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Will host Town Hall Meeting in Response to President's Visit

Nashua, NH - Today, Cornerstone Policy Research and Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire announced a town hall event with Fox News Contributor and The Wall Street Journal columnist, Stephen Moore, to respond to President Obama's speech this week in Nashua. Mr. Moore will address the challenges facing the country from health care to nation's skyrocketing debt. 

LOCATION:  The Courtyard Marriott, 2200 South Wood Drive, Nashua, NH. 
DATE AND TIME:   Tuesday, February 2nd.  Doors Open at 3:30 PM, Program Begins at 4 PM


CEI Weekly: CEI Covers the State of the Union Speech 

>>CEI Covers the State of the Union

Ryan Young, CEI's Warren Brookes' Fellow, covered President's Barack Obama's first State of the Union on OpenMarket.Org. Wayne Crews also gave his predictions and recommendations on the state of the union in his article in the Daily Caller.

>>Shaping the Debate

Obama's Bank-Busting Regulation Full of Bugs

John Berlau's op-ed in the Washington Examiner

Michigan's Auto Insurance Rates Aren’t Highway Robbery

Michelle Minton's op-ed in the Detroit News

Is Net Neutrality Good for Gaming?

Ryan Radia's quotation in GamePro 

>>Best of the Blogs 

Better than Nothing or Another Feint

by Fred Smith

Seeking to recast himself as a fiscal conservative, Obama is projected to propose a freeze on discretionary spending - NPR, NEA, “green” jobs, “disaster” relief, foreign aid?  Well, perhaps, but before awarding him the 2010 “Wastrel Recovery” prize, consider the various ways government burdens the economy.  Limiting spending and government growth requires a systemic approach.  Consider the rich array of political means: taxes, regulation, guarantees, entitlements, inflation, monetary misallocation, and “discretionary” spending. . .  Perhaps, if Obama would cease campaigning for ever more costly regulations, halting the onslaught of financial, environmental and medical rules, or abolish Freddie, Fannie and the other TBTF faux capitalist GSEs cluttering the economic landscape, we’d have more confidence.

My Two Cents on AmazonGate

by Marlo Lewis

Earlier this week in the Telegraph, the intrepid James Delingpole debuted “Amazongate.” Like Himalayagate, this is a case in which the IPCC relied on a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report, rather than a peer-reviewed scientific study, to make a scary claim about global warming. The IPCC (Working Group II, Ch. 13, p. 596) says that, “Up to 40% of the Amazonian forests could react drastically to even a slight reduction in precipitation” due to global warming. The IPCC’s reference for this claim is Rowell and Moore (2000), which turns out to be an IUCN/WWF report, Global Review of Forest Fires.  

SEIU Suffers a Major Loss in California

by Ivan Osorio

The powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has taken a major hit from a rival union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), which is led by a former SEIU dissident. The Los Angeles Times reports that Kaiser Permanente workers throughout California have voted to disaffiliate from SEIU and join NUHW. For Stern, this could turn out to be even worse news than it already is, if it were to inspire other discontented union members to resist his centralizing efforts in similar fashion.

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 78: Obama's 23% Approval Rating

Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott and the American Spectator’s Jim Antle collaborate on episode 78. We cover the reverberations from Scott Brown’s Senate election, Obama’s 77% disapproval rating among investors, the 1st Amendment verdict in the Citizens United case, the shame of UN climate science and a new hope for Haiti. 


NetRight Daily: Worst Week for Obama 

White House "Panic Week":  Barack Obama's "Panic Week" has come and gone, but did his White House learn anything from the historic repudiation of his leftist agenda? Putting the question another way, has Obama made the necessary course corrections or is he still refusing to hear the message that America is sending him so loudly and clearly?

Climategate Ignored in Coverage of SEC Ruling:  Global warming alarmism took some big hits toward the end of the last year with "climategate" and the collapse of treaty talks in Copenhagen. This might explain why front page coverage of the topic has fallen off quite dramatically in recent weeks. But there's an interesting New York Times piece in the business section concerning "interpretitive guidance"  the Securities and Exchange Council (SEC)  issued to help companies determine when they should disclose potential risks related to climate change.

Book Review:  In Search of Self-Governance by Scott Rasmussen:  No one has his finger more firmly planted on the American people's pulse than public opinion pollster Scott Rasmussen. His popular Rasmussen Reports have taking polling to a new level of accuracy, prompting Washington Examiner columnist Michael Barone to observe, "the best place to look for polls that are spot on is"

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AFP - Obama's Coming to Nashua Next Tuesday 

Last night from Concord, New Hampshire , I watched with other grassroots activists at our Americans for Prosperity town hall meeting as President Obama attempted to pass himself off as a job-creating, fiscal conservative who cares about American taxpayers.  I couldn’t believe my ears.

You and I know better because we witnessed his big-government, tax-and-spend liberal agenda all last year.  We know the national debt has grown under his administration and government spending has increased 22%.

We can’t let his voice be the only one Congress hears when they go to vote on key legislation in session.

Now more than ever we must exercise our free speech rights and let Obama know that he does not represent you and I, and we will not accept his schemes that will jeopardize our nation’s prosperity.

Next Tuesday, Obama travels to Nashua to try and convince the people of New Hampshire and our Massachusetts neighbors that his plan is the right plan. We will be there waiting for him, and we will not be silent.

Join me and hundreds of grassroots activists for a town hall immediately following the President’s remarks in Nashua next Tuesday.

The details of his visit have not yet been released—I will send them as soon as I receive word. But please commit your time on Tuesday, Feb. 2 nd to stand up to Obama and remind him that HE works for US.

Hope to see you next Tuesday in Nashua,

Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity


NHDP - Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on the SOTU 

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, Ray Buckley, released the following statement on President Obama's State of the Union address.

"Tonight President Obama delivered a forceful State of the Union Address that outlined a strong agenda for rebuilding our economy, creating new jobs, and finishing the hard work necessary to reform our broken health care system."


"The President's address was a powerful reminder of why the American people chose him to lead our country through the most challenging time of our lives. After eight failed years of Republican leadership we are in the deepest recession since the Great Depression."


"Thanks to President Obama's leadership and Democrats in the United States House and Senate, I'm confident that we will be successful in building a New Foundation of prosperity for families and business that is essential to moving our country forward."