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ALG - House Republicans request hearing on H.R. 1995 to prohibit Obama HUD neighborhood rezoning rule 


July 28, 2015, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government board member Bill Wilson today issued the following statement joining 18 House Republicans who in a letter urged the House Judiciary Committee to commence hearings on H.R. 1995, "The Local Zoning and Property Rights Protection Act of 2015," which would prohibit the Department of Housing and Urban Development from implementing a rule, "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing":


"The radical HUD plan to condition federal funding on rezoning neighborhoods to achieve a subjective and punitive set of quotas is a utopian pipe dream, and a federal attempt to usurp local zoning authority. We urge the House Judiciary Committee to take up H.R. 1995, and to require political partisans at HUD to justify this raw power grab. This has nothing to do with individual cases of housing discrimination, which have been illegal for over 40 years. Like the IRS abuse of power targeting people who disagree with them, the Obama appointees are using the power of government to harm communities that do not vote or act as Obama and his allies think they should. It is social engineering, nothing more."


To view online:




Hearing Request Letter, July 28, 2015, sent by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and 17 House Republicans at




Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please visit our website at


ALG - Urge U.S. Congress to stop Obama's HUD rule to redraw your neighborhood! 



July 24, 2015

Dear Liberty Activist,

Click here to sign the petition to urge Congress to stop Obama's HUD rule to redraw your neighborhood!

President Barack Obama has hatched scheme to place "affordable housing" in neighborhoods across America that the government says are "too rich."

The Obama Administration is already collecting race data on neighborhoods across the country.  This man wants to rezone the entire country so that neighborhoods are more "fair" and "diverse."

Please sign the National Petition to Stop Obama-zoning immediately.

And then please forward this email to everyone you know who doesn't want federal bureaucrats coming into their neighborhoods and destroying property values.

Obama-zoning is yet another one of this Administration's social justice schemes.  It one more attempt to remake America and cut the American middle class down to size.

Make no mistake about it, Obama-zoning will affect YOU. 

Unless you live in a very poor and crime- ridden inner city, federal bureaucrats will soon survey your neighborhood to evaluate if it is sufficiently fair and diverse.

Very few members of Congress are doing anything to stop this madness.  That's why Americans for Limited Government is leading the charge to stop Obama-zoning now, before it is too late.

And our very first task is to bombard Congress with petitions against this insanity.

Just click here to sign the national petition.  And then beg everyone you know to do the same.

We need to get Congress off its rear end and fight Obama on this.  We need to get talk radio sounding the alarm.

We need conservatives in every single state to take a stand against Obama zoning NOW.

According the New York Post, "Obama's racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document "inequalities" between minorities and whites."

The Department of Housing and Urban Development will then use this data to dictate and replan local neighborhoods.

Local zoning laws will be voided.  Property values will be crushed.

If you own a house this could ruin you. 

Please sign the petition.  Please ask everyone you know to sign, too.

This really is urgent.  Barack Obama isn't fooling around.

Just go here.  Now.  Please!.


Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government



Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE -- Today, Governor Jindal released the following statement after Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron called out radical Islam and identified it as a threat that needs to be confronted and exposed. You can read the text of the Prime Minister's speech here.

Governor Jindal said, "Today Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron had the courage to say what President Obama will not, when he said that “We need to confront and expose Islamist extremism as a belief system that glorifies violence & subjugates people.”

"So that leaves President Obama as pretty much the only person in the free world who refuses to speak the truth about Radical Islam.

"Our President’s political correctness and fear of speaking the truth is no longer amusing, it is just plain dangerous, because you cannot defeat an enemy you refuse to name.

"President Obama cannot claim to be working with our allies when he refuses to join them in naming our common enemy. He has proven himself incapable as Commander in Chief.

"Importantly, Prime Minister David Cameron also rejected the notion that radicalization is caused by “poverty and hardship”.  He said that the “root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself”. He warned Britain’s mainstream Muslims to stop “quietly condoning” ISIS.

"Yet President Obama refuses to do the same: he refused to call the Chattanooga shooting an act of Radical Islamic terrorism and he refuses to demand that Muslim leaders help tackle the problem. Just who is it that the President is afraid of offending here?

"This is one case where President Obama should lead from behind - he should follow the lead of our British ally, name the enemy and resolve to destroy Radical Islam."



Perry For President - Statement on President Obama Taking Iran Nuclear Deal to UN 

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s move to take the Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations Security Council before Congress has a chance to review it:

“When it comes to his Iran deal, President Obama appears to believe that the approval of the United Nations is more important than the approval of Congress or the American people. Now that the UN Security Council has approved the deal, our system of extensive, multilateral sanctions on Iran will unravel.

Even if Congress can muster a veto-proof majority to reject this deal, it now cannot stop the process of loosening international sanctions, and the next president will be faced with an enormous challenge to re-build an international cooperative effort of the same magnitude. As the deal reads, even if the United States considers imposing/re-imposing sanctions on Iran for any reason, Iran will have a pathway to exit the agreement, escape limitations on its nuclear program, and dash towards a bomb. These kind of problematic provisions that handicap future policy options for the president and Congress stand as the primary reason for full Congressional review.

The president and Secretary Kerry have now fully traded not only the legal right of Congressional examination, but also the long-term peace and stability of the Middle East in favor of a naïve diplomatic ‘victory'.”




Daily Signal - Obama's Deliberate Insult 

The Daily Signal




July 17, 2015

Obama's Deliberate Insult

According to news reports, President Obama is planning to have the U.N. Security Council vote on the Iran deal before Congress reviews it, meaning some sanctions could be lifted before U.S. lawmakers vote.

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Four Marines Dead After Gunman Opens Fire in Tennessee

The suspect, identified by law enforcement as 24-year-old Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, was born in Kuwait and came to the United States in 1996. He was also killed.

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Obama's Annoyance Shows Major Garrett Asked the Right Questions

Finally, President Obama got a tough question from a reporter.

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House Strips Funding From Planned Parenthood Supporter in Wake of Scandal

The undercover video that sparked a scandal involving Planned Parenthood this week is reverberating beyond the abortion group, costing one of its allies millions of dollars.

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Conservatives Plot to Get Religious Liberty Bill to Obama's Desk

The First Amendment Defense Act would bar the federal government from punishing religious schools, organizations or individuals for their stance against same-sex marriage.

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Blind 19-Year-Old Finds Strength in God, Belts Viral Rendition of National Anthem

Born with Cytomegalovirus, a virus that left her blind and with cerebral palsy, Kentucky native Marlana VanHoose is no stranger to performances.

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