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Erin Go Bragh – Ireland Inspires Europe with Budget Cuts as NYT Plugs Obama, Decrys "Austerity"

By Kevin Mooney

Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" economy, the envy of Europe throughout the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st Century, has slowed dramatically and The New York Times recommends stimulus spending to grease the engines. The Irish Prime Minister is quoted offering a sober, straightforward assessment of the economic climate that sharply contrasts with Keynesian thinking that maintains favor in the liberal media.

"The facts are that there is no easy way to cut deficits," Prime Minister Brian Cowen is quoted as saying. "Those who claim there's an easier way or a soft operation – that's not the real world." But where the prime minister sees a need for budget cutting, The Times sees an opportunity for greater government intervention and higher levels of spending. The other European nations to their great credit are lining up behind Ireland and in opposition against so-called "stimulus" strategies.

"Other European nations, including Britain and Germany are following Ireland's lead, arguing that the only way to restore growth is to convince investors and their own people that government borrowing will shrink," the report says. "The Group of 20 leaders set that in writing this weekend, vowing to make deficit reduction the top priority despite warnings from President Obama that too much austerity could choke a global recovery and warnings from a few economists about the possibility of much sharper 1930s style downturn."

The European rebuke of Obama is of particular importance. While U.S. Administration falls back on Keynesian polices with a checkered historical past, the European Union appears more inclined to revive its private sector. The Times makes every effort to discourage any movements away from further government intervention.

The headline that runs on the jump page is particularly instructive.

"As Europe Looks to Cut Deficits, Ireland Shows the Cost of Austerity."

Not too subtle.

Europe should eschew government budget cuts so as avoid the economic pain that follows from belt tightening – that's the central message in this front page piece. Here The Times joins forces with the Obama Administration to cajole and pressure Europe into Keynesian practices that are a proven failure.

As Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has observed, Obama has positioned himself on the outside of rationale thought and mainstream economic thinking.

"Unfortunately, Obama is apparently the only leader on Earth who doesn't think there is an overspending problem with government," Wilson said. "Despite a $13 trillion national debt at home, he urged world leaders to ratchet up the deficit-spending — only to find that the world has gone chilly on the idea of "stimulus" in the wake of the debt crisis."

Instead of offering readers tangible facts to substantiate its stance in favor of big government, The Times falls back on anecdotes.

"In the impoverished Ballymun neighborhood, developers began razing slums to make way for new low-income housing," the report says. "Halfway through the project, the financing dried up, leaving some residents to languish in graffiti-covered concrete skeletons. `Welcome to Hell,' read one of the tamest messages."

To be sure, Ireland has cycled back into tough economic times that are not unfamiliar in its long history. But it is well positioned to lead Europe away from Obama and back in the direction of restrained government. Fortunately, Ireland has a receptive audience as ALG's Wilson has noted.

"While the rest of the world is taking on the grave and growing problem of unsustainable sovereign debt, Obama calls for more spending," he said. "He has asked Congress for another $47 billion to balance state budgets this year, including $23 billion to bail out unsustainable public school spending."

Deficit spending is going out of style much to the chagrin of the liberal news media.


Testerman to Obama: Pull the Nomination 

She Doesn't Belong on the Court
Kagan is a radical extremist
Karen Testerman
Karen Testerman

July 1, 2010 - 

Karen Testerman issued the following call to President Obama today: 

As a gubernatorial candidate for New Hampshire I have serious concerns about your nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States.  I want to urge you to withdraw this nomination.  In the hearings this week she said, "Look to my whole life - my tenure as Solicitor General, as Dean of Harvard Law, my time in the White House..." when determining her judicial philosophy.   If her life is to be the standard by which we judge her philosophy, Americans are justifiably concerned.  Mr. President, it is clear from Ms. Kagan's extremist views and actions that objective impartiality is not a quality that she will bring to the bench.

She is unabashedly radical.  Her left leaning activism in the areas of abortion, GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered) rights, gun-control, euthanasia and the military are extreme.  The methods she used to push her agenda are ruthless, immoral and borderline illegal.  After she was admonished for attempting to prohibit military recruitment on Harvard's campus, she encouraged student groups to find "legal" ways to harass the military recruiters.  She established transgender studies at Harvard Law School.  One of the courses advocated taking on "newer identities" including "polygamy, S&M [sadomasochism], [and] the sexuality of minors."  She was instrumental in getting sex-change operations partially covered by the student health plan at Harvard.  Why are the hard earned tax dollars of our families being used for cosmetic surgery?  I obtained these facts from a comprehensive report that is available at this web address:  You, and all Americans must read this eye-opening report.

It is her stance on the sanctity of life which concerns me the most.  Americans agree that life should be constitutionally protected.  The opening words of our Declaration of Independence speak for themselves:  "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."  When we become a society that no longer values life, we will cease to be a nation.

While she is entitled to her own political views, she is quoted as saying, "I think judges tend to be too separate from the political process and the body politic."  This statement combined with her extremist views make it quite clear that Ms. Kagan would be an activist judge.  She will not remain impartial.  You are President for all of us, not simply the radical left wing of your party.  I urge you to withdraw your nomination of Ms. Kagan immediately.

Testerman is on the September 14, 2010 primary election ballot. 


CEI Weekly: Kozinski Brings Down the House at CEI's Annual Dinner 


June 25, 2010 

>>CEI Dinner 2010

CEI’s 2010 dinner took place last week. The evening was a great success, earning rave reviews from attendees. The dinner featured as Master of Ceremonies Tom Donlan of Barron’s, and a keynote address from the Honorable Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Kozinski managed to make a lecture on antitrust law entertaining! CEI presented the 2010 Julian Simon Memorial Award to noted statisticians Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick for their work in debunking the infamous “hockey stick” climate graph. Read coverage (and see photos) of our dinner from Jennifer Harper in The Washington Times, Jim Antle in The American Spectator, and David Lat in Above the Law. To all our sponsors and guests, thank you for coming and making it a great event – we’ll see you all in 2011! 

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>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 98: The Bountiful Harvest of Socialism 

Richard Morrison and Jeremy Lott welcome guest co-host Jim Antle for episode 98. We cover Obama’s speechifying, the end of free checking accounts, the bountiful harvest of socialism in Venezuela and the end game of Detroit’s notorious mayoral sexting scandal.

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NRCC - Shea-Porter Backs ObamaCare Power Grab 

New Hampshire Dem Votes to Let IRS Go After Americans for Not Complying with Healthcare Takeover

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter cast yet another vote for more government and more spending today when she endorsed one of the most controversial provisions of her party’s healthcare takeover legislation. Given the opportunity to block federal funding to the Internal Revenue Service to enforce ObamaCare’s individual mandate requiring all Americans to purchase insurance coverage, Shea-Porter instead gave the green light for the federal government to enforce this constitutionally questionable provision (House Roll Call 385). Cutting this burdensome spending measure would save taxpayers between five and ten billion dollars:

“There are too many needed cuts to list, but this week, my YouCut proposal seeks to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from hiring thousands of additional agents and employees to implement the new government health care law—the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—which would save taxpayers upwards of $5 to $10 billion over the next ten years.” (Fred Upton, “Have your voices heard, YouCut America – and working together, we can cut spending,” Daily Caller, 6/24/2010)The controversial individual mandate is at the heart of the Democrats’ unpopular government takeover of healthcare, which continues to receive low marks from the American people thanks to its hefty price tag and broken promises. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that a plurality of Americans disapprove of the legislation:

From what you have heard about Barack Obama's health care plan that was recently passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, do you think his plan is a good idea or a bad idea?

Total Good Idea: 40

Total Bad Idea: 44

(NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey, 6/17-6/21, 2010)

“After constantly backing more government and more spending, it should sadly surprise no one that Carol Shea-Porter just gave the green light for the feds to target Americans for not complying with ObamaCare,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “The American people have repeatedly rejected the Democrats’ healthcare takeover, but Shea-Porter continues to walk the party line instead of standing up the people she is supposed to represent. With Americans already suffering under the burden of big government, Carol Shea-Porter continues to write her political obituary by backing her party’s wildly unpopular agenda.”


ALG SOUNDBITE ADVISORY - Gulf Coast Rebuilding Expert Criticizes the Administration's Inactions 

Gulf Coast Rebuilding Expert Paul Conway criticizes the Administration's inactions on the Gulf oil spill in an exclusive interview with ALG.

The former head of the office charged with rebuilding the Gulf Coast criticized Obama Administration efforts in the Gulf Coast oil spill in an exclusive interview with Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

Paul Conway served two stints as acting federal coordinator for The Office of the Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast Rebuilding, while retaining his role as chief of staff to the office from April 2007 to April 2009.

To read ALG's story about the Administration's lack of action towards the Gulf oil spill and disaster, and for additional comments from Paul Conway, click here.


 Who: Gulf Coast Rebuilding Expert Paul Conway and Americans for Limited Government (ALG) Communications Director Rick Manning.

What: Comments about the federal government's lack of knowledge and action to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


Paul Conway Soundbite 1:  What is one piece of advice you would give to Obama as he deals with this crisis?

 "This is a crisis this is not a political campaign.  Soundbites don't cut it.  Action on the ground and results on behalf of people, that's what matters right now."

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Rick Manning Soundbite 1:  Incompetence or negligence?

"We can no longer excuse Obama's inactions as incompetence.  It's deliberate negligence."

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Paul Conway Soundbite 2:  Who is at fault for an inactive response to this crisis?

"After two months I think the American people will say not good enough.  There's one person accountable for the crisis response and that's the President of the United States."

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Paul Conway Soundbite 3:  From day one of this crisis, why wasn't more federal assistance sent to the Gulf?

"You have a federal workforce that's been engaged for four years after Katrina that's got expertise on how to help people on day one.  All these folks could have been utilized and they haven't been. That's the failure of leadership from the President and his appointed staff."

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