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DNC - Marco Rubio shows his true colors in New Hampshire 

Reinforcing his past history of pandering to the GOP base anytime they criticize him (see: Reform, Immigration), Marco Rubio is wasting no time in sprinting even further to the right on issue after issue. In his first appearance in New Hampshire of 2015, Rubio ticked off positions that seem more comfortable in the comments section than coming from a fresh face in the GOP who can broaden the party’s appeal.


Just take a look at the coverage from Twitter of his town hall in New Hampshire today..


 He blamed the firestorm over Rudy Giuliani’s offensive comments that President Obama doesn’t love America on the media – not on Giuliani for saying them.


He said he opposes a clean DHS funding bill – a position which could lead to a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.


And he suggested that giving undocumented immigrants access to entitlements “acts as a magnet,” while again running away from the immigration bill he once sponsored.


So don’t be fooled by Marco Rubio. He isn’t a new and different leader for the Republican Party – he’s just repackaging the same out-of-touch Republican ideas we’ve heard forever.


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RickPAC Announces Advisory Board 

AUSTIN, TX – RickPAC today announced the addition of the following men and women to serve on its advisory board. These individuals will help share Gov. Perry’s vision for a more prosperous America through policies that allow the private sector to grow and create jobs, and secure America’s future by protecting the fundamental principles of democracy.

“I am grateful and humbled to have the support of so many champions of conservative principles,” Gov. Perry said. “I look forward to working with the men and women on RickPAC’s Advisory Board to continue promoting policies that create opportunity for American families by allowing job creators to risk their capital and get a return on their investment, including low taxes and a smart and predictable regulatory environment.”

“Gov. Perry helped Texas set the national standard for quality of life in America,” said Red McCombs. “The policies he implemented, reforms he championed, and investments he managed fostered economic and cultural growth for our great state.”

“I am proud to join the RickPAC Advisory Board and look forward to working with Gov. Perry to promote the Texas Model to the rest of the country,” said Moshe Azoulay “America needs leaders dedicated to job creation and expanding opportunity, which is exactly what Texas did by creating almost one-third of all new private sector jobs during Gov. Perry’s leadership.”

“Nobody worked harder in 2014 to help elect conservatives to Congress and State Legislatures across the country than Gov. Perry,” said Tom McKernan “I look forward to helping him stay connected with business and grassroots leaders who he built strong relationships with in the last election cycle and continuing that momentum through 2016 by focusing on our shared principles.”

“Gridlock and failed policies coming out of Washington have made Americans hungry for leaders with a clear vision for the future of our country and the experience to achieve results,” said Charlie Amato. “As a member of the RickPAC Advisory Board, I am dedicated to ensuring Gov. Perry has the resources necessary to reach all Americans with his positive vision for the future.”

RickPAC Advisory Board Members

Robert Albritton Moshe Azoulay
Charlie Amato Roy W. Bailey
Larry K. and Nesa Anders Kyle Bass
Dr. Robert Behar Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester
Jim Blair and Nelda Luce Blair L. Lowry Mays
Gary Blake Red McCombs
Bud Brigham Jamie McCourt
Dan Brouillette Thomas McKernan
Rick L. Campbell Ross McKnight
Tara and Cody Campbell Drayton McLane, Jr.
Stephen Chazen S. Reed Morian
Blake E. Christian Georgette Mosbacher
Steve Cortes Robert E. Murray
Doug Deason Larry Paul
John Paul DeJoria Brenda Pejovich
Robert Dilenschneider Randy Perkins
Dr. Jeffrey Feingold Doug Pitcock
Bill Fleischman Dana and Gene Powell
Morris Foster David L Roberts DDS
Holly Frost and Kathaleen Wall Amir Rupani
Dr. John Gill John Schweitzer
Cutler Gist Bill and Gay Scott
Hank Greenberg Dick Scott
Joy Ann and Bob Havran Weisie and John Steen
Dr. Randy Hickle John D. Steinmetz
Aron Hirtz Cindy Taylor
J L Holloway Brad Thor
Julianna Hawn Holt and Peter M. Holt Frank A. Visco
Ted Houghton John Walker
Dan Allen Hughes Kelcy Warren
Shalia and Monty Lankford Herb D. Weitzman and Donna Arp Weitzman
Steve Layton R. Graham Whaling
Jim Lee Claytie Williams
Dr. Jim and Cecelia Leininger Welcome Wilson Jr.
Steven P. Mach Welcome Wilson Sr.


Op-Ed by Governor Jim Gilmore, Richmond Times-Dispatch
December 7, 2014

RICHMOND, VA - In recent days, there has been much hand-wringing over budget woes in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As we await Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s proposed budget, the tax-and-spend chorus in the Virginia General Assembly is laying the groundwork for rolling back the car-tax cut, thereby raising taxes on working Virginians who use their cars to get to their jobs and care for their families.

In 1997, I was elected governor of Virginia on a platform of cutting taxes, specifically to cut the car tax to help all Virginians who owned or wanted to own a car. The car-tax cut passed the 1998 General Assembly as a five-year phase-in with overwhelmingly bipartisan support.

The budget plan was for a five-year phase-in to completely eliminate the car tax. Unfortunately, after I left the governor’s office after my four-year term, the phaseout was halted and a remnant of the car tax remains today.

When I left office in 2002, I proposed a balanced budget, as required by law that included the car-tax cut. However, in 2004, Gov. Mark R. Warner and his allies in the General Assembly froze the car-tax cut at $950 million. That same year, Gov. Warner and the General Assembly complained that the car-tax cut deprived them of revenue, and so they raised taxes $1.36 billion over two years, by raising Virginia’s sales tax.

Think of the billions of dollars taken from the people of Virginia over the past 10 years because of that sales-tax increase. Now, voices in the General Assembly want to grab the car-tax cut back from these same taxpayers in order to fuel additional spending. They’ve already been paid once for the car-tax cut; now they want to be paid again.

When I proposed the car-tax cut in 1998, the budget of Virginia was about $18 billion. Now the initial budget for 2015 is projected to be about $47 billion. Since 2002, not one additional cent has been appropriated to car-tax relief. In fact, since car-tax relief was capped in 2004 and car prices have risen, the percentage allotted for car-tax relief for the taxpayer has declined. This is a deliberate cheat on the taxpayers of Virginia.

A whole string of falsehoods are being put forward to justify the proposed increase of the car tax on Virginia taxpayers. Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr., R-Augusta, said the car-tax cut favored the rich and those with more expensive cars. Sen. Hanger knows good and well that the car-tax benefit was capped at a car value of $20,000, requiring those who owned more expensive cars to pay more, not less.

Neal Menkes, fiscal analyst for the Virginia Municipal League, claims that the car-tax cut siphons off revenue that pays for “essential local services.” The truth is that the localities have been reimbursed 100 percent from the state for forgoing the car tax money, at least until the General Assembly capped the reimbursement. The localities lost nothing. In fact, this is the very money the General Assembly proposes to take from the localities right now.

Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax, asserts that the car-tax cut has deprived the public schools of $4 billion over the past 12 years. He knows good and well that the General Assembly provides generous funding to public education every year. He also neglects to mention that during my administration lottery proceeds were taken away from the General Assembly and dedicated entirely to public education, creating $5.5 billion of additional education funding over the past 14 years.

Virginia has lost its way. The car-tax cut was put forth as a way to improve the lives of regular Virginians. We wanted to help younger Virginians who had to put their car tax on their credit cards. We wanted to help poorer Virginians who owned little else but their cars.

We wanted to help working Virginians driving to and from their jobs. We wanted to help mothers taking their children to and from day care, so they could work their jobs to support their families. The cut is meaningful to our citizens and, still, to this day, they thank me for initiating this most-needed tax cut. Is the car-tax cut good for Virginians, or isn’t it?

Car-tax relief is good for our people and should be continued, and the phaseout of the tax completed. We should construct a budget in Virginia that reassesses spending and completely eliminates the car tax once and for all. Then we should do a genuine tax reform that shares revenue with the localities that makes sure that local needs in law enforcement and education are met.

Gov. McAuliffe has said the current economic downturn has produced less revenue for our state. This is a challenge, but also a real chance to re-evaluate spending in our state, often driven by lobbyists, special interests and those seeking personal advantages.

This moment should not be an excuse for the tax-and-spend crowd to increase taxes once again. Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, when asked whether he favored a reduction or a complete rollback of the tax cut responded, “Either.” If the people of eastern Henrico end up paying the car tax, it will be because of the vote of their senator. If the people of Fairfax end up paying the full car tax, it will be because of the vote of their senator, Richard Saslaw.

It’s a good moment for the people to know who is on their side, and who really cares about the tax burden on people trying to make ends meet every day. This is a time for reckoning in Virginia.

Jim Gilmore, a Republican, served as the 68th Governor of Virginia. He is the Honorary Chairman of GrowthPAC. 

NOTE: This article originally appeared in  Richmond Times-Dispatch. Click HERE to read it online. 

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Gov. Rick Perry to Deliver Major Speech at Reagan Presidential Library 

Perry campaign press release

AUSTIN – Tomorrow, on the 50th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s legendary “A Time for Choosing” speech, Gov. Rick Perry will deliver an address at the Reagan Presidential Library in which he argues that America has once again come to a crossroads where defining choices must be made. Among the choices facing Americans: liberty or ever-greater government control over our daily lives; policies that promote robust economic growth or those that lead to economic stagnation; and leadership that restores trust in government or further incompetence that erodes it.

WHEN: Monday, October 27


WHERE: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
40 Presidential Drive
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Click HERE for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s Livestream of the Event

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American Opportunity - ICYMI: The Washington Times: 2016 tease? Jim Gilmore heads to NH, warns against GOP isolationism 

In Case You Missed It:

The Washington Times: 2016 tease? Jim Gilmore heads to New Hampshire, warns against GOP isolationism

By: Seth McLaughlin 

September 4, 2014

Concerned that the GOP is tilting too far toward isolationism, former Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III is traveling to New Hampshire later this week to argue for a renewed emphasis on U.S. leadership in tackling world hot spots. …
Mr. Gilmore said Wednesday he will call on Republicans to embrace a more muscular brand of foreign policy and push back against the likes of Sen. Rand Paul, a likely contender for the GOP presidential nomination who has warned about the unintended consequences of military adventurism.
“Barack Obama is wrong in sending a message of pullback in this country, and I am not sympathetic to Republicans who feel that way either,” Mr. Gilmore told The Washington Times. “We have to have a forward-leaning foreign policy and national security policy. We are the only people that can provide stability in the 21st century — the way we did in the 20th — and we are not doing that.” …
Asked about Mr. Paul’s approach to world affairs, Mr. Gilmore struck a similar note, telling The Times, “I think that type of approach is dangerous and not realistic in the modern world that we are facing right now.” …
Mr. Gilmore served one term as Virginia governor, and from 1999 to 2003 he was chairman of the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction, also known as the Gilmore Commission.
Mr. Gilmore’s trip to New Hampshire follows stops in Oregon, Colorado and Virginia, where he delivered a similar message on foreign policy.
Mr. Gilmore said his message is based on the idea that in order to have a strong national security, the country needs to pursue reforms that boost economic growth.
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