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Christie For President - A Busy Week in NH


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Chris Christie's New Hampshire Tour


Town Hall Meeting in Keene

DATE: Monday, July 27
TIME: 6:00PM *Doors open at 5:00PM, town hall meeting starts at 6:00PM
LOCATION: Lab'n Lager, 122 Main Street, Keene, NH 03431

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Meet Governor Christie at Audrey's Cafe

DATE: Tuesday, July 28
TIME: 8:15AM
LOCATION: 13 Main Street Street, Marlborough, NH 03455

RSVP to Britt Carter or call 276.698.7270



Town Hall Meeting in Newport

DATE: Tuesday, July 28
TIME: 12:00PM *Doors open at 11:00AM, town hall meeting starts at 12:00PM
LOCATION: Salt Hill Pub, 58 Main Street, Newport, NH 03773

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Meet Governor Christie at Robie's Country Store

DATE: Wednesday, July 29
TIME: 8:00AM 
LOCATION: Robie's Country Store, 9 Riverside Street, Hookset, NH 03106

RSVP to Matt Moroney or call 978.314.9233



Americans for Peace, Prosperity & Security Forum with Governor Christie

DATE: Wednesday, July 29
TIME: 11:30AM
LOCATION: University of New Hampshire, 88 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101 - Room P-201

RSVP by clicking here using PROMO CODE APPSNH or call 603-617-4212




“Good News” … “Potentially Huge Legal Victory” … “Huge Victory” … “A Big Legal And Political Victory”

The New York Times: “[Perry] Received Some Good News…” “Former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, received some good news regarding his legal problems on Friday when an appeals court in his state dropped one of the two felony charges he is facing.” (The New York Times, 7/24/15)

The Associated Press: “A Potentially Huge Legal Victory…” “One of two felony indictments against former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was tossed out Friday, giving the Republican presidential candidate a potentially huge legal victory in the face of flagging polling numbers for the 2016 race.” (The Associated Press, 7/24/15)

Bloomberg: “Good News…” “Rick Perry got some needed good news Friday when a Texas court threw out one of two ethics charges he claims were intended to derail his presidential bid.” (Bloomberg, 7/24/15)

Houston Chronicle: “Rick Perry Scores Huge Victory In Legal Battle”
(, 7/24/15)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Max Baker: “A Big Legal And Political Victory…” “Former Gov. Rick [Governor Perry] dodges at least one charge, a big legal and political victory.” (, 7/24/15)

RedState’s Erick Erickson: “I Read The Ct Of Appeals Decision About [Gov. Perry]. Pretty Clear They’ve Have Tossed The Other Count, But Couldn’t In A Habeas Setting.” (, 7/24/15)

The Huffington Post
Headline: “Rick Perry Now Has One Less Problem In His Run For President”
(The Huffington Post, 7/24/15)

New York Magazine: “Perry Got One Step Closer To A Clean Slate…”
“On Friday morning, Perry got one step closer to a clean slate when a Texas appeals court dropped the coercion charge on First Amendment grounds.” (New York Magazine, 7/24/15)


Gov Johnson Calls Trump Border Visit “Too Easy” 






July 23, 2015, Santa Fe, NM  -- Two-term former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is calling Donald Trump’s visit to the Mexican border a “photo op that is just too easy” and an “entirely predictable part of his ‘blame it on Mexico’ campaign”.


In a statement released Thursday, Johnson, a former border Governor said, “It’s embarrassing to see Donald Trump joining the list of politicians who visit the border for a couple of hours, usually after lecturing us about immigration and border security, and vow to solve our problems by building a bigger fence. It’s just too easy and solves nothing.


“What makes Trump’s exploitation of immigrants even more embarrassing is that he has built his fortune in the very industries that clearly depend on immigrant labor, both legal and illegal. Instead of posing for the cameras in Laredo, maybe he should be checking to see how many illegal immigrants have helped him build his buildings, serve the guests in his hotels and casinos, and contributed to his billions. He should know better than anyone that illegal immigration isn’t about fences and drones. Rather, it is entirely about an arcane system that doesn’t allow immigrants to legally fill the needs of the job market."


“Building a wall across the entire Mexican border, and somehow getting Mexico to pay for it, is just crazy, and more importantly, won’t solve the problem. Replicating a Berlin Wall isn’t something Americans want to do, and it won’t work any better here than it did in Berlin. Border security means knowing who is coming here and why, not building an ever-bigger fence and militarizing our boundaries. A functional, market-based work visa program that would allow businesses like Donald Trump’s to easily hire immigrant workers will do far more for both security and the economy than all the fences and drones in the world. Yet, the politicians refuse to put such a system in place.


“As far as all that crime Mr. Trump claims Mexico is sending to us, that’s not an immigration problem. Immigrants, legal or not, don’t commit crimes at any higher rate than we red-blooded Americans do, and border violence -- which is very real and very tragic -- is almost entirely about a failed War on Drugs and the prohibition it perpetuates."

Gov. Johnson serves as the Honorary Chair for Our America Initiative, an organization that is fighting to change the failed War on Drugs and to solve immigration and trade issues through market based solutions.





Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE -- Today, Governor Jindal released the following statement after Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron called out radical Islam and identified it as a threat that needs to be confronted and exposed. You can read the text of the Prime Minister's speech here.

Governor Jindal said, "Today Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron had the courage to say what President Obama will not, when he said that “We need to confront and expose Islamist extremism as a belief system that glorifies violence & subjugates people.”

"So that leaves President Obama as pretty much the only person in the free world who refuses to speak the truth about Radical Islam.

"Our President’s political correctness and fear of speaking the truth is no longer amusing, it is just plain dangerous, because you cannot defeat an enemy you refuse to name.

"President Obama cannot claim to be working with our allies when he refuses to join them in naming our common enemy. He has proven himself incapable as Commander in Chief.

"Importantly, Prime Minister David Cameron also rejected the notion that radicalization is caused by “poverty and hardship”.  He said that the “root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself”. He warned Britain’s mainstream Muslims to stop “quietly condoning” ISIS.

"Yet President Obama refuses to do the same: he refused to call the Chattanooga shooting an act of Radical Islamic terrorism and he refuses to demand that Muslim leaders help tackle the problem. Just who is it that the President is afraid of offending here?

"This is one case where President Obama should lead from behind - he should follow the lead of our British ally, name the enemy and resolve to destroy Radical Islam."



Perry For President - Statement on President Obama Taking Iran Nuclear Deal to UN 

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s move to take the Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations Security Council before Congress has a chance to review it:

“When it comes to his Iran deal, President Obama appears to believe that the approval of the United Nations is more important than the approval of Congress or the American people. Now that the UN Security Council has approved the deal, our system of extensive, multilateral sanctions on Iran will unravel.

Even if Congress can muster a veto-proof majority to reject this deal, it now cannot stop the process of loosening international sanctions, and the next president will be faced with an enormous challenge to re-build an international cooperative effort of the same magnitude. As the deal reads, even if the United States considers imposing/re-imposing sanctions on Iran for any reason, Iran will have a pathway to exit the agreement, escape limitations on its nuclear program, and dash towards a bomb. These kind of problematic provisions that handicap future policy options for the president and Congress stand as the primary reason for full Congressional review.

The president and Secretary Kerry have now fully traded not only the legal right of Congressional examination, but also the long-term peace and stability of the Middle East in favor of a naïve diplomatic ‘victory'.”