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ALG - Time for Republican Governors Association to take a stand against Obamacare

Nov. 14, 2012, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement calling upon the Republican Governors Association (RGA) to oppose the implementation of Obamacare at the state level in response to a letter from the RGA requesting more time from the Obama Administration to make a decision on state exchanges:

"It is incredible that the Republican Governors Association is struggling trying to figure out what to do about Obamacare's provision that states form a health insurance exchange.  If a majority of Republican governors simply followed Texas Gov. Rick Perry's lead and refused to implement a state exchange, one of Obamacare's most repressive mandates would fall apart.

"The statute provides that the enforcement of Obamacare's employer mandate rests with the state health insurance exchange.  If a state refuses to establish the exchange, there can be no enforcement under the actual law that was passed by the Pelosi-Reid Congress and signed by President Obama. 

"This effectively destroys the employer mandate, which is the lynchpin of Obamacare's implementation.  The employer mandate dictates what health insurance businesses must provide their employees as well as cost sharing options with massive penalties for failure to comply that can only be imposed by state exchanges.

"The failure by the RGA to take a strong stand right now against the state health insurance exchanges brings into question their commitment against the federal takeover of our nation's health care system.

"Incredibly, the RGA has already asked the Obama Administration to clarify issues regarding the state health insurance exchanges on two other occasions with little if any response.

"Clearly, the Obama Administration is playing chicken, and Republican governors should call their bluff by refusing to take any action to implement the federal statute. 

"To do anything else would make Republican governors complicit in the extortion of their own private businesses through Obamacare.

"This is Obamacare's last stand, and it's time for every Republican governor to protect their own citizens from its effects.  Anything else is would make them equal partners in the destruction of our nation's health care system."

Note: Yesterday, ALG sent 26 letters to Republican governors either urging them not to implement, or praising for not implementing state exchanges in the health care law.


"Why governors should not implement state insurance exchanges under Obamacare," By Bill Wilson, Nov. 14, 2012 at .

To view online:


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RGA - Maggie Hassan's Secret

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television ad today highlighting Maggie Hassan’s tax-and-spend plans for New Hampshire.

Watch the ad by visiting

“Maggie Hassan has a secret. After raising taxes and fees by $300 million the last time she held office, she now wants to increase government spending by hundreds of millions of dollars more if elected governor,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “But Maggie Hassan refuses to come clean about how she plans to pay for all her spending, admitting only that she wants to have a ‘discussion’ about tax hikes.”

“Unfortunately, New Hampshire taxpayers already know that any discussion about taxes with Maggie Hassan promises to be among the most expensive in state history,” Schrimpf said. “The truth is Maggie Hassan’s raised taxes before, and she’s willing to do it again. It’s up to New Hampshire voters to stop her.”


RGA - Maggie Hassan Doesn't Understand New Hampshire 

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television ad today explaining Maggie Hassan’s support for higher taxes. Visit to watch the spot.

“Maggie Hassan doesn’t understand the challenges confronting most New Hampshire taxpayers, who, thanks to Hassan, face higher taxes and fees on top of their property tax bill,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Meanwhile, Maggie Hassan gets to live in a half million dollar home without paying property taxes. No wonder she’s raised taxes and fees 33 times.”

“Maggie Hassan clearly does not get the harmful impact tax hikes have on families struggling to make it,” Schrimpf continued. “Why else would she make clear that she’s open to even higher taxes despite already increasing taxes and fees by $300 million?”

“Maggie Hassan doesn’t understand New Hampshire. She believes in high taxes,” Schrimpf concluded.


RGA: Maggie Hassan Balanced the Budget on the Backs of Taxpayers 

The Republican Governors Association launched a new ad focused on the tax and fee hikes Maggie Hassan pushed to balance New Hampshire’s budget. Visit to watch the ad.

“Maggie Hassan likes to talk about balancing the state budget, but she rarely tells the whole story,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “The truth is Maggie Hassan used the budget bill to fight for 33 tax and fee hikes in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression, even increasing taxes on small businesses struggling to survive.”

“Maggie Hassan isn’t being completely honest with the voters about what she would do as governor either,” Schrimpf continued. “Despite raising taxes and fees by $300 million the last time she held office, Maggie Hassan is eyeing more tax hikes.”

“Maggie Hassan’s record exposes her campaign rhetoric as nothing more than political posturing. The fact is Maggie Hassan believes in higher taxes,” Schrimpf concluded. 


RGA - Maggie Hassan's 'Discussion' Means Higher Taxes

The Republican Governors Association launched a television ad in New Hampshire today highlighting Maggie Hassan’s support for higher taxes. The new spot can be viewed by visiting

“Less than two weeks ago, Maggie Hassan said New Hampshire needs to have ‘a discussion’ about raising taxes – and with Maggie Hassan involved, that promises to be one of the most expensive talks in state history,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf.  “Throughout her political career, Maggie Hassan has believed taxpayers need to be paying more. In 2002, she supported a state income tax, and as state Senate Majority Leader, she voted to increase 33 taxes and fees by a total of $300 million.”

“It’s clear that Maggie Hassan believes in high taxes, and any discussion about taxes with her isn’t about ‘if taxes should be raised’, but is about ‘when and by how much,’” Schrimpf added. “New Hampshire can’t afford to have Maggie Hassan as governor.”

Click HERE to listen to Maggie Hassan’s comments about the need to have a discussion about tax hikes.