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NRSC - Conceding the GOP seats?


Conceding the GOP seats?


By Ben Smith

October 18, 2010 04:12 PM

President Obama, in a fundraising email for the DSCC today, wrote:

The DSCC has already begun to shift momentum in our favor in critical races - but Republicans only need to win 10 of the 15 seats up for grabs to take the majority. 

I'm sure this isn't deliberate, but that formula seems to concede what many on both sides now see as nearly done: Five open GOP-held seats, in Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, and Kansas, have slipped pretty near out of reach.

Of those, the Kentucky race seems the most competitive. If the Democrats pick it up, Republicans would, of course, need 11 to take the Senate.


CHQ - The Most Effective Group Opposing Obama's Agenda? 

Dear Fellow Conservative,

With only two weeks left before the midterm elections, President Obama is relentlessly singling out one group for attack in his speeches:  Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

On at least 13 occasions now, including the MTV Townhall meeting this past Thursday, the President has attacked the grassroots activists, donors, and staff who make up Americans for Prosperity.  Click here to see the video of the President's attacks
Why is Obama so upset by AFP? 

Because in my judgment, Americans for Prosperity is the most effective grassroots organization opposing the big government agendas of the President, Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 
In recent months, I've seen Americans for Prosperity's massive, nationwide operation up close and it's making an enormous difference for our nation.
The President focuses on Americans for Prosperity's millions spent on television ads.  They're effective.  You can view some of their ads here:
Arizona--Rep. Gabrielle Giffords:

New Hampshire--Rep. Carol Shea-Porter:

Wisconsin--Rep. Ron Kind:

Ohio--Rep. Zack Space:

But, what sets Americans for Prosperity apart is the fact that they have built a state-based grassroots army across our nation that's fighting to protect our economic freedoms. 
Right now, as part of their "November is Coming" effort, AFP activists are making thousands upon thousands of at home "freedom phone" calls to educate Americans on the voting records of liberal members of Congress in priority districts. 

You may be interested in this article from the Richmond Times Dispatch
that details how the effort is impacting the political landscape this year. 
Along with the at home "freedom phone" effort, there is a carefully targeted door-to-door program being executed in priority districts across the nation, as AFP activists use good old fashioned shoe leather to deliver their message. 
to see this extensive grassroots effort.  It's exciting and impressive. 
Their "November is Coming" and "Spending Revolt" bus tours are crisscrossing the nation, as well holding events that accomplish two key goals:  recruiting tens-of-thousands of new grassroots activists and generating enormous media coverage that forces these liberal members of Congress to defend their votes on the health care takeover, cap-and-trade, and the counterproductive Stimulus Bill. 

Americans for Prosperity has executed over 500 stand-alone rallies and bus tour events this year alone.  To get a sense of the scale of bus tour effort, CLICK here to see the map
detailing these events. 

And you can see pictures of some of these events HERE

I spoke with AFP's President, Tim Phillips, and he's now been in over 50 priority congressional districts in 2010 as part of their bus tours.   
On the new media front, Americans for Prosperity is also in the forefront of the conservative movement.  In July, I attended their 3rd annual "Right on Line" conference that trained well over 1,200 activists to be more effective online for the conservative cause.  On YouTube, AFP is consistently among the top non-profit organizations in terms of Americans viewing their videos. 

Click here
to see their most recent gem that's been viewed by over 330,000 folks. 
Americans for Prosperity was launched in 2004.  Now seven years later, they've built a powerful group that this year will spend $35 million in defense of our free market economy. 
What I like best, though, about Americans for Prosperity is that their efforts are not about any one year or any political party.  They are committed to building a long-term, grassroots infrastructure across our nation that will effectively protect and advance our economic freedoms in the years to come. 
Let's keep up our efforts in these last days before November 2nd.

Then let's make sure we stand ready to do battle during the coming lame-duck session of Congress and then in January when the 112th Congress convenes.
Yours for a great victory on November 2nd,

Richard A. Viguerie

9625 Surveyor Court
Suite 400
Manassas, Virginia 20110


CEI Daily - Foreign Money, Foreclosures, and French Pensions


Foreign Money


President Obama has criticized the Chamber of Commerce for relying on foreign funding.


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young says Obama's criticism is weak.


"President Obama seems to be saying that people are smart enough to know whether or not a candidate or a political party is bamboozling them in their campaign ads. But people suddenly lose their wits when an outside group, or — gasp! — someone from another country does the exact same thing. That kind of cognitive dissonance must be difficult to live with."





The media is having a field day over paperwork errors in mortgage foreclosures.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader argues that the media is focusing on technicalities to avoid holding borrowers accountable.


"Dismissing foreclosure actions based on technicalities that have nothing to do with whether a borrower defaulted on a loan will lead to negative 'consequences' for borrowers in the future, like much more costly handling of paperwork, that will likely lead to increased closing costs for people purchasing a home.  'Total war over missing paperwork' is a bad thing for honest borrowers and lenders alike."



French Pensions


France is having trouble sustaining its expensive employee benefits system.


Research Associate Lee Doren explains why the situation in France is dire.


"Nicholas Sarkozy has attempted to solve [France's financial problems] by raising the standard pension age from 60 to 62 and the age of a guaranteed 'full' pension from 65 to 67. This 'extreme' measure has led to French unions striking and shutting down the French economy. Yes, that’s correct. Asking people to work two more years in France in order to prevent the country from bankrupting itself is worthy of a strike."


NRN - Must Reads for October 15, 2010


NRCC - Obama Acknowledges Stimulus Failures – Does Shea-Porter Agree?

Twenty Days Until Election Day, Self-Proclaimed “Tax-and-Spend Democrat” Admits There Is “No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Projects”

Washington- The sprint to Election Day has begun and Carol Shea-Porter and her Democrat friends are desperately scrambling to defend their destructive economic agenda on the campaign trail. To make matters even worse for vulnerable Democrats like Shea-Porter, President Obama recently admitted in an interview that he realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects,” confirming once and for all that the stimulus was a policy disaster. After leaving small businesses and hard-working families to suffer from Washington’s egregious miscalculations – how can Shea-Porter possibly defend the failed trillion-dollar stimulus now?

“In an hour-long interview with Times White House correspondent Peter Baker, Mr. Obama predicted that his political rivals will either be chastened by falling short of their electoral goals or burdened with the new responsibility that comes from achieving them.”

“In the magazine article, Mr. Obama reflects on his presidency, admitting that he let himself look too much like ‘the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,’ realized too late that ‘there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects’ and perhaps should have ‘let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts’ in the stimulus.’” (Michael D. Shear, “President Obama Looks Forward — and Back,” New York Times, 10/13/2010)

“By admitting that ‘shovel-ready projects’ don’t exist, President Obama is acknowledging that his failed stimulus was a massive trillion-dollar taxpayer gamble that Carol Shea-Porter will again be forced to defend on the campaign trail,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “The Democrats’ destructive agenda has stopped the economy in its tracks, leading to higher unemployment and placing job-killing regulation and taxes on small businesses. As her party begins to come to grips with the economic damage they have inflicted on American families, Shea-Porter's chances for re-election are quickly diminishing by the day.”

In addition to the President’s latest admission, Democrats have been forced to explain why their trillion-dollar stimulus has created jobs in foreign countries rather than here in the United States.

“About $92 billion - more than 11 percent - of Mr. Obama's original $814 billion of stimulus funds were targeted for renewable energy projects when the measure was pushed through Congress in early 2009…The Department of Energy estimated that 82,000 jobs have been created and has acknowledged that as much as 80 percent of some green programs, including $2.3 billion of manufacturing tax credits, went to foreign firms that employed workers primarily in countries including China, South Korea and Spain, rather than in the United States.” (Patrice Hill, “‘Green’ jobs no longer golden in stimulus,” Washington Times, 9/9/10)

Things have gotten so bad for the out-of-touch majority that the list of endangered Democrats continues to grow with less than 20 days until Election Day.

“Republicans are expanding the battle for the House into districts that Democrats had once considered relatively safe, while Democrats began a strategy of triage on Monday to fortify candidates who they believe stand the best chance of survival.

“As Republicans made new investments in at least 10 races across the country, including two Democratic seats here in eastern Ohio, Democratic leaders took steps to pull out of some races entirely or significantly cut their financial commitment in several districts that the party won in the last two election cycles.” (Jeff Zeleny, “G.O.P. Widens Targets for Picking Up House Seats,” New York Times, 10/11/2010)