters were interviewed on both landline and mobile phones."

"The New Hampshire Senate race is rated Leans Democratic by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call."

To read the full write-up of the poll, click HERE


ALG's Daily Grind - A Republican rout in the Senate?  


Oct. 9, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

A Republican rout in the Senate?
An unpopular president in his sixth year in office typically does not do well in the midterms, anyway, but 2014 on paper has all the makings of a rout. A look into some of the key races.

Cartoon: Obola

Predicted failure of Obamacare co-ops
The first shoe to drop in an impending Obamacare funding grant scandal was heard in New York this week, where the Freelancers Union, which received a $340 million health insurance co-op grant from the Administration in 2012, announced that they were no longer going to provide health insurance.

Karlgaard: America's missing wealth
Study: "[I]t's been runaway federal regulation that's crimped U.S. growth by the year and utterly smashed it over two generations."


NHDP - Concord Monitor: Poll: Democratic incumbents leading in U.S. Senate, governor races 

Concord Monitor: Poll: Democratic incumbents leading in U.S. Senate, governor races

Monitor staff

Democratic incumbents are leading in the U.S. Senate, congressional and governor races, according to a New England College Poll released yesterday.

In the tightest race, U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter leads Republican challenger Frank Guinta 46 percent to 41.6 in the 1st Congressional District race.

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is leading her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, by about 10 points, according to the poll. Shaheen pulled in 51 percent among likely, registered voters, compared with Brown’s 41.2 percent.


In the 2nd Congressional District, incumbent U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster leads Marilinda Garcia 49.6 percent to 36.7 among likely, registered voters.


Gov. Maggie Hassan is leading Republican opponent Walt Havenstein by some 15 points, according to the poll.

The poll, conducted between Sept. 10 and 11, has a margin of error of about 4 percent and draws from a sample of 630 registered voters.


Citizens For A Strong NH - Latest CSNH poll gives Brown the edge against Shaheen 


CSNH's Latest Poll:
Scott Brown leads Senator Jeanne Shaheen by almost 2 points: 45.9% to 44.3%


(September 15, 2014) - Today, Magellan Strategies BR released the results of a New Hampshire statewide survey conducted September 10-11, 2014. The automated survey of 2,214 likely voters has a margin of error of +/- 2.0%.  The survey was commissioned by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire. 

WMUR-TV's James Pindell first reported on the poll earlier today.

Download the full summary by clicking HERE.

Download the survey presentation by clicking HERE.

Summary Findings:

  • Scott Brown leads Jeanne Shaheen by almost 2 points (45.9% Brown/44.3% Shaheen/9.8% undecided) in the U.S. Senate race.
  • Terrorism and border security trump Obamacare as most important issues.
  • Obama's job approval drops 3 points.
  • Republicans have a 10 point lead on the generic ballot.

Brown's lead is in part the result of solidifying the GOP base.

  • Brown's support among Republicans has grown by 5 points since July. He now leads Shaheen among registered Republicans by 64 points (79% Brown/14% Shaheen/7% undecided). More important for Brown's campaign is the fact that his support among Republican voters has intensified. In July, Brown's overall support among Republicans, 74%, was the sum of 49% definitely Brown and 25% probably Brown. Currently, Brown's overall support among Republican voters is the sum of 68% definitely Brown and 11% probably Brown.

Scott Brown's lead is also the result of his growing support among women, independents and soft Democrats.

  • Shaheen's lead among female voters has declined by 42% since July. In July, Shaheen led among females by 19 points (34% Brown/53% Shaheen/13% undecided). Currently, she leads among female voters by 11 points (39% Brown/50% Shaheen/11% undecided).
  • In July, Shaheen led Brown among independent voters by 11 points (35% Brown/46% Shaheen/19% undecided). Currently, her lead has been cut to 1 point (42% Brown/43% Shaheen/15% undecided).
  • Shaheen's support among soft Democrats has dropped 18 points since July. In July, Shaheen led among soft Democrats by 45 points (22% Brown/68% Shaheen/10% undecided). Currently Shaheen leads by only 19 points (31% Brown/50% Shaheen/18% undecided).


The protracted negative political environment is beginning to cut deeper into key swing voting groups' attitudes and opinions, which is shaping a GOP friendly electorate.

  • Republican support on the generic ballot has increased by 4.5 points. The generic Republican candidate now leads by 10 points.
  • Among independent voters, the generic GOP candidate now leads by 10 points (40% GOP candidate/30% Democrat candidate/30% undecided). In July, the generic GOP candidate led by only 3.8 points (32.4% GOP candidate/28.6% Democrat candidate/38.9% undecided).
  • Among female voters, the generic GOP candidate now leads by 1 point (42% GOP candidate/41% Democrat candidate/16% undecided). In July, the generic GOP candidate was down 6 points among female voters (36% GOP candidate/42% Democrat candidate/22% undecided).


Among undecided voters, Shaheen will have a steeper hill to climb.

  • % of undecided voter who approve of President Obama's job performance: 11%
  • % of undecided voter who think things in the country are going in the right direction: 19%
  • % of undecided voters who have a favorable opinion of Shaheen: 23%


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