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CEI Today: Right to work vote, new labor regulations, and Al Gore's hurricane prediction 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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Joint Employer Labor Regulations Put Jobs, Opportunity at Risk

Obama administration labor regulators are vastly expanding employer liability by imposing new “joint employer” standards – and the negative impact on entrepreneurs and job opportunities could be huge.  > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs


West Virginia: Prospect for a Right to Work Majority

West Virginia may soon become the nation’s 26th right to work state—making the number of right to work states a majority for the first time. For workers, it will mean greater protection of their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and association.> Read more

> Interview Ivan Osorio


Revisiting Gore’s Hurricane Prediction

In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore blamed global warming for Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of New Orleans. Not in so many words but through heavy-handed insinuation no movie goer could miss. But there has been a large decrease in the overall destructive power of hurricanes based on an assessment of the number, strength, and duration of all individual hurricanes worldwide. > Read more




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AFP - The Thanksgiving debate can wait... Simple Answers if it doesn't!

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Thanksgiving is upon us, coming with it a flood of articles from the Left about how to combat your crazy uncle's political talking points.

But at AFP, we believe family and community are sacred. We don't suggest starting a squabble over the green bean casserole...but, we DID put together a handy guide you can use over the rest of the year! 

Sure, the typical big-government talking points may make your face scrunch up...but here's how to make them eat their words, long after the turkey and stuffing are gone!

We need to invest in alternative energy sources to shape the energy marketplace. 


If we want abundant, affordable energy, the government shouldn't use our tax dollars to give handouts to politically-connected corporations. In fact, we shouldn't be subsidizing any forms of energy.

ObamaCare will succeed if conservatives just let it.


Since being passed in 2009, ObamaCare has only gotten less popular, and for good reason: it has broken nearly every promise made, and led to rising costs, worse care and more bureaucracy.

States need to stop holding out on Medicaid expansion so people can get the care they need.


ObamaCare was supposed to make healthcare better and more affordable, but has only made things worse. Medicaid is a broken system that forces our poorest to the back of the line; why would we force more people onto that? Another failing government program isn't the answer.

Right-to-work supporters want to break unions because they support rich corporations over the average worker.
Right-to-work is about one thing only: more choice. The truth is, workers deserve the freedom to choose whether they want to join a union or not, and nobody should lose their job because they decide the union isn't serving their needs or representing them well. 

We're out of money for roads and bridges. We need to raise taxes, but Americans for Prosperity won't let us!


Before politicians reach for our wallets, we need to make sure they're using our tax dollars wisely. We know politicians love funding goofy pet projects and handing over billions to political allies. Your gas tax doesn't just go to fixing roads...have you ever heard of squirrel sanctuaries? Turtle tunnels? Time to cut the waste.  

Read More

We hope this guide helps you win over your friends and neighbors any time of year...just don't let it ruin a wonderful holiday!



Daily Signal - What the Tea Party Has Achieved 

The Daily Signal

Oct. 14, 2015

What the Tea Party Has Achieved

Spending has fallen over a three-year period from 2011-2014 for the first time since Joe DiMaggio roamed center field for the New York Yankees.

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Teachers Unions Fight to Keep Their Clout in Right-to-Work States

Proposals to stop state and local governments from deducting union dues from their employees’ paychecks are likely to gain traction in coming months, those on both sides of the issue say.

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How Obama Is Planning to Bypass Congress on International Climate Change Regulations

In November, the mission of the U.S. delegation at an international conference will be to bind the government to multibillion-dollar climate regulations—regulations the administration has no intention of sending to Congress for approval.

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A CIA-Trained Tibetan Freedom Fighter's Undying Hope for Freedom

"China killed my parents, and I wanted revenge," Tunduk, who is now 70 years old, told Daily Signal foreign correspondent Nolan Peterson during an interview from his home in Tibet.

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Abortion Survivor to Cecile Richards: 'I Am So Thankful to Be Alive'

Born alive after her biological mother's botched late-term abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic, Gianna Jessen said that abortion supporters must deny her existence in order to make their case.

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Does the 14th Amendment Require Birthright Citizenship?

Notable scholars have questioned whether the Constitution automatically bestows citizenship on anyone born in United States territory, even if the parents of that child are illegal immigrants.

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