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Daily Signal - The Truth About Wages in Right-to-Work States 

The Daily Signal

Sept. 2, 2015

The Truth About Wages in Right-to-Work States

An Economic Policy Institute paper claimed right-to-work laws reduce wages by 3 percent. Here are the facts.

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Obama Is Ignoring the Science on Climate Change

Obama continues to ignore science that doesn’t fit his narrative and has ignored sound evidence from people who disagree with him.

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Ukraine: Deadly Protests Outside Parliament Over Autonomy Vote

"They say that we should negotiate, but in my humble opinion, as a citizen, negotiating with Russia is the same as negotiating with an alligator," said Julia Minaeva, 26, a university assistant professor in Kyiv.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: States, Not Federal Government, Traditionally Regulate Marriage

In the "Constitution and the amendments there are more than 7,500 words," Abbott says. "Not a single one of them mentions the word marriage."

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Networks Still Aren't Reporting on Planned Parenthood Videos

Three major broadcast networks have not reported on the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos in one month, according to an analysis conducted by the Media Research Center.

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What’s Next for the Marriage Debate After Supreme Court Ruling

The majority's opinion in the gay marriage ruling is unclear, and fails to provide accommodation for individuals who object to same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

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CEI Today: Wisconsin Right to Work, EPA Clean Power Plan, Hillary's emails, and more 

Monday, March 9, 2015
In the News Today



Gov. Scott Walker Aims to Make Wisconsin 25th Right-to-Work State Monday

No individual should be forced to financially support an organization they disagree with or risk penalty. Thankfully, Governor Scott Walker is determined to ensure that Wisconsin law won’t let that happen anymore by planning to sign the right-to-work (RTW) bill into law on Monday.

With that, Wisconsin will become the 25th RTW state, which means private-sector employers and unions may no longer agree to a contract provision that compels workers to pay union dues or lose their job. > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs



Mitch McConnell’s Missive to States Regarding Non-Compliance with the Clean Power Plan

The likelihood that the regulation will be stayed by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is better than not, I believe. And if the rule is stayed, then there will be a great deal more wiggle room for States to act or demur.  > Read more


> Interview William Yeatman



Bloomberg: Clinton Wants You to See Her E-Mails, Except Those She Didn't Hand Over


Hillary Clinton says she wants the public to see her e-mails. But there are some that voters may never see: the ones she didn’t give to the government. [Meanwhile,] a federal judge in Washington on Tuesday denied a petition from [CEI] to force the Obama administration to search the e-mails that White House science adviser John Holdren kept on a non-government server. Because the government didn’t possess those messages, it couldn’t be asked to produce them under Freedom of Information laws, a government attorney argued. > Read more

> Interview Chris Horner 





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NH Sen Reagan disappointed in Right To Work Stalemate 

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

(CONCORD) Senator John Reagan (R-Deerfield) issued the following statement on the Senate’s 12-12 vote on SB 107, the Right To Work Act.


“New Hampshire law already ensures that our workers are not forced to join a union against their will, yet we still allow unions to take money from the paychecks on non-union members,” Reagan said. “This bill would have protected workers from seeing their money taken by an outside organization.”


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner recently blocked so-called “fair share” deductions that unions take from non-member paychecks, and Wisconsin is expected to be the 25th state to pass Right To Work legislation this year. Reagan argued that New Hampshire unions should not be able to cash in on workers who do not want to join.


“Monopolies are ultimately destructive to the people they are supposed to serve. Eliminating monopoly protections for New Hampshire labor unions will give workers a real choice in whether they want to contribute to them,” Reagan continued. “I’m disappointed that the Senate could not advance this important bill protecting the rights of New Hampshire workers.”


Reagan has been a dues-paying member of an AFL-CIO affiliated union for more than 50 years.


Watchdog - UAW boss: Right-to-work doesn’t hurt unions 


NRTW - Put the heat on Maggie Hassan  

As you know, today in New Hampshire, tens of thousands of workers are forced to pay tribute to a union boss or be fired.

And that’s just plain wrong.

But with freedom, jobs and economic prosperity potentially all at stake this election year in New Hampshire, it’s vital your next Governor oppose forced unionism.

That’s why our friends at New England Citizens for Right to Work sent your candidates for Governor and state legislature a survey on the forced-unionism issue, asking them to support a state Right to Work law and pledge 100% opposition to forced unionism.

The issue is simple: No worker should ever be forced to pay tribute to a union boss just to get or keep a job.

Now, I have both good and bad news to report in the race for Governor.

The good news is, one of your candidates -- Republican Walt Havenstein -- has returned his Candidate Survey pledging 100% opposition to forced unionism.

Walt Havenstein has staked out his position in favor of a state Right to Work law –- and complete opposition to forced unionism.

But there’s bad news too.

You see, the other gubernatorial candidate -- Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan -- has, thus far, refused to return her Candidate Survey.

Sadly, Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan’s pro-forced- unionism position is no secret.

In fact, while serving in the State Senate, Maggie Hassan voted to KILL a limited Right to Work bill for state employees.

And unless something happens, I’m afraid she’ll continue to put the interests of the union bosses above those of the working men and women of the Granite State.

It’s absolutely vital you put the heat on Maggie Hassan today and insist she come around on the forced-unionism issue.

You see, a state Right to Work law would end Big Labor’s power to compel workers in New Hampshire to pay for the “privilege” of getting jobs and taking care of their families.

That’s a HUGE reason all of your candidates should support the passage of Right to Work.

Here’s another: A state Right to Work law would also give a huge boost to the New Hampshire economy.

The fact is, the economic story could not be clearer:

*** Private sector employment jumped 15.3% over the last decade in Right to Work states -- nearly THREE TIMES the rate in New Hampshire;

*** Real private sector employee pay and benefits grew 16% in Right to Work states from 2003 to 2013 -- compared to just 6.4% in New Hampshire;

*** From 2003 to 2013, real manufacturing GDP increased by 26.2% in Right to Work states -- nearly double the rate of forced-unionism New Hampshire.

It’s not hard to see why Right to Work states have such a huge advantage over forced-unionism states.

PHH Fantus, the nation’s longtime leading business relocation firm, reported that half of all businesses automatically eliminate non-Right to Work states like New Hampshire when considering relocation or expansion.

And those jobs going to Right to Work states are good, high-paying jobs.

George Mason University’s Nobel Prize-winning economics department found that families in Right to Work states average $2,800 more in purchasing power than families in non-Right to Work states.

A more recent study conducted by Dr. Barry Poulson -- a past president of the North American Economics and Finance Association and economics professor at the University of Colorado -- showed even more striking results.

Dr. Poulson found that families in Right to Work states have nearly $4,300 more purchasing power than families in non-Right to Work states.

Until politicians in Concord are willing to stand up to the union bosses, New Hampshirites will not be able to enjoy those benefits that come with a Right to Work law.

That’s why it’s vital you put the heat on Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan and insist she come out in opposition to forced unionism AT ONCE.

You see, right now is the time that politicians are listening most closely to the folks back home -- while they are candidates, rather than safely in office.

But with the November 4 General Election rapidly approaching, there isn’t much time.

Here’s how you can help

1) Put the heat on Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan. Demand she stop kowtowing to the union bosses and instead answer her Right to Work Candidate Survey in complete opposition to forced unionism;

2) Contact Republican candidate Walt Havenstein and thank him for taking a stand against forced unionism and pledging to support a New Hampshire Right to Work law;

3) Chip in with a contribution (if you can) to help National Right to Work and New England Citizens for Right to Work reach as many Right to Work supporters as possible in New Hampshire.

With so much on the line this year, we’re really stretching our budgets to help keep Right to Work supporters informed about which of their candidates stand with them and which stand with the union boss elite.

So, if you can help financially, I’d really appreciate it.

Whatever you can do -- $250, $100, $75, $50 or $25 -- will help.

But most importantly, please do all you can to hold your politicians accountable. Insist that ALL of your candidates take a public stand in opposition to forced unionism.

Demand Maggie Hassan do an about-face on compulsory unionism and return her Candidate Survey in 100% opposition to the union bosses’ radical, forced-dues agenda at once.