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Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to President Obama's State of the Union address:

"Tonight's State of the Union address reminded Americans that President Obama is not serious about fixing our economy and getting our fiscal house in order. The President repeated more of the same hollow promises and empty rhetoric that has resulted in record unemployment and exploding budget deficits during his time in office.

"The most pressing issue of the day is a 16 trillion dollar national debt and the President did not offer a realistic plan to cut spending, and as the economy continues to underperform and millions of Americans remain unemployed and underemployed, the President offers policies sure to hurt job growth moving forward.

"Granite Staters understand that President Obama is a tax-and-spend liberal who is completely out of touch with the traditional New Hampshire principles of lower taxes, less spending and limited government.

"New Hampshire needs real economic solutions, not more meaningless speeches. Republican leaders like Senator Kelly Ayotte have shown they are serious about returning fiscal sanity to Washington and promoting the pro-growth policies that will create economic opportunity and more good jobs for working families."



ALG's Daily Grind - Government targeting of conservatives a disturbing trend

Feb. 1, 2013

Government targeting of conservatives a disturbing trend

Why are law enforcement and the military listening to the Southern Poverty Law Center? And did Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano perjure herself when she testified about the discredited right-wing extremism memo?

Cartoon: Shooting all the time

Obama touts his record of taking aim.

Does the National Debt Matter?

The greatest fiscal crisis that will face our nation in the next decade won't be Medicare spending or Social Security, it will be whether we should refuse to pay the banks and nations that own our debt or severely cut back on all government services in order to make them whole. 


ALG's Daily Grind - The true 'conservatives' 

Jan. 14, 2013

The true 'conservatives'

Paul Krugman and Narayana Kocherlakota call for more "stimulus," continuing one of America's oldest traditions: incurring debt.

Obama's loo-worthy Treasury appointment

Only Obama could appoint someone who insisted to Congress that the Obama budget that he crafted would not add to the debt of the United States in spite of the fact that it never produced an annual deficit lower than $600 billion over 10 years.

Republicans must show that they are serious about spending cuts

Republicans must ask themselves how voters, who constantly hear their campaign promises to cut spending and tackle the out-of-control government debt, will react when they cannot even enforce the sequester cuts that they voted for. Calif. governor says Medicaid expansion will cost $350 million

California Governor Jerry Brown puts the lie to the Obama Administration's claim that Medicaid expansion would not be onerous on states, with the state's bill coming in at $350 million.


Josiah Bartlett Center - The Fiscal Cliff, Trains, and Trillion Dollar Coins

Weekly Update from the
Josiah Bartlett Center

Keeping you up to date on our latest research
on the issues impacting New Hampshire

The music for the Washington fiscal cliff debate ought to be that written by Sergei Prokofiev for his “Tale of the Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons.” Hard to believe he hadn’t of the fiscal cliff when he wrote it... Click here to keep reading.

The Trillion Dollar Coin and the Debt Limit

Would it be Possible and is it Legal?

With the US Treasury rapidly closing in on another debt limit ceiling, the idea of minting trillion dollar platinum coins to get around Congressional approval of a debt limit hike has gained some steam in the pundit world and with the public at large. It has even spawned the twitter hashtag #mintthecoin and a White House petition in support of the proposal... Click here to keep reading

Rail Back on Track in NH?

Would Cost $270 Million

Wednesday’s approval by the Capital Budget Overview Committee to fund a transportation study of the Capitol Corridor has revived hopes of commuter rail in New Hampshire. The Corridor project, if completed in its entirety, would see passenger rail service run from Concord through Manchester and Nashua, continuing south into North Station in Boston.

The project in terms of costs can divided roughly into four segments, totaling roughly $270 million from various sources... Click here to keep reading.

Takeaways from the December Unemployment Report

November Rate Revised Upward, Job Creation Treading Water

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report for December, which showed that the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.8%. The BLS also revised the November rate upwards to 7.8% from 7.7%. Establishment Survey (i.e. employer) data showed that roughly 155,000 jobs were created. Click here to keep reading.


ALG's Daily Grind - Get ready for Obamabonds 

Jan. 9, 2013

Get ready for Obamabonds

Pelosi: "[I]f I were president, I would use the 14th Amendment, which says that the United States will always be paying [the debt] . I would just go do it, right."

Cartoon: Al Gorzeera

A convenient hypocrisy.

The Left's Target of the Week

Hobby Lobby was recently denied an exemption from providing, through their insurance plan, morning-after and week-after birth control pills for their employees by U.S. District Court Judge Joe Heaton.

Krieger: Inflation Since the American Revolution

"Nothing like livin' the debt slave dream!"