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ALG's Daily Grind - Obama fails to enforce his own Labor regs 


Oct. 23, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Obama fails to enforce his own Labor regs
Obama's non-enforcement policy fails to faithfully execute the laws and is a dangerous precedent for the Executive Branch to set.

Cartoon: "jack-O-lantern"

Tesla blocked by bipartisan cronies in Michigan
The "anti-Tesla" bill prevents auto makers like Tesla from setting up shops exclusively through regional stores and sell directly to the customer, forcing them to use traditional franchised dealerships that gasoline cars use.

Domitrovic: They were talking about the Laffer Curve in 1963
"In 1963, as President John F. Kennedy was shopping his tax cut (which Kemp-Roth would emulate), its supporters pointed to the wonderful results it would bring to the states and the localities."



Boston Herald: “Sen. Jeanne Shaheen A No-Show At Multiple Terror-Related Hearings, Missing Key ISIS Warning”

“Shaheen missed an April 11, 2013, hearing on U.S. policy toward Syria in which a top U.S. Treasury official in charge of terrorist financing told Senate committee members that a new terrorist group, ISIS, had sprung up, ‘underscoring the danger this group poses for Syria and the world.’” (Joe Battenfeld, “Sen. Jeanne Shaheen A No-Show At Multiple Terror-Related Hearings, Missing Key ISIS Warning,” Boston Herald, 9/25/14)
  • “Records also show Shaheen didn’t show up for full committee hearings on counterterrorism policies, U.S. policy toward Iran and a host of others involving security and foreign policy.” (Joe Battenfeld, “Sen. Jeanne Shaheen A No-Show At Multiple Terror-Related Hearings, Missing Key ISIS Warning,” Boston Herald, 9/25/14)

Shaheen Supported President Obama’s Precipitous Withdrawal From Iraq 

“Shaheen expressed full support for the troop withdrawal after Obama announced his plan in October. ‘I applaud the president’s announcement that after nearly nine years of war our combat troops will finally be coming home from Iraq,’ she said.” (Jamie Webben, “N.H., Maine senators pose questions on Iraq after U.S. withdrawal”, Portsmouth Herald, 11/15/13)

Against The Advice Of Top Military Advisers, Shaheen Has Ruled Out Ground Troops To Defeat ISIS 

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey Says Boots On The Ground May Be Needed To Defeat ISIS. "To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the President," Dempsey said during testimony before the committee.” (Chelsea Carter & Athlena Jones, “Top U.S. military officer: U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS, if necessary” CNN, 9/17/14)

NRSC - Shaheen Defers to Obama on Ebola 

Shaheen Silent as Obama Picks Partisan,
DC Lobbyist as Ebola Czar 

The Obama Administration’s response to the Ebola virus has been roundly criticized as inept and incompetent. In fact, a former top advisor to Harry Reid told the Washington Post that the Administration's handling of Ebola feeds the "narrative that Democrats don't know how to govern and government is too large."

President Obama's response to the Ebola epidemic is to appoint partisan lobbyist Ron Klain as the Administration’s point man. As National Review explains "Ron Klain is a sharp-elbowed Democratic political operative with no medical expertise. Tapping him as 'Ebola czar' may not be the president’s best move when, as it is, no one can believe a word the Obama administration says. And that’s not just because Mr. Klain is yet another lobbyist recruited despite Mr. Obama’s vow that his administration would shun lobbyists."

Unfortunately, Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) not only refuses to hold the Obama Administration accountable for the slow response to Ebola entering our borders, but it appears that she has taken her marching orders from the White House on a serious matter of public health. Instead, Shaheen's Washington allies have resorted to spreading false and debunked claims, blaming others for the Administration's failures. President Obama's choice of Ron Klain as Ebola Czar is indefensible, yet Jeanne Shaheen once again refuses to hold the White House accountable.

"It is absurd that President Obama believes that a partisan lobbyist with zero medical experience should lead the national response to the Ebola epidemic, but Jeanne Shaheen is nowhere to be found," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "Jeanne Shaheen apparently believes that a partisan Washington lobbyist like Ron Klain is an appropriate choice for this position, which speaks to her lack of judgment and her refusal to stand up to President Obama’s poor decisions - even on matters of public health and safety."


A Top Official At The National Institutes of Health Debunked Democrats False Claims That Budget Cuts Were To Blame For Lack Of Ebola Vaccine. "A top official at the National Institutes of Health disagreed on Sunday with the notion that an Ebola vaccine likely would have been discovered by now had it not been for federal budget cuts." (NIH Official: Budget Cuts Can't Be Blamed For Lack Of Ebola Vaccine, The Huffington Post10/20/2014)

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Called Attacks Blaming Republicans For Cutting Ebola Research Funding “Absurd” And Gave It Four Pinocchios. “On many levels, this line of attack is absurd. Obama’s Republican predecessor oversaw big increases in public-health sector spending, and both Democrats and Republicans in recent years have broadly supported efforts to rein in federal spending. Sequestration resulted from a bipartisan agreement. In some years, Congress has allocated more money for NIH and CDC than the Obama administration requested. Meanwhile, contrary to the suggestion of the DCCC ad, there never was a specific vote on funding to prevent Ebola.” (Glenn Kessler, “The Absurd Claim That Only Republicans Are To Blame For Cuts To Ebola Research,” The Washington Post, 10/15/14)


Newsmax - Scott Brown: Sen. Shaheen Will Support Obama's Amnesty Plan

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Scott Brown: Sen. Shaheen Will Support Obama's Amnesty
New Hampshire Republican senatorial candidate Scott Brown attacked Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for publicly dissociating herself from President Barack Obama's amnesty policies out of “political expediency,” when in reality “she's going to back him up as much as she can and as often as she can."
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Newsmax - Obama Linked to Global Warming Lie, New Report Reveals 


Breaking News Alert:

A NASA scientist (and former adviser to the White House) recently put together a 164-page document proving “global warming” is a blatant lie.

A lie created to pad the back pockets of greedy corporations, corrupt politicians, and bought-off scientists with $41,856 of taxpayer money . . . every minute!

I recently got my hands on this 164-page document . . . and I have to say, it’s a historical game-changer that even links a $22 billion scandal to President Obama.

This document is a must-read exposé, which is why I put together a free report that reveals some of the key findings.

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Tom Luongo
Editor, Resolute Wealth Letter