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CEI Today: Govt labor unions, OPIC expiring, Obama fiduciary rule, and more 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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How Government Unions Undermine Upward Mobility 

Government labor unions create a privileged and protected class of workers and don’t do much to help the working class, finds a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. > Read more

> Interview Carrie Sheffield



The Case for Closing OPIC

OPIC’s charter expires on September 30, unless Congress renews it—in this way, its business model is similar to the now-expired Export Import Bank. From wasting taxpayer money on the politically well-connected to ineffective job creation policies, the report lists the many reasons why it's time to pull the plug on OPIC. > Read more

> Interview Ryan Young



House Action on Obama "Fiduciary Rule" Investment Restrictions


The House on Wednesday is taking action against the Obama administration's "fiduciary rule" that would restrict the investment choices of holders of 401(k)s, IRAs, health savings accounts, and Coverdell education accounts. The Department of Labor is trying to remake the brokerage and IRA industry and premising the rule on what it believes is the stupidity of American investors.   > Read more

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Ayotte For US Senate - Obama's Government Shutdown 


You’ve probably seen the back-and-forth in the press about a possible government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding. I deeply value your support, so I wanted to reach out directly with where I stand.

I am sickened by the recent videos that show Planned Parenthood callously discussing the harvesting of organs from unborn babies.

We need to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their appalling disregard for the dignity of human life.

I fully support the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood’s actions. I also recently voted to take federal money away from Planned Parenthood and transfer that money instead to community health centers that provide women with health care.

Sadly, that vote failed. And now we face a choice about how we move forward.

Some of my colleagues proposed that we move toward a government shutdown that would cost taxpayer money and cause uncertainty but would not actually stop federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

I share
Right to Life’s concern that the fall-out from a damaging shutdown could end up letting Planned Parenthood off the hook for their despicable actions by distracting from the important issue of protecting life and instead focusing public attention on the impact of a shutdown. That’s why President Obama is spoiling for a shutdown—he knows the story will be all about the shutdown and not these videos that tell people the truth about Planned Parenthood’s sickening practices and that have shifted public support toward the pro-life cause.

We can’t let President Obama do this to the pro-life cause – it’s too important.

Rather than resting all our hopes on a strategy that will achieve no result and will be manipulated by Democrats and the media, I believe we should fund the government, fully investigate Planned Parenthood, and focus our efforts on electing pro-life leaders.

Again, I am fully behind the ongoing legal investigation and will continue to back legislation that protects life.

Thank you for your support,



US Rep. Guinta Rejects Obama Administration's Deal with Iran  



Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Guinta joined a large House majority in voting against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the President's nuclear agreement with Iran, which Rep. Guinta said does not go far enough to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


The House also resolved this week that the President failed to provide Congress with full details of the deal, required under the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Review Act, and passed another bill to prevent him from lifting sanctions until 2017.


Rep. Guinta challenged the President’s lax inspections and “side deals” with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to avoid scrutiny. "The Obama Administration has entered into a unilateral agreement with Iran without Congress’ assent or support of the American people, who overwhelmingly reject it, based on the limited information we have," said Rep. Guinta (NH01).  "Despite the Administration’s secrecy, we are still discovering crucial details about Iran’s path towards a nuclear weapon.  Reported side deals with the IAEA would empower Iranian leaders, chanting ‘Death to America,' to choose their favored inspectors and declare many sites off-limits. I take seriously my responsibility to protect and defend the United States. This president’s weak deal endangers America and our allies. I cannot support it," said Rep. Guinta.






Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today blasted Congresswoman Annie Kuster's decision to support President Obama's deal with Iran and called on likely-Senate candidate Maggie Hassan to denounce it.
"Once again, Congresswoman Annie Kuster has decided to blindly support President Obama's disastrous foreign policy agenda that has diminished American's standing on the global stage and threatened our national security. President Obama's reckless deal will not only undermine our strong alliance with Israel, it will allow the Iranian regime to develop a nuclear weapon in the future. As a likely candidate for the United States Senate, Governor Maggie Hassan has repeatedly dodged questions about the Obama Administration's reckless Iran agenda. Granite Staters have a right to know if likely Senate candidate Hassan is willing to march in lock step with President Obama as he pushes irresponsible foreign policies that will make our world a more dangerous place to live."
In July, Governor Hassan weighed in on the Iran deal and offered a "non-committal" response according to WMUR-TV.
In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress and vigorously denounced President Obama's proposed deal with Iran. The Prime Minister has called the agreement a "historic mistake for the world."

Jindal For President - Republicans Surrendered to Obama on Iran Deal 

Jindal for President


DENISON -- Today at a lunch event in Iowa, Governor Jindal said Republican Senators in D.C. surrendered to President Obama and ultimately helped him get approval for his Iran deal. Gov. Jindal went on to say that Senate Republicans are the only ones who are worse negotiators than President Obama. 

Governor Jindal said, "Every single Republican Senator in D.C. except for Sen. Tom Cotton supported the Corker framework. That's when Republicans surrendered to President Obama on the Iran deal.  Many have argued that bill paved the way for Obama to only need 34 votes to win.

"By endorsing the Corker-Cardin framework, the Senators allowed the deal to go ahead. Amazingly, only one Senator had the sense to oppose this.  It was not any of the four Republican Senators running for President, it was not Ted Cruz, it was Tom Cotton.  He was the only one who had the guts to stand up and say no.  The vote was 98-1 by the way.

"Here’s the real problem – Republicans in Washington got conned by the President.  The Iranians conned the President, and the President conned the Republicans in the Senate.  Senate Republicans are the only ones who are worse negotiators than President Obama."