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ALG - Ken Buck is right about the bad debt deal  


Oct. 29, 2015, Fairfax,Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning issued thefollowing statement praising anoped by U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) published in the Washington Examinerthat blasts legislation that just passed the House that suspends the debtceiling until March 2017: 

"Ken Buck makes theright point about John Boehner and Barack Obama's bad debt deal. It denied thenation an opportunity to have a real discussion about our financial crisis thatfinds us $19 trillion in debt and teetering on the edge of no return. The debt ceilingsuspension until March 2017 could have been used to extract concessions fromthe Obama administration on entitlement reforms or budget cuts. Instead itincreases spending by $80 billion over the next two years, breakingsequestration's budget caps, raids Social Security to bail out the disabilitytrust fund, and leavesmost Republicans in the House once again voting in opposition to a plan putforth by Republican leaders, all the while drawing unanimous Democrat support.


"Ken Buck is right.It's time to get serious about the debt and our budget woes. It's just that theBoehner-Obama debt deal does not get us there."


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DNC Chair Statement on GOP Presidential Candidates Voting Against the Senate Bill to Raise the Debt Limit 

Washington, DC—After Senators andGOP presidential candidates Rubio, Cruz, and Paul voted against the bipartisan agreement to raise the debt limit, ensure that our country pays our bills, and provide the framework necessary to keep our government open, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:


"Tonight’s vote clearly demonstrated the Republican Presidential candidates’ priorities. Senators and GOP Presidential candidates Rubio, Cruz, and Paul are playing games with the full faith and credit of the United States at the expense of the American people. 

“Raising the debt limit and passing a budget are non-negotiable responsibilities of our leadership. In 2011, we saw Republicans’ debt limit brinksmanship prompt Standard & Poor's to downgrade the US credit rating for the first time in history. Our constituents elect us to be their voice and their vote, not to play politics for political gain. There is nothing presidential about failing to pay your bills and jeopardizing our standing in the world economy.

“It is completely unbelievable that these reckless politicians think they deserve a promotion to the presidency.” 




ALG's Daily Grind - The Establishment Strikes Back in 2013 


Dec. 30, 2013

The Establishment Strikes Back in 2013
 Congress funds the NSA-FBI surveillance state, the IRS decides it can target 501(c)(4) political speech all it wants, House Republicans give up on defunding Obamacare, and sequester is smothered in its sleep.

Colorado monument designation would quash mining claims
Sen. Mark Udall (D) has introduced legislation that would create a 22,000-acre national monument in Browns Canyon in Chaffee County, Colorado.  To ensure that no mining, or any other new commercial activity, takes place on the site, Udall's bill would designate 10,500 acres within the boundaries of the monument as wilderness. 

Hendrickson: The legal positivism of the elite: A slippery slope toward tyranny
"To the legal positivist, there are no immutable principles, no moral absolutes. All is relative, and human legislation and regulation are more a matter of convenience or expedience or personal preference than attempts to codify permanent standards of right and wrong."


ALG's Daily Grind - It's time to throw big business off the Republican stool 


Dec. 20, 2013

It's time to throw big business off the Republican stool
Republicans just might discover that they are better off shedding the Party of the Rich label by throwing these corporate welfare, government leeches to the curb altogether leaving them to commune with those on the left who hate them.

Stop the presses! Fed taper won't stop its $75 billion a month money-printing
Instead of adding $1.02 trillion of treasuries and mortgage bonds to its balance sheet a year, the Federal Reserve has announced starting in January it will just be adding a "mere" $900 billion.

The power-mad EPA
The threat is the EPA, not mercury.

Hurt: D.C. gets the vapors, calls sequester too much
"[N]obody seems to be able to explain how the new cuts are just as severe as the old cuts yet equally unfelt."


Ending Spending responds to dishonest NHDP press call 

If you are covering today's press call hosted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, please consider including the following statement which can be attributed to Brian Baker, President of Ending Spending:

"All the words in the world can't cover up the fact that Sen. Shaheen lied to the people of New Hampshire, and as a result, millions of people across the country are losing their health care coverage."

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza wrote that "every Democrat should be scared" Ending Spending's TV ad targeting Shaheen's support of Obamacare.  "Chris Cillizza, the Washington Post’s top political blogger, says 'Obamacare’s growing unpopularity makes the ad’s message dangerous for any Democrat.' The latest ABC News poll shows 70 percent of independents oppose Obama on health care. Nearly half of all voters think Obamacare is making the health-care system worse versus only 19 percent who think it will improve matters. Cillizza’s conclusion: 'You have a very scary situation for Shaheen — and any other Democrat, which is almost all of them, on the record supporting the ACA. Get used to this ad. You are going to see it thousands of times — in various forms — before 2014 is over.'" (John Fund, "WaPo: 'Every Democrat Should Be Scared Of' This Obamacare Ad," National Review 12/18/2013)

View the Ending Spending ad, "Like Your Senator," here: