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Bill Sponsors Comment on Passage of HB325 Public Employee Rewards

CONCORD – Today Rep. Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline) and Rep. Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson) offered the following comments on the passage of HB 325, a bill that provides a one-time award equal to 10 percent of the savings achieved during the first year that a public employee’s cost-saving or revenue-producing suggestion is implemented. The bill passed the House 199-162.

Rep. Jack Flanagan (R-Brookline), Prime Sponsor

“Our hard working State Employees deserve credit when they save tax payers money. Awards are nice, but when warranted, giving them a piece of the savings, we believe is a great way to encourage this type of activity. We need to incentivize the practice of suggesting and implementing efficiencies. Ten percent of the first year of savings is a small price to pay when we could save thousands or even millions of dollars moving forward.”

House Republican Whip Rep. Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson), Co-Sponsor

"The legislature should always be good stewards of tax payer dollars and this bill enables our government to promote similar efforts by our State employees. We have experienced, knowledgeable employees in each department and office. They will now know that their contributions to efficiency will be recognized and rewarded. This will be central to identifying new and innovating ways we can save money, modernize and squeeze more value out of every dollar."


WNO - Democrats Repackaging Failed Immigration Bill Says Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA) 

Who: Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA)


What: Exclusive interview regarding immigration reform.


When: July 7th, 2009


Where: Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Conference Room


Bilbray Quote #1: Repackaging The Kennedy-McCain Bill


"Sadly, we're talking about how to repackage the failed system of the Kennedy-McCain Bill and how to try to sell that now to the public based on the new political majority."


Bilbray Quote #2: Need To Maintain The Rule Of Law


"There is a bipartisan agenda to maintain the rule of law, try to make sure that we enforce the laws that we have and not reward those who are breaking laws."



Length of Full Interview: 4:56