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NRN - Must Reads for June 16, 2010

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson's quote of the day from Driving right off the cliff: "To accept the arguments in favor of Barack Obama's $50 billion bailout of bankrupt state governments like California and New York, one has to believe that fiscal and monetary "stimulus" to date and other government interventions, totaling trillions of dollars, have merely been insufficient — and not a complete failure — to the task of restoring sustainable growth to the U.S. economy."



NHDP -Chair Ray Buckley's Statement Regarding President Obama's Address on the BP Spill 

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement regarding President Obama's address discussing the Administration's ongoing response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Tonight, President Obama briefed the nation on the Administration's efforts to clean up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and mitigate the damage being done to the region.  And the President reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that all the individuals and businesses impacted by this spill are fairly compensated.

"The damage BP has wrought is immense.  It is imperative Congress votes to pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill that provides incentives to accelerate the development of clean energy sources.

"Repairing the destruction done during this tragedy is not enough.  We must never let this happen again, and that means ending our dependency on foreign oil, and dangerous domestic drilling."


OFA - NH Director Tim Arsenault's Statement on President Obama's Oval Office Address on the BP Oil Spill 

Concord- Organizing for America New Hampshire Director Tim Arsenault issued the following statement on President Barack Obama’s Oval Office Address on the BP Oil Spill off the Gulf Coast:

 “The President tonight laid out the steps that he has implemented to initiate clean up and contain the damage of the oil spill caused by the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf Coast. But even as 25,000 personnel and 5,000 ships are working in the Gulf region to limit the effect on Gulf coast shrimpers, small businesses and families, the well continues to spew crude into the Gulf of Mexico. 

 “While operating under the direction of the federal government, BP is ultimately responsible for cleaning the spill and ensuring that all alternatives are taken to stem the leak. The President will meet with BP executives tomorrow and will require that the flow of oil from the leaking pipe is further reduced and that BP pays for the damage and compensates those affected.

 “As the President pointed out, the inherent risk of drilling oil from a mile beneath the water’s surface is further evidence that our dependence on the finite source of fuel is endangering our economy, our small businesses, our health and our environment. The President has again called on Congress to work toward a bipartisan solution to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Through existing clean energy policies, America has taken great steps in catching up with cleaner technologies, but we must take those steps that will put American industry at the head of the pack in creating a clean energy economy that creates millions of American jobs where the recession had wrested them away.

 “The time for action is now, and we can no longer delay the reforms that will grow our economy, better our world standing in innovative clean energy technology, and improve the quality of life for American families like those affected in the Gulf region. The President’s supporters across New Hampshire will work to ensure that the President has the votes he needs to make these critical changes to our national energy policy.”



Organizing for America (OFA) is a grassroots project of the Democratic National Committee. OFA's network of volunteers and staff is actively working in all 50 states to promote the President's proposals to strengthen America's middle class by creating jobs, passing health insurance reform, building a clean energy economy, improving education, and reining in the excesses of Wall Street.


Jim Bender For US Senate - Obama's 50 Billion Dollar Union Bailout is "Unconscionable" 

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Hollis, NH- Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate released the following statement on President Obama’s proposed $50 billion “Union Bailout.”  

“It is unconscionable for the President once again to ask the taxpayers of New Hampshire to foot the bill for yet another bailout,” said Bender.

 “As independent Granite Staters, we know that when it comes to government, less is more.  Mr. President, we say no, we say stop.  Stop the bailouts."

"We need to be able to trust our elected leaders once more, and we need to hold those leaders accountable.  Send me to Washington, and I will use my skills as a businessman to bring new solutions to our Federal government.”


US Senate candidate Jim Bender comments on White House lack of leadership on the Gulf Oil Spill 

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate was featured in today’s Nashua Telegraph for his remarks on health care, the Gulf oil spill and Congressman Paul Hodes from the Republican US Senate candidate debate at Nashua City Hall last night and for the official filing of his candidacy for US Senate.

6-11-10 In Case You Missed It

On the Gulf Oil Spill:  Bender said that while small government is essential, there is a time when federal officials need to respond. He accused President Barack Obama of “squandering” the first six weeks after the spill occurred.

“Do you know he has still not had a conversation with the BP CEO? How is that possible?” Bender said. “If this were a Republican president, we’d already be talking about impeachment.”

On the Health Care Bill:   Health care Bender agreed, saying the bill was sold to the American public as a way to lower health care costs and increase access. But it will do neither, said the Hollis businessman.

“It was really about the federal government gaining greater control over all of your lives from cradle to grave,” he said. “Nobody read it, and nobody understands it.”

On Paul Hodes:  “One way or the other, one of us is going to take on Paul Hodes and beat him,” Bender said.

On Why He Is Running For US Senate:  Hollis businessman Jim Bender became the fourth and final, major GOP candidate for U.S. Senate to show up. Bender turned in petitions signed by 270 voters supporting his candidacy, the largest number submitted to date.

“Big government has trampled on the American dream,’’ Bender concluded. “The people I have spoken to around the state agree with my philosophy that our government is too big and wasteful and the lack of leadership and accountability in Washington must come to an end.”

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