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NetRight Daily: Taxes, ACORN and More 

The Tax Freedom Day Mirage:  Americans are about to finish paying taxes this year. Kind of. Tax Freedom Day (TFD) came on April 9, but it's an artificial freedom. Massive borrowing this year - the federal deficit is expected to run about $1.6 trillion - guarantees future tax increases.

Why Goodwin Liu is Important:  As the national political media rightly shifts its attention to Barack Obama's choice to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Justice John Paul Stevens, a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Friday, April 16th for another controversial nominee should still garner the attention of those reporting upon the transformation of the Constitution from "a charter of negative liberties" into one that would "bring about redistributive change."

Check out this video showing why more taxes won't help create more jobs.

ACORN's Partisan Activities On Behalf of Obama Should Be Re-Examined:  ACORN's questionable financial transactions and political activity were explored by the New York Times in the months leading up to the 2008 presidential election. But this reporting was abruptly cut off. Now would be a good time to reactivate the investigation since the organization is supposedly disbanding.

Check out today's Must Reads.

VIDEO:  Rep. Grayson flips his lid at a Perkins restaurant.

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AFP - Obama's new tax on...Rainwater!?

Dear Friend,

Would President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency really force Americans to pay a tax on "rainwater runoff" from homes and small businesses?

You bet they would.  In fact, the EPA, under radical environmentalist Lisa Jackson, is proposing regulations to do just that. 

Take a look at the EPA's own Federal Register filing, where the EPA generally describes the initiative it's proposing:

...requirements, including design or performance standards, for stormwater discharges from, at minimum, newly developed and redeveloped sites. EPA intends to propose regulatory options that would revise the NPDES regulations and establish a comprehensive program to address stormwater discharges from newly developed and redeveloped sites and to take final action no later than November 2012. (Source)

This is bureaucratic-speak for having the EPA force cities and counties to limit stormwater runoff to levels the EPA deems acceptable.  Limiting "rainwater runoff" will mean forcing homeowners and businesses to pay new taxes in order to rein in rainwater, and that's no pun intended. 

Think about just how big-government this is.  A Washington, D.C. bureaucracy plans on forcing your local county or city to slap new taxes on you and me because this big-government bureaucracy wants to micro-manage rainwater across the entire country.  Already, several counties and cities across the United States are moving to pass new taxes and fees in anticipation of the new EPA rules, including cities in states as disparate as Florida, Ohio and Kansas.  For more details CLICK HERE

But really, this new EPA outrage is part of the pattern of the Obama Administration.  Cap-and-trade is bogged down for now in the Senate (though they'll try to bring it back this year), so the liberals try to use an un-elected bureaucracy to pass their radical agenda.  First, they declared that greenhouse gases are a "threat" to the environment and to health, so they're pushing new regulations that will in effect pass cap-and-trade without Congress having to act.  Now, they're pushing this new "rainwater runoff" tax.

Just last month, Americans for Prosperity launched a national effort to stop this big government over-reach by the EPA.  We're calling it the Regulation Reality Tour™, and we launched it in Arkansas with events across the state.  Click HERE for photos. On April 19 we will begin the second leg of our tour in Colorado, with a third leg launching in Indiana and Ohio in early May.  I hope to see you on the road as we take on Obama's EPA!

Our goal is simple: educate Americans on the threat to their freedoms and our economy from the EPA's arrogant, nutty agenda.  The EPA's head, Lisa Jackson, attended the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen where she stated her intention to "transform" the way the American economy works using her bureaucracy.  I was there in the room and heard her say it. 

EPA is such a runaway bureaucracy at this point that only Congress can stop them.  Thankfully, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has a proposal to do just that.  Murkowski has a resolution of disapproval—which would stop EPA in its tracks—that has been gathering steam, but we need your help to put her over the top.  CLICK HERE to take action and tell your senators to support S.J.Res. 26.  Make sure they know you will hold them accountable if they don't help pass Murkowski's resolution.  Any lawmakers who won't stand up to stop the EPA are complicit in the onerous regulations they are trying to pass.

Spring is here.  All things begin anew.  And that includes renewing the fight for our freedoms.


Tim Phillips

PS:  I just finished a father/son trip with my 16-year-old twin boys.  It was great fun.  On the airplane especially, my sons talked about what they wanted to do in the years to come.  Hearing them talk about their futures, I was reminded of something Ronald Reagan said – freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.  As usual, President Reagan was right.  Let's make sure we keep doing our part to ensure that our generation passes on to our children and grandchildren the same freedoms we enjoyed.

Please click here to contact your senators and tell them to stop the EPA.

Like what Americans for Prosperity is doing? Invest in our work by clicking here. We're supported by our more than one million citizen-activists nationwide. Your contribution in any amount will go a long way in promoting free-market policies at all levels of government - local, state and federal. Thanks!


ALG - Continuing Obama Administration Attempts to Hide Union Income and Expenditures Blasted

"When union leaders working with their former employees, who now  function as Obama officials at the U.S. Department of Labor, eliminate the ability of the people to track the expenditure and collection of hundreds of millions of dollars by those very union leaders, it smells like the sewer of corruption that only DC politics can create."—ALG President Bill Wilson.

April 6th, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Obama Administration officials within the Labor Department were urged to not rescindunion disclosure rules in a letter released today from Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

ALG President William Wilson in the April 5 letter to the Labor Department's Office of Labor-Management Standards blasted the Agency stating, "Rather than working feverishly to turn union financial transparency into a financial black hole the Department should get back to work investigating and bringing to justice those union leaders who steal from their members."

The letter was prompted by Labor Department proposed rulemaking that would change two major Bush Administration labor disclosure requirements.  Under the new Obama rules, labor unions with trust accounts would be allowed to hide both income and expenditures from those trusts from scrutiny by members, media and outside watchdog groups creating a whole new definition of "blind trust".

The other major change would allow "intermediary" unions like the role the Alabama Education Association plays for the National Education Association, to not disclose their income or expenditures creating a dead end for those reporting on how the teachers unions influence the nation's education policies. 

Wilson concluded by stating, "When union leaders working with their former employees, who now function as Obama officials at the U.S. Department of Labor, eliminate the ability of the people to track the expenditure and collection of hundreds of millions of dollars by those very union leaders, it smells like the sewer of corruption that only DC politics can create." 

The Department of Labor has been charged with overseeing the financial activities of organized labor since the 1959 passage of the John F. Kennedy sponsored Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).    A law that was designed to provide for full disclosure of union finances.  During the Bush Administration more than 900 union leaders were successfully prosecuted, with many as a direct result of financial reporting requirements.

A copy of the original letter to the Department of Labor is available from ALG at Rescission NPRM ALG Comment 04_05_10.pdf.



CHQ - Tea Party 48%, Obama 44% 

Tea Party 48%, Obama 44% | 05 April 2010

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from @RichardViguerie:

March 30 Obama on NBC blamed political polarization (i.e. his problems) on cable TV, talk radio, internet & blogs #tcot

Obama recognizes opposition to his socialist agenda is primarily from conservatives using talk radio, cable TV and internet, not GOP leaders #tcot

For the full digest:
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ReclaimAmerica -Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week


A high priority in my life is to help "restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed the under the Constitution;" a pledge made by thirty governors and the goal of the CNC/1776 team. To allow me to focus on our goal  I'm going to eliminate many of the names in my address book. If you share our goal and wish to network with others to pursue it, please register with the team at  Following is my most recent release through the communications system.



CNC Chairman Mecham often said: "America's enemies are winning for lack of an organized resistance." Each passing day seems to bring forth one more reason for Americans to unite on  meaningful actions of common interest designed to gain control of the Federal government via a system allowing them to retain their freedom to pursue special interests.  The paper at summarizes my thoughts on developing an "organized resistance."

Though I hope it's not true, I received the following email that again emphasizes the need for unity of action. The best way I know of for realizing such unity is through the communications system on the web site which should be of help in creating the team described at Please urge your contacts to help create this needed team.


Walter Myers


Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week
Abandoning all loyalty to the democratic processes this nation holds dear, President Obama has made the decision that getting energy tax legislation through Congress with the approval of the American people is just too much of a pain to bother with. Instead he will have the EPA declare as early as next week that CO2 is a dangerous global warming gas and will start regulating its emissions immediately.
Put simply, it means $8 for a gallon of gas and 2-3 times higher electricity bills. It also means the loss of millions more sorely needed jobs as businesses are hit with higher operating costs and the transfer of whatever remains of our manufacturing sector to China where energy is cheaper and they aren’t so concerned about CO2.

In the first week alone, American businesses estimated that ObamaCare will cost them $14 billion. By most estimates this latest Obama nightmare will be far more expensive and may literally destroy the economy in less than 20 years.
read here...

Walter L. Myers
coordinator; 1776 Initiative