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NHDP - Statement from Alejandro Urrutia On Racist Video

Manchester, NH--Today, Alejandro Urrutia, President of Latinos Unidos of New Hampshire and a leader among New Hampshire’s latino community, released the following statement responding to a deeply offensive and racist video from former GOP state representative and Scott Brown supporter Greg Salts.
“This video is offensive, racist and bigoted. It’s an insult to members of the Latino community here in New Hampshire and Hispanic Americans everywhere. There's no excuse for anyone to stay silent when it comes to this kind of rhetoric and Scott Brown should denounce it immediately.”

Supporters of Scott Brown's campaign have a history of making racist, sexist and misogynistic comments. Last weekend, Scott Brown sipped beers as his supporters shouted "F**k Jeanne Shaheen!" and other offensive language that the New Hampshire Democratic Party will not repeat here.  This summer, an individual Scott Brown touted in a press release as a supporter of his campaign sent a racist and misogynistic letter to the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


NHDP - Statement on Racist Video from Former GOP State Rep 

Manchester -- New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement denouncing an offensive and racist video posted on YouTube by a Scott Brown supporter and former Republican State Representative Greg Salts:

“Scott Brown’s campaign has become synonymous with bigoted and offensive rhetoric.  Make no mistake: this is a pattern for Brown's supporters. It's the third time that one of Brown’s campaign supporters has stooped to making racist, sexist or misogynistic comments.  Brown is so desperate to get back to Washington to protect Big Oil, Wall Street and other corporate interests that no disgusting attack is beneath him.”

The video can be found here.  Last weekend, Scott Brown sipped beers as his supporters shouted "F**k Jeanne Shaheen!" and other offensive language that the New Hampshire Democratic Party will not repeat here.  This summer, an individual Scott Brown touted in a press release as a supporter of his campaign sent a racist and misogynistic letter to the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Lambert Signs Anti-Amnesty Pledge 

Lambert Signs Anti-Amnesty FAIR Pledge:

Asks Fellow Candidates to Stand Up for American Workers


Nashua- Today, former State Senator and 2nd Congressional District candidate Gary Lambert is proud to announce he has completed the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Congressional Task Force questionnaire.  Lambert also released the following statement:


“I am proud to announce I have completed the FAIR questionnaire. I pledge my support for immigration reform which does not include any form of amnesty and furthermore is fair to American workers,” said Lambert. “Families are struggling right now to make it to the 15th and the 30th of the month. I believe it is wrong to make it harder on those folks by encouraging further illegal immigration or by increasing competition in the labor market.”


“I call on my fellow candidates to join me in standing up for American workers by completing the FAIR questionnaire. Immigration reform is a top issue in the minds of voters and they deserve to know where candidates stand on this important issue.”


The FAIR questionnaire, along with Lambert’s answers, are below. Questions are in bold.


There are approximately 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, many taking jobs from unemployed Americans. Will you oppose or support legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to illegal aliens?

Oppose. I am firmly opposed to amnesty. Illegal immigration is just that - illegal. Rewarding unlawful behavior with legal status, citizenship, work authorization, or any form of amnesty is wrong and will only encourage further illegal immigration. We are a nation of laws and they must be enforced.


Each year the United States gives legal permanent residency (green cards) to another 1 million immigrants who often fill jobs at lower wages. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of immigrants (legal permanent residents/green card holders.) admitted each year to the U.S?

Oppose. At a time when the American worker is struggling to make it to the 15th and the 30th of the month, I do not believe we should make it harder on them by increasing competition in the labor market. One million immigrants a year is a very substantial amount already; it does not need to be increased. I will strongly oppose any attempt to increase the overall number of immigrants admitted each year as a Member of Congress.


Despite growing welfare rolls and chronic youth joblessness, the United States admits over 700,000 guest workers annually to work in numerous professions. Will you oppose or support legislation that would increase the overall number of guest workers admitted each year to the U.S.?

Oppose. A job is a job and a paycheck is a paycheck. I reject the assertion that there are some jobs that Americans will not do because it is beneath them. As someone who growing up worked in a McDonalds, a meat market and a textile factory, I was happy and proud to be working and helping my family. Therefore, I will oppose any effort to increase the overall number of guest workers admitted annually as a member of Congress.


Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Garcia Opponents Team Up to Sign Anti-Legal Immigratio Group’s Pledge


Concord, NH—Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement in response to Gary Lambert’s signing of the Federation for American Immigration Reform's pledge.

“Marilinda’s two opponents in the Republican primary demonstrated poor judgment in their decision to team up against Marilinda and sign FAIR’s Congressional Task Force Pledge,” said Cunningham. “While Marilinda strongly opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and believes we must secure our border immediately, she disagrees with FAIRs anti-LEGAL immigrant stances. FAIR is not committed to solving our nation’s burgeoning illegal immigration problem. It instead works to dramatically reduce the number of immigrants who are entering this country legally. Marilinda opposes this position, and believes it is wholly antithetical to our culture as a nation of immigrants.”

FAIR’s connections to angry and extreme positions on race are even more disturbing than their unabashedly nativist policy positions: 

  • FAIR Founder and advisory board member, John Tanton, promoted the work of Jared Taylor, whose magazine, American Renaissance, warned: “America is an increasingly dangerous and disagreeable place because of growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics.” (New York Times)
  • In 1986, John Tanton said: “As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night?  Or will there be an explosion?” (New York Times)
  • In FAIR’s Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress, the organization proposed not only reforming the illegal immigration system, but also stopping legal immigration from occurring by significantly curtailing pathways for legal immigration, such as:
    • Ignoring the U.S. Constitution’s citizenship status for individuals born within US territorial jurisdictions.
    • Reducing the number of individuals provided legal status by over 70% annually.

“Marilinda has a strong record on immigration: she opposes amnesty, advocates for enhanced border security, and believes the Obama Administration must enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Yet, political pandering to groups such as FAIR, with questionable policy positions and even more questionable motives, is not appropriate.  It is a shame that Marilinda’s opponents are spending their time conspiring against her and signed a pledge from a group that seeks to divide instead of unite Americans. They should do their homework before signing pledges and seek to better inform themselves on this important issue."


CEI Today: New Obama executive orders + regulations, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more 

Monday, August 18, 2014
In the News Today


Red Tapeworm 2014: The Government Accountability Office Reports More Regulations in Obama Era


The Congressional Review Act gives Congress a 60 legislative day window in which to review a major rule and, if desired, pass such a resolution of disapproval. Despite the issuance of thousands of rules since the act’s passage, including many dozens of major rules, only one has been rejected: the Labor Department’s rule on workplace repetitive-motion injuries in early 2001. > Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews


Executive Order Pressures Employers to Capitulate to Baseless Demands and Meritless Claims

A July 31 executive order from President Obama, E.O. 13,673, will make it very costly for employers to challenge dubious allegations of wrongdoing against them, if they are government contractors (which employ a quarter of the American workforce). It will allow trial lawyers to extort larger settlements from companies, and enable bureaucratic agencies to extract costly settlements over conduct that may have been perfectly legal.
> Read more

> Interview Hans Bader


Honeybee Population in Decline—Or Not?

If you read the news about honeybee survival, it’s all very confusing. Some sources sound the alarm by pointing out that the number of honeybee hives has dropped significantly in recent decades. Others say just the opposite: There are more hives today than ever before. Which is it? Actually, both. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini



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