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MANCHESTER - Colin Reed, campaign manager for Scott Brown, today issued the following statement on Senator Shaheen's glaring absence from President Obama's Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fundraiser in New England:
“Less than 48 hours after promising to run on ObamaCare, Senator Shaheen is AWOL from President Obama's fundraiser to raise money for her and other Senate Democrats. Inquiring minds want to know: when will Senator Shaheen appear with President Obama and fulfill her pledge to campaign on the health care law that she says she so proudly supports?”
On Monday when she filed for re-election, Senator Shaheen told the media she would
"absolutely" run on her record of supporting ObamaCare.


ALG's Daily Grind - Return of the Tea Party 


June 11, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Return of the Tea Party
Randolph-Macon College economics professor Dave Brat ousts House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in Republican primary for Virginia's 7th Congressional District.

Why Hillary's 'Dead Broke' statement matters
For anyone remotely close to the U.S. median household income of $51,017, being "dead broke" would look nothing like purchasing a million dollar home a year after while owning another multimillion home on embassy row in Washington D.C., receiving a $200,000 paycheck for nothing, and being able to demand hundreds of millions of dollars to speak publically.

Exercising the power of the purse
House defunds Internet giveaway and the Department of Housing and Urban Development's racial housing quotas. What's next?

Adams: Full crisis mode as Obama administration now says the Bergdahl deal was Chuck Hagel's call
"White House officials on Monday attempted to distance President Obama from the decision to exchange five Taliban officers for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by claiming that it was Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's call, a likely response to recent polls indicating that most Americans disapprove of the deal."


ALG - Vote tomorrow! Urge House to defund Obama's racial housing quotas! 



June 9, 2014

Dear Liberty Activist,

Click here to urge the House to defund HUD's racial zoning rule!

In October, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is set to finalize a rulemaking to condition eligibility for community development block grants on redrawing zoning maps to achieve racial and income integration.

In 2012, HUD dispersed about $3.8 billion of these grants to almost 1,200 municipalities. These range from the rather small — Nashua, N.H. received $583,000 that year. To the rather large — New York City received $210.9 million of the grants.

Under the new rule, HUD will empower itself to nationalize local zoning decisions in every single one of these localities in an attempt to create evenly distributed neighborhoods based on racial composition and income.

It violates the constitutional balance of powers between the federal, state, and local governments. The federal government has zero role, constitutionally, in local zoning decisions. That is a matter for county and municipal boards.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) plans to submit an amendment that would defund HUD's scheme to allow the Obama administration to control local zoning rules.

You know what to do! Let's get on Rally Congress and send a letter to your local Representative urging him or her to defund HUD's attempt to implement this dangerous regulation.

The vote will be on Tuesday, so act now before it's too late!

And keep fighting!

For Liberty,

Robert Romano
Senior Editor
Americans for Limited Government


ALG's Daily Grind - Racial quotas for local zoning decisions? 


June 6, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Racial quotas for local zoning decisions?
ALG's Mehrens: "Housing discrimination based on race has been illegal for decades. There is no discrimination in people choosing for themselves where they want to live, and yet that is exactly what HUD is seeking to regulate."

New report highlights need for Zero to Zero sugar policy
Institute for Policy Innovation study: "In a reasonably free global sugar market, the United States can compete in sugar.  Achieving such a market should be the goal of U.S. policy, rather than simply allowing otherwise viable domestic U.S. sugar producers to be driven out of business by practices that, in the long term, are not in the best interests of either U.S. producers or consumers."

Will: When a president goes rogue
"Obama did not comply with the law requiring presidents to notify Congress 30 days before such exchanges of prisoners at Guantanamo."


CEI Today: President's climate plan, OMB's weekend report, and unions + govt mismanagement

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
In the News Today


OBAMA CLIMATE PLAN  - WILLIAM YEATMAN The President’s Illegitimate Climate Plan Lacks Popular Mandate in Any Way, Shape, or Form

There's a conspicuous absence of a popular mandate for EPA’s climate plan for existing power plants, which was unveiled Monday.

During the 2012 Presidential debates, Obama never once mentioned global warming. And Congress explicitly considered the policies that EPA is now proposing to impose. As such, the people’s representatives have spoken to the issue, and they didn’t proceed with policy.

As if that’s not enough, poll after poll demonstrates that the American electorate gives ultra-low priority to global warming. Taken as a whole, the available evidence strongly indicates the President’s climate plan is illegitimate.
> Read more

> See also: Broken Record: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Plays the Asthma Card

> Interview William Yeatman


REGULATION - WAYNE CREWS The Funnel of Gov — OMB’s 2014 Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations

Post image for The Funnel of Gov — OMB’s 2014 Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal RegulationsOver the weekend the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the 2014 Draft Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations. If it draws attention to it at all, the administration will say it’s fiscal year 2013 rules had benefits of up to $81.4 billion annually, while costing just $2.5 billion annually. The problem is only seven rules out of thousands had benefit and cost analysis. > Read More

> See also: Regulations Cost Your Family $15,000 a Year

> Interview Wayne Crews


UNIONS + GOV'T MISMANAGEMENT - TREY KOVACS Federal Government Mismanagement and Union Official Time

Mismanagement within the federal government may not be at an all-time high, but it is close. Unfortunately, the VA is not the only agency that pays federal employees to conduct union business at inappropriate times. Several agencies granted employees official time during last year’s government shutdown. > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs


JUNE 5 - Upcoming Google hangout on copyright reform

R Street will be
hosting a Google Hangout with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute to discuss copyright reform on Thursday, June 5, at 3 p.m. ET. > More

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