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ALG Demands Obama Dismiss Andy Stern from Debt Commission, Discontinue White House Meetings Amid FBI Investigation

September 28th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging Barack Obama to fire former SEIU head Andy Stern from the National Debt Commission and to discontinue White House meetings with Stern amid an FBI investigation into the former labor head and other corruption at the union:

"Until such time that Andy Stern is cleared of all wrongdoing by the FBI, the Obama Administration must dismiss him from the national debt commission, and stop meeting with him.  No other person has met with the White House as much as Andy Stern, and now we learn he's at the heart of an FBI probe. 

"Obama must avoid even the appearance of impropriety and immediately distance himself from Stern.  Stern has no business sitting on a presidential commission while the FBI is investigating him, or meeting with top White House officials, including Obama.

"If the White House will not fire Stern, then members of Congress must urge Obama to do so.  Congress has a vested interest in the findings of the debt commission not being tainted by a union corruption scandal, and assuring that White House appointments are properly vetted."


A Stern Word on Obama's Debt Appointment, March 2010.

SEIU's Stern Tops White House Visitor List, Wall Street Journal, October 30th, 2009.


SEIA Praises President Obama, Congress for Helping Small Business 


Bonus Depreciation extension helps solar business weather a rough 2010, but other policies will drive more robust growth in coming years

WASHINGTON – SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch released the following statement today after President Obama signed into law legislation that provides support to small businesses. The Job Creation and Tax Cut Act of 2010 extends bonus depreciation to cover all of 2010:

"We applaud Congress for passing the small business bill, as well as the President for signing it into law. The U.S. solar industry is largely made up of small businesses including contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers and manufacturers who operate in all 50 states. This law will help continue growing the clean energy market across the U.S.

"Specifically, extending bonus depreciation eases the economic burden caused by the economy on the solar industry, and better positions us for robust growth in 2011.

"However, other policies that will create new American jobs in the clean energy field and that enjoy bipartisan support remain in limbo. Specifically, the Treasury Grant Program (TGP) in lieu of the investment tax credit has been highly effective at addressing the gap in private tax equity financing.

"If Congress does not extend the TGP that expires in December, it will pass on an opportunity to create tens of thousands of jobs and deploy enough solar to power more than a million homes."

Bonus depreciation allows businesses to recover capital expenditure costs faster by providing a first‐year depreciation bonus of 50 percent. Bonus depreciation applies to most new business assets, including solar panels. It is worth roughly two percent of the upfront cost for solar projects. The policy was extended for one year in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but expired at the end of 2009.


Daily News from the Veterans Today Network 

Peter Baker
Woodward Book Exposes Obama Team's Internal Afghanistan War Battles

Obama's Wars

WASHINGTON - Some of the critical players in President Obama's national security team doubt his strategy in Afghanistan will succeed and have spent much of the last 20 months quarreling with one another over policy, personalities and turf, according to a new book. 

The book, "Obama's Wars," by the journalist Bob Woodward, depicts an administration deeply torn over the war in Afghanistan even as the president agreed to triple troop levels there amid suspicion that he was being boxed in by the military. Mr. Obama's top White House adviser on Afghanistan and his special envoy for the region are described as believing the strategy will not work.

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NRCC - As Obama Works to Fill Dem Coffers, Shea-Porter Still Silent on Vote to Stop Tax Hikes

Obama Campaigns at DCCC Fundraiser in NYC While Families and Small Business Owners Across the Country Brace for Higher Taxes

Washington- Congress is scheduled to remain in session through the end of next week, yet House Democrats like Carol Shea-Porter still won’t commit to a full up-or-down vote on their party’s scheduled tax hikes before skipping town. And while Democrats in Washington continue to stall until recess, President Obama is headed to New York to fill the campaign coffers for vulnerable Democrats at a ritzy Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) fundraiser. With working families and small businesses still suffering under the consequences of the Democrats’ failed economic policies from the past two years – will Shea-Porter finally put New Hampshire families first and spare them the impact of higher taxes during an already devastating recession before it’s too late?

“As President Obama heads to a high-dollar fundraiser in New York, House Democrats in Washington are preparing to unload another massive blow to working families and small businesses across the country in the form of devastating tax increase,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “With Congress set to remain in session for another week, Carol Shea-Porter has still not committed to a full up-or-down vote on the Obama tax hike. And while middle-class families continue to wait for Shea-Porter and her Washington friends to end all scheduled tax increases on small businesses, the re-election hopes of House Democrats continues to fade.”

According to a recent survey of economists, stopping the job-killing tax hikes on all Americans is “the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy”:

“With income tax rates set to go up on Dec. 31, Congress is hotly debating what to do next. But most economists agree: Keep them where they are.”

“…a majority of a panel of leading economists surveyed by said that the tax cuts should be renewed for everyone.

“The first in a series of economic surveys revealed that extending the tax cuts for all taxpayers is the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy.” (Chris Isidore, “Economists: Extend Bush tax cuts for everyone,” CNN, 09/20/10)

And even the President himself declared that the recession is ‘still very real’ at a townhall on Monday in Washington D.C.:

“President Obama said yesterday he doesn’t care that the Great Recession has been declared over by a group of economists. For the millions of people who are out of work or otherwise struggling, he said, ‘it’s still very real for them.’” (“Obama says recession is still very real,” Associated Press, 09/21/10)

With a week and a half until Congress is scheduled to adjourn, will Carol Shea-Porter finally put New Hampshire families first and pledge support for a full up-or-down vote on planned tax hikes before leaving Washington?

Visit the NRCC’s Democrat Tax Tracker for more information.


ALG Pressures Senate Judiciary Committee on Radical Nominees

"These five radical judicial picks renominated by Obama remind the American people of why judges matter.  It is up to the Judiciary Committee to put the brakes on nominees whose extralegal views warp and distort the Constitution and thus undermine the rule of law. America does not need more ideologues on the bench."—ALG President Bill Wilson.

September 22nd, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today pressured the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject what he described as "five radical nominees," including Goodwin Liu and Robert Chatigny, for the federal bench.

"Barack Obama's radical nominees for the federal bench have been so bad that not even Senate Democrats have dared to put themselves on the record supporting them.  That's why they have failed muster the 60 votes needed for cloture.  That's why the nominees were returned to Obama.  That's why they haven't already been confirmed," Wilson said

"There is no obstruction except from within the Democrat caucus.  Senate Republicans are under no obligation to support nominees or provide political cover for the other side of the aisle when key Democrat Senators don't even support Obama's nominees," Wilson explained.

"Goodwin Liu is an extraconstitutional thinker who believes that the eligibility requirements for ObamaCare and other 'welfare rights' are perfectly within the scope of courts to interpret," Wilson noted.  "With him on the bench, a single-payer system could be just one court decision away.  The American people cannot take that chance."

"Liu also has an expansive view of the Commerce Clause, and does not even hold as an 'absolute requirement' that an activity even be economic in order for it to be regulated.  Guess what? That encapsulates all activity," Wilson explained.

"Robert Chatigny told the American people everything they needed to know when he did all in his power to prevent the execution of a convicted serial killer and rapist.  He even overturned Connecticut's sex offender registry law, only to later have his own decision reversed," Wilson explained.

Americans for Limited Government has run ads condemning Judiciary Committee members for previously supporting Chatigny, including Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Also being voted on in committee on Thursday are former ACLU attorney Edward Chen, Louis Butler who Wisconsin voters have twice rejected for the state's supreme court, and Jack McConnell, whose has been connected with the rogue group, ACORN.

Wilson concluded, "These five radical judicial picks renominated by Obama remind the American people of why judges matter.  It is up to the Judiciary Committee to put the brakes on nominees whose extralegal views warp and distort the Constitution and thus undermine the rule of law.  America does not need more ideologues on the bench."


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