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MANCHESTER Today, Scott Brown called on President Obama to address the nation on his plans to control the Ebola virus:
"It's time for President Obama to address the nation and reassure Americans that every possible step is being taken to stop the Ebola virus.  This is a case where we all want the President and the Administration to succeed, but in order for that to happen it is essential the President inform the public about what the government is doing, and the steps the rest of us can take to do our part. A week ago, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden, said of Ebola: ‘We will stop it in its tracks.’ Since then, one individual in the United States has died from the disease and a second person has contracted it, and Mr. Frieden is now saying he hasn’t seen anything like this since the AIDS pandemic. Americans need to hear from the President that he has a comprehensive plan to prevent or contain Ebola that includes enhanced airport screenings, travel bans to infected countries and increased security at the border where we are vulnerable to the disease coming in through unmonitored channels."



MANCHESTER Today on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Senator Shaheen distanced herself from campaigning with President Obama in New Hampshire, saying only, “I expect him to be in Washington.”
“Senator Shaheen may be attempting to distance herself from President Obama today, but she has embraced him and policies at every step during her six years in Washington,” said Elizabeth Guyton, spokeswoman for the Scott Brown campaign. “Last week, President Obama said that ‘every single one’ of his policies are on the ballot this November, and Senator Shaheen has supported every single one of those policies. The people of New Hampshire are smart enough to see through Senator Shaheen’s election year rhetoric, and in 26 days, they’ll get a chance to pass a final judgment on the failed Obama/Shaheen agenda by electing Scott Brown.”

Click here to watch the segment.

Andrea Mitchell: I want to ask you about President Obama because he hasn't been campaigning in a whole lot of states, people have not been inviting him. Would you rather have President Obama campaign for you or one of the Clintons?
Jeanne Shaheen: Well we actually have Hillary Clinton coming up and former President Clinton is going to be here next week for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. So they are going be here and I’m delighted to have their support and to have them coming up to help us. I think at this point in the campaign, we want to turn out everybody we can because New Hampshire has a very big percentage drop off between the presidential year and the non-presidential year. And what we want is for people to know there is an election coming up November the 4th and to get out there and vote.
Mitchell: And having the president come would not be helpful?
Shaheen: Well, the president is dealing with a lot of crisis in the world right now and I think it's important for him to continue to address what's happening with ISIS. To continue to address the Ebola scare so I expect him to be in Washington.


NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Says Obama Isn't The Only One To Blame For Border Crisis 

HuffPost: Scott Brown Says Obama Isn't The Only One To Blame For Border Crisis

WASHINGTON -- Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown has spent months hammering President Barack Obama on the issue of border security as part of his effort to unseat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.). But last week, Brown went slightly off-script by conceding that it was not, in fact, Obama's fault that the border isn't secure.

"We need to secure the border once and for all," Brown, a former senator from Massachusetts, said during an Oct. 1 panel in Walnut Creek, California.

"And I know it's been going on with other presidents, I'm not going to say it's his fault. It's everybody's fault."

Brown did, however, criticize Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, which allows young undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States.

"The president expanding the definition of refugee, allowing mostly young children and others to come through the border … it sends a very bad message," Brown said, adding that he voted twice to secure the border during his time in the Senate.

"That being said, I know there are other issues affecting immigration," he said. "But until we get to the core problem, which is once and for all truly sending the message, cutting off the border, cutting off the incentives and the green light neon sign, we're going to continue to revisit this over and over and over again."

Watch Brown's comments in the video above.

The noticeably softer remarks marked a shift for Brown, who has made border security a cornerstone of his campaign in recent months. His campaign has run as many as three television spots that directly blame the border crisis on the "pro-amnesty policies" of Obama and Shaheen. In one ad, Brown looks into the camera and asks, "Want to know why there's lawlessness on our border? Ask Senator Shaheen," before flashing an image of Shaheen and Obama standing together. In another, he links border security with the Islamic State and says Obama and Shaheen "seem confused" about the threat posed by the militant group.

Brown also made immigration and national security the focal point of a foreign policy speech at Saint Anselm College last month.

"The Obama-Shaheen agenda of amnesty and no border enforcement is only inviting more chaos and danger," Brown said. "Illegal immigration is, above all, a national security challenge."

The strategy has proved fruitful for Brown, who continues to trail Shaheen but has gained momentum in recent polls. HuffPost's Pollster average, which combines all publicly available polling, shows Shaheen ahead by four percentage points -- down from a lead of more than six points as recently as last month.

ALG's Daily Grind - Getting rid of sugar subsidies: A look to the future after decades of failure 


Oct. 8, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Getting rid of sugar subsidies:  A look to the future after decades of failure
225 years later after originally being enacted, sugar subsidies are no closer to being eliminated.

Weak Obama leaves Marine Sergeant to rot in Mexican prison
Does the principle of "Leave no man behind" end when a member of the United States military leaves the battlefield?

One more thing Texas does right
Could the D.C. court's decision on the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard signal the end of conservation-by-lawsuit?


Heritage - All the President's Former Men: Panetta Joins Critics of Obama Over Benghazi 

The Daily Signal


October 9, 2014

Morning Bell

All the President's Former Men: Panetta Joins Critics of Obama Over Benghazi

Daily Policy Focus: Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has joined other former members of the Obama team in criticizing the president’s Middle East policy and his handling of the Benghazi attack.

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This 29-Year-Old Woman Has Chosen to Die. Why That's a Loss for All of Us.

Brittany Maynard has terminal brain cancer. She was diagnosed on New Year's Day this year, just a little over a year after her wedding.

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Hong Kong's Former No. 2 Official Fields 7 Questions on the Future of Her City.

As the number of pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong dwindles, one of the city's veteran leaders is a key figure in seeking a compromise with the pro-Beijing camp on how to elect a new chief executive.

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