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NRSC - President Obama's Bounced Checks 



President Obama’s legacy: Five years of writing bad checks.

In just five years under President Obama, we've racked up $6 trillion in new debt. It’s difficult to fathom that amount of money. And yet, in speech after speech, we continue to hear even more promises of new spending.

The Democrats seem content to spend without accountability. This will put the burden of paying back all of our debt on future generations – debt that will limit their options and restrain their quality of life. Senate Democrats have spent five years writing bad checks. We need to wrestle with the national debt NOW - not wait until it's too late, or until it becomes too big of a problem. The best way we will be able to get spending under control is to put more Republicans in the Senate.

We have recruited one of the best classes of candidates in a generation, but we need your help to get us over the finish line. The Democrats' primary focus is on keeping the Senate. They are pouring millions of dollars into negative ads to define our candidates early. We need your support to fight back!

Please stand with us by making a contribution today. Working together, we will rein in Washington’s reckless spending and build a better future for the next generation.

Please help us take the Senate majority. It's the only responsible way forward.

Senator Jeff Flake


CEI Today: Obama regulations, union poster scam, and in-flight cell phone ban

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
In the News Today


Obama Major Regulations 29 Percent Higher Than Bush

President George W. Bush averaged 63 major rules per year during his eight years in office; Obama’s five years so far have averaged 81. President Obama has talked about regulatory lookbacks and reducing regulation in his executive orders on the topic, but his major rulemakings average 29 percent higher than Bush. > Read more

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UNION POSTER SCAM - TREY KOVACS Unintended Consequences of Employee Rights Poster Rule

Both the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor have required various kinds of employers to hang a “poster” that promotes employees’ right to unionize. unintended consequences emerged in the form of fraud.

Instead of educating employers and employees of their rights, the posters rules have instigated scams in numerous states.
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House Committee to Markup Bill Banning In-Flight Cell Phone Calls Tomorrow

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday approved the Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act (H.R. 3676). The bill would bar travelers from making cell phone calls on commercial flights—a response to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent proposal to relax its longstanding ban on in-flight cell phone use.
H.R. 3676 purports to solve a problem that doesn’t exist by depriving consumers of travel choices, as I explained recently in an op-ed in USA Today. > Read more

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NHGOP Banner

Concord - Politico today reports that the White House and Senate Democrats are preparing an "extensive" 2014 campaign strategy built around the fact that "hardly any candidates in the most competitive states want President Barack Obama anywhere near them." When asked about this strategy, Senator Jeanne Shaheen "tried to avoid the topic" and said that she "didn't know" if the unpopular president would travel to New Hampshire and campaign for her this year.


"Jeanne Shaheen may try to run from President Obama's disastrous policies and plummeting poll numbers, but she can't hide from the fact that she voted with him 99 percent of the time in 2013. Senator Shaheen has been a rubber stamp for the president's failed agenda and cast the deciding vote to impose ObamaCare on New Hampshire families," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Granite Staters will hold Jeanne Shaheen accountable for her blind support for President Obama in November whether or not he decides to campaign with her in New Hampshire."


According to a recent UNH poll 51% of New Hampshire adults disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president and only 42% approve.




ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's state of confusion on IRS underscores cover-up


Feb. 6, 2014

Obama's state of confusion on IRS underscores cover-up
Obama to O'Reilly: "What happened here was you've got a 501(c)(4) law that people think was confusing, that the folks did not know how to implement." Except, for the mountain of evidence via congressional testimony that the whole thing was orchestrated.

Gut the EPA
ALG's Wilson on "Any U.S. lawmaker who is serious about creating new jobs, lowering energy costs and preserving our constitutional form of government must make gutting this rogue bureaucracy their top priority."

Horowitz: GOP debt ceiling strategy
Daniel Horowitz makes the case for using the debt ceiling as leverage.